Khairi Saadallah

A White Lives Matter cunting please for the bastard who claims to be from Libia, but had designs on going to Syria (known to the authorities) who ran amok in a Reading Park on June 20th stabbing 3 men to death and seriously injuring others.

The authorities admit to it being a terrorist attack, a pity they didn’t shoot him to save the expense of a trail and the enormous amount of money his ineviatble appeals cost and his lengthy stay in prison.

But – where is bleeding heart Kweer Charmer, the whinging wimmin of both genders in his party, or the countless Labour and Conservative MPs who bent the knee for the shady little perp in America George Floyd – come to that where are all the students with too much time on their hands, the Cuntbook Virtue Signallers, the Wireless 4 middle class handwringers, the PM, Today and World At One “agenda setters”. Not a word of condemnation. Of course all the victims were white, male and middle-aged.

This is Britain in 2020 – not nice is it?

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

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  1. If BLM aren’t to be held responsible for the carpet salesman murders 2 hours after their rally why are all white people responsible for slavery 200 years after THEY ended it?
    Doublespeak wibble wibble.

  2. Britain is like a giant vacuum cleaner hoovering up the World’s filth who hate us and want to destroy everything we have achieved.

  3. “ The brother of the Libyan refugee who stabbed three people to death in Reading on Saturday night said the terrorist was merely “defending himself” against “racist countries” like the UK.
    25-year-old Khairi Saadallah was arrested after launching a vicious attack on a group of people in a park at around 7pm, killing three and injuring three others as he stabbed them in the neck.
    Authorities quickly concluded that the incident was a terrorist attack and later carried out a raid and a controlled explosion at the suspect’s home.
    However, the terrorist’s brother responded to the news story on Facebook by claiming that his sibling was a victim of “racism” and that he was merely “defending himself” by stabbing three people to death.
    “This is not true. Khairi defended himself … racist countries. Freedom for my brother Before !!” claimed Mo Saadallah.
    “We are not terroris (sic) and fuck England,” he later posted.”

    Source: Paul Joseph Watson – infowars

    • Reported in some of the latest press releases, these were 3 professional guys enjoying a peaceful evening. The assailants family are also claiming mental issues. No surprise there and no excuse for killing 3 random innocent human beings.
      They were all apparently members of the LGBT community, so maybe there’s another agenda here, but this will never be investigated!
      In any case, this tw@t that we offered asylum to, together with all his family members, should be deported back to have a better life in the country he turned his back on.

      • If Unkle Terry’s oven is up to there with the backlog then a quick boat trip out to the Goodwin Sands and let our fabled Channel tides sweep the shit out into the wild blue North Atlantic… and don’t send us a fucking postcard.

  4. Ch4 ‘news’ anchor said of the dead teacher…

    “…who was killed for no reason at all.”

    Dissimulating horse faced bitch, of course there was a fucking reason, the same reason that connects ALL THREE MURDERS… they were white… that was the one and the ONLY reason.

  5. All of the victims of the carpet rider were all mincers so it’s not exactly a huge loss now unless there are Alphabet+ cunt protests aided willfully by the rozzers where they all mince around like they’re at gay pride the cunts!

    • I’d love to hear what the progressive liberals have to say about all this bigotry and intolerance. They’ll be in a mahoosive tailspin right now seeing as they can’t criticise for fear of causing offence to other ‘peacefuls’.
      It gladdens my heart.
      One day the worm will properly turn and we will finally be rid of this smug,sanctimonious illness.

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