Can I request a colossal waste-of-bandwidth cunting for PIDCAST?

Yes cunters, fresh from having managed to fuck up a parliamentary majority of 9000 in North West Durham, a Labour seat since Pontius was in flying school, instead of getting a proper job Piddlecock has resurfaced as the National Secretary of The Peoples Assembly – ‘who they’ you ask? Well, I’ll tell you: a collection of cunts who think that fucking austerity off and pissing money away on the indolent scrotes who won’t graft but do want beer and money is a good idea. As I say, cunts.

Anyway on with the cunting. The lovely horse-faced Laura has weaseled her way in to a tidy little number and her first effort is to start up ‘Pidcast’ and interview our old favourite: Magic Grandpa! Ta da!
It fucking astounds me how these cunts just cannot get the message – still giving the scruffy old cunt a voice instead of leaving him in the toilet of failure that he so expertly flushed himself down. Obviously her gusset will be damp from the excitement of whispering her fawning slaver to her messiah & no doubt she’ll be thinking how good his wrinkled old cock would have felt up her gary glitter had the Red Flag flown over No10, but for the rest of us it’s a fucking drain on the dwindling bandwidth available, now that all the 5G masts are burnt down.

La Piddlecock is, amd always will be a cunt …and so is her Pidcast.

Nominated by The Stained Gusset

40 thoughts on “Pidcast

  1. I’m not being cheeky to another cunter, but I really wish you’d just use ‘and’ and not the ampersand character as when it’s parsed you get this ‘&’

    Just makes the whole thing very difficult to read.

    But you are correct, Pidcock is a cunt, I live less than 30 seconds walk from her ex constituent office – the only good thing about that being one of her minions had the biggest breasts I have ever seen on a female, they commanded awe…

    Right, I think a Jodrell Bank is in order…

    • It’s a problem with the website when you do a nom. Boils my piss as well and I will note your advice next time I make the mistake of writing Latin rather than the Queen’s. What have the Romans ever done for us?!

      • Introduced f*cking snails to the UK! (The Romans didn’t like Scotland, apparently the locals were in the habit of eating them!).

      • Thanks for the explanation & so I reread the nom & substituted & for amp; in the txt & it made much more & useful sense

    • Yeah, apologies & all that for the fucking annoyance. I’ve learned me lesson & won’t do it again…

    • Laura Pidcock is a right daft little cunt. Amp.
      Shes been nom’d before,
      Dreaming cunt, missed her chance, all these islington socialist types did! Amp.
      Might of made it before Brexit, they had a fighting chance, red flag flying etc
      But if you think people are self centred now watch how mean people can get in a economic depression.
      They wont put up with that bullshit when the cupboards are bare, theyll take the shirt off your back.

  2. People’s Assembly? From the same stable that brought you the “People’s Vote.”
    A bunch of middle class, libtard fucking wannabe Fidel Castros, vegans, tree huggers and remoaner shitbags who turn up for every march and demo that takes place anywhere.
    You lost Piddlecock, you always lose. Get the message…….nobody wants you and your champagne socialism you bunch of hopeless cunts.

  3. Is the full episode where she gets her kit for the lads, why aye man, the tits have got to better than the face of Arkle
    These fucking socialist never die they just get more annoying, the People’s Assembly against Austerity indeed, if it wasn’t for ISAC I would have never heard of them 😂

    What a cunt!

  4. What a giant cunt Piddlecock is indeed.

    “Are you the Assembly of People against Austerity?”

    “Fuck off, we are the People’s Assembly against Austerity”

    Despite being a fucking commie, she is passable without her trademark Ollie the Owl glasses. Her podcast would get more hits on Xhamster if she got naked, oiled her tits and munched on her own nipples whilst working a 24″ dildo in and out of her shitter.

    • You’ve just given RTC the horn. Just before tea – time too, it’ll play havoc with his digestion.
      I think you do it on purpose, you know he’s sensitive.

  5. I’m starting the assembly of people against austerity, the people being me!

    Fucking socialism, it’s a crime against humanity. The people at the top of the socialism tree know welfare creates voters bonded to the red flag. Cunts like Piddock perpetuate the lie that socialism lifts people out of poverty.

    Silly cow doesn’t realise that many service industry jobs ain’t coming back anytime soon so the unemployment figures are going to be high, where’s the money coming from? Left to cunts like her and Corbyn we will be buying out state baked bread with million pound notes, well maybe not using cash money because the cunts are using corona to kill cash.

  6. Some people will do anything to avoid getting a proper job.
    How long will it be before this organisation splinters into different factions, Life of Brian style ? I wonder how many members this People’s Assembly has ? They could probably carry out social distancing in a phone box.
    I bet there’s a Nigel amongst them, looking for his first shag ( he’s only 32 ).
    Power to the people !!!!!!
    Get To Fuck.

  7. I looked this woman up and was amazed to learn that she managed, as a sitting MP,to lose her seat which had never been anything but Labour. Whilst Corbyn must take some of the ‘credit’ for this it does prove that she is a total fuckwit.

    • Yeah, it’s quite astonishing that the dozy tart managed to lose a seat like that. She’d only held it for 2 years so she managed to piss people off in double quick time. What a loser. No wonder she loves Steptoe so much.

      • I am not often in agreement with Margaret Thatcher but remember something she said which has always stuck – “The trouble with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money to spend”. Couldn’t have put it better myself.
        And Thatcher would have eviscerated the c*nts in the EU.

  8. I also like how these morons preface the title of their collection of nitwits with ‘The People’s ‘ when they represent the views of a very few. Perhaps they should rename it ‘The Tiny Minority’s ‘.

  9. Stupid cunts like the Pidcock whore ought to be treated just like any other unqualified out of work juvenille is – put on JSA and made to report several times a week for jobsearch until she finds a job as a checkout girl in Asda.

  10. The welfare state has turned us all into weak cunts who are fucked by China up the arse from trade to virus. It’s all going to get a lot worse. Were fucked and “austerity” is the last of our problems.

  11. Didn’t take Piggy Pidcock long to get her greedy vulgar little snout back in the trough did it?
    As MNC has correctly said in the past – never enough slop in the trough for these lot.
    Rewarded for treachery, delusion, hypocrisy and failure – I sense a job offer from the EU! 👍😀💩
    The sooner I am President of the World the better. (I nominate Unkle Terry as Home Secretary and Minister for cookery!).
    (And Pidcock is in the frame for assisting Saint Doreen in the unlawful burial of Laughing Gravy the goldfish – I sense a Parliamentary cover up!)

  12. The gall and sheer fucking brass neck of some cunts is staggering. You’d think that after the humiliation of the fisting she took in December she’d want to quietly disappear up her own shit-pipe and have done with it.

    How can she possibly believe that anyone gives a ha’penny wank what she fucking thinks about anything.

  13. The stupid ugly fucking cunt can stick her Pisscast up her fucking arse. The People’s Assembly Against Austerity, what a load of fucking wank. If this thick twat thinks that things are so bad now wait until this bat flu bollocks is over and the government has to drastically raise taxes to pay for it’s incompetent handling of the “crisis”, and that’s just for the cunts who’ll be lucky enough to still have a job. Makes me laugh people keep saying the government should be spending more on this and that – where do they think the money is going to come from, the fucking braindead dumbfucks.

    • The “Money” is likely to be borrowed by our globalist capitalist politicians from their friends in The Chinese government. Utter CUNTS!

  14. Anything which starts with the words ‘The People’s’ is going to be nothing but pure, unadulterated cunt.
    ‘The People’s Republic of China’.
    Nuff said.

  15. Some people have very short memories.

    I seem to remember the last time Labour got their paws on the levers of power, they spunked all the nation’s wealth on stupid gimmicks to buy more votes. Including importing millions of useless mouths that refuse to integrate or work.

    Anyone else remember the note left to the incoming Tory chancellor by his Labour predecessor?

    “There is no money”. Fucking hilarious, I’m sure you will agree.

    So, the first job of the People popular front against austerity should be to hang every Labour polititian to ensure we never have to endure austerity again.

    The thick cunts.

  16. Admin, you’ve done it again. Used a picture that looks like a video. I click on it. It’s a picture.

  17. Pidcock joins an ever growing list of particularly loud mouthed irritating gobshite Labour wimminz

    Jess Philips

    Lisa Nandy

    Angela rayner

    Wrong daily

    Dawn Buttler

    All utterly useless as they are clueless
    Relying on that favoured LEFTWAFFE debating technique of talking right over the other person…..

    After labours extinction level event at the GE you would have thought it was a time for reflection? Look at what went wrong? Well think again 😂

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