Yes, I’d like to cunt a single letter, possibly for the first time that a single letter has been cunted on IsAC.
Yeh, yeh, yeh, we’ve all grasped what it means, as MSM has been continually ramming home the message, particularly in the evening on the Coronavirus updates.
It is the rate of the spread of the virus – 1 meaning that every carrier is spreading it to one other person, 2 meaning that each carrier is spreading to two others etc.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s a pretty easy concept to grasp.
What is pathetic, however, is that not one question from useless journalists has asked “ We know that you say “R” is 0.9 but how are you actually measuring it on the ground?
I’ll bet there’s not one single ‘expert’ and certainly not a politician who could give a good answer to this. The only way you could do this is to actually be carrying out extensive testing and tracing at the time and this country is certainly not doing either. And yet this magical figure will be driving our future strategy in the future. What a fuckin’ debacle this whole thing has become.
Fuck you ‘R’

Nominated by Bertie Blunt Tory Cunt

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  1. There are about 5 or so different mathematical models that are used to work out ‘R’. Nobody can give you a definitive figure and so each time it is mentioned, you will hear that it’s an ‘estimate’. Hancock said “we don’t think it’s above 1.”
    In other words, it’s like the weather forecast – they’re all whistling in the wind.
    Fuck off R and take the virus with you.

    • this is no more than another tool to keep us in locked up forever – they are all fucking idiots – end the lockdown now – and then throw the lot of them in prison – fuck off cunts

  2. This was crowbarred into that appalling speech by Johnson last week along with the odd graph to appear scientific and prof-like yet it all looked like the Honey Monster covering a Maths class as a substitute cunt. Starmer the Farmer is going to munching Sugar Puffs for the next few years and it will be easy picking.

    • I thought it was a sound,
      As in “Aaargh! Hes got coronovirus!”
      What a load of shite.
      If it means rate, just say rate, anyone can do it!
      The bunch of R soles.

      • You have to peremptorily clap on Thursday for the rest of your life or be ostracised, gulagged, and branded ‘right-wing extremist’ with a hot iron.

      • Evening Mein Kapitan!

        I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, labelled, ostracised, gulagged, branded ‘right-wing extremist’ with a hot iron, or made to clap on Thursdays at 8pm!

        I am not a performing seal, I am a free man!

      • Evening L.L.

        Last I heard hospitals were empty and everyone’s dying of cancer and other serious shit instead, cos cunts are reluctant to keep hospital appointments or summat.

      • Aren’t those Nightingale hospitals empty? They should be converted into luxury, gated communities for the Dinghy invaders.

      • Good place for an R joke

        Old lady: give me a pound of pissoles

        Butcher: madam I think what you want starts with an “R”

        Old lady: well then give me a pound of arseholes!

  3. Top cunting BBTC,
    I am sick of the whole thing and this Governments total lack of leadership and clarity is a cunt.
    How the fuck can you infect 0.9 of a person…and how do they know this when they have like Bertie said no tracking and tracing and testing.
    What abaaaaaht the fact that they’ve only now said loss of taste and smell is a symptom when apparently some other country was warning abaaaaaht that ages ago?
    This is like a carry on film…but it’s not funny.
    Might as well have Cuntbyn and Flabbot dealing with it.
    Fuck this Government.

  4. Don’t watch the news. Not heard about this. Don’t care. More inadequate knobheads making things up to justify their pay/existence. Want to know when dentists will re-open, never mind parks.

      • No mate, but I have a crown that fell out after 25 years, 3 days after the fucking dentists shut and I’m terrified that the temporary crown, covering 2 adjacent teeth, will come out as well, that will leave me with exposed nerves. But Boris has got his priorities and hairdressers will re-open early July. Why? What use has that cunt got for a hairdresser, it’s clear he doesn’t even know what a fucking comb is.

    • Morning Moggie.

      If you lot are doing this in stages like we are, then you can’t be far off from reopening most things. We’re at level 2 and everything is open again, just with restrictions on the number of customers allowed in bars/shops at any one time. TBH, it makes for a much more relaxed experience without endless hordes of people.

      • Hi kiwi. The nearest buses to me at the moment are well over a km walk so I’m basically restricted to my immediate area, and have no idea what’s going on although our local supermarket was really quiet this morning. Personally, I would re-open everything, and just live, or die, with consequences. This shit isn’t going to go away just because some people stay at home and the quicker we get it drone with, the better. I see far more deaths from the massive recession which will follow this debacle. Only the poor, of course, the rich are like fucking cockroaches, the cunts would survive global annihilation.

      • @ Captain I see the problem. I had 2 teeth drilled down, prepared and a temporary crown fitted to 2 teeth in early March. I was due to have the proper ones fitted 3 days after dentists shut down. To add insult, injury and a shitload of stress to my situation, a few days later a crown, that I’d had for 25 years or so, came off.

      • I agree completely. We’re in for the same bumpy ride as the full economic fallout becomes apparent, even if Aunty Jacinda handled the lockdown part very well (in my opinion). Its easy to stop the presses though, but much, much harder to crank them up again, so time will tell.

      • It seems you had a crown then it fell out then a temporary one was fitted. Presumably the temp was fitted after the Chow Mein lockdown?

      • @ Captain. Ffs read the thread, my replies to you are all over the fucking place, bastard rum!

  5. R u a cunt?
    “How dare you! I’m a highly respected scientist/politician/journalist!”
    The answer is always yes.
    Now fuck off to Chy-na.

  6. I never knew I lived in a country with so many fucking experts. All of whom would fail to predict a shit following a curry. Soft cunts.

  7. I rented a flat to Japanese girl (yes I would have tongued her bumhole) a while ago and she text me abaaaaaht the lent…I then realised she meant rent.
    Apparently they cannot pronounce R’s easily…could this be related to the R rate.
    I think I’ll forward the question in to tomorrow’s briefing.

  8. The three Rs. Reading,writing and arithmetic!!! That’s only one R. Fuck knows what this R is. Bet no one else does either.

    • That should be a Sesame Street episode.

      “Sesame Street was brought to you today with the letter ‘R’ and special guest Smug Cunt.”

  9. No one has a fuckin clue what the R level is. Just a made up statistic to try and make us cunts think they know what they’re doing.

    • It’s like the “2m distance”. No fucking scientific basis, but it makes the plebs feel like they are doing something to help.

      • 10,000 steps a day, maximum 14 units of alcohol a week, all figures pulled out of somebody’s arse. Fuck me, 14 units a week? I’ve had that in the last couple of hours or so, quadruple rum and lemonade, about a 50/50 mix. I may not drink too often but I’m going to do it to the best of my ability.

  10. All I know is, the countries with top 6 farm byers are the US, UK, Italy, France, Spain and Brazil.

    And funnily enough, all have comfortable 5 digit bucket-kicking totals, whereas the #6 downwards are all modest 4 digit totals, including miracle Merkel’s kinden, and Ji-“pangolin for breakfast”-ping’s own pathogen purveyors.

    By nature of poor health, poor hygiene, poor living standards, overcrowding etc – as the wildfire rapid spread amongst the NYC ‘ghetto’ communities supposedly attests – the minute this ‘virulent disease’ touches down in a ‘shithole country’, they’ll all have it within half an hour.

    And yet that hasn’t, and isn’t happening. Yes yes yes variations in speed of response, rate of testing, prevention of spread strategies etc. But no, not to that degree.

    So someone’s fucking lying.

    Let’s see what the ‘big 6’ stand to lose, in contrast to the rest of the globe who generally have nothing to offer.

    USA = Trump got voted in, which was the ‘incorrect result’. Russia failed to get him out, impeachment failed, prostitutes and golden showers failed.

    UK = Brexit, which was the ‘incorrect result’. Momentum, the Jew haters and an historic Tory victory failed to overturn it.

    France, Italy and Spain… 3 out of the 5 ‘big EU countries’ along with us and Merkel’s Shangri-La. Hmm, where is populism and anti-EU sentiment on the rise? And which one of those ‘big 5′ puts us to shame with how they have it all under control?

    Brazil = China’s a-knockin’, but as yet they ain’t selling.

    Bill Gates can shove all 7 billion units of his vaccine up his fundament, Fauci and the two-timing British one can use their data in printed form for the only purpose it would suit, and Pelosi can take out her false teeth and shove her printed stimulus package down her throat until she shit-showers value-less monetary relief onto her beloved illegal and welfare voters directly.

    Enough is enough.

  11. I’ve worked it aaaaht…The R rate is the amount of R’ soles that each cunt has been tonguing…you dirty bastard’s.
    Go fuck yourselves.

  12. I wonder what figure the” Double R” rate (Recession and Redundancies) has to reach before the politicians and Eggheads admit that their waffle and guesswork has done more long-term harm to the Country than the virus itself?

    Fuck them.

    • Considering the hundreds of thousands of cunts that have died on our roads and in the air over the decades, it’s surprising the powers that be haven’t placed all motor vehicles and planes on lockdown until they can guarantee no more lives will be lost this needless fashion.

      Questioned in regard to this anomaly, a government spokesman said: “lessons have been learned”.

      • “R”? – Just anotheR in a long line of bullshit stoRies/fantasies to coveR up the fact that the GoveRnment do not have the faintest clue what they aRe doing and not the faintest clue how to get us out of this nightmaRe.
        BoRis the tRaitor (AKA “The sleepy Randy womble”) is doing what Politicians have done since the dawn of time – keep the silly little pRoletariat placated and simultaneously confused and slightly afRaid by using nonsense and meaningless buzzwoRds and phRases to confuse and fool people into thinking this showeR of utteR shit know what they aRe doing. Which they don’t – a fucking dead Man could do betteR.
        Fuck this, re-open eveRything and we will take ouR chances and let this shit Run its couRse.
        ARe you an utteR cunt Boris? Of course you R.
        Very good nom Bertie – I am glad that contRibutoRs on this site have the intelligence and life experience to see this utter shitfest foR what it is – lies, bullshit and utteR state sponsoRed negligence.
        On other news I have bought some snap on tools, and need a swift bRandy to get oveR the pRice of the fuckeRs! 😱😁

      • I’m upset Vern. You didn’t put a capital R in BeRtie!

  13. Absolute shambolic fuck up by all concerned. It is apparent that the “pandemic” deaths will be not much more than a bad flu year, which comes around every now and then. So well done all concerned, and especially those who listened to that superannuated twat, Niall Ferguson. He couldn’t predict a fuck up in a brothel. On related news, I was told that the mudslimes in a local primary school are refusing to sanitise their hands as the sanitiser contains alcohol. Stupid fuckers.

  14. They don’t have a clue how many people have been infected, the latest I saw was a study saying over 19 million people may of had Covid-19 in the UK already.

    The vast majority of Covid deaths have been people around or past the average expected lifespan.

    The same patterns are being repeated around the world.

    Covid isn’t the last pandemic we will see, they can’t destroy the economy again so the next one will be fatal to the west if we have the same shit show response.

    Seems the first report to the WHO that Covid-19 was human to human infection was from Taiwan on December 31st. The Chinese probably 14 days prior but allowed 500,0000 to leave Wuhan and head around the world.

    The Chinese, the WHO, the government all rattle on about the R rate but the bullshit meter is off the scale.

    If the people of this planet needed an insight into the total cunts ruling over us, this is it.

    Welcome to the world of rolling lockdown and eternal austerity thanks to a relative of the common cold.

  15. I know at least one company that is royally taking the piss out of the furlough scheme – keeping their workers working normally and topping up their wages by 20%. I suspect there are many, many more getting rich by pissing up the back of the taxpayers.

    The ordinary man will be hit by larger tax bills whilst the playboys of the world will be counting their extra income. As ever it was.


    • As ever it will be PM – and the maddening thing is we, the people – can do nothing.

    • Outstanding thet one PM! But my first response would have been “but wimminz are equal, and can do anything a Man can, and lots better according to some misandric sows – so get the fuck on with it”.
      And why is she engaging in such discrimination and stereotyping just assuming that any practical jobs have to be done by Men?
      Equality – great when it suits.

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