Omid Scobie


Please put that fairy cake down and raise a glass of soya milk to toast young Mr. Scobie, who looks a right jessie, who has been “responsible” – I use the word losely, you understand – for all the crap we have been reading about Mrs. Hewitt in recent times:

What is it about royal-by-marriage commoners that they feel they have to reveal all to nancy boys?. Diana did it with Andrew Morton and Paul Burrell, the florist, formerly her rock. Now the Markle tart has done it with this mincing heap of shit. Look at the wanker – he looks about 15, and should have been out playing with Gary Glitter rather than worrying his little head about affairs of state.

Coronavirus and a spoilt over-priviledged half-caste tart feeling sorry for herself 0 and they wonder why newspaper sales are down. Fuck off Scobie duckie/

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

46 thoughts on “Omid Scobie

  1. WCB, I’m gonna puke…”Love bring me my “Benny” hat…
    In some vein attempt at being deep and meaningful he tweeted this:-

    “When a dog barks at the moon, no one pays attention. But if the moon barks back, the dog becomes famous. Always be the moon.” What the fuck are you on about?

    Then his cunt followers start replying “shine on all of us….” Get fucked!

    Like so many philosophical paradoxes, this type of shit would be better left to die out…..CUNT!

    • I bet he and his bum chums stick small rodents up their jacksies. In fact, his name is an anagram of ‘Bois do Mice’. That confirms it.

    • You inspired me to look for other examples of his wisdom Daz.

      “ #BecomingNetflix was just the hit of inspiration and upliftment that I needed tonight (and which we all need right now). @MichelleObama is an international treasure. And all that diversity from start to end. YES💥”

      Gayness personified.

      • Has he attended one of Michael Barrymore’s pool parties? His anus probably resembles Stuart Lubbock’s in diameter and depth.

    • “Breathe on us, breath of Dog” or something along those lines.
      Utter cockwomble. His name must be an analgram of summat.

      Off piste, but I think there’s an ad agency person with a naughty sense of humour. A tv ad, as yet unknown to me, for some moisturiser (involving much viral hand-washing…) used Strauss’ Die Fledermaus (The Bat) overture…
      Thought I was going back to work today, but I am now temporarily deaf in right ear. It’s a very odd sensation, especially as I spent quite a bit of last month’s dosh on Beethoven CDs. At least I don’t eat 10 (yes, ten) eggs a day, washed down with loads of coffee and rough Viennese red wine (his description, in a supper invite to a mate)…

  2. Before anything else she’s an actress (specialist role, poor downtrodden victim of racial discrimination while living the life of a billionaire) and they’re all fag hags.

  3. He looks like a Turkish cunt.
    He should stop scribing about Markle’s constant holiday and fuck off back to his job in a shitty Kebab shop selling dog meat to pissheads.

  4. The person in the picture looks like he is about to cry. Bless him.

    “Scobie dobie doo, where are you?”. “Zoinks!” “Jinkies!”

  5. “Please put that fairy cake down and raise a glass of soya milk to toast young Mr. Scobie, who looks a right jessie”…..I can’t embelish on that and I’ll thank you, Boggsy, for the belly laugh. 😂😂😂

    • Without doubt one of THE great opening lines to a cunting! Great job, Boggsy old son!

  6. Looks like an arse-derricking camel jockey with far too much product in his hair.

    Apparently he hass been dubbed “Miss Sparkle’s Mouthpiece”.

    More like “Miss Sparkle’s Ringpiece”. Fucking hell, I wouldn’t trust him to babysit young Archie; he looks a complete wrong ‘un – an Ian Watkins if you will.

    • He’d do better babysitting Harry while Sparkles mooches around Hollywood with other vacuous turds.

      Morning Paul.

      • Morning Cap’n. I say you’re right; Harry probably doesn’t know how to wipe his own chuff – too accustomed to having royal courtiers on hand for winking walnut wiping duties.

    • Looks like he has had some baby making batter in his hair, like Cameron Diaz in something about Mary, who knows it could even be Harry’s jizz,

    • What he crying for?
      Pull yourself together omo, making a show of yourself, give you something to cry about in a minute you talcum Nancy!

  7. This little ponce introduces himself as “Royal Editor” of Harper’s Bazaar US on his Twitter account. His latest tweet begins as follows: “Excited to announce that #FindingFreedom, a biography written by myself and @CarolynDurand” [sic].

    How on earth is he a journalist, never mind an editor, when his grammar is so shitty? For a start, when naming oneself with another person, the correct order is to put the other person first. Then this fucking girl’s blouse incorrectly uses the reflexive pronoun ‘myself’. He should have written “…a biography written by @CarolynDurand and me“.

    This little cunt looks like he uses lots of moisturiser and styles his barnet by being the recipient of a massive bukkake session. Cunt!

  8. Yep, he’s a ‘recipient’ in the chutney ferret glee club alright. One time jizz lobber boyfwiend of Markus Anderson a Soho House affiliate and general no mark according to various tweets and blogs.
    He’s generally portrayed as a brown nosed faux royal boot licker desperate for attention in these vacuous sleb adoring times.

    But all is not well in the Sussex camp (geddit?)

    A pox on this grovelling pile of shite and his ‘society’ bum chum.
    Brown nose, brown hat.
    Hello, good moaning and bollocks.

  9. With all the crap that’s going on around the world I will be surprised if anyone will give a shit about poor little Meg, other than to give people a good laugh.
    Omid Scobie, British-Iranian, therefore Iranian, maybe he will visit relatives in the Middle East shit hole and end up sharing a cell with Naz Radcliffe.


    • Harry wouldn’t mind this fella’s company too much , it’s not like there’s any chance of him sniffing around his missus. I’ll bet he tongues the arseholes that B&W won’t touch..

      • I wouldn’t trust him with one of my animals never mind the missus. If you’re prepared to stick your cock up the rectum of a bloke you’ve just met in a public toilet then no orifice is safe. I am training Muttley to defend himself against unwanted shirt lifter activity by producing sausages from my pants.

  10. Oh, moderated..apologies for any discretion, seemed harmless enough to me at the time.

  11. What an epic looking cunt. You can tell a man who bends by the duckiness of his friends.

  12. Kick the mithering cunt in the bollox and burn his flat down.
    See what he writes then.

  13. “Hello Megain, how have you been coping with the awful waycism”?
    “It’s just awful Omid – by the way, what’s my fee for this interview”?
    “Er, see the Man in charge”.
    “That will be me then. So, like – it’s sooo bad being me, have you any idea how tiring it is flying round the world on private jets provided by fat Reg to lecture the working classes on the damage caused by air travel, then wearing half a Million quids worth of clothes and jewelry to get some photos with poor ethnics – and those n*ggers stink – you would think they would hose them down or something before being treated to my deity like presence, sob”!
    “And those despicable allegations you treat people like sh*t, are utterly hated by the rest of the Royal family and order little Hewitt around like a whipped dog”?.
    “That’s so not true, you waycist – and if you look under the table you can ask Harry yourself – HEY! C*NT, GET OUT FROM YOUR BASKET – AND WATCH WHAT YOU F*CKING SAY”!
    “Thanks for opening your heart in this ground breaking BAME interview Megain”.
    “I like to bring a little sunshine to the lives of those less rich and spoilt than me”.
    Prepare the oven Unkle Terry!

  14. He looks like the sort of boy any wealthy A-rab would love to bum to a standstill. Now he’s in Malibu Hewitt needs to get used to these sorts hanging around the house, amusing his sleb old woman. I bet they have all sorts of poofs and trannies coming and going all day.

  15. What a vile, sycophantic little goat felcher.

    I fucking hope he cries when the biography flops and she fucks him off out of it.

    Toadying little cunt.

  16. Just came across this (this is not a double entendre). Some soy boy ‘influencer’ who seems to be starstruck by the nominated cunt. Need to to smoke a fag to calm my nerves. Blood currently at 90 deg C (or 194 deg F for your good selves).

  17. This fucker looks like a jizz gargling ponce with carefully manicure eyebroughs, who cares what the sausage jockey says about these people we no longer give a flying fuck about, cunts one and all….fuck em

  18. I’ll bet she makes the little arse licking chutney ferret call her ‘Princess Meghan’ or ‘Your highness’.

  19. I’ve nether heard of the cunt, but he looks like he was grown in a vat, posts selfies to Insta-gurn and gets pedicures.

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