Piers Morgan (10)

Hacking? I dont know what you are talking about…

A nomination for Piers ‘I’m a hysterical 5 year old princess’ Morgan. Morgan interviewed former New York Mayor and lawyer to Donald Trump, Rudolph Giuliani. And what a fiery affair it was. The row began over Trump’s response to the killing of George Floyd, devolved into insults of ratings and became an argument over levels of how insane everyone is and ended with Morgan mis-hearing what thought to be a swear word, but clearly wasn’t.

RG “I remember the mistakes you made and I remember how you stuffed* up!”

PM “We would like to apologise for the language you just used”

PM “You’ve come on here, you’ve been rude and abusive, you sound unhinged, you’ve been using profanity. And you were somebody I used to admire Rudy.”

RG “I haven’t used profanity, tell me the profanity that I have used. You lie about that too!”

For once, I actually watched the interview, and it certainly sounds to me like Rudy said ‘stuffed’ rather ‘fucked’ which is what Morgan clearly thought was said. Morgan needs to re-watch the interview with his producer and co presenter, and when her realises he got it wrong, he needs to apologise. Of course, we all know that Morgan doesn’t do apologies. He has neither the decency nor the honour.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

QDM also fancied a second helping:

Piers Morgan, once again, is deserving of a nomination. As we all know, BLM UK and ANTIFA have been “protesting” about the wrongful death of a black American man whom none of them have ever met, and don’t really care about. And of course, with ANTIFA being involved, these so called protests haven’t exactly been peaceful.

Anyway, throughout the Kung Flu crisis, Morgan has behaved like a spoilt four year old princess, getting all hysterical and righteously indignant whenever someone broke the rules or stood less than two metres away from other people. On the 3rd June, he called Labour MP Barry Gardiner “reckless and irresponsible” for joining the BLM protest outside parliament. However, the very next day, Morgan’s son joined another BLM protest, and Morgan tweeted to his demented followers that he was proud of his son for protesting, apparently, Morgan Jr assured his dad that he’d followed social distancing as much as possible. Considering how many left wing scum have been showing up to these things, I’m confident that Morgan Jr was NOT in any way keeping his distance.

When Julia Hartley-Brewer called him out on his hypocrisy, Morgan replied, “What law did he break, Julia? Supermarkets are ‘mass gatherings’ – have you been to one lately? He wore a mask & gloves, met up with under 6 friends, & tried hard to socially distance – because he wanted to protest against racial injustice. So yes, damn right I’m proud of him”.

What did law did he break? Interesting question Piers. What law any of the people you’ve been hysterically calling out and insulting broken? And yes, I have been to a supermarket recently. They are NOT mass gatherings. Apart from some of them having long queues outside, where social distancing has been enforced, they haven’t been even slightly packed. That’s because the staff control how many go in at any given time. You’re certainly not shoulder to shoulder. And going to a supermarket is a necessity. Attending a protest/riot, for over the death of a man that none of the attendees have met, and who probably don’t know his name or what he looks like, is not a necessity.

So, as well as being a liar and insider trader, Morgan is also a raging hypocrite. Fuck you Morgan. And fuck your dipshit son.

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  1. He’s one half of that double act with the Doris who’s a bit, stand-offish tasty in that mediacentric metropolitan stylee isn’t he?
    Their role is good guy bad guy, a bit cliched really after all this time isn’t it?
    On further idle reflection I wonder if Matthew Corbett, son of the late,great Harry is under the desk Tiswas fashion with a hand up both their bums like some tv friendly Punch and Judy freak show.
    I want answers and I want them now,dammit.

    • Even if Id never heard of him, and you said his name was Piers, id reply “chinless posh cunt”.
      No man called Piers has ever been anything but a cunt in history.
      Hes tried to have a hard boiled hack persona, but it doesnt ring true.
      Phone tapping, peeping through windows, lying,
      Peering through keyholes, lying, listening at windows, bullshitting,
      Taking photos of people relaxing, making shit up, and looking up skirts, thats the type of journo he is!
      In my daydreams im the soldier who tattoos his number on his arm and puts him on the cattletruck.

    • Sooty and Sweep were Bertrand Russell and Karl Popper compared to those fucktards.

  2. Morgan is a tiresome, bellowing, ignorant, bellicose, gum flapping, jowell wobbling, square headed, emotionally incontinent cunt who is in love with the fragrance of his own farts.

    For a very short time recently, Morgan seemed to be enjoying a renaissance as a centre positioned voice of reason. But as of just late, this cunt has been reverting to his former behaviour as a Mr Sta-Puff tribute act with the emotional intelligence of a 13 year old girl.

    Fuck of Piers and take your barrowload of wobbly chins with you.

  3. This mendacious cunt got sacked for forging images of British troops torturing Iraqi POW’s. Personally, I’d like to water board the cunt with a putrid mix of goat piss and “gay excrement”…. OK, I may have crossed the line – see you at the Hague lads! CUNT!

  4. He had a touch of the Alistair Campbell’s when he interviewed Rudy Giuliani.

  5. If you watch the cunt then you have no cause to be surprised or affronted. He is a cunt. We all know he’s a cunt. Ignore.

  6. He’s never been a reasoned debater or talking head. He is the evolutionary precursor to the internet trolls of today.

    Talk loudly enough and people might not realize you’re leaking the smell of shit which occupies the totality of your inner psychology.

    Unfortunately too much has now touched cloth.

  7. He’s a useful idiot of the centre-left establishment, the Blairites who still run the country and poison it with their liberal dogshit.

    As for simpering Susanna Reid, I can think of better uses for her than sitting next to a furious manatee every morning.

  8. Never forget that this plastic gooner cunt was instrumental in getting that utter cunt Blair in and filling your towns with closed pubs, military graves, and hordes of eurofilth.

  9. I can’t fathom why anybody would want to watch this fucking cock puppet?
    As rude as he is irrelevant
    GMB should grow a pair and sack this flip flopping cunt
    Bellend …..

  10. When the looting starts the shooting starts, it’s not racist, it’s a fact…. Everyone knows it because it’s happened before.
    It’s not like this is something new in the US, protests lead to riots, riots lead to looting, looting leads to shooting.

    Morgan is a cunt, it’s a joke… how do the programs get the most viewers, by being the most PC. Forget looking for the truth, I noticed when Giuliani asked Morgan about David Dorn it was obvious Morgan knew nothing about him and the way he died. So much for well informed journalism.

    David Dorn does sell, he wasn’t killed by a rogue policeman.

    Fuck off Morgan you cunt!

  11. I’m just amazed why more people don’t shout back at the ignorant cunt like that Trump lawyer bloke.
    You can only get bullied if you allow it.
    As for that pouting twat Reid, she now seems to think she’s a hard hitting Paxman type when really she’s just another metro virtue signaller who is out of her depth in nearly every situation.
    For fucks sake GMB sack the pair of them.

  12. Throw the fat cunt off a pier.
    Chained to a statue of some cunt who died 300 years ago.

  13. What a fucking cunt this maggot is. I’ve never watched the cunt, it’s on ITV, it’s daytime tv, and that fop is in it, so no fucking way.
    Talking of media cunts, I just had Radio four on the commute home, and swivel eye Evan fuckface was on, and he referred to the statue toppling in Bristol yesterday as ‘direct action’! He then started going on about the Rhodes statue, and it seems the BBC are coordinating the removal of that too. One thing needs removing, and that’s the rotten BBC. FUCKING CUNTS!

  14. Piers Moron needs to learn from Tucker Carlson over in the States. He does what Mr Moron tries to do only ten times better.

  15. Come on Clarkson. Pull your finger out. Stop twatting about with your two hangers on and deck this cunt again.
    And again…
    And again…
    Put the boot in for good measure…

  16. Morgan is one of those football players who you think is a cunt most of the time, but every now and then does something useful so you put up with him. I watched most of the Giuliani interview, but couldn’t see it through to the end. Giuliani was obviously getting wound up with Morgan’s blatant baiting. It’s like Morgan’s own ego keeps egging him on to be an even bigger cunt than he was 2 seconds ago.

    A vile man and a cunt. Well nomed – for the 10th time!

    • The president of the rats union (Roland they call him) has been round my house again asking me to stop referring to Penis Morgan and Boris the narcoleptic traitor as “rats” – apparently the real rats are embarrassed at the association! 😁

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