Manish Shah

Different day, same shit.

Dr Manish Shah, of the Romford Shahs, given three life sentences today for getting a bit rapey with his female patients, including a child who said she now ‘felt differently about men’. Another valuable addition from the best and brightest around the world, propping up the NHS which Brits are apparently too inept to be able to staff themselves. Despite the supposed hefty sentence, he’ll only serve a minimum of 15 years (hmmm).

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52 thoughts on “Manish Shah

  1. Any comments from the woke brigade?
    Are they going to suggest this person had “mental issues” due to all the racism?
    Will they say 3 life sentences is out of proportion with the crimes?
    Will they say “Well if it was a white man he’s get half the sentence due to white privilege”

    Different day, same old shit

  2. Surprised he didn’t take them to the local balti house/minicab firm to do his examinations

    • It comes to something when you study for ten years to practice medicine, sign the Hypocratic oath, do all the dogsbody work in A & E and you are not even free to fuddle-duddle with wimmins funbags once you are fully qualified. Glad I didn’t bother.

  3. Luckily 90 (yes NINETY) hard working tax payers washed up on the Kent coast yesterday. There must be at least a couple of dozen doctors among that lot. One wonders why they want to risk their lives to sneak into this terrible racist country but let’s not ask too many questions. Let’s just be grateful like the libtards keep telling us.

    • Not headline news I’m afraid!

      Did you know Phil Schofield has come out?

      The nation is in deep shock!

    • Return the dinghy hoppers to France.
      Do not allow them entry onto our shores.
      International law specifies quite clearly that any individual claiming asylum or refugee status does it in the first Country they come to after leaving theirs, but they do not – they do anything they can to get to our Country because they are economic migrants and parasites. (As well as p*edophiles, liars, thieves and m*rderers who want to subjugate and k*ll us and take over our Country).
      We have always had a proud history of welcoming those in need, but we need the deluded traitors in our own ranks to understand the difference here – these people are here to subvert and destroy us and our own people are helping them do it!
      Not wanted, not needed, not welcome.

      • Amazing too Vernon how they scramble out oftheir rubber boats clutching their smartphones – yet they are destitute!

      • Off the dinghy with their Hundred Pound Nikes, Levi jeans, Calvin Klein top – d*ath to America – but not Ralph Lauren!
        And why so many Men of fighting age?
        If my home/family/friends were under the hammer I would stay, the aggressors would learn and any left alive would turn around and run – the alternative would be “unpalatable”!
        I have long believed Islam is a cult for the utterly f*cking stupid.

      • Send them all to Lily Mong’s home. She empathises with these “poor refugees”, so she can look after them!

  4. For fuck’s sake.
    Can we now train our own people instead of allowing witch doctors and other assorted snake oil cunts to get paid for something so important.

    If you employ third world shit then that’s what you get.

    I reckon this is the thin end of the wedge an’ all. Hang the cunt.

  5. The NHS: serving up half-sedated, fully naked, white women to south asian rapists since 1948

    • How come these doctors never fiddle with their own? Perhaps Shamima Begging might not have run away to join the death cult if “Dr” Mannish had asked her to undress.

      • Would you ? Pàkis only go after white girls. They don’t want to get a beard rash off their own.

      • A naked Scamima Bigbum would certainly be enough to make me run away!
        So sad to learn Ms Begum has lost her latest repatriation appeal, now she only has the choice of three Countries to live in, but doesn’t want to go to a m*slim one apparently!
        Let her rot.

  6. I’d like to call out the child who was raped for making the sexist statement that she now feels differently about (all) men. As we know is completely wrong to judge an entire group by the actions of one individual, or to discriminate against people on the grounds of their race, religion, sex or sexuality, so please address your white supremacy little one.

    • Doc Mannish the shah of Romford isnt as professional as you might think!
      I saw him over a ingrown toenail, the rest is hazy but all i had to show for it was a pube stuck between my teeth!
      And that happened the next eight times i visited!!

      • Sounds a bit like those Hollywood wannabes who were ‘raped’ by Harvey Weinstain on-and-off for two years.

  7. Owen cry-baby Jones is currently on Any Questions? receiving rapturous applause every 5 seconds… still bleating on about the “VISCIOUS homophobic attack” he was subjected to last year, just because Boris called him a “tank-topped bumboy” yawn….

    • Stop torturing yourself Ruff Tuff. Question Time is guaranteed to ruin your mood this fine Saturday.

    • If i didnt know better Rtc, id say you were lacking in sympathy for poor Owen?
      He fought off a gang of neo nazis!
      Shaven headed far right, tattooed thugs!
      If he hadnt been a black belt (wi sequins) at origami he could of died.
      And before you set Bertie on me this is not said in anyway condoning violence, far right activities, or
      Drinking in alehouses.

      • Wait while “Phil the Beast” Schofield gets hold of baby Owen – that will make the buggers eyes water!

    • Now now Ruffers old son, have a bit of sympathy. The poor wee soul will be carrying the physical scars from that vicious assault with him for the rest of his life. You can tell from the continual drivel that he comes out with that his mental processes have also been severely affected.
      The BBC obviously feels the need to offer comfort and support to the lad, even if that means foisting him on the rest of us incessantly. We should be tolerating and supportive too, even if he is a cunt.

      • Thank you all for your erudite pearls of wisdom and advice. I will now proceed to drown myself in the bath.

      • We could blame it on Barrymore! Years ago when I was a small kid we had an Indian doctor called “Dr Gupta”, no command of anything but basic English and not a clue what he was doing – any issue whatsoever the patient was given a Months supply of disprin!
        20 Years later, at the insistence of a member of the public he was investigated, found to have no formal training or qualifications whatsoever and struck off – at which point he turned up at all the homes of his former patients claiming to be a crystal healer and psychic!
        My late Mother was no fan of his and I recall her shouting “clear off or my Sons will shift you” (edited version!), and off he went – we had something of a reputation locally!
        Prosecuted some time later for fraud, theft, tax evasion and found guilty.
        At which point he p*ssed off back to India!
        More checks required, doctors are not God, they work for us and are accountable to us.
        And p*rvert Shah needs a f*cking good hiding! (popular punishment where I live!)

    • I thought they were ‘far right thugs’, have they been down graded to ‘anti gay’
      That Tommy Robinson has got away with it again!

      • It was Schofield and an accomplice known simply as “The Gopher”!
        Call that a kicking? Don’t ever come to Yorkshire Owen.

  8. They should all sue for damages. With luck when he gets out all his money and property will be gone.
    Then ship him back to whatever rat hole he came from.
    How would the NHS manage without such top notch People?
    Fuck off you manky sand dwelling deviant .
    Cunt from hell.

    • Welcome back MPG – were you as shocked as I was about yesterday’s news about Phillip Schofield?. That news last night was shattering – I was as shocked as his mum was!. Two big shocks this week – that and the untimely passing of 103 years young KIrk Douglas.

  9. It not his fault its their culture innit?
    Anyone not agreeing is a knuckle dragging waaaycist.
    So there!!

  10. Curry Conks love this sort of thing. It’s genetic you see. Carried in the blood and passed from goat to goat, raghead to raghead over millenia until it is the default position when a goat just won’t do!
    Curry Conkers the world over are spreading their genes and culture like billy-o, and will be reaming an arse or two at a Camel Pen Rental near you.! Be warned.

  11. There does seem to be a larger portion of quacks from the Raj caught for being naughty with lady patients, sure its something to do with the heat makes em excitable

  12. I’m surprised the Judge didn’t say ” Well mister Shah in light of all the accusations that stand before you i understand that in parts of your culture it’s deemed acceptable to rape and even marry young girls who haven’t even started periods “. “So it leaves me with no other option than to let you walk free ” , ” just one more thing Mr Shah , have a nice day”. “Court adjourned “.

  13. I’m starting to think that the by far majority of rapists and kiddy fiddlers, terrorists, London stabbers, benefit spongers, wired disease carriers, cunt Audi drivers and con men seem to be men from warmer places, this is not a racist thing but an undinable observation……cunts

    • Excepting Russians, who severely let the side down, the colder climate certainly seems to have had an evolutionary impact in tempering the animal passions of those of us in temperate zones.

      • There’s always going to be some inferior subcultures among the ubermensch, and pockets of the more civilised in the turd world, but on the whole the trend in undeniable.

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