Diversity and Inclusivity

Diversity and inclusivity sounds like a very worthwhile principle – all are heard, all are represented. Unfortunately, this is simply not the case in the world we now live in.

The arrogant, hate filled Far Left and their self styled champion, Owen Jones have decided that democracy only exists if the Far Left approve it, and “free speech” is only allowed when the speaker parrots the warped views of the Momentum Corbynite, snowflake, WOKE agenda. Any dissenting voices are immediately demonised as “racists”, “fascists” etc, using the childish, shouting, playground bully tactics employed by the Far Left to silence dissent.

“Inclusivity”? This means permanently giving work, favours, housing, money, advantage and a helping hand to all except the incumbent and discriminated against white majority – let’s call it what it is – racism towards white British and more specifically, white, English men.

“Diversity”? If an area has 10,000 people living there and 4,000 are non-white, “diversity” is used as an excuse and vehicle to increase their number by racially discriminating against the white people, but this ethnic cleansing is disguised as “diversity”. Diversity, inclusion and political correctness are different words for racism, fascism and intolerance, driven by a tiny minority of London based “liberal” elites who hate white people, hate any version of the facts, but what THEY tell you are facts, especially hate white men and are determined to make us an extinct species.

Sorry snowflakes, but not on my watch, because diversity and inclusivity are a CUNT!

Nominated by Vernon Fox

58 thoughts on “Diversity and Inclusivity

  1. Diversity is division, they identify a group as a minority and then tell them everyone else is abusing them one way or another. Eventually the possibility of a single group being able to challenge the establishment is minimal.

    We must never fall into that trap or we lose permanently. White, black, gay or whatever our strength lies in being united against woke bullshit. If we don’t expose this diversity bullshit for the lie it is we all lose.

  2. As iv’e said before despite what people may think the Russians have got it right. I’m guessing that is why Putin is made out to be such a tyrant because that guy don’t take no shit.

      • Maybe so RTC but if we are being honest the only people who actually have free speech in this country without being labeled etc is the blacks the left wing and all those other cunts . The white British male doesn’t have free speech anymore unless he is either gay or left wing etc. The Russians are brutal though , i knew a friend of mine who was banged up in a Russian jail and when he was released and we met back up and chatted he told me that sometimes they beat you for fuck all and then sometimes they don’t . He made me laugh because he just shrugged his shoulders like it was water of a ducks back.

      • I’m a white British male who isn’t gay or left-wing, and I have freedom of speech. I wouldn’t have any of that in Putin’s Russia. Guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one Telly.

      • I totally agree with you RTC on that one , i was mearly looking it from a point of view in regards as the whole diversity left wing thing . Guess i’m gonna have to work on my English a little better lol.

      • Come to think of it, I probably am left-wing by the standards of most cunters posting here.

        Definitely not gay, though have nowt against anyone who is.

        I’ll get my coat.

      • Your no leftie Rtc!
        Stop trying to be trendy!
        And get that hair cut, like bloody Tarzan!
        Wheres Bertie today?
        Unusally quiet isnt he?
        Parrot ill?

  3. Basic Stalinism. The “party” makes all the important decisions (how to run nuclear reactors, crisis medical procedures, that sort of thing) and somewhere along the line a minor sub-committee of some sort (such as a parliament) rubber-stamps everything into law. Although this explains certain front bench appointments, the lack of decades of specialist training such as in nuclear physics or advanced epidemiology gives rise to enigmatic policy decisions emerging from the “party” room which seem utterly ridiculous to an average 5-year-old. I don’t want to seem prejudiced so won’t mention specific areas but instead focus on what the consequences are for anyone voicing the 5-year-old’s opinion under the Stalinist model. For holding a view contrary to “party” doctrine. Gulag re-education or (for the more advanced Juche participants) brain experiments at one of the “party” facilities.

    There’s a reason why Stalin developed the “party” as supreme – essentially they wouldn’t let him in anywhere else because he was obviously insane. Perhaps there’s a non-insane version of Stalinist ideology emerging in the modern era? I haven’t seen anything to suggest that but I’m probably not up to shadow cabinet standard yet.

  4. Group identity. Isn’t that what the Nazis did to Jews so that they could discriminate against an entire group? This is the same. All whites are evil so we can discriminate against them.
    No difference.
    These cunts are Nazis.
    And remember folks Hitler said “I am a socialist”
    Socialist,Nazi, fascist….all the same really as they all discriminate .
    Us democrats are the tolerant ones,they are the evil cunts.

  5. You forgot “equality” Vern . All poison that is eating our childrens brains and poisoning our society. These are types of ideas where the bodies start to pile up pretty quick. Where I live in East London its not “diverse” its a muslim monoculture. They really are Cunts.

  6. Replies disappearing…no “awaiting moderation” or anything,just gone.
    Fuck All that I can see that cause problems.

    • Im known for being inclusive and e
      embrace diversity, twice a year ill have curry sauce instead of gravy.
      The alphabet people, lefties, the transformers, drag queens etc are trying to remold our once great nation into their own vision, and are being indulged by the politicians.
      It needs to stop.
      And im not concerned over what methods are used to fight back.

      • Just been in HMV and nearly got chucked out upon going into a tirade. Why? Because I spotted the – not kidding – LGBTQ section of DVDs. I demanded to know where the straight white bloke section was – tranny looking shaven headed thing behind the counter didn’t take it well. Mrs was mortified! 😀

      • Don’t think I’ll be welcome back any time soon FH. Plus the oddly looking gender-bending staff would overpower me through sheer weight of numbers (unless I take the broad sword in with me)

      • Apparently now the gaming industry isn’t diverse enough and needs to improve to allow growth. More LBGT and effnick games programmers are champing at the bit to be able to ‘tell their story’ through the gaming experience we’re told….


        I mean growth has been pretty healthy up till now with revenue at $138billion for 2018 and $152billion predicted for 2019. Anyway, it’s dominated by too many white males. Why though? Is it just that minorities simply don’t cut the mustard and aren’t able to break through into creative roles? The gaming industry isn’t new so why is diversity now a problem after all this time. I sniff the same old discrimination card once again being played in order to force a level playing field rather than it being earned on merit.

        Watch out for a gay superhero that saves the world with his pink y-fronts worn on the outside of his combat trousers game available online soon!

  7. The loony left makes a gigantic amount of noise, but thank Christ the silent majority is still about and gives the cunts a kicking from time to time. I reckon that few people are impressed much these days by gobshites like Little Owen shouting ‘fascist! racist!’ in every direction. The most immediate reaction these days is a yawn.

    • One of my hobbies is amateur radio and I enjoy listening to other hams chatting although I rarely transmit. This morning I listened to a couple of sets of conversations and was struck by how similar the topics discussed were to those we have on ISAC. The BBC and Sky News were slated as were lefties and diversity. I am of the opinion that the hitherto silent majority are reaching the point where a giant Fuck Off is going to be issued. When it comes the lefties will be genuinely surprised as , be so far divorced from reality, it will come as a shock to them as to what normal people value.

      • It’s a great point Guzz. It’s great to see cunts in their Metroluvvy world getting a rude awaking, as they did last December at election time. When the majority is continuously insulted and belittled like they were over Brexit, it is likely to bite back hard.
        Trouble is, our supposed betters never seem to learn the lesson. You’ve only got to look at the ludicrous antics surrounding the election of a new Labour leader to realise how laughably out of touch the self-styled ‘elites’ are. Absolute cunts.

      • The response of the left when their message is rejected is to repeat it more loudly. It never seems to occur to them that it is the wrong message.

      • It’s already happened. It was the last election. And it’ll happen again and again…..but the left won’t change.
        It’s like the democrats in the USA. One impeachment fails so they’ll try another. All because their hatred of Trump has blinded them to common sense and rational thinking.


      • I have a slight feeling of a ‘last hoorah’ about it all. That it is getting more frenzied, more hysterical because they know deep down the game could be soon be up. The judgement of that ex copper being a start. Johnson in power.

      • Ayup Guzziguy, The place to find decent right thinking people who discuss important issues of the day is on top band. The net on 1.933 Mhz is made up of people like us and is sometimes very entertaining.

  8. I am a white man, and I live in a white street. The village is exclusively white. The corner shop is run by an elderly white lady, and the local lollipop lady is also the local haidresser. Yes, she too is white. Our postman is Scottish…..but he’s white.
    Our local elected Councillor ( Libmong) is Black. I don’t know how in fuck she came to be elected, and I’m fucked if I agree with her all inclusive policies.

    Diversity is a cunt! Its here to stay unless a tinted virus emerges that wipes the fuckers out ( here’s hoping )

    • Yeah and the fucking bitch will be walking around as they do thinking hmmmm to many whites here i need to change that , lets hope she gets hit by a bus , obviously by a white person. I remember over hearing this African lady who lived over here telling someone that she was moving her two black kids to another school because her black friends kid was the only black kid in this other school and felt out of place. She said she was gonna move her two kids there to give some support and with a fucking grin on her face she said ” and to add a bit of colour” . I was fuming inside , iv’e never condoned violence towards women or have never laid a finger on one but i must say i really felt like sparking her out.

    • The Coronavirus is doing a good job with the Chinkies, need something specific to wipe out all the Muslims now.
      Off to my lab.

      • Bacon, ham and freshly roasted crackling. I’ve known many of the chosen people that aren’t too strict in their beliefs or associations stemming from that one early concession.

  9. “Ethnic cleansing” is the proper term for it. More and more ethnic people are coming in to power so let’s not assume this is going away. On the contrary, it will worsen. No corner of the nation will be without its coloureds and, therefore, cries of racism. Though what do I know, a stupid, native, white man.
    Nice cunting, Vern.

    • Thanks GS, now if I can only configure the browser settings on Chrome I can access the site! F*cking settings!

  10. The thing that i cannot understand is why the media etc actually give these twats any publicity , i mean they are all mental and crazy. They all act like spoilt angry kids , whenever you see them on TV they instantly get so angry and start shouting . They stand or sit there with eyes bulging out with teeth gritted ( just like the picture of the loony above) as if to say “listen to me , listen to me now”. I’m really hoping that people will get tired of all this shit and finally stand up and say “look shut the fuck up as we have had enough now”.

  11. Absofuckinglutely. I wonder if we will be allowed to enjoy the eternal benefits of our own white holocaust. I expect not all cleansings are equal.

  12. It breaks up everything in western society.

    It’s our greatest strength.

    Fuck off!

    But dare mention common sense instances where diversity (stabstastic and going out with a bang incidents), and inclusivity instances (Mummy, why has that lady got a willie in the ladies changing room, and why did it point to the sky when you took off your bathing costume…), clearly are not working, then YOU are the pariah to be silenced! Get with the program, eat the bat soup, and keep paying the taxes! Bigot!

    That is why I joined this today:


    These are dangerous times where ordinary folk (not media, glitterati or political elites) are avoiding convictions for wrong think by the skin of their teeth!

    Harry Miller’s victory yesterday over Humberside Police’s record of his non-offence, hurt-speech and wrong think (yes that actually does go down as a black mark on your record, that prospective employers will see if you have to go through a background or official secrets act check), is cold comfort, because you just know when that illegal Blair manufactured construct – that ultra-leftist mire of interference: The Supreme Court (which needs to be disbanded immediately) – gets their grubbies on a case such as this, the common sense “Harry Millers” of this world will soon become “Winston Smiths”!

    Fuck them all!

    Don’t force your beliefs on me and expect me to believe them!

    2,000yrs of Christianity wasn’t enough to convince me that God exists, so 5 minutes of telling me a man in a dress with a bit of lippy on is a woman, ain’t gonna work either!

    And I’m going to fucking say so – if asked – without fear of the professionally offended mob thinking that by silencing me, it will force me to change my mind. It won’t!


    • Your point about it being a new religion.

      The famous quote by Chesterton:

      ‘When people stop believing in God they won’t believe in nothing, they will believe in anything’.

      • I believe in the invisible Pink Unicorn called Gerald who lives in Cunt Mate’s Cunt’s shoe.

  13. The trouble with lefties like little Owen and virtually all of the virtuous woke people is their complete and utter lack of humour.
    So very worthy but boring cunts and permanently offended.
    Gone a bit quiet since the election though.
    They’ll be back no doubt.

  14. Fuck diversity in all its forms, having different opinions is fine but the left/peaceful/general BAME just want the majority ‘normal white’ to shut the fuck up and kiss their bastard arseholes.

    The recent ruling for the high court about the Guy who was challenging the notion that a man can become a woman was fascinating.
    The police turned up to this former policeman’s place of work after a complaint about one of his tweets and told him ‘you need to adjust your thinking’.

    Challenging ‘diversity’ is now a fucking Thought Crime!!!

    The judge said we are not living in a country with a gestpo or Stasi.

    Fuck the BAME, fuck the Woke and fuck the Trans community, CUNTS!

  15. Excellent cunting Vernon. Fox

    Diversity = absolutely everybody other than indigenous white cunts

    Inclusivity = absolutely everybody other than heterosexual indigenous white cunts

    • Yes, and always will it be this way.
      White English Men are an ethnic minority who are permanently attacked and discriminated against, and I am sick and f*cking tired of it.
      F*ck racism dressed as equality.

      • Agreed VF
        Funny how the leftie liberal cunts will tell people to stop mentioning the world wars as they are in our past yet will incessantly talk about colonial Britain , slavery and how we should apologise for such atrocities?

      • Just had another look at the photo up top for this nom, and I have to say that there appears another loony who takes herself waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too seriously. I bet she’s a real hoot when she goes out to ‘The Safe Space’ feminist café for a soy latté.

      • Where i don’t class myself as left or right wing , i must say i despise the left wing and all it stands for. Yeah i agree to a certain point that there needs to be a balance , but this whole fucking diversity shit and trans bollocks and all this gender neutral crap irritates the life out of me. The want to push it like everything is 50 / 50 when it ain’t , yet saying that they want to push it so far that it appears there is more blacks etc in this country than whites. The adverts are so notorious for doing this especially mixed couple adverts and adverts that only show black families. I’ts a disgrace and something needs to be done before it gets way out of hand , i’m guessing in a few years time it will be a crime to be white and punishable by death. My view , roll out the gas chambers before it’s to late.

      • There’s quite a few of them, all “lookers” especially the ones who get to about 58 then dye their hair purple or turquoise and dress like 14-year-olds.

        That is to say, ALMOST – half of what they wear is left over from being 58 and the other half is what teenagers wore last year. Sort of like those men who almost dress like women with long unstyled hair, lipstick probably, some half-baked eye-paint. You don’t even know they’re supposed to be women until they introduce themselves as Gwladys.

        It’s really the complete opposite of a full makeover. But not quite. If it were they couldn’t take offence because no-one would notice.

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