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If no one else has, can we get a quick Monday morning Cunting for the BBC, who seem to have decided that `we’re all DOOMED’ now we have actually left the EU. They have absolute proof of this, because of all the floppy cunts they have bussed in from left-wing media circles to review the Papers have agreed with them. It beggars belief.

As a nation we have never been that good at blowing our trumpet, and we’ve given much away for free that would have only boosted our world rankings in all areas even further, but this remain centric, self-flagellation is truly eye-wateringly awful. These cunts will do a Peston and piss their miserable, self-fulfilling prophetic piss straight into the heart of our newly ignited fire.

This country is great, and these fuckwits should back it and use its leverage to promote their agenda in places where they really need a kick up the arse to take the next steps up the emotional and intellectual evolutionary ladder. You know all those places that think female genital mutilation is right because women should be fucked, but they shouldn’t fucking enjoy it, or where going to work in a mud-hut, slum factory at aged five, a thousand meters from the largest private residence on Earth, is the norm.

Get a fucking grip, you utter cunts. We live in utopia.

Nominated by GGRF

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  1. Even if we became the world’s leading economy, the BBC and the rest of the remainiac media would still declare Brexit as the worst thing to ever happen to the UK.

    In their eyes we’ll always be a failure, because we didn’t do what they told us to.

  2. If you think I’ve got nothing better to do on a Friday night than Cunt the BBC…then you’re absolutely right.

  3. The English speaking West, is the best. Fuck all the other shitty cunts, and our own home grown shitty cunts who want to fuck it all up.

    • Yes Smug correct. If it ain’t Anglo Saxon and native English speaking it ain’t worth jack.
      We have created the best system in the world to live in. If not true why do so many want to get to an English speaking country?
      BBC cunts.

  4. *Edited for naughty word.

    Being fair to the BBC at least there’s no fucking adverts.

    Dark Keys,The Gays, Hipsters,children,old Cunts,leaking old women….it’s like staring into the maw of Hell.

    Interestingly,the only ad that doesn’t seem to have a tarry-toot presence is the one for PG Tips…..shame, I used to like those ones where they dressed them up as removal-men and the like

    • What do you mean no fucking adverts. The BBC has loads of the cunting things. It regularly advertisers itself on tv on the radio everywhere Ive complained to the BBC about it loads of times and all they say is that its trails and they don’t consider that advertising well I think it is and they shouldn’t be wasting the tv tax money doing so the cunts

    • I agree, Agent Shagga —notwithstanding her small, squinty mouth. I was thinking this just last night, after her appearance on that programme that immediately follows QT . . . thinking to myself that. . . hmm . . . I’m strangely attracted to this patronising cunt. But, then again, I’d shag a barber’s floor and am, by all accounts, turning into a bit of a sad cunt in my middle age.

      Btw, Shagga, are u Scottish?

      • No I didn’t have the pleasure of being born part of gods chosen people, so have to settle for being English instead. Though I do live north of the wall.

      • Good stuff, ol’ beanbaggage. And thanks for deigning to respond. Not being a nosey bastard, but can I ask where you live here? You don’t have to answer or be specific. I won’t take offence if you don’t. 😉 And, were you in the forces??

      • You’re not a P.I. collecting child support are you!? Because if you are, I swear I don’t even know the women…whoever they may be.

    • If you are worried, I am joining you.

      I suspect the Kuntsberg would shag with the energy of a young filly during the Derby…given frequent application of the whip of course.

      No need to worry about her slanted mouth (or views) – use of the briddle will remove both issues, allowing only satisfied groans.

      A threesome with Katya Adler also seems appealing 😉

      • I must agree. Kuntsberger has gone from unshaggable to quite shaggable which is unusual in beebland as making yourself attractive to hetrosexual men is obviously frowned upon and must be discouraged at all times as it is anti trans, women and gay. And to be properly woke fancying attractive women is now banned i believe.

      • Oh yes Lord of the rings.. Priti Patel watching the said 3some squirting like a fire hydrant over the occupants of the lusty bed.

    • Yes.

      I recommend looking at a picture of her for about five minutes while repeatedly slapping your ballbag and cock with an out of date whole fish (any fish will do, but sustainable preferably, check out this list … no anchovies you won’t get the full curative effects), preferably until blood comes out the end of your peepee, or you pass out from the pain … shouldn’t take long, and then you will be cured.

      Caveat: Always seek the advice of a healthcare professional before undertaking a course of CBT with a dead fish.

  5. Very well said GGRF.

    The BBC are monumental cunts from the top down.

    I cannot think of a single programme on the BBC worth watching and their predictable attempts to run down the country, it’s people, standards and traditions at every single opportunity is plain for everyone to see.

    Their claims to have been totally impartial regarding Brexit are both laughable and downright insulting.

    If Boris has any balls he will do away with the licence fee. But don’t hold your breath.

    Grade A cunts.

    • Boris hasn’t got any convictions, he’s just a careerist who wants to build a bunch of shit with money the country doesn’t have before fucking off leaving us in the shit.

  6. The BBC sent a reporter to interview one of the deported 17 back in Jamaica, as if anyone gives a fuck, or feels pity for them. Fuck off.
    17 is a drop in the ocean.
    I’d say that there are 10,000 or 20,000 or 50,000 or more of : foreign criminals, terrorists and potential terrorists that have qualified for deportation.
    Jumbo Jets should be flying them out everyday for a year, tax players paying for the flights, but that is money well spent.
    Theresa M was talking about rehabilitation of terrorists, there is no such thing, you do not or cannot undo their brainwashing, the only rehabilitation of criminals and terrorists is deportation (preferably with a bit of casual tortue thrown in).
    The BBC, the Biased Bullshitting Cunts, “Here is What you should think today”, I consume as little as possible of the BBC as possible, or indeed none.

  7. Let’s try and get this past a filter….

    The BBC, cunts yes, but did enjoy their recent documentary about Peter Sutcliffe.

    ‘Ho’s under the hammer’….

    • I’m not sure there’s any scientific basis to this poll, so I’ve not ticked it.

    • I’d more than tick it i’d make the the noose for them , i’m good at making noose’s . I’ve not been on this site for very long but i reckon there is a few people from this site who i would choose for the hangman but judging by the comments i’d have to have Lord Benny as the hangman and Vernon Fox of disposing of the bodies. I reckon Miserable Northen Cunt could be the guy the eggs it all on . Maybe i’m wrong so it would be nice to hear you guys choice of hangman and body disposal.

      • I’d be good at either, in my own humble opinion, but it’d be a cunt of a commute for work. I’ll stay here and be the wife’s lapdog instead.
        Yes I’m a pussy-whipped under-the-thumb cunt.

  8. The same as the Rayan Crawford and the BBC nomination, don’t pay the licence fee. Vote with your wallet.

  9. Iv;e always said the BBC stands for either the Biased Broadcasting Company or the Black Broadcasting Company . I hate the BBC and like other cunters on here refuse to pay the licence , especially for the fact it’s left wing and there is nothing decent worth paying for. It’s not British anymore that’s a fact , all it’s bothered about is degrading British white people and sticking up for immigrants, blacks , muslim’s , gays, trans, and any other fuckers who ain’t English . I served my time for this country when it was still a country to be proud of , would i do it again if i was younger in this day and age ? , would i fuck. The thing is it’s not just the BBC it’s every other channel on normal TV , bbc 2 , itv , ch4 ,ch5 , they are all cunts if i’m honest and not worth a piss in the grass. The fact is they all give air time to people who basically just hate and slag this country off and call us prejudice and racist , despite what anyone thinks of him if you watch piers morgan on gmtv he actually sticks up for British values so he gets a thumbs up from me . The BBC however only want people who are gonna slag this country off and constantly bang on about how brexit is gonna bring this country to armageddon . There wankers the lot of them and there not even fit to shovel shit because all they do is like to stir the fucker , CUNTS

  10. I reckon the BBC could do well from advertising. First of all you’ve got the really dumb cunts who watch Eastbenders and Strictly Cunts Dancing. Then you’ve got the millennial SJW wankers who watch all the woke shit and the world is about to end bollocks.
    All of them gullible as fuck, thick as shit and ripe for the picking by any advertiser.

  11. Freddie, I gave up watching eastenders ages. I think last time I saw it, it had that Shane fella from daz washing powder adverts. Eastenders is so depressing. Neighbours used to be the antidote but that became depressing also.

    • You think that’s bad, watch the Hollyoaks adverts. It now has random explosions for extra ‘drama’.

      • I gave up ages ago on Neverbenders and Horrie St., but I’d fuck the arse of that blonde mechanic in Horrie.

        As for Merdedale, if they kill off Charidee, I shall have to buy a machete and go offering family planning advice to the local moskrats to kill time before supper.

  12. I watched some cunt on the 6 oclock news, one of their correspondents, talking economics and he said the automotive downturn was ‘Caused by Brexit’. Yes, like it was in Japan, USA, Europe and every fucking where else.

    • Yes, nothing to do with Governments saying they will ban internal combustion engines, but we all know they won’t be able to. Great for investment plans….

    • Exactly CC . The BBC think if they perpetually keep picking and hacking at public confidence we will eventually say oh fuck it let’s go back to the Eu.
      The sooner the license fee is abolished the better.

  13. I hear that the box ticking sidekicks in Doctor Who are to be killed off… This isn’t as good as it sounds… No doubt the ‘Beeb’ will want an even blacker, gayer, peaceful and more ‘diverse’ lot to replsce them… I expect a transbender, a midget, an IS bride, Stormzy,and the return of Bill The Black Lezza Wonder Horse…

    The BB of C (as Kenny Everett used to say) are complete and utter cunts!

    • What the fuck is Bradley Walsh doing wasting his time in that shit?
      He could act the rest of those “woke” cunts off the screen…

  14. Apparently the BBC brings the nation together, without the BBC we would be divided.

    I really hope I live long enough to see this blight on the nation taken down.

  15. The impartial BBC insists on impartially preaching to us on almost every programme they air whether drama news soaps or sport.
    They must wonder how we could possibly have voted Boris/brexit.
    Their overpaid top knobs will probably conclude that the must double down on the preaching at us then.
    Impartially ofcourse.

  16. I’m packing in paying the BBCistan tax.
    I’ll be fucked if I’m paying for Lord Hawhaw to patronise me.
    Get fucked.
    I hope it burns.

  17. Now that they’re under threat I’m sure the BBC will be stammering “no adverts” a lot. So what? This argument hasn’t held water since the invention of video recorders.

    • I’d reply that given the woke shite the LBGTBBC pumps out that adverts featuring mixed raw couples living in utopia would be a natural fit.

  18. I never watch the BBC anymore.. why should I make compulsory payments to an organisation I hate everything about ?
    I watch Netflix most of the time, no cunt telling me how to think or behave. And don’t get me talking about SLY News, those bastards are just as bad if not worse when it comes to left wing bias.

  19. You get more impartial media journalism from that deranged old cunt on one channel North Korean TV than fucking Josef Goebbels BBC1.

  20. Let’s hope Boris pulls the rug from underneath this archaic institution ASAP
    The sooner the Licence is de criminalised the better then they can sink or swim Hopefully sink into the black fathoms of doom 👍

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