Patricia Yates

A green and pleasant land, Elgar optional, cunting please for Ms Yates, head of the UK Travel thingmabob. The reason Ms Yates has boiled my piss is that today she told a Parliamentary committee, made up of the usual fuckwit know-alls, that she would like to see an extra bank holiday this October to help holiday companies to recoup some of the money they lost over Easter and the May bank holidays

Has this daft woman not realised that every day since March 23rd has been a bank holiday for the majority of people (I agree there should be some reward for essential workers – from supermarket workers, bus drivers and refuse collectors as well as the usual suspects in the NHS) but who the fuck would want to spend a day camping in the wet shortening days of October to make up for the beauty and promise of spring.

Pull yourself together you Guardian reading arsewipe.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

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  1. I agree with the idea of a Bank Holiday in October but just to break up the long run between the August holiday and Christmas. I believe the UK has the fewest public holidays in Europe at 8, some countries have 15.

    • Our Indian offshoring colleagues seem to be on some sort of national holiday every other week!

      St George’s Day? Current Monarchs birthday? Fish and Chip day? Why’s it just ‘Bank’ holiday. Fucking boring nation we are.

      • October 21st. Trafalgar Day. Piss of the Frogs and the Dagos at the same time!

  2. I think Patricia Yates is a cunt solely on her looks
    You’d need a holiday after meeting that.

    • Yes, why is it that so many of these middle-aged women who run these organisations and quangos joined the wrong queue when God was giving out good looks. Their politics are almost always even worse than their appearances.

      Their cunts should be filled with cement and then they should be shown Terry’s oven.

  3. How about a British Empire Day like in the old days? Nah, let’s settle for a gay and trannie day.
    Much more appropriate.

    • How long before calls ring out for it to be made “take a knee” day in memory of Georgie boy? He seems to outrank the pôôfs & trannïes at the minute in the SJW rankings.

  4. To me this idea demonstrates much of what is wrong within the U.K.. We find people in senior positions within their fields pushing an agenda which is detrimental to the economy as a whole for narrow purposes. No one appears to have a sensible strategic vision for the nation but even if some gifted person did ,they would not be listened to. No, we have HS2, over budget defence projects etc occurring repeatedly . On completion, the assessment is that money could have been used for more productively elsewhere and the reports invariably with the phrase ‘lessons have been learned and new procedures will prevent this happening again’.
    BTW an excellent example of of tail wagging dog was the U turn inspired by that Rashford chap. What is his background in politics, economics , nutrition and child development? Fuck all but he is allowed to direct how Tax payers’ money is spent . The next thing will be seances to allow George Floyd to decide health care options.

    • My wife worked with the poor. ie those on benefits and low pay. She cant envisage how it’s possible not to be able to feed their kids unless the money was going elsewhere.
      Tax payers money to take the piss.

      • Kids on school meals at the taxpayers’ expense, their parents spending their benefits on fags, drugs and booze. No wonder they can’t afford to feed their offspring.

        I’m sure the Premier League could fund free school meals over the summer. Players don’t need 2 shirts per match and they certainly shouldn’t be spending money sticking ‘Black Lives Matter’ on the backs of shirts.

    • IDS on the TV just now made a good point, the free school meal system works well in schools because it’s monitored, if you are just giving out vouchers there is no guarantee that the vouchers will be used for children, he said that the local authority approach would have been better.

      Fucking shit bag Creasy is on as well, fucking wanker!

  5. No-one’s ever going to be able to go on holiday again so I really have no clue what she’s wittering on about.

    China – you know, the China that only had ‘3,000’ CoroNOvirus deaths – has just locked Beijing down under a ‘second wave’. Lockdowns will spread globally far more efficaciously than any pathogen, mark my words.

    • I doubt the first wave went away.
      Fear not Patty, you’ll be getting more holidays very soon, no furlough pay mind, the pot’s empty for hoi polloi.

      • according to some cuntish report in the daily mail a few weeks ago they were debating if the first wave hit before lockdown. Unsure what sort of Trumpian science / maths was used to make that shit up.
        Looking forward to a Xmas covid. Queuing in the pissing down, horizontal rain, shops all out of xmas tat come oktober.
        Oh i wish it could be covid everydayayayay_

  6. I reckon this year’s yuletide is going to be the breaking point for the GBP. Just imagine hordes of Karens having to ‘wait patiently’ in the biohazard-tape cordoned off queue to get into the supermarket to buy the four trollies of stuff they absolutely need for Chrimbo. And that’s before it dawns on them that Great Granny Glenda can’t come round for Christmas Dinner and has to spend it at home alone.

  7. National Pub Day followed by national hangover day..let’s help or struggling pubs which sit within our communities rather than cunting travel companies.

  8. I don’t know about this ‘un.

    We don’t get enough bank holidays compared to most other countries. I’d recommend St. George’s Day (yes, yes, he wasn’t really English etc) but that would probably be wayciss?

    Don’t worry, with all this bowing and scraping towards all this black privilege, we’ll soon have bank holidays for;

    Dr. Marcus Rashford Day (PhD Economics)

    St. Lenny Henry Day

    Throw the Honky Statues in the River Day.

    Grenfell Memorial Day

    BLM Day

    Rozzers Kneel to the Dark Key Day.

    Punch a Honky Day

    Trash the Cenotaph Day

  9. I’ve heard this mentioned a few times unofficially. Like you say why the fuck have a Monday off in October? Roll the fucker to next year and let’s have a bank holiday Monday and Tuesday in May.
    BLM is still a cunt, just because it is

  10. Patricia Yates – I thought she was the actress who played opposite Leonard Rossiter in Reginald Perrin?

    • I think that was Frances de la Tour was pretty hot in my want to shag a woman 20 years older than me fantasy.
      Before any of you cunts ask me , at 68 I no longer have that particular fantasy.

    • Sorry to be a pedantic cunt Paul, but that was Pauline Yates in Reggie Perrin. Anyway the last thing this fucking country needs now is another bank holiday. The government should be bending over backwards to make sure every fucking cunt and his dog get back to work to at least attempt to get the economy back on it’s feet. And fuck the school holidays, the little bastards and the work shy lefty cunt teachers should be trying to make up for the lost education or whatever is they do at school these days.

    • I didn’t get where I am today without knowing that actress was Pauline Yates RIP. Signed.CJ

  11. Some new and additional bank holidays are long long overdue.
    Battle of Britain day.
    El Alamein day.
    Churchill day.
    Montgomery day.
    VE day.
    VJ day.
    Spitfire day.
    Trafalgar day.
    Nelson day.
    Duke of Wellington day.
    I could go on but these are a few that need slapping on our calendar right away.
    The soppy Londonistan cunts.

    • If its left up to the wokeflakes, we’ll end up with ‘George Floyd Day’.

    • The Yanks celebrate their armed forces with a holiday, why don’t we??? I think it would be great if they marched so I could go and watch them and show them my appreciation for what they do for us. Would probably be deemed ‘waycist’ by some Student Grant wankers.

    • Agreed! from the folks who went from the 1000 bomber raid to taking the knee!
      FFS! What the hell happened.

    • You could use the money the EU are cadging out you for a fireworks spectacular over continental cities.

  12. Looks like the sort of GILF…ahem, a friend of mine lusts after on hqmaturetube…ahem. What a cunt though, figuratively and physically, probably.

  13. These cunts are clueless, they are desperate to make money I get it, an extra bank holiday will make as much difference to them as a single drop of water makes in a drought.

  14. Marcus Rashford Day. I keep hearing on the radio that he changed government policy to help the poor starving little children. So no balls Boris caves in again and doesn’t even get the credit. Weak as fuck.

  15. ‘As well as the usual suspects in the NHS’.

    I like seeing myself as a ‘Usual Suspect’!!

  16. Won’t make any difference whether it’s a Bank Holiday or not before much longer…most people won’t have a job and those that do’ll be paying so much tax that they’ll be too skint to do much celebrating anyhow.

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