War Memorial Vandalism

A well deserved cunting for filth who vandalised the Churchill statue in London, also the statue of Lincoln.

The Police must have known they would be targeted and should have made them secure but having said that the cunts who carried the vandalism should be prosecuted not for vandalism but treason, today was the D-day anniversary and commemorations were either cancelled or had only a token gathering due to chinky flu, but this bunch of self righteous cunts took to the streets. The cunts should have been showing respect for those who lost their lives fighting for freedom, not ‘protesting’ about, what, police brutality in the UK? Don’t be so fucking stupid, they don’t deserve to live in a country such as ours.

The liberal Germans have just passed a law making the burning of any countries flag a criminal offence (sadly including the EU flag), good on them, a national flag is a symbol of a country and should be treated with respect. Desecration of British and other nationalities memorials and statues should be considered as a hate crime punishable by a minimum 10 years in the slammer.


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104 thoughts on “War Memorial Vandalism

  1. It’s easier to try and arrest a man IN HIS OWN FRONT GARDEN for supposedly breaking Covid lockdown rules than arresting shits vandalising war graves. This fucking country stinks to high heaven. What’s boils my fucking piss is this happened on the D Day Anniversary. You fucking woke cunts. If it wasn’t for the veterans the only statues in Whitehall would be ones of Hitler, Himmler and Heydrich.

  2. There was an astonishing quote from the Avon and Somerset Police regarding the tearing down of the Edward Colston statue: “a decision was taken not to intervene.” For fucks sake, how fucking pathetic and lily-livered can you get? It was a criminal act you fucking twats, do the job for which the tax payers pay you.

  3. Filth, protected and enabled by the filth. Try that fucker in Yorkshire.
    There are a lot of memorials in my area to the glorious dead and some statues of the poor fuckers in charge knowing they were sending lads no older than these scum into hell and death, but knew it had to be done. (Many Yorkshiremen fell protecting our liberty and land, we are protective of their memory).
    ANY fucker goes near them will end up lynched – a lot of my friends and Family are serving and ex forces and special forces, and the level of anger is off the scale – god help any fucker trying it.
    There will be no mercy for these lot.

  4. The fact these cunts take it upon themselves to damage/deface statues, which are public property and thus not theirs, is a disgrace. To do it with plod looking on says so much about how society’s standards and morals have changed. And by changed, I mean got exponentially worse.

    Trivial example: As a kid in junior school, the game of ‘knock down ginger’ was played by some of the more brazen louts I knew at the time. Not many, but some. You know the game, ring someone’s door bell then leg it. I never took part because a) I felt it was just wrong to go onto someone else’s property and b) I was terrified I’d get caught and my parents finding out. Hence, I behaved myself. Consequently, as an adult I am very territorial about my property. What’s mine is mine and if you have no business to conduct, social or otherwise, then you shouldn’t be anywhere near my house or its grounds (such as they are).

    Literally every week, cunts let their fucking dogs shit and piss on my front lawn like it’s OK. Cunts stick flyers and business cards on my front door despite there being a sign saying “No flyers, business cards, solicitation, trespass – Get off my property”. Oh and get this, the fuckers who do this don’t walk up the path to the front door, deposit their rubbish, walk back down the path, along the road, then up the path of the next house and so on. Oh no, that’s too much trouble. Instead, they just walk across everyone’s front lawns and flower beds, like that’s OK too. Then there’s the cunts who throw free newspapers onto my property every week. Newspapers which I don’t want, haven’t asked for, have no interest in and have not agreed to have thrown onto my property. It’s like your property isn’t really yours, people can do what they like and your boundary only starts at your walls, doors and windows. Everything else, i.e. your land, is a fucking free-for-all.

    That’s how society is now and if you have an issue with it – like I do – then you’re the miserable, anti-social, unfriendly, un-neighbourly bastard who should be shunned by all the ‘nice’ people who treat your property worse than they treat their own. It’s this attitude along with the complete lack of respect and consideration for others which leads to damaging and defacing public property. Where the fuck did it come from?

  5. Imagine these antifa excrement and the woke vermin larging it like this in Maggie’s time?
    No, me neither.

    And the British police are not fit for purpose.

    • I think it’s all part of this perpetually offended snowflake culture and the backlash which results from feigning offence.

      It’s general human nature to not want to be seen as the bad guy or the person who causes harm, upset or injury to someone else. That sense of respect and consideration for others has been weaponised against ordinary decent people. You daren’t say anything now for fear of offending and facing the wrath of soshall meeja. If you do inadvertently ‘step out of line’, then you’re reduced to a quivering apologetic wreck as you apologise profusely for having the audacity to breathe.

      We are witnessing the breakdown of social order, respect, decency and the essence of free speech and thought. The natural bottoming out of this process is violence and that’s what we’re seeing too. And they’re clamouring to defund the police over here in Yankland. It’s utterly insane!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Funny how ‘ver filf’ will ‘not intervene’ when the memories of the war dead are pissed upon.
    Yet they are all over some poor fucker who dares to tell a joke on social media.

    They should change their nickname from the pigs to the chickens.

    • Bit like the Minneapolis police legging it out of their 3rd Precinct cop shop. Basically giving the green light to the yobs to ransack it then torch it. WTF did they think would happen? Of course, that led to more destruction and looting which spread across the US and to other parts of the world. Well done Minneapolis Police Department.

      Chickens indeed.

      • The vast majority of British coppers hate the wokeknee snowflake bitches who have infested their ranks, older more experienced Police are leaving the force in record numbers, and the complaint/reason is always the same – political correctness, insane laws and piss poor leadership preventing them from doing the job they joined to do.
        On other news, mewling little soyboys “removed” from area around the war memorial in my town – said fuckers currently hiding behind Mummys skirts and cwwying about the howwid gwown ups! 😁💪🏻💥🏃‍♂️
        Not happening on my watch.
        Ooh – rotter I am! 👍

  7. we don’t have to worry about memorials anymore – Shitface Khan, emperor of all londonistan has decreed that a new commission will be set up to review all the statues in the capital to check whether they are still relevant in modern britain, so they reflect the diverse nature of the buzzing metropolis – can’t wait, or should that be cunt wait??

  8. These cunts have drawn a line in the sand. Most people were happy, just going about their business, tutting politely every time some new diversity bullshit gets put about, can’t moan etc. Now there will be actual racism, because it’s happily amplified by the media, the fucking BBC in particular, and because of the inaction of law and order to confront these idiots, they have become emboldened and their demands more extreme. They have forced people to take a side, and I don’t think they are going to like the pushback. Wankers, of all colours.

  9. The cops should arrest, fine and prosecute all those recorded causing criminal violence, except only the white ones. Anyone of colour would of course be martyr. Shame the Mayor of London flogged off those water cannons.

    On the question of the Rhodes statue in Oxford, some Oxford educated ignorant bastard on the telly said “My friend is from (can’t remember) and grew up in Apartheid”. Well that was a Dutch idea. Nothing to do with the British. Nothing to do with Cecil Rhodes. Rhodesia used to be the breadbasket of Africa and became Zimbabwe and they kicked out the whites it became a basket case and a shithole run by a dictator. So much for the nasty, white slave trader man. Cunts.

  10. While they are at it they will need to flatten the coliseum in Rome and the cities of Bath, Chester etc as those Romans were a bunch of buggers and what did they ever do for us? and they are just monuments to them. Obviously people aren’t intelligent enough to understand historical context. So this should be the way forward. The Scandinavians need to formally apologies for the cruelty of the Vikings about six weeks of clapping and bad trumpet playing on a Thursday night should do it. Anglo Saxon lives matter. Also as Lewis Hamilton has been quite vociferous in his support of the Bristol yobs. I’m looking forward to him standing down from his contract with Mercedes who of course used slave labour from the concentration camps in World war 2. Hmm all gets a bit complicated when you start trying to whitewash history.

    • Lewis ‘I’m Freee!’ Hamilton?
      As Big Ron might say, he’s what would be known as a fucking thick you know what.

  11. Taking the fucking knee? Can anybody imagine the RUC or the British Army doing some kind of IRA salute in the 70s 80s or 90s? No, me neither.

    If Adolf and his mob were around they wouldn’t even need to break sweat. They would simply fucking walk in. The left wing lunatic is now king and the police are fucking useless. What, with Saddam Khan and Cressida Dildo, London is quite simply fucked.

    And Manchester isn’t much better with that human slug, Burnham.

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