Adam Boulton and Sly News (3)

Sly News cunt anchor Adam Boulton has shut down Ex-chief superintendent Kevin Hurley, a former Scotland Yard chief, for daring to tell the truth and state that Black Lies Matter is deliberately stirring up a false anti-police narrative.

Hurley, who deserves hero recognition for his bravery in standing up to far left bullshit said senior figures in the movement were waging a ‘misinformation’ campaign to ‘destabilise and disrupt’ society.

He also suggested the ugly clashes in Brixton on Wednesday night were products of Afro-Caribbean single parenting and said constables had ‘given up’ enforcing the law on young black Britons for fear of jeopardising their careers.

He added: ‘We’ve got into a vicious circle with police officers dealing with young black people, who always come to the perspective that the police are trying to suppress them. And the police very quickly come to learn that dealing with young black people is quite frankly aggravation that puts their careers and mortgages at risk.’

‘That’s the reason why so many black youth are killing each other in London, because the police have given up trying to stop them carrying knives and guns and killing each other.’ Hurley also said that ‘this is not a BAME issue, this is an issue relating to people of West African heritage in terms of the relationship between the police and the public’.

Hurley then delivered the statistics to back up the facts; ‘there’s an awful lot of misinformation going on about police killing black people in custody. Last year 16 people died for various reasons in police custody – largely from drug overdoses – of those 16, only one was black. Last year the police shot three people dead – only one was black. There is a narrative going on here, I think driven by people within the Black Lives Matter movement who want to destabalise and disrupt society.’

But as he went to start another sentence cunt Boulton suddenly interjected: ‘Ok we’re going to have to leave it there, thank you very much indeed,’ and the video feed to Mr Hurley was cut off.

Obviously Sly News did not want to air ‘uncomfortable’ opinions, especially ones containing actual statistics that don’t agree with their narrative and resorted to the familiar left wing tactic of deplatforming. Sly News declined to comment.

Sly News don’t make it easy to complain. However, on you can find Mr Jeremy Darroch’s details (Chief Executive of Sly) including his email address:

Get cunting and get complaining fellow ISACers.

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43 thoughts on “Adam Boulton and Sly News (3)

  1. And I thought young blacks were all saintly good Samaritans whose peace-loving lives were heiniously disturbed by our fascist police service.

    No, I’ve lived in London and know a couple of Met police officers. Hurley spoke the truth. Please, Boris, grow a pair and sort this out.

    • Boris grow a pair? It is in nominations at the moment; he is way out of his depth and a thoroughly unpleasant person.

      • I think he’s probably (I hope) got this on the back burner while he deals with more pressing issues. If not, then nature WILL take its course anyway.

  2. The old Bill should just stop stop and search and let the cunts stab each other to death with impunity. It will do everyone a favour and will brighten up everyones day as we read about all the young hopeful doctors and accountants no longer with us.

    • I share that sentiment Smug Cunt, A slash a day, keeps the “Khunes” at bay

    • Well said S C.
      If they don’t like the police then let them destroy each other.

  3. I worked for six years in a overwhelmingly black town where you hardly saw a white person all day (I kid you not) and I often saw from the upstairs window of the building I worked in that overlooked the high street Police turning up to an incident involving a ‘bruvver’. I would hear the blues and twos, dash to the window and before you could say “yoo raaciss yanamsayin” a large group would suddenly surround maybe just two cops trying to deal with the cunt and I would see perhaps two or three standing right up against said coppers with arms stretched outwards goading them as if to say “come on then” rocking their heads back and forth in a simulation of a head butt. It was fucking impossible for those law enforcers to do their job without risking personal injury. As soon as there was any police attendance over anything, all it took was a text from a bruv to the ‘communihee’ and it was like moths to a light bulb.

    Adam Boulton doubtless hasn’t got a clue, the smug, irritating looking cunt. He’s just saving his own skin like all the other media arse wipes. I wonder how long he would last in his blue suit working in a fucking ghetto like I had to. Cunt.

    • Trouble is, the blacks are too thick to see that they are still being exploited by the white man. It is mainly middle-class, educated left-wing whites who are manipulating the blacks to cause trouble with the authorities. BLM was bound to stir up feelings of hatred towards blacks, even among whites who normally don’t give a shit about other peoples’ colour. It is the lefties, socialists and communists at work.

  4. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.
    “Black lives matter except in their own communities it seems.” Or how about the fact that Blacks put millions of white Europeans into slavery, Somehow I think I may not fit the Orwellian narrative of the media which purports to be the truth and nothing but the truth.
    The Media are a bunch of Cunts who seek to twist logical thought and create a world were the truth is outlawed.

    • Boris grow a pair? It is in nominations at the moment; he is way out of his depth and a thoroughly unpleasant person.

      • Wrong fucking box – again but it does allow me to ponder why the current agenda exists. To whose benefit is it? Don’t think that the bastards are going to stop when they have control of the ghettos, they want it all. Once they have it all they will turn on those whiteys who have helped them achieve their goals. The end game is going to be far from pretty.

      • Remember the film Escape from NewYork where Snake Pliskin ( great name played by kurt Russell I think) goes into a walled up New York to get the president out.
        well I say wall up Londonstabistan and if anyone goes in you stay in and give old Snake a rest.

  5. The media are cunts, machete on BBC criticising the government as some people have lost their income, meanwhile she works for an organisation that has no mercy collecting TV tax from people with no income and has extended their fascist collection to the over 75s.

    The Big Cunts Corporation!

    Sly and the rest of the MSM climb up the arses of BLM\Antifa not realising the commies want to destroy them too.

    • The media as a whole too shitscared to pick on the Chinese for creating this whole virus pandemic for fear of being seen to be racist.

      So blaming the government for someone losing their job is complete bollocks. Had it not been for the Chinese and their fucked up hygiene the entire world (not just Britain) wouldn’t be in such deep shit.

      But instead the media will insist this is all the fault of Trump and Boris, even though the latter has ploughed untold billions into trying to keep the country going. And yet its “too little too late” according to the fucking media!

    • Whilst at the same time spending millions to increase diversity. Fucking total, utter shit-eating cunts.

  6. Ah if it goes against the narrative then its not newsworthy. Weve had this for the last 20 years or so with our Muslim brethren. The ones that came to the country and even MI5 refused to believe that they were terrorists. Any mutterings to suggest they were would be classed as anti-muslim. Which became Islamophobia.
    Too much news censorship in a so called free speech country.

    • We’re in a war with several factions in this country and in war truth is either manipulated or suppressed.

  7. The fear of being called a racist is a pandemic that has been allowed to take over and ruin our society. There is no way back from back this.

    • Not until everybody understands that racism works both ways. I can’t get past the fact that supposedly intelligent people believe that a white calling somebody a black bastard is racist, but a black calling somebody a honky cunt isn’t.

  8. Today its all about racism and pulling down statues, and the police, sports, entertainment & media being shitscaerd to say anything that goes against the narrative.

    Tomorrow it will be the feminists. They will tear down more statues (of men) and demand the same kind of attention the BLMs are getting. And the police, media etc will bend to their will.

    Next week it will be the Alphabets….

    Next month it will be the Millennials & Gen Zs….

    And then the whole matter of Brexit will raise its ugly head again. And don’t be surprised if our supposed exit is reversed.

    Eventually identity politics will kill the “old” identity of this country completely, and yet the Establishment lets it all happen because they don’t want to cause offence other than to the Silent Majority

  9. Kill them. Kill them all. The Left’s gloves are off and it literally is the endgame of ‘them or us’. It’s not a joke anymore, this is our fight for survival.

  10. That interview was almost four minutes long.
    Was it cut short? How long was the interview supposed to be?
    Apologies if this comes across the wrong way, but facts are important. If he was scheduled for six minutes then fair enough. But during those four he got a lot of very important information out.
    I always thought these “live” interviews were a minute behind, giving the producers plenty of time if someone decided to cut their wrists or take a shit. So there would have been plenty of time to erase what excellent content he did say.
    I’m no fan of sky news, not at all, but I want to nail them accurately. For some reason it matters.
    Somebody put me straight please.

      • Nice one RTC. In fact it was your link to the video that gave me the timeframe.

      • My own personal opinion is that the cunt Boulton and the cunts at SKY didn’t want to continue to hear what the ex chief-super was saying as it goes against SKY and their crusade of making Black Lives Matter a legit organisation.

      • Me too GN hence the nom but good point Cuntflap. I felt as soon as Hurley started to come out with stats to back the claims cunt Boulton realised this didn’t fit with the Sly news narrative and cut him off.

    • I suggest Boulton pulled the interview under instruction from a producer, he’s looking after his own job and mortgage so is willing to subvert and distort for his own well being.
      Media is a shit infested,duplicitous,manipulative industry and the vultures who flock to it for filthy lucre are the vermin by their own choice.

      • I quite agree with that. In my new world order all journalists go to jail. Every last one.

  11. Well cunted FEC!

    Good on Kevin Hurley for standing up for all the ordinary rank and file police officers and the general public who don’t subscribe to the left wing BLM bullshit everyone is being force fed by the MSM.

    Facts backed up with statistics are like kryptonite to the MSM and BLM narrative, the more they react like this the more ordinary folk will start to see things for what they are that the left are trying to hijack politics and policy through mob rule the dirty cunts.

    • It’s a Pity the DickStrap doesn’t back her officers

      Fucking Khan, Water Cannon you cunt!

  12. Anyone working as a so-called journalist for the MSM should be charged with dereliction of duty.
    #MeToo ????

  13. Seems that “news is what you want to hear” what fits your money providers agenda.
    Spineless cunts. As that old chestnut states “never let the truth get in the way of a good story”

  14. Excellent cunting.
    As I avoid watching any news broadcast on the telly, I appreciate all the stories that appear on this site, especially ones like this.
    Adam Boulton is a scunt.

    • Very prescient read mickey, good find and illustrates how the ugly truth is still the truth.

  15. I never watch the pie muncher 🥮
    He asks a question then talks over the person trying to answer 👎👎
    Never trust Sly News they are as bad as the BBC 👎👎

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