Mahatma Khandi

A nomination for Mahatma Khandi, a drag artist, and the Historic Royal Palaces, who have hired this ‘drag raven’ to lead visitors on “all singing, all-dancing” tours of the Tower of London, to show its LGBT+ history.

This creep will be clad in black PVC and a feather boa, reminiscent of the captive ravens that are said to protect the tower and the Crown. Yes, that’s definitely the best way of showing tourists around one of the most popular attractions in London.

Whoever thought this was a good idea needs a good kick in the crown jewels.

Nominated by Mystic Maven

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  1. Thoughts on the new transgender Starbucks advert, further evidence of the 1% taking over?

    • Not seen it yet MC but my mate did tell me about the new British gas advert which is bad. You know what i just put my head in my hands sometimes and think fuck me what is happening , what is going off. I mean i don’t know if you’ve seen it advertised but a few weeks ago there was a reality TV programme that was British called my transvestite kids , kids dressing up as women ,young kids around 10 11 maybe younger .What made it worse was the parents were encouraging it. The way i feel right now i think the only solution would be ethnic cleansing and genocide, get rid of the filth, get rid of all those responsible in media tabloids for pushing this shit on us. I’m winding myself up now lol so gonna watch Tyson fury on ITV for awhile .

  2. I’ve done the Tower tour a few times over the years. Always been shown around by a big, burly Beefeater whose knowledge, passion and wit made it very enjoyable every time.

    If this freak show rocked up to do the tour, it would be a sharp exit stage left. Is there nothing sacred anymore? Why not go the whole hog and re-paint the Tower and all its buildings with fucking rainbows. For fuck’s sake!

  3. Would I be correct in thinking there has been no BAME Lammy libtard outrage about this Mahatma thing white-ing up for the header photo?

    Culturally appropriating cunt.

    Imagine the hullabaloo if Les Dawson had blacked up.

  4. As an ex employee of the royal palaces tour guides I can tell you that there was a hell of a lot of bum funnery that occurred throughout history.
    Shakespeare only allowed male actors who dressed in drag for a female role. They were very well known to be good for the boys.
    When all is said and done. London has always been a place of debauchery and decadence at the expense of the rest of the nation.

  5. I’m sick of this bullshit. How the fuck did we get into a situation where a vocal, and often violent minority, are allowed to dictate to the majority what we can and cannot say? 2020 needs to be the year that we, the silent majority, start making ourselves heard. I am NOT advocating violence, or even verbal abuse, but it is high time that we started telling these dangerous scumbags a few home truths. For a start, they need to be told that pointing out certain biological facts is NOT a hate crime. Neither is being concerned that people such as the above being allowed into schools to read to young children causes concern for parents. That too, is NOT a hate crime.

    It is also not a hate crime to point out the simple biological fact that there are only two genders, male and female. And that, unless you have two X chromosomes, you are male. It is not a hate crime to tell one of these people that wearing a skirt and knickers does NOT make you a woman. It makes you a man who is wearing a skirt and knickers. It’s fucking insane that women can be accused of transphobia for objecting to a biological male being allowed to enter a women’s toilet, simply because they ‘identify’ as female.

    It should be a crime for teachers to tell our children the falsehood that there are more than two genders, which an increasing number are now doing. It should be a crime to put children through the trauma of transitioning, especially where medication is concerned, until they have reached the age of at least 18. And it certainly should not be done without intensive psychiatric counselling. There is no way you’ll convince me that a five year old boy knows for certain that they were meant to be a girl.

    And it’s not just the trans issue that needs to be addressed. Nearly two months after the general election, there still people throwing tantrums and hurling insults at the rest of us, because they refuse to accept the result of a free, fair and democratic election. And the same was true of the referendum. We had three and a half years of tantrums, lies and verbal abuse because the arrogant cunts refused to accept that that majority wanted to leave the EU. Try to debate them in a calm, polite, intelligent and respectful way, and they will shout you down, as happened with Ian Dale on TV last week. In the old days, we had real presenters presiding over debates. If some ill-mannered dipshit tried to talk over or shout down someone who was talking, that dipshit would be warned. If they continued, they were off the show. Now, presenters just sit there grinning, mostly because they are no longer impartial.

    Hate crime is threatening or inciting violence against someone. It is NOT publicly disagreeing with someone, or stating simple facts, that a vocal minority disagree with. Look on the twitter feeds of this vocal minority, and you’ll see what hate speech actually is. Like I said, 2020 needs to be the year when the majority finds its voice and starts bringing common sense, civility and intelligence back to public debate.

    • Extremely well written QDM. Well played sir.

      I’m reminded of a one liner uttered by Ricky Gervais: Just because you’re offended doesn’t make you right.

      I’m not smart enough to predict how all this will play out. I just hope at some time in the future, some sanity and common sense will have returned to society. The problem we have now and into the foreseeable future is whole generations are growing up believing this shit is normal.

  6. Next up, Dave Smith will dress as a camel and give a tour of the Rambagh Palace to tell you all about the previous maharajah’s masturbatory preferences.

  7. So, so sick of this fucking shit. You want to live your life a certain way, fine, DON’T MAKE IT AN ISSUE OF MINE! The more you browbeat, the more people will despise your fucking actions. I also find it ironic. We have a to the right government but mainstream media etc is to the left BUT they act like the right with their issues and actions i.e my way or get fucked. Have you known a society like this? A cluster fuck of huge proportions if ever there was one.

    • Bob i couldn’t agree more , the words you put the more people would despise your actions is so so true and the probably a’lot more people feel that way than let on but it seems so many people are afraid of what the left my say. I’m left handed and that is about as left as i ever will be , well said Bob well said and on the note i’ll wish you all a cuntnight.

  8. Bob i couldn’t agree more , the words you put the more people would despise your actions is so so true and the probably a’lot more people feel that way than let on but it seems so many people are afraid of what the left my say. I’m left handed and that is about as left as i ever will be , well said Bob well said and on the note i’ll wish you all a cuntnight.

  9. As we all know it was benders, trannies and Africans that made the modern world. Inventions, buildings such as the tower, an end to slavery, defeat of the Nazis and the fall of the Berlin wall. Where would medicine, science and democracy without trannies?
    You cant argue with that or it’s hate speech.

  10. Yet another talentless dickhead that likes playing dress-up and gets paid for it. Drag queens are stupid, useless cunts, the lot of them. I sincerely hope that the tower’s ravens pick this cunts eyes out then strangle the cunt with his feather boa.

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