Mahatma Khandi

A nomination for Mahatma Khandi, a drag artist, and the Historic Royal Palaces, who have hired this ‘drag raven’ to lead visitors on “all singing, all-dancing” tours of the Tower of London, to show its LGBT+ history.

This creep will be clad in black PVC and a feather boa, reminiscent of the captive ravens that are said to protect the tower and the Crown. Yes, that’s definitely the best way of showing tourists around one of the most popular attractions in London.

Whoever thought this was a good idea needs a good kick in the crown jewels.

Nominated by Mystic Maven

122 thoughts on “Mahatma Khandi

  1. Wait for the outrage when a BDSM club is discovered in the dungeon.

    Fucking pervert, state funded pervert at that. Every few days now I read or see something that’s almost bible prophecy.

    I wonder if the silent majority will soon stand up and kick this kind of weirdness back into the background where it belongs or if the slide into the sewer of life will continue relentlessly until we drown in it.

    • Well i hope for our and this countries sake the silent majority will rise up and kick it back into the sewer along with all this diversity shit and racial moaning etc. It’s very unfortunate and sad that we the true British white person has no been downgraded to 3rd class citizens in our own country.

  2. The Tower of London has a demonstrable LGBT history? Really?

    What a pile of cunt

    Will laugh when takings for the place drop off a fucking cliff because of this shit

    • I do not recall any transvestite ravens! I do not recall any transvestite Beefeaters! Who the f*ck thought this was a good idea?
      Will we have Battymore teaching Men the history of swimming next?
      This madness needs to be called out by the silent majority who are sick and f*cking tired of it!
      If Men want to dress as Women crack on, but don’t pretend it’s normal and those who choose not to are not.

      • Vernon@
        Transvestite beefeaters are known as ‘pork swallowers’.

      • Quality MNC! You should bring out a book – “The Great British Book of Miserable Facts” – just airbrush that 1066 misunderstanding out!
        Top stocking filler for next Christmas, and you will shortly be a millionaire and can retire to spend more time on your hobby of forging medieval weapons!

  3. I can think of one member of our august community who would enjoy a visit from this exotic creature. Sir Dick may have a tricky question, hounds ,shotgun or the 40mm Bofors.

    • Well it won’t be the Hounds GG. We’ve read that Coronairus came from the Diddlywinks eating exotic creatures…if a bat can carry Coronavirus fuck only knows what pestilence lurks in the corrupted flesh (and soul) of The Gays.

      No, The Gays are off the Hounds’ menu now…shame really,but I must admit it was more the chase that we enjoyed.

      PS…I wonder what photoshop trickery this bum-boy used to conjure up that header picture of him posing in front of my modest Shooting Lodge.

      • Apparently the photo was taken just as the 40mm round entered his ….
        Another photo taken a millisecond later demonstrates surprise whilst another very shortly afterwards is only available on ‘certain outlets’

      • Methinks this transvestite has committed trespass DF! But I was disappointed to see the enormous flag with “Fuck off” on it at the front of the lodge had been lowered!

  4. It started with Bliars so called Cool Britannia.
    Listen you trendy inclusive twats.
    Tourists come from all over the world to see our history of castles and palaces and our royal family.
    Not some nutter dressed as a tart with a big swinging donger underneath their skirt.
    Thats what Thailand is for.

    • You have evidence of ‘ a big swinging donger’? The more Puritan of us are feeling a trifle queasy.

    • This is a really cringeworthy and unnecessary way of telling the ‘queer’ history of the Tower. Ok, so they’ve got a lot of old documentation associated with LBGT people over the centuries but why do they have to make a song and dance about it using this creature that describes himself as a hot dog connoisseur on Instagram.

      One of the performers from ‘Escape from planet trash’ a show on stage last December that only got a 2 star review rating by the Guardian mainly because it was utter shit, will no doubt pepper his presentation with plenty of gay innuendo and suggestive comments in front of his tourists.

      Just another stunt to pander to a minority group that feel persecuted even after the legalisation of their deviant practices 50 years ago. Sod the perverts.

  5. Barking fucking mad. This would instantly persuade me not to go on a tour of the tower.
    Ffs is there no escaping these arseholes.
    Bet her Maj is fucking raging at this.

    Cunts from hell all of em.

    • I bet Her Maj is just glad that Prince Edward has finally found gainful employment.

  6. Woaw! Thats ugly.
    What LGBT past?
    The odd gay bloke, odd lezzy type, but hardly game changing?
    Rewriting history is weird and reminiscent of nazi Germany.
    Drag queens are loud, annoying as fuck, and mental.
    Should connect with the yank tourists?

    • Rewriting history is very popular with our self proclaimed newspeak superiors.
      Saw an interesting film recently (“Purge”) – that would teach the buggers!

  7. Fucking hell. I am a self-employed craftsperson and my work is sold principally at the Tower of London and Hampton Court Palace. Maybe I’ll stop mentioning this when people ask where my stuff goes.


  8. I like ravens. I hope they eat this cunt, and do not suffer in the process.
    Having a little difficulty with the Tower’s LGBTQRST history, too. We banged Casement, who was Q, up there for a bit before we executed him for treason – is that what they mean? The only T I can associate with the Tower is the correctly cunted one in the nom.

    • What about the two Princes banged up by naughty Richard III? Surely a couple of nônces, eh? Phillip Schofields of the 15th century. Probably ate bats too, the crazy kids.

  9. There are trying to shoehorn this LGBT bollocks into everything, probably the only bumming in the tower was with a red hot poker.

    What a cunt!

  10. Why do people do this dressing up as women crap.
    I bet he’s well bumable not dressed up as fag.

    • Good Point MPG what is with this dressing up as women crap? Even if the Tower of London was a hot bed of gay and lezza fun I bet the men did not go out in public looking like Ronald Mcdonald pre sex change. Bah humbug and bollocks.

  11. Wouldnt say bummable, but im useless in matters of love.
    He looks like a fat korean Elvis impersonator?
    ‘Love me bender?’😁

  12. My Brother in law is considering applying to be a Beef eater when he retires from his current job (should he survive), He has all the characteristics of a Beef eater, big loud bushy beard, gongs and the relevant rank and service time.
    His bigest failing was when Dave the ATO became Deborah and he insisted on calling her Debris, because he is woke in different ways (IED disposal).
    I am not sure how he would get on with a squawking mincer running round him, I will revise that I know exactly how he will react and it will probably be with something from the armoury, medieval or modern he wont give a fuck!
    so how come, please tell me, are they going to explain to tourists the joys of the pear? I think not.

  13. I can’t see the multitude of fairly conservative , middle class American tourists liking this much.

    Hope they choose to stay away and tell their friends. Nothing hurts more than being kicked hard in the pocket.

    • Those cunts already think we’re a bunch of wooly woofters. We need to hire Vinnie Jones to pick out the biggest yank on the tour party and smash his head in with a car door to restore national pride.

  14. He/She can’t be any worse than the actual Mahatma Gandhi.

    – What do you think about Western civilisation?
    Gandhi: I tink eet wud be a good idea.

    Head-wobbling, cheeky, smelly, lawyer cunt.

    • Presumably it would be ok to send some 18st bloke with a shaggy beard in Margaret Thatcher garb to the Taj Mahal and explore its LGBTQ+ history?

      • We’d have to ask him to blend in with the locals:

        “Hello please, sir. Could you drive correctly and stop colliding with de cows and occasionally have a bath and now and then be brushing your teeth. Also, please be stopping shitting next to de Taj Mahal.”

  15. The Beefeaters should stick a halberd up the cunts arse.

    That could be well the case!Did you know that there is one from the RN? wears make up and does not shout much, I love the tower, you know about Hitlers toilet? or the curfew?

  16. Just when you think this country couldn’t sink any lower and the fact it’s in the tower of London makes it all the more shameful . It’s a total fucking disgrace and the powers that be who are responsible for this slutty bad tasted drag act should hang there heads in shame.

    Off the record, last time I was there I had to re search my bag, The chap who searched it was more likely to stuff something in than take it out!

  17. What the absolute fuck? Is there any subject that they can’t shoehorn this crap into? However, if it is meant to get you thinking, then it has served its purpose. It got me thinking ‘I wonder how many LGBTZX81 people there were when the tower was built. Without mass coverage in all walks of life, I can’t imagine there would have been that many look at me cunts wandering around thinking they were born in the wrong body’……

  18. Unfortunately this cuntery is appearing in the most unlikely places now.
    I was in the local library the other day perusing the Sven Hassel novels when I saw a poster for a drag queen/tranny story telling session for the tiny tots, at £2 a pot.
    So the county council is sanctioning the corruption of our future generations.
    It has to stop!!! CUNTS!

    • Yep Telly.
      I kid you not. Seems to be a trend with libraries.
      My council is Elmbridge in Surrey hardley your lefty liberal enclave.
      The poster was complete with an image of the tranny and the usual inclusivity bollocks with a rainbow background.

      • That’s a fucking disgrace , i remember it being mentioned that gays were either trying or was going to go into schools to teach kids as young as 5 about homosexuality. I’m not sure if it ever happened but my son was around that age when i was told, i would have gone mental if that happened . My son has white blond hair and blue eyes so i educated him about the master race and how he shouldn’t listen to any nancy boy wonder trying to recruit young vulnerable kids into there pure filth and twisted world. He’s 15 now and doing very well and is a solid member in the Klan.

      • The only saving grace in this twisted situation is that the practicle part of the course has not been OK’d yet

      • This won’t change until ‘honest’ gays like Krav and Mince Pie Guy kick back on all this crap. They do but others don’t.

      • You think white English straight people are to blame for this crap Telly?

        You may be right, but personally I think it will carry on long after white English people cease to exist.

      • You know what RTC i never thought about it like that but come to think about it i guess we are. It does make me wonder (without going to off topic) if it could have had something to do with the EU . I mean lets be honest there is certain countries in Europe that have had this shit for years, can you remember the French show eurotrash ?. When that came over here it was full of all sorts of shit and tranny shit and we never had anything like that before. Amsterdam speaks for itself , Germany has always been a little dodgy . For all we know the British goverment could have been put under pressure to allow such shit from the EU , but that is a guess . I mean a law on someone over here was took to the european courts of justice and the british law was overthrown . I still think though one of the biggest and corrupt influencing things to ever come about was social media .

      • Either that or it’s just plain rebellion against our laws our faith and our culture and respect for our British values. All i know right now is whether there black , muslim , gay , trans , or this new none binery bollocks is that all these are so determined to destroy this country . They wanna destroy it’s history it’s values and it’s future.

  19. Priti Patel to stay as Home Secretary….
    Splendid news… Top class snowflake SJW piss boiler, she is…

    And I wouldn’t half give her one!

  20. Isn’t there some legend about The Kingdom falling if the ravens leave The Tower?

    Couldn’t really blame them if they decided to Fuck Off before being bummed to death by some rampaging Homosexual high on Poppers and the fumes off nail varnish.

    Yes but I am currently struggling with the concept of a fucking Haddock pie costing £4!

    • Evening Dick,
      As you probably know Ravens are a very smart member of the corvid family of birds.
      Able to problem solve, talk a bit, use tools (dont let them work on the hilux!)
      Theyre great.
      How long till a raven gives evidence in a courtroom that hes been interfered with by mahatma?

      • I’m just thinking that scene from oman 2 where them ravens peck that woman’s eyes out , hopefully they will notice he/she is a fraud and taking the piss and do the same . Come on ravens fuck the tower protect the kids.

    • @ Admin…
      Not as hard as I’m struggling with your bizarre and frankly rather unbelievable claim of dining on 4 pound haddock pies.

      Did they leave the price sticker on the pie at The Community Food Bank?…..Unfeeling bastards.

  21. I hope the magnificent ghost of Henry VIII rams a halberd through this creatures torso.
    For fucks sake.

  22. Forgive me for speaking without permission Your Worship, but I believe your alter ego was in a film called The Raven. Don’t recall any bumfoolery in it though, I should imagine Vincent wouldn’t stand for any of that nonsense.

    • No, straight as a arrow vincent price.😵

      The tower of London, is an impregnable fort, it is immune from woke, it has never been taken, perhaps the last bastion of sanity?

  23. Jeff Stelling is not a cunt… He had this to say about his football programme…

    ‘I know I am old hat and hopelessly out of touch but on Saturday there will be no influencers, musicians , DJs or podcasters on Gillette Soccer Saturday. Just four ex top flight footballers. Sorry about that.’

    A far cry from those woke turds and BBC bellends, Lineker, ‘Lawro’ (ooh-err) and all those stupid fucking wimmin ‘players’ those cunts have on… Good on yer, Jeffers… Just keep that dizzy slag, Rachel Riley away from it and we’re sorted…

  24. When and how did this shit start snowballing? There were always cross-dressers and ladyboys, but about 5 years ago it became a hot topic, politicised, doctors saying it’s a ‘real thing’ (whatever the fuck that means), all sorts of celebrity wankers suddenly describing themselves as trans. Does anyone remember what kicked it all off?

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