Brexit and the Russia Report (4)

A long awaited cunting for the long awaited Russia report, after listening to the review by an SNP cunt and Labour cunt I thought what the fuck was it all about.

Firstly it was written Dominic (scabby chin) Grieve so you would expect that it would be a ‘smoking gun’ but sadly (for him) there wasn’t anything to suggest that Russia had any significant influence in the 2016 referendum.
The conclusion nothing was found because nobody looked, what! are they having a laugh, they assume it was there because it was in the Scottish referendum.
So the interference was probably there, maybe, perhaps, but it’s impossible to say if it had any effect.
The whole thing was put together to try to cast doubt on the 2016 result but as there was ‘nothing to see here’ they wrote a whole load of shite that was fucking obvious the deaf dumb and blind.
Social media, yes we all know about that, Russian bots
Influence in the Lords, well just scrap the old cunts, that will sort it out.
Money laundering in Londoningrad, fuck me that isn’t news it’s been going on for years,
Spies in the UK, bloody hell, everyone knows that half the embassy staff of virtually every country are actually spies and don’t tell me some of our embassy staff in other countries aren’t spies.
Cyber security, anyone who uses the internet is aware of ‘illicit activity’
Interference in elections, well I would be more concerned about the doggy postal vote racket, particularly in the peaceful community.
Russian criminals, yep along with Albanian, Jamaican, Romanian, the list goes on so why single out Russia.
RT today, if it has broken broadcasting rules take away its licence, no evidence, well leave them alone, the media in general is left so not really ‘impartial’

The cunts on the security and intelligence committee have tried to make the fucking Beano into a best seller, what a waste of time!

Nominated by: Sick of it

(In case you missed it – admin )

114 thoughts on “Brexit and the Russia Report (4)

  1. just more waste of public money – Steele and his mates should be in gaol – end of – cunts

      • Afternoon my old mate MNC. I am sorry to go of topic, but recently you and me talked about the rise of Hitler. You where trying to remember a doc with black and white footage. You could not remember, so was it by any chance the world at war. If so, you might be interested to know, its on the yesterday channel tonight at midnight. Once again sorry to go of topic.

      • Narrated by Laurence Olivier I believe MNC – when he wasn’t dressed as Czar Putin telling us thick people how to vote! 😄

      • Even better, tonight at 7pm on 5 Star..

        Britain’s Gypsy Claimers,

        Guaranteed piss boiler !!

      • Watching it now what a retarded bunch of mongs, what on earth are they going to bring to this country? Apart from a growing crime rate.

      • Three quarters done and all piss has turned to steam, it deserves a cunting but every other word would be fuck or cunt 😂

        Owen Jones, you are a cunt, watch this you cunt and then say stop demonising immigrants!

        I saw cunts like these when I visited my friends in Slovakia….. they are literally vermin.

      • Thanks MNC, I couldn’t stop laughing when the SNP cunt said, ‘there was no evidence of Russian interference because nobody looked’, could say the same about any country, I think in the next general election the vote should be checked for interference from every country in the world 😂

  2. Russia had no effect on my vote. I’d been waiting years to tell the EU to get fucked, with or without Putin’s approval.
    Is that the cunt Steve Bray in the nom picture? why don’t they throw him behind bars for disturbing the peace?

    • Reckon this is a ploy to ‘null and void’ Brexit?
      Nothing surprises me anymore with the shower of shite in politics.

      • I wonder what Magic Grandpa has got to say? He went out of his way to dismiss Russia being involved in the Salisbury nerve agent attack when it couldn’t have been more obvious if Putin himself had served them a Novichok pizza and did a Cossack hopak dance out of the restaurant.

      • Liberal who needs intervention from the ruski, with old trojan horse corbyn on the scene.

      • Jeremy is having dinner with Vladimir and is not to be disturbed – any questions please direct to “Comrade Corbyn, commie spy and traitor, C/O The Kremlin, Russia.
        And attach to grenade..

      • Thats funny Vernon. Very inventive, but i could picture the old traitor at putin dinner table.

  3. Very good nom, sick of it. The leftie remainer dominated media will stoop to any level, to make us think brexit was wrong. I am sure the old fucker Putin, could not give a fuck if we voted brexit or not.

    • They see your average Brexit voter as a thick, uneducated, gullible, bunch of sheep who didnt know how to vote Tono.
      They think if they tell us Russia manipulated us we’ll think again!
      Well no ones manipulated more than the establishment cunts in british politics so im used to it now.
      Given the vote again?
      In a heartbeat.

      • Well said MNC. I mean do they think we are all idiots who cant think as indiviiduals. Where not all sheep. God MNC, i cant put into words my contempt for the media.

      • Agreed MNC – everyone telling me I’m an under educated (seriously far of the mark that one) racist thick gammon just reinforces my opinion that leave voters put the biggest spanner in the works for a Century and “the establishment elite”, despite every delay and low trick possible got a mucky working class boot in the teeth.
        Fuck them, traitorous rats.

      • Ruff you might be right there, and i might be wrong. Oh Ruff your above picture always reminds me of KGB, SAS or MI6. Do you have a double life?.

      • Tono, do you not remember Patrick McGoohan in the tv series “The Prisoner” from the 60’s? Or are you a young’un?

      • Love it , love it Ruff. Anyway how did it go with darling Kate? I am sure she will be interested when you mention your SAS past.

      • Exactly, Sick of it. This has all been superseded by recent events. The EU falling apart on its own, left wing agitators across the world and BLM are all accelerating the breakdown of western civilisation.

  4. Five parasitic cunts that could survive a nuclear explosion:

    Braconidae wasps
    Remain voters

    • Afternoon Capt!
      I had to google Tardigrade.
      Look like the starter in a wu han restaurant.

      • Ha ha. Evening Les Mis. Your name is such a misnomer. Funniest person on this site, old chap.
        I reckon the Tiddly-Winks would eat any of the above as starters or ‘Hors D’oeuvres’ (French for “horse eaten before the main course”). Remoaner cunts would be a tad tough.

      • “Five parasitic cunts that could survive a nuclear explosion”?
        Six if you count Tony Blair Capt!

    • Tono which is worse, Remainers or cockroaches? Dirty, foul things hiding away then coming out in large numbers spreading unnecessary fear, misery, and disease. Their beady, little eyes are always on the go, searching out faecal matter and rubbish to consume (like The Guardian and the BBC). Cockroaches are almost as bad.

      • Captain when i think of all the remainer cunts, i would without hesitation give priority to the cockroaches. I onley have to think of the charming cunt mr Grieve to reinforce that opinion.

  5. Looks like Steve bray is growing a pair in that picture and I don’t mean ball’s

    Excellent nom as with all remainers ,death be upon you soon

      • Steve Bray is in a lot of surprising and worrying establishment pocket$ – but his “antique coin collection” is proving very useful in funding him 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
        “Steve”! “Steve” – It’s done, you lost – back to the Xbox and a bedroom at Mummys!

  6. I think most people had an entrenched view one way or the other, and only the young and the retarded would have been swayed by any commie interference. I started out as a leave voter, and dared the world and his uncle to prove me wrong. All through the campaign I only took any notice of the remain arguments, which wasn’t hard, as they were given an inordinate amount of coverage in the media. I didn’t give a fuck about the big red bus, the money pit that is the NHS could swallow ten times that amount weekly and you’d still be lucky to be left on a gurney in a corridor somewhere. Eventually, they couldn’t convince me that to remain wasn’t a colossal waste of money, that we couldn’t control our borders, and that our armed forces wouldn’t end up under the control of unelected bureaucrats from a foreign country.
    Putin is a little rat fuck megalomaniac, but I don’t see him as much of a threat. The cunt loves being rich too much to fuck with the world, but like to push and pull now and then because it keeps the thick cunts in Russia happy.

    • Lies on both sides, honesty in the result – but some spiteful little cry babies STILL won’t accept the democratic will of the people.
      “Mum! Mum! The people didn’t vote the way I told them to – the waycists”! 😢
      “What have I told you about shouting shit and embarrassing me Owen – no rusks and milk before bed for you”!
      “Aaaw, Mum”!
      Right, back to writing the sequel to “Mein Kampf” 😄

  7. You really have to laugh at the Leftwaffe. If Brexiters had blamed the Russians for a Remain win, the Leftwaffe would have been laughing their arses off at them and calling them sore losers. But because it’s the other way round they’re actually taking that theory seriously!!

    (Funny you should mention the Leftwaff. Watch this space… – admin)

  8. I think the only thing Putin might have been behind was that idiotic booklet the government sent out to try to convince people to vote Remain. I was swaying towards voting to leave but I thought I’ll give the fuckers a chance to put their side of the story with some hard economic facts about the benefit of the EU. Fuck me, I had never read such a load of bullshit and downright scaremongering in all my life, in fact I sent it back to them and told them how dare they insult my intelligence. I personally believe that load of bollocks monumentally backfired on the government and did more damage than any imagined Russian interference.

      • How would you know that Tono as a new recruit yourself?
        Unless you’ve posted as someone else before?

      • Know Bertie i have always been Tono. You can trust me there Bertie. I was just trying to make Cupid feel welcome, as he stated he was a new member. So no worries Bertie.

      • That’s ok with me Tono!
        I’m always a bit over zealous with newcomers.
        Don’t confuse Cupid Stunt the First with another Cupid Stunt who has a Kenny Everett

      • Oh shit Bertie, i just sent you another as you sent me that. God i have put my Size tens again. My apologies if i sounded critical. Love your posts.

      • Bertie just to clarify, we are both fine. You are very welcome, i am realy,realy sorry if i sounded defensive. Please beware also that some of the later posts i sent, look as if they where sent first. That causes alot of confusion poor communication. All the best Bertie.

      • Tono@
        Theres 2 cupids, thats not the new recruit one!
        And yes they both add a lot to the site, your doing well too!👍

      • Thanks MNC for that. I feel realy bad now . When i make jokes about MI6, i cant blame Berties alarm bells to ring. I realy enjoy the site, and all the ghys on it.

      • Good morning all. Just to clarify, I did originally post as Cupid Stunt but when someone else starting posting under that name I changed mine to …The First. In order to avoid any extra unnecessary confusion and in an act of pure cuntitude I changed my avatar also!

      • IMO, you should have stuck with Cupid Stunt.

        A few years back a second J.R. Cuntley appeared on the site. Several of us rallied round the original and the interloper J.R. quickly changed his name to something else.

      • Anyway Bertie why the suspicion? Admin have my full e mail adress, so if i was trying to be different people , admin would know. As i have said i was just trying to make cupid welcome. When you first join a community of people it takes time to know people. Anyway Bertie please continue with your first class contributions.

      • Tono, we sometimes get trolls on here under different names, Bertie is our first line of defense, he meant no harm.
        Your obviously genuine and fitting in mate!👍

      • Yes i see that. I reacted to quick to the post without thinking. The thing is i sent Bertie a message while he was messaging me at the same time.

      • Dont worry about it.
        No ones offended.
        Bertie is one of the nicest on here, him and RTC helped me when I was new.
        Your right, Tono, keep on doing what your doing!👍

      • Mnc the order of posts dont always fall in the right order. So of course that causes confusion.

      • Hey Tono,
        That docümentary?
        Either ‘rise of the Nazis’
        Or ‘last days of the Nazis’!

      • Well MNC the one with Robert caryle is the rise of evil. Caryle was brilliant, hard to believe it was the same ghy from full monty.

      • On the bbc also there was the rise of the nazis which was well presented. Perhaps my fauv is the nazi warning from history.

      • Wait for your “how do you do” from B&WC Tono! 😄
        The Man is a scoundrel – but we like him!

      • Yes Vernon i like him also.i read all his posts, and always enjoy. Anyway Vernon did your other half make you something nice for dinner and did you see portillo last night, in his flipping red jeans.

  9. I remember waking up on the 23rd of June 2016 and heading off to the poll. I woke up two days later dazed and confused. I was convinced for four long years it was Russian bots but today I can reclaim my mind and admit I was as pissed as a cunt in celebration of remoan tears. It still makes me smile almost as much as Owen Jones face when the exit pole came out last election. Mind you Boris is a cunt. What a shame.

  10. Is that Bray cunt actually wearing that T-shirt, if he is I’d probably wear my sjambok out beating the cunt, Brexit must happen or I think as Mr Francois says “the country will explode”, patience is wearing very thin with most of the people in this country, in the last 19 years of being back in Blighty I’ve never seen such anger, and I’m not talking about the invaders either!

  11. One thing about them considering us thick is we always can surprise them.
    They always underestimate us!
    The looks of surprise on both Labour pig and Tory pig faces showed us that when they lost the ‘red wall’.
    And the best thing about being underestimated is when you kick your opponents legs out from under him!!☺
    They didnt see Brexit coming
    They didnt see the tory landslide coming.
    That says to me theyre blinkered and lack imagination.

    • MNC for some reason all the posts i have sent , have come out in the wrong order. The later posts i sent, look like they where sent of course that fucks up communication.

    • MNC i dont want to sound ass licking. However you realy are a top bloke. In a fucked up world its good to give people credit.

      • Cheers Tono but youll have me blushing in a minute!
        Just enjoy yourself on here, know what its like being new.
        I took a different approach to you and insulted everyone from the start!
        I never looked back…😁😁😁

      • Yes I remember you misgendered a ginger bread person in a post in the first of many faux pas, moving onto making little Owen Jones cry, I’m sure he reads IsAC.

      • Everyone brings something to the table LL.
        Ruff is archive
        Techno tech advice
        I do the insults.
        Am I sorry?

        Not a bit.😁

      • Yes Ruff considers himself a lothario, a lounge lizard, Tono.
        Hes like John le mesuriers character in Dads Army.
        A posh charmer!
        Hes to coin a phrase “fur coat no knickers’ 😁

      • MNC making Owen Jones cwy? Ooh, rotter!
        Personally I would like to make Owen Jones an in patient.

      • John Le Mesurier? You flatter me Miserable. It’s true I am upper class, but personality wise I’m closer to Groucho Marx.

      • Oh how I remember you as an ingenue Miserable, so hesitant at first, so shy. But little by little you came out of your shell. I watched you gain in confidence interacting with established Cunters. Then came your first ‘Nom’ and if I may say so you succeeded
        triumphantly that ISAC rite of passage. Your cunting career has been to me like watching a delicate orchid come into flower. Yes Mr Fiddler was there to encourage you along with RT. But it was that inner desire to become an accomplished Isacer that couldnt be suppressed.

        (Shall I book you all a room for the night? – admin)

      • Hahaha!😁
        Evening Miles.
        Fiddler did fuck all to help me!
        RTC, Bertie did, think first people I talked to was Capt magnanimous and you.
        Got in loads of scraps along the way, with me the innocent victim,
        Some wag even suggested I fuck my akita!!😁
        But enjoyed every minute of it.
        (I didnt fuck my akita by the way)

      • That’s because I thought you might be miserable, our Les. How was I to know you’d blossom into the loquacious joker we know and love. IAC’s very own Sam Weller, if Dickens had made him a public-urinating, cute racist.

        Weller: Evening Mr.Pickwick, what do yous reckon o’this ere bit of trouser? I figure they makes me look gentlemany.

        Pickwick: I don’t recall your name but could you button up thy penis and begone swiftly, good sir.

      • Yes that sound like me and mr Weller are two of a kind!😁
        Do you know Cap I thought I was a miserable fucker till I came on here!!
        Fuck me, realise now im fairly upbeat, and optimistic.😁

  12. I must be one of the honest posters on this site. I , Asimplearsehole freely and frankly confess that I was instructed to vote for Brexit by a neutron wave ( or whatever ) that penetrated my tinfoil bone dome and instructed me in the voice of the Russian President.
    I await my fate….

    • Yeah, sorry about that whole “Neutron Wave” old chap – Uncle Vlad made me do it!😄😄
      “Victory will be Mine”!

  13. Anyone else remember that mad cunt who said he was going to be president of Russia and nuke the fuck out of Germany? Vladimir Zhirinovsky. What a crazy cunt he was.

    • Brilliant, sick of it. You dont have to worry about me there. When ever i think of Nigela lawson, i get rather exited. Dont tell ladies man Ruff, he might steel her of me.

  14. Admin my apologies that the nom diverted into other subjects. Not fair on the nom, i accept my responsibility and will learn from it.

    • Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I know of at least 4 other cunters who voted remain.

      • No need to grass anyone up Vern, they have all outed themselves (as have I) at one time or another.

        And following the vote they all wanted to see the democratic mandate carried out, which of course it isn’t being.

        Just remembered another remain voter, he posted on the New European cunting approximately 3 hours ago….

    • You did what?… you beast Harold! 😄
      I think had the vote been remain the leavers would have shrugged their shoulders, been pissed off but accepted it.
      BUT IT WASN’T! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
      Democracy is using your vote, and which ever way you voted don’t apologise for it.

      • Oh I’m not apologising.
        The way I see it there are pros and cons of being in the EU and leaving the EU, as with everything – neither decision is entirely good or entirely bad.

        One of my reasons for voting remain was that I had a hunch the clown prince of bumblefuckery would end up being Prime Minister. You could see he fancied himself for it back in 2014/15,

        And so it came to pass.

        The fact that Russia and Vlad, the low budget 1980s Action film villain, was keen for us to leave aroused my suspicions as well. He wants a weakened Europe.

        I think as well one of things that has annoyed me is that the MSM has completely ignored the fact that some of the people who voted leave would be classed as BAME groups. Which doesn’t fit the narrative so it is ignored.

        Some were/are university students and graduates. Which obviously goes against the trope of leave voters being thick racists.

        Were some of the people who voted leave racists? Probably.
        But to say every single person who vote leave is racist is a sweeping generalisation and highly unlikely.

        On the flip side you have those dim fucker expats who voted leave and live in the Costa del dumb. Who now face an uncertain future in Spain. Talk about turkeys voting for Christmas.

        The matter of leaving or remaining in the EU is a complex one. There were a lot of lies, 1/2 promises and misinformation bandied about from both camps.

        Sadly the country has become more divided as a result.

  15. Harold i think most ghys on her will respect your honest approach. It takes guts to admit it. Although myself hate the institution of the EU, i do love to travel around earope. So i understand how this was a hard decision for some people. On a more serious subject, i cant say Harold!, without thinking of old steptoe.

    • ‘Arold!! You rotten little Bleeder!

      I have a dream of living out my Winter Years in the Algarve in a lovely villa with a nice Portuguese woman like Laura Goncalves or Sara Sampaio looking after me, rather than in a care home in Blighty thats grey and miserable with people forgetting about me, and with fuck all to do but play dominos, so that might also have something to do with it.

  16. Reds under the bed!! Has the Russian bear been sticking his big grabby paws into our sovereignty? The bastards used mind control to affect my vote cos I voted leave even though I knew my world would end. Fuck off what a load of desperate bollocks.
    As a cunter stated earlier people should be more worried about peacefuls and postal votes than make believe shite about Russian fiddles and diddlers not including irresponsible use of chemical weapons of course.

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