Sadiq Khan [21]

A good-gracious-gawd-blimey-duckie, cunting please for the egomanical tall story telling mini Mayor of London, who is apparently some sort of “iconic” gay magnet. He has been vouchsafing, to anyone who might be reading that he enjoyed his trips to a “notorious cruising spot” where he was chatted up by the left-leaning duckies who had important business engagements there with fellow fruity gentlemen:

If Sadprick really was in demand, I can only assume it was as a sugar daddy – I can’t imagine how any gay lad would want an undersized curry-stinking little runt like him, unless it was for the contents of his walet, rather than the contents of his ringpiece.

This begs the question, why did Khan keep making visits to a place he knew was frequented by men whose sexual appetites did not match his own?. Is he a voyeur, perhaps – a bit of late night relief after a busy day pouring over the latest stabbing figures for the kingdom he rules over , steaming up the back windows of cars while knocking one out to forget work worries – or is he just a boasting liar who dreams stories like this up to try to bolster his shrinking image?. Diversity is our strength, duckies, as Saddick would say.

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

37 thoughts on “Sadiq Khan [21]

  1. He must have had more than 21 cuntings surely? He makes Boris look like Churchill and Livingston look like Attlee.

  2. Let’s hope he is a bum bandit and his community take him up The Shard and throw him off.

  3. Now that this diminutive cunt has admitted his fondness for areas frequented by bummers, it will be interesting to see if his support from Muslims is affected.
    They might treat him to a flying lesson from the top of the shard.

  4. Sadprick is probably just demonstrating that he supports all communities or ‘Londoners’ as he loves to call them.
    Except the white tory voting minority obviously.

  5. I seem to recall ISIS used to torture and murder gay muslims during their occupations of Iraq, Iran, Syria and Afghanistan 5 or 10 years ago.

    I wonder if Sadiq would like to comment about them and their wish to enforce Sharia Law into western society? A Law that also includes death to anyone who practices homosexual activity!

    Will he also comment about how ISIS murdered thousands of innocent men?

    Would he also care to mention how ISIS forced women & children into slavery, but not before raping them first, while the liberal media just shrugged their shoulders and pretended it never happened!

    But of course the actions of ISIS was a long time ago; and by the looks of things we won’t be allowed to call them “terrorists” any more because that would be very offensive and demeaning.

    So let’s pretend all those bad things that ISIS did never really happened. Just brush it under the carpet, as Sadiq is very apt at doing when shit is about to hit his fan!

    However, we must make sure any bad things the West has done must be continually dredged up, revised and emphasised to all and sundry in order to underline how very bad the West treated the world, and how it murdered thousands of people, and made slaves out of many more!

    Sadiq is a smug ignorant cunt!

    • I’m amazed, as a Muslim, that Khan admits to have enjoyed bring chatted up by homosexuals. He obviously wants to align himself with the gay community by making it look as if he was once part of the scene, even if it was on the fringes. It will be very interesting, as time passes, to observe how both Islam and the LGBT community, particularly in London, will co-exist in peace as both must be embraced equally by the nation which surely means the two must also be tolerant of one another. I can only take it from Khan’s brazen admission that he wants to be a guiding light for the more liberal style of Islam that is finding it very hard to gain ground.
      Oh what fun we shall see!

  6. So Clapham Common is “great nightlife for the LGBTQ+ community?”
    I’m sorry but I had to fucking pick myself up off the floor laughing at that one. Clapham Common is a dangerous place after dark and the only people there are filthy fucking perverts. There are no “gay bashers”, a total fucking myth. No normal person wants to be in the middle of a fucking jizz festival.
    I live a few hundred yards from the car park on Streatham Common a notorious bum bandit rendezvous . The people who live opposite are constantly calling the coppers due to frequent outbreaks of violence. Not from “gay bashers” but bummers fighting over drugs, money, petty jealousies, fuck knows what. A poof was stabbed to death there a few years ago.
    Khunt has never been on Clapham Common in his life and all he knows about benders is that they provide good photo opportunities for him at Pride marches.
    He’s a know nothing, just repeating the identity politics mantras of the liberal left. Total fucking fake cunt. When his mob take over there won’t be any poofs but they are too dumb to know that.

  7. What a vicious allusion. It’s obvious that Mr Khan is as straight as that nice Keith Vaz.

    • Or that well known macho Man Julian Clary.
      It disappoints me to wake up on a morning to discover the froth of Khan is still irritating me by breathing.

      • Maybe Julian’s who Khan was meeting on Clapham Common. Thatwould be hilarious. Or maybe it was Kevin Spacey he was meeting, who was out for a dog walk at 3am, despite not owning a dog.

  8. He is of a peaceful persuasion is he not? What will his fellow travellers make of this dalliance in the fringes of bumcraft. Tower hamlets and surrounding areas have never been that welcoming to persons who march to a different drum since the area became favoured by peaceful people. Obviously vote catching, he really is a piece of work our suckdick.

    • Well there’s a glimmer of hope here biscuit, that now that he’s come out as the bummers flirt at City Hall, come the mayoral election, I wouldn’t be surprised if his peaceful brethren ‘Khan be arsed’ to vote for him🤣

  9. Please stop nominating this cunt! Every time he gets a nom I have to see the little fuckers face! It’s like the imprint of my boot in dog shit!

    • Typical Labour-signalling for votes.
      Is there no depths to which this proud, patriotic son of a black cab cockerney will not sink.

  10. Looks like his fellow peacefuls have finally turned on him too.

    A very telling statement from some of their chief beard wearers called the cuntish little gnome out for not giving them the special privileges they were expecting when they voted for him.

    God knows what they were supposed to be, but I would guess something along the lines of a free pass for returning ISIS terrorists, drugging and raping of underage white girls with impunity and sharia law implemented across London for starters.

    The odious little cunt.

  11. I’ve said it before i really fucking hate this cunt with a vengeance he has accelerated the downward spiral of the capital here i was born and bread my home not anymore it’s a lawless “vibrant” anglo banjo shit pit the only chink of light with this fairy tale of his is his iman heres of this and he’s stoned to fuck by the tolerant open minded congregation of his local mosque the cunt

  12. Before Suckdick went into law, he had intended being a dentist(true.)
    Imagine that cunt searching for your cavities.

    • Suckdick could not have been a dentist, because being a lawyer is much more financially valuable. Khan the dentist would have led a hand to mouth existence, but he might have been alright once he had learned the drill. 🙂

    • Sounds like the vertically challenged cunt is still searching for cavities.

  13. This cunt should suffer the same fate as Edward the 2and, if he likes arse bandits he should had a red hot poker shoved up his arse

  14. The mound under his carpet must be about 3 feet 5 tall now with all the important issues he brushes under there. Which is how tall this little man issued wanker is.

  15. How on Earth did this cunt ever get his job? He not worth feeding let alone employing.

  16. He looks like Mr Bean with a spray on tan.
    Definitely one of those who can never be cunted enough.

    • Absolutely Ron, and he has another seven siblings, another seven fucking Khans! I bet they all suck off the taxpayer teat in one form or another too, not a bus driver amongst them.

  17. Put it’s head in a vice and squeeze the gibberish faggitry out of the cunt.

  18. 21 Noms ! ! ! ! !
    must be some sort of Record surely, Admin ?

    A 24 carat Gold, diamond encrusted Cunt !

  19. this bloke sees himself as some kind of warrior – he has easily taken on board the whole notion of Super Cities or City States – he sees himself a the coming guru for all of this fascist nonsense – in other times he would have been taken for a walk in the woods – pity nobody’s done it yet! he’s a cunt

  20. This is great news, his flock will be taking a far dimmer view of this and it will serve only to heap more ridicule on the insufferable little twat.

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