The Phrase ‘Ok Boomer’

Used by millennials, usually in lieu of a coherent argument, this phrase is typical of the born entitled, mollycoddled wankers that consider themselves the enlightened future of humanity. This insult, along with gammon, is aimed at anyone who expresses an opinion that dares to challenge their blinkered outlook, which was forged by poor quality lefty teaching, and fed daily by social media, especially the cunt trumpet that is Twitter.

These cunts are envious of the generation that bought their own homes, blaming them for not being able to afford a home of their own. Of course, it has nothing to do with them paying £3 for a cup of coffee and having four-a-day, package holidays every couple of weeks, and spending a week’s wages on a shirt they wouldn’t be seen dead in twice. I’m not a boomer, but my parents are, and they worked hard to buy their little house, my dad working twelve hour nights for twenty-five years, and the only holidays we had were damp campsites in Devon, not the Costa del Cunt. OK boomer? Fuck off, you clueless cunts.

With the distant scent of war in the air, the only upside to a full blown conflict would be seeing these cunts conscripted into cannon fodder battalions, sent into battle by some modern day Haig, who would probably be a ‘boomer’…..

Nominated by Gutstick Japseye

53 thoughts on “The Phrase ‘Ok Boomer’

  1. Millennials, here to reassure us that the long and sometimes painful journey into adulthood was worth it. Judgemental cunts with zero life experience who’ve contributed fuck all to the world being pious and self righteous with absolutely no justification.

    If every “Boomer” disappeared tomorrow the world would stop functioning in a week. Because the know it all cunts know fuck all.

    Great cunting GJ

    • Those words that order. The lack of practical skills possessed by these condescending fuck-knuckles it truly astounding.

      I worked with a bloke a year or two ago, who has novel retirement plan, to whit: making himself available to the nobs for services such as tying their shoelaces, hanging a picture, changing a lightbulb, checking tyre pressures and setting the forecourt machine to that pressure etc etc.

  2. Youth of today, never had it so good…. CUNTS!

    Put them back in the 50’s and 60’s and panties would be full of piss and poo!

    • Ok Boomer? Never heard that said before, this a regional thing?
      Wouldnt know what the fuck they were on about anyway if hadnt read it here.
      Cheeky little cunts eh?
      Just tell them fake news
      “im not really your dad” ”
      “Your adopted your real parents hated you”
      You have a genetic condition”
      An watch the little snowflake cunts weep!

  3. Never heard it and if I do some cunt may have trouble saying boomer again without teeth.

  4. I try not to speak to anyone under the age of 35.
    Makes me an appalling father but rules are rules.

    • I’m 45 now and I find conversation with anyone ‘young’, i.e, 30 or under, very hard work.

  5. Great cunting! Personally, I’ve not heard this phrase from a millennial cunt yet but that’s more likely because I never talk to the wankers! The blancmange that sits in these twats’ heads simply cannot articulate anything that I ever feel deserves a response – except for perhaps a punch!

    Bunch of over entitled, mardy, spoilt cunts! Future of mankind – god help us!

    • I thought it was just me avoiding the workplace kitchen, because I couldn’t be arsed with the awkwardness of sharing space with these cunts. Then I found my work mates of my age feel the same way. Quite sad really, especially after an Army career in which banter and courtesy ruled.

  6. When I was little my aunt said to me that I was a very “Spunky child” I was horrified and revolted (Possibly traumatised because I still remember it)

    Language and its meaning changes through the ages.

  7. I saw a President Reagan speech on YouTube the other day. He began by saying he couldn’t remember whether it was Cicero or Seneca who said “It is the duty of the elders to point out the mistakes of the young otherwise you have no state.”
    I am going to use that in a modified form next time I am challenged by an entitled millennial. They are so ignorant of any history apart from a bit on slavery, and then only half the story, and a bit on Nazis again only the bits they want to know.

  8. I saw a President Reagan speech on YouTube the other day. He began by saying he couldn’t remember whether it was Cicero or Seneca who said “It is the duty of the elders to point out the mistakes of the young otherwise you have no state.”
    I am going to use that in a modified form next time I am challenged by an entitled millennial. They are so ignorant of any history apart from a bit on slavery, and then only half the story, and a bit on Nazis again only the bits they want to know.

    • The best thing out of Ronnie Rayguns mouth was when meeting peoples princess and virginal angel princess Die!
      “Princess David! A honour to meet you!” 😀😀😀

      • “I met Chas and Dave, they were really great, they said hello Mr Reagan, which was good because I had forgotten who I was – but they had shaved off their beards and did not sing any of their cockney songs”

  9. For these poor deluded wankers the slow realisation that the World gives not a buzzards cock for their misguided opinions, the universe even less and if the muzzies take over well the mind boggles. In a way I feel sorry for the deluded cunts but what can a boomer, gammon do in the face of a millennial enlightened woke person I cannot hold a candle to such shining righteousness. Thus I return to the shadows of evil facist gammon land and all they hear is ”fuck you and your single speed” fading on the wind.

  10. That’s the left’s go-to tactic: have no argument? Call them names and shout them down so that no one can hear the facts they’re so bereft of!

    Gammon, Boomer, Waycist, Misogynist, Sexist, Transphobic, Privileged, Islamaphobic…you name it, they have a go-to word to use in lieu of any form of salient argument.

    That’s because all of their points/arguments are based on guesswork and assumption, whereas ours are based on knowledge and fact.

    There’s no way they can win if they allow you to debate them in a reasoned discourse on a level playing field, so screaming and name-calling is the dish of the day (a vegan soy dish it is too).

    I used to use go-to words quite a lot as a kid, usually in Dixon’s and Curry’s home computer section:

    10 PRINT “Snowflake millennials are all cunts!”
    20 GOTO 10

    • Rather a boomer than a bummer snowflake.
      Thatll have em swallowing their tongues!👍

    • May I suggest a slight modification, Sir?

      10 PRINT “Snowflake millennials are all cunts!”
      20 REM Disable keyboard inputs and lick my balls!
      30 POKE 649,0
      40 GOTO 10

      • Actually lines 20 and 30 should go at the top, you only need to call the C64 keyboard lock once, not every time in the loop! Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

        Consider this your official code review!

        As our esteemed contributor Black & White Cunt would say: Computers!?! I know naffin abaaaaht ’em…

  11. If they come that crap with me, I just tell them “I’m considerably richer than yow, financially, intellectually and culturally.
    Pull your finger out and get a job.”

  12. Well they will always be delicate snowflakes, so go figure.

    Of course these ungrateful cunts will love to continue sucking the teats of their parents when it comes to :-

    “Can you buy me a car?”
    “Clean my room, wash my clothes, cook my meals, do the shopping, pick me up at 2 in the morning when I’m pissed. And hurry up about it!”
    “Can I live here rent free until I’m 40?”
    “I want the latest Apple Iphone, MacBook. Get me one, now!”
    “I want more holidays. Sort it for me will you!”
    “Is your will up to date so I get the house, car and all your money? If not get it sorted!”
    “I am stressing out because I don’t know how to boil an egg. I do have a disorder you know. Do it for me, Now!”


    • Completely off topic just reading a article where 8 norfolk terriers went on a pig farm and killed 730 rats in 7hrs!!

      • Doesn’t Boris want to send the House of Cunts up to York?

        Imagine the fucking expenses these cunts will submit if that is the case!

      • I read that article with mounting horror and hysterical outrage,MNC……it’s fucking MURDER !!!!

        Those poor ickle rats should be allowed to breed and live in peace. Just because they’re not cute and fluffy like Mr.Foxy doesn’t mean that they should be killed…all vermin should be free to overrun and spread disease regardless of whether they are foxes or rats.

        I expect the anti-fox hunting lobby are preparing to demand that rat-killing is outlawed too…although perhaps not…who hasn’t had to put down the odd mouse-trap eh?.

        Seems to be a deafening silence from the “All animal killing is cruel” lobby when it comes to rats and mice.

      • Afternoon Dick!
        Yeah a vermin genocide! A rodent holocaust!
        Terriers are way better than traps, poison arent they?
        Green too!
        Greta approved!
        Obviously ive lodged a complaint against the owner &farmer with the authorities, but great little dogs terriers.
        Roy Castle would of had them on recordbreakers!!

      • Afternoon,MNC.

        Chasing vermin with dogs?!!…utterly barbaric in my opinion….better a slow lingering death with poison or try traps which they quickly learn to avoid.

        Must admit that I’m not a fan of little dogs,I prefer bigger hounds but will say that terriers are fucking good at flushing vermin out of holes.

      • Yeah ive always had German shephards, now a akita, like a big dog,
        But ti get the job done, terriers do it ive got to say.
        Hate rats as much as i hate a certain race from asia who groom kids and wear sandals.

      • The farmhand said we never knew what was happening, we were just doing our jobs…
        The terrier is beleived to be in Argentina

  13. The delicious irony of course is that the baby boomers are probably the most liberal/left wing generation of all.
    Gavin McInnes made a wonderful video illustrating this point but PrudeTube deleted it

  14. Absolutely with you on this one. If any cunt ever dared to say that shit around me I would be forced to kick them in the bollocks or not to discriminate, the cunt.

  15. It is pathetic and demands they know the person they’re talking to was born between 1945 and 1962.
    Luckily i exist in the limbo between gen x and the millennials.

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