(Sly) Sky News [7]

An early bird Sunday morning cunting for ISAC favourite, the Isleworth idiot factory Sly News.

This morning reviewing the papers we had Dawn Neesom, former editor of The Daily (red) Star and Guardian contributor and anthropologist, Mary-Ann ‘the forehead’ Ochota. So as you would expect absolutely no fucking attempt at impartiality. Hosted by Gillian Joseph who, it appears, would rather stand in a barrel of scorpions than say anything approaching even handed on government or Brexit related matters.

Neesom is first out of the gate reviewing the suspension of the Covid-19 death toll bulletin amid claims the figures were exaggerated. With eyes rolling and her continually calling Matt Hancock “Nick”. Nick Handcocks? This rabid left wing harpy was left unchallenged. Joseph and The Forehead reveling in the continued misuse of Hancock’s name, I was instantly transported back to the primary school playground. Utterly childish as it was pathetic, after Neesom had finished spouting her shite and demanding a “apology” from Nick because the death figures are apparently LOWER?

It was left to smug Cheshire Cat gurning Joseph to inform Gobshite Neesom she had got Handcocks name wrong. Her reply? A shrug of the shoulders and mouthed “whatever” into the microphone. Joseph fell back in her seat laughing whilst The Forehead smiled contentedly……

And that’s SLY NEWS in a nutshell!!! Utter cunts.

Nominated by: Quislings

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49 thoughts on “(Sly) Sky News [7]

  1. I’ve never seen Sky news, or indeed Sky as far as I know. From what I hear it’s basically the same as the BBC.

    Except, you know, optional.

  2. Can’t say I watch any form of news these days, primarily because the news isn’t really news at all, more like a party political broadcast on the behalf of the Cunts & Wokes Party.

    These cunts get paid a tidy wage just for looking pretty in front of the cameras and reading from an autocue. No doubt they’re right prima-donnas off-camera as well, demanding this, that and the other to emphasise how important they seem to think they are!

    And they will spout their lefty-bullshit safe in the knowledge that they are far removed from where all the problems they report on are situated. And no doubt if they did face trouble, like someone had carjacked their car, they would blame the Far Right, even though in reality it was probably a gang of “bruvvers” half-inching their Beemers & Mercs.

    Bunch of smug cunts deserving of a huge reality-check in the cunt!

    • Eh, the answer is A
      The first picture is the odd one out.
      The other 3 are all poisonous and found in the desert.
      Whats the prize admin?

  3. Firstly, two of them need fucking up the arse, guess which two. Secondly, I’ve never had Dawn Neesom down as a lefty, quite the opposite in fact. She used to be on Talkradio with Mike Graham and to me she was righter than right wing, a cunt no-doubt but not sure about being a lefty…I could be wrong though and often am except where anally plugging birds that are begging for it is concerned. Fuck! I’ve left a clue.

    • I think the nominator has confused The Daily Star (right-wing rag which Neesom edited) with The Morning Star, the left-wing Commie rag.

  4. Don’t watch any more, but remember being unusually drawn to wanting to inflict hard anal on either little weather p◇ki Nazaneen Guffar (sic?) or Sarah Jane-Mee, not fussed which.

  5. I think every time you put on the news, Sky or BBcunts, it’s the same left wing, ethnic loving bullshit, I am still waiting for the BBC to give an answer to my complaint about inaccurate reporting on the attack on the police officers in Hackney.
    This has reminded me to give them another kicking.

    This morning the BBC going on about fucking Hajj, who gives a fuck!

    • Turn it on Sunday mornings; it’s like a fucking PG Tips advert on acid.

      Get fucked.

      • Hajj, Racist Covid, there is some woman on at the moment who just said that ‘people in her community’ , I guess she means black believe that they don’t get the same quality of hospital care as us white boys, fuck them!

        The government are going to spend millions on this fucking shit, I am sure the vast majority of people don’t give a shit and for me the sample size is too small to say effnicks are more at risk of dying from Bat Flu

        Piss boiled to superheated steam this morning!!

      • The fact that the vast majority of BAMEs live in overcrowded houses and flats doubtless has a lot to do with the higher mortality rates. But no doubt the vast sums of money to be wasted on “public enquiries” to prove how hard done by they are will mollify them to some extent.

        The way things are going the pansies will be getting upset that they and the trannies are not getting the sob stories this week.

  6. Unbiased journalism is as dead as George St Floyd.
    Sky or the BBCibad could be prescribed by a doctor as an effective treatment for low blood pressure.
    Set of cunts.

  7. Why would anybody trust anything a former Daily Star editor has to say? That ‘newspaper’ isn’t even a tabloid – it’s on the level below. Trash for the chavs of the world.

  8. Can we send them to Unkle Terry’s oven for treatment?Gas mark 6 for a couple of hours

  9. The “news” as it was when I was growing up doesn’t exist any more. It is just a social and political construct designed to make us see the world through the fuzzy, disordered libtard brain.
    There’s no better example than the “poofs in the park” episode. Normally 3 benders attending an “anti racist” rally getting stabbed to fuck in broad daylight would have occupied the media for weeks. There would have been dire warnings about the creeping evil of homophobia, racism and the “far right”. There would have been a daily parade of the usual talking heads weeping and moaning. They would have been all over Tommy Robinson (real name Adolf Hitler) and Farage in the hope they could trap them into saying something they could misinterpret. Daily sob pieces about the sorrow and heartbreak of the family and friends left behind. Blanket coverage of the inevitable candlelit, hand holding vigils, not to mention the funerals and the minute’s silence.
    But what happened? Brushed under the carpet and forgotten about. And we all know why don’t we? Yes, there was one tiny little awkward detail that didn’t fit the narrative. Just an unfortunate incident, not news at all. Now let’s take a butchers at Trump’s twitter, the Nazi cunt.

    • Well take succour in one thing FtF, what goes round comes round and there will be a reaction eventually and the shit is going to hit the fan big time when the blackshirts come back in force.
      Continually accuse people of being what they aren’t will eventually make their minds up for them.
      These clowns want to erase history this ensuring they’ll never learn from it.
      The thick,woke fucks.

    • I don’t know why I remember it, but I recall when I was on shore leave the news on the Home Service always ended with the Fatstock prices “provided by Exchange Telegraph”, which must have been the earliest example of BBC advertising.

      Some cunt like George Floyd wouldn’t have got a look-in back then.

  10. Looking at the header pic, it wold seems Neesom has farted or shit herself after a heavy night in the pubs & clubs; Ochota is sitting in a 24 inch dildo, and Joseph is constipated – the perfect qualifications for a career as a journo!

  11. The cornerstone of democracy rests on the foundation of an electorate educated by the news services, all is well, quit your belly aching. I mean, in the middle of the biggest economic catastrophe in centuries and consumed by a pandemic (plus other less significant issues) our MPs wouldn’t go on holiday now would they? They certainly wouldn’t extend those holidays by an extra month, of course not, that would be ..hmm what’s the word?

    In other sly news, Doris suddenly grew a pair and declared that Brexit could be achieved by a three line whip and two hours of parliamentary time to repeal the 1972 Act of European Union tomorrow afternoon .. done and done. Don’t believe me?

      • Yeah, why is he watching a load of Nippon birds screeching and p*ncing about when there’s all that Jap lesbian porn knocking about? Strange.

  12. Genuinely I’ve not watched the ‘news’ now for probably around a year.

    Of course it’s on at times in the house at times but I never ever make a point of watching it.

    I follow Guido Fawkes and enjoy Mike Graham who I’m listening too as I write this but the ‘news’ long ago lost its right to be called the ‘news’

    It’s utterly cynical agenda setting at best and stuffed to the gunnels with massively over remunerated cretins and they can all fuck off.

    • Cunty i also listen to Mike graham also and Ian collins. They are perhaps the onley media people who challenge this propaganda.

      • I listen to those two aswell Tono. Fucking breath of fresh air they are. Oh, and the unfeasibly large titted Julia Hartley-Breasticles. Lovely! Right up her fucking shit shute and no mistake.

      • West cuntry cunt, i am glad you enjoy listening to Mike and Ian. So mutch better then the leftie apologists on LBC. Swarbrick and Stadlan are so ass licking towards ethnics.
        Anyway i agree with you about Julia, but it seems we have competition with all the other ghys on this site. They all want to bone her.

  13. Of course with a lot of these journo cunts they have to follow the policies (demands) of their employers, whether they personally agree with it or not.

    I suspect some newsreaders don’t believe a word in some of the slanted news reports they have to announce or talk about. But they have to tow the line by the corporations otherwise they’re out on their arses!

    Moreover, a few don’t dare risk speaking their true minds because not only will they be put on gardening leave, but have to face the wrath of the social media reptiles for daring to have a radical, and thus totally unacceptable & dangerous opinion!

    • I watch it.
      Dunno why?
      But lately I’ve been sat arguing with it and turned over, problem being its either a yank news show, or al Jazeera and I dont like them either.
      I liked the news when it was some posh white bloke who spoke with a home counties accent and followed by a peed-o-file in a homemade jumper telling me the weather.
      I liked that.
      I dont like change.
      I don’t like diversity.
      So fuck the news!
      Im happiest ignorant anyway.

      • I watched Sky news once – I thought it said “Pie news”..
        Ladies of the coven, get them in the oven.
        Men of no class – boot in the ass.
        Fuck the MSM – the propaganda wing of the marxist movement pretending to be impartial.
        Payback will be fun.

  14. Can’t stand almost all of those lefty woke cunts on Sly news. Burley, Fatso Boulton and many many others seem to be in their jobs with the express intention to make my piss boil uncontrolably. And that Christina Patterson on press preview needs fucking shooting.
    As bad as or worse than the BBC.

  15. I was getting fed up with the lefty BBC shite and so gave Sky a go. Just the same shit really just different macaroons. I’d rather listen to Nigel Farage and Julia Hartley-Brewer. She does have a better rack than Nigel.

  16. That forehead is asking to be slapped, “ really fucking hard” as Les Grossman said !

  17. On the BBC news this afternoon, Exeter Chiefs is considering changing its name and branding. Presumably because Devonian Red Indians are offended.

      • When we met Miserable, I could tell you had some Indian blood in you because you had Apache beard.

      • Bertie@
        Childish but when the weatherman says “patchy rain’ for the North West, always hear ‘apache rain’.

  18. BBC, C4 Sky, Twitter and Net Prix need to pool their resources into a giant media conglomerate called World of Cunt. Even though I ignore them already, itIt would be easier if they were just on one channel. Instrad of a link announcer they could have a ‘woman of colour’ shrieking ‘racist!’ Before the latest adventures of women of colour, everybody’s favourity drama-comedy-current affairs programme, followed by the news to see how the Women of colour are being oppressed.by white-faced Barn Owls living in the countryside.

    • A few spelling mistakes in there. I blame it on my white male Brexit-voter stupidity. Can I get a grant?

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