Caroline Flack apologists

Caroline Flack whinging cunts.

Absolutely sick of hearing about this cunt. She fucking hit her partner, caused injury and got arrested. The same as any other cunt would. Why the fuck do all these people think she should have been exempt from the rules for being a fucking useless celeb cunt? Don’t get it at all – she was bang to fucking rights. If I went home and twatted my missus I’d be Instantly arrested for domestic violence, charged and sentenced – regardless of any underlying mental health issues. CPS got this one 100% right. People commit suicide in jail frequently- shall we start letting them all out now and never charging anyone again just in case?

It seems to have got to a stage in this country that unless your a white working class male, everyone has an excuse, defence or “valid reason” as to why they can break their own rules- think BLM criminally damaging statues, Dominic Cummings doing what he wants, MPs (say no more), women crying wolf and equal rights shit- until the bills need paying, the PC brigade, the Asian invasion, the surge in half of society seemingly having mental health issues now it seems to be “in” etc etc. Absolutely sick of these types of cunts effectively having a laminated invulnerability card they can pull out and wave around to get away with shit.

Nominated by Jack Cunt

It goes without saying given the sensitive nature of the topic but be careful about what you say on this one – Admin

60 thoughts on “Caroline Flack apologists

  1. The BBC never miss a trick in allowing BAMEs to wallow in their perceived “victimhood” on Wireless 4 just now after Laurie Taylor’s programme there was a trail for a programme next week where it seems black people are altering their voices to “fit in” – much to their chagrin because “we wanna be ourselves al the time innit?” according to the black journalist who devised the rogramme. They must have seen old Tony Hall as a right carrot.

    As for Ms. Flack, I am sure she was as much a saint as Greta Thunderpants, just tht she couldn’t control her fists, poor lass.

    • I can’t remember posting this as jack the cunt! But yes, you’ve totally hit the nail on the head! If it would have been a bloke it would have been a totally different story, vilified to the hilt. But because it’s a woman we are expected to sympathise? Fuck off, she did the crime but took the pussy way out. Cunts are trying to defend her, fuck off you female Herman Munster looking motherfucker!

  2. I have no idea who this bint is and I don’t care. The whole subplot seems little different from that of a typical Essex council estate drama, except for the expensive clothes and jewellery.

  3. Apparently it’s the UK’s fault a 16year old illigal gimmicunt drowned off the coast of France, non swimmer too, get in a dingy make’s sense, fucking unbelievable,
    I’m sure there will be a minutes silence and a candle vigil

    That’s 1 less tax burden for me to think about

      • If it was my fault , there would be a world-wide biblical flash-flood , that lasts 24 hours – raising sea-levels by at least a mile. I think I can sit in an inflatable life raft for a day , especially if I could unzip the flap to a world of no cunts

    • Just read that story. Not Frances fault for letting the fuckers cross from their shores, not the smugglers fault, not even their own fault for attempting to enter the country illegally.

      Nope all our fault. So the default position should be that any cunt anywhere in the world just needs to say let me in and we have to ferry them here and provide for them.

      Sudan has its issues but its maintained its integrity and is just another shithole country. The logic these people are applying is if I suddenly don’t like where I’m living I should be able to turn up at their gaff and make myself at home.

      • Indeed, and according to them, it’s all the fault of the nasty government, not for trying to stop them, but for not providing a safe, easy way to come to Britain and claim asylum. Can you imagine how popular that would be? How stupid are these cunts.
        Some prick on social media was trying to put asylum claiming into some perspective by doing some maths. He said how many thousand there were, how they only got £37.50 a week to live on, and he arrived at a figure of sixteen million a year, which he said was peanuts compared to the money the government spunked away on masks that were useless. Although it’s not sixteen million is it. That’s just their spending money. He forgot to add housing costs, staff processing claims, staff and facilities for those awaiting removal, legal aid costs for those disputing removal, air travel for removal, court costs for those who commit crime while awaiting removal, translators, social workers, NHS, the list goes on. Suddenly the money spunked on shitty masks start to look like small change. I fucking hate lefties…

      • In a way this lad’s death is our fault. If our coastguard hadn’t been so busy these last few months/years providing a taxi service for illegal immigrants and making sure they came to no harm, a lot more would have drowned and those remaining would have thought twice about trying.

    • A minor in France should have been taken into protective custody, so it’s the fault of the Frogs!
      I don’t get all this shit about unaccompanied minors arriving in the UK, why weren’t they picked up in France or any other country they came through.
      It’s all a fucking con and the UK government know it but haven’t got the balls to say it and get it sorted.

      • Don’t blame Britain, don’t blame the British Government, don’t blame the British Coastguards, don’t blame the British people. Just blame me……. but I couldn’t give a flying fuck through a rolling doughnut! Problem solved, fuck em!

  4. The hypocrisy of the press has reached an all time low in this case. The Sun carried lurid photos of the ‘blood stained room’ at the time of the assault but has now done a180 degree tuned and is point their shit stained finger at the CPS accusing them of harassing the women. Caroline Flack’s suicide is much more likely to be due to antics of the press.

  5. I had to check up on Wikipedia who this nobody is.
    She’s been in several tv programs I’ve never watched, and probably never will.
    The only time she’s been bought to my attention is on a cunts website.
    I’d say that sums her up.

  6. CPS were right with this one along with the Police body cameras. Boyfriend at the time of her arrest said “I used to have a normal life until I got involved with her”.
    Totally agree JC, the UK is going to shit with all this lawless shite and it started before lock down with all the moped muggings. The strong arm of the law seems to have a limp wrist at the moment.
    We need to get the truncheons out and go clubbing on these fuckers.

    • “We need to get the truncheons out and go clubbing on these fuckers.”
      A few proper kickings or “knees” wouldn’t go amiss either!

  7. Waste of a fit lass,mental fuzziness notwithstanding.
    Great arse.
    Boyfriend a typical soy Poof for going to the coppers in the first place.
    Anyhow who gives a fuck?

    • Spot on. Back in the day a girlfriend hit me, most probably deserved it. Didn’t tell anyone since it would have made me look at a cunt. Still the wanker as to live with it.

      • Didn’t the BF withdraw the charge?
        He thought about what a prat he would appear but the CPS ploughed on, ignoring serious stuff in the non-TV world.

    • I think she could have also sucked a golf ball through a garden hose, which is a talent lost.

  8. Carlinie Flack was a twat who presented a programme for twats and inhabited a world of celebrity twats.
    She and the two other Love island epsilons who topped themselves set a great example to all participants in reality TV.

  9. My cousin down in London had a psychotic and abusive wife. No cunt believed him until she was caught on tape. Amazing how some cunts think that women can do no fucking wrong in these situations. A bit like Peter Hook and the bile he got when he dared to speak about how Saint Caroline Aherne of the Blessed Merton was violent and abusive when he was married to her. I saw Aherne pissed while out and about on a few occasions, and she was not pleasant to be around when she was drunk and she was aggressive. Same goes for Flack. She was well out of order, but since her demise she has become Saint Caroline The Untouchable Flack Of Arc. What is it about media cunts (social and mainstream) who want to canonise dead and violent birds called Caroline?

    • The meejah is increasingly run by women and they are either winners or victims, whichever best fits the narrative.
      No normals…

  10. I heard she went out with Enery of Hewitt. The Official Ginger Royal Bastard would have been better off marrying Flack instead of that cobra with tits, Meghan Oprah Markle Race Card Fucking Ono.

    • Hewitt needs a good tune up to get his mind right. I’m sure the lamps in the royal establishments would have a lot more weight to them as well. Could have been a marriage made in heaven.

  11. What passes for justice these days? Those inbred pikey vermin that killed the copper are appealing against their manslaughter conviction and sentence. That it was downgraded from murder was travesty enough, but for them to appeal? Short rope, long drop.

  12. Shit happens, doesn’t make it any more special just because she is a ‘celebrity’

    A timely reminder about why we should say fuck off to all these peaceful asylum seekers, the trial of Hashem Abedi, cunt who helped plot the Manchester Arena bombing, the cunt refused to leave his cell at Old Bailey…. what the fuck! They should have dragged the cunt there…. this country is soft as shit!

  13. Anybody who tops themself for these minor reasons, deserves to remain topped. No sympathy at all – the world is better off without these snowflakes.

    • Damned right. As a mirror to this silly bitch, you’ve got radio person James Whale considering Dignitas as a way out of his cancer. But holy shit, he’s got it in his kidneys, lungs, spine and brain. Now that’s a full-on cancer smorgasbord and no mistake.

  14. Give it a rest, the poor woman is dead, I Do NOT agree with this cunting..

  15. I had the pleasure of walking past her once in Notting Hill and I am a Caroline Flack apologist… because I apologise for not stopping and talking to her, I am sure she was grinning to herself as our paths met and I am sure she probably thought ‘what a handsome man’.
    If I’d made the effort we may have been together now and she may not have topped herself…such a waste, my type of whitey woman…very sexy.
    I don’t know why I am pouring aaaaht my emotions to you lot anyways…ya bunch of barbarians…go fuck yourselves. 😁

    • Yeah you were on a roll there B&W I thought we were going to get to settling down stage the having kids stage the growing old together end…

      • She definitely had the potential to be Mrs Black and White cunt MP.
        I’ve realised that in life you have to take opportunities that present themselves to you and I should have got the lyrics flowing and made a move when passing her.
        I genuinely don’t believe any woman is out of my league as a believe in myself and what I am and nobody should believe others are better than themselves.
        At the end of the day we are all human and it’s only the class system and people’s opinion of themselves that makes barriers between man and woman.

      • Far better looking and muscular, a shade or two lighter and not as much of a cunt as Chukka. (Although still a cunt). 😁

      • Evening B&W. There was a nomination about the current abomination on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square the other day, I was surprised you haven’t written to the relevant authority suggesting a statue of yourself. At least you would be safe from the BLM wokeflakes and Antifa knob ends.

      • A statue of one of the greatest Britons ever (me) would be appropriate Ll, but I would worry everybody would want to be near it and neglect the others.
        As for Antifa and BLM they can go fuck themselves.

      • Sorry B&W Cunt-it’s all about money, as you well know. She may have banged you though.
        If money isn’t the biggest turn on for modern women, why the fuck did Jerry Hall marry Murdock.

      • I’ve got a few quid CG but I wouldn’t be with some slag who is after money. I generally go for women who are in a similar position as me but have been known to go for lower income ladies from time to time.
        I am so good looking, tall and muscular that most women feel aaaaht of their league with me to be honest (as one told me).

  16. I’m not one for hitting women, but if some bird whacked me on the head whilst asleep like Caroline alledgedly did then she would get a proper punch.
    Imagine that, sleeping away dreaming of giving the Mrs one in the morning…then the cunt clouts you with a lamp.
    What a pile of cunt.

    • Im happier hitting midgets but yeah if someone smashed a lamp over my head?
      Dont care,
      Angela landsbury, maggie Smith, dont care id put them through a fuckin wall.

      • Angela Lansbury would probably try and finish you off with a typewriter Miserable.

      • Oh id hit her from behind LL, looks like she could handle herself?
        I’d cave her head in with a brass bedknob.
        Sort of a tribute to her Disney career!

      • Be careful Spoons
        Playing the theme summons her!
        She hit me with a lamp
        Shes not to be trusted.

      • MNC, were you playing Cluedo with her? 🙂

        I imagine if Ms Fletcher from Murder, She Wrote and that fella Columbo teamed up.

        Columbo would distract them, “Oh just one more thing”.
        Then Jessica would hit them over the head. No one would suspect.

        Then Ironside would drive along in his wheelchair and dispose of the bodies.
        Father Dowling would bless the bodies first before burying them.

    • Fuck you bastards, I had retired from isac (again) but like to pop in for the latest cunt news. You just had to bring up angela talentless lansbury who is on my all time cunt top 100 at number 98. Some cunters might be unaware that her daughter was in the Charles Manson “family” but ( I think) escaped jail time. Bitch might be dead now (AL) as very old with a horrible pussy. Could somebody start a Wasacunt nom please? I never got to pour acidic bile on Cilla Black properly as had death in family at same time. Similar story with Bruce Forsythe and i will need reparations if justice is not done. Keep up the good fight chaps.

  17. Never heard of the cunt until she croaked. Couldnt give a fuck for her or her ilk.

  18. I’ve never got the ‘But.. But she/he’s dead’ so they’re off limits!’ bit.
    Jade Goody died, but she was still a cunt.

  19. My brother in law went into the garage and killed himself by swallowing a bottle of weed killer. Must have been painful.
    It was his secend attempt at suicide. The first time my sister told him he was a selfish bastard which must have really helped.

    I can understand his situation. My sister is a truly evil vicious bitch and if I was married to her, I would kill myself.

    I haven’t spoken to her in over 30 years…

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