Banksy’s When The Boat Comes In! (5)

Emergency cunting due for Banksy. Not the first time he’s been cunted it seems!

Being a total failure as a youngster in school at the subject of Art myself, I did have some admiration for Banksy as I thought that a few of his creations were brilliant, albeit his respect for other peoples property was disregarded.

Was appalled when I spotted this tonight:-

Hope his people are returning these poor folk back to the Frogs rather than here, but I guess that wont be the case.

Banksy is a cunt!

Nominated by: knobrot

and seconded by Jack The Cunter 

Banksy is a cunt.
The lefty’s favourite vandal has bought a former French vessel, in order to pick up illegal immigrants in the Med. No doubt it will soon change its area of operations to the English Channel.
All this has been funded by his artistic ( ! ) vandalism. Something that you or I would be prosecuted for.
Here’s the story.

(A quick word of thanks to other cunters nominating this arsehole, but who just missed the Posting deadline – Day Admin)

62 thoughts on “Banksy’s When The Boat Comes In! (5)

  1. Fine, why not let them all come and live in the People’s Republic of Bristol? When Chairman Banksy gets elected as Mayor ( only a matter of time I’m sure ) then he can insist that every household in the city take in a migrant. Two if you live in Clifton. I’m sure this will go a long way to appeasing the collective conscience of a city with such a shameful slave trading past.
    Banksy and his kind are all utter cunts.
    Go fuck yourselves! 🖕

  2. Did anyone notice that the ‘rescued’ men in the BBC picture are all making the New World Order sign?

  3. Being an Americunt and not knowing who this cunt was I had to Google him. From what I gather this guy is a vandal who apparently made a name for himself by defacing other people’s property with his artsy fartsy children’s drawings.

    And like everyone else I can’t reconcile the whole millionaire/anarchist thing.

    What a fucking cunt! Better give him a peerage and an OBE both!

    Better yet, make him Lord Banksy of the Bottom of the Channel and a OBI…Order of the British Immigrant.

  4. Robin Gunningham isn’t an artist and was stupid enough to believe the MSM hype and got caught filming his Balloon Girl shredding stunt at Sotherbys (they were in on the act). He is nothing more than a product of clever marketing.

  5. Banksy on the guillotine.
    Now that would be a good one.

    He’s a cunt who uses stencils. A fucking monkey could do it.

  6. Does anyone know the identity of this utter sack of excrement, and where the cunt lives?

  7. I’ll try again as my last post missed the Mark.
    Devalue the cunts art work with Dulux and the the cunt can’t afford to run this boat.

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