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I have to nominate Twitter.

I recently made an account and during the set-up process, I was treated to a number of accounts I might like to follow. It was the BBC One Show-types to such giants of modern thought such as Gary Lineker, Gina Miller and some twat involved with the phoney impeachment of Trump. My automatic reaction was to grin and say “well… they don’t hold their cards to their chest on political allegiances” and this was to an empty room. Others included the likes of Cardi B.

Why don’t Twiter just rebrand themselves HillaryClinton’

Fuck Twitter. I’m off to watch He-Man. At least I’ll get more intellectual stimulation from that.

Nominated by Cuntamus Prime

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  1. When I got to the end of reading this nomination, I lifted up my arm pretending to hold a sword, and shouted, “By the power of grey skull!”

    • I always preferred Thundercats myself, that Cheetarah was a dirty bitch – I would have fucked her spots off

      • C*ntan, my sibling always scared the fudge out of me when quoting the mumra transformation.
        “Ancient spirits of evil…”

      • It was great in its day wasn’t it; which is where it belongs, in memory. Can’t stand these wankers nowadays that wear t-shirts of things like Thundercats ironically, what are they trying to say? Being a “geek” is cool now apparently

      • Don’t worry boys, if I see her I’ll give her some of the old Father Karras: “The power of Cunts compels you!!!”

      • There’s a girl on YouTube called Ruth Ojadi who has tourettes she’s only in her twenties but one of her ticks is shouting Thundercats !

  2. Being a bit slow an not very tech savvy,
    Im not quite sure what Twitters for?
    Is it just putting out posts like on here?
    Know Donny Tango likes it, but doubt id use it.

    • Twitter is basically the same as Facebook MNC, in that it’s aimed at vainglorious, narcissistic fucktards wanting to tell everyone how great they are. It’s more politicised though that’s why it attracts wankers like Linecunt and the like, rather than post pictures of what they’re having for dinner the cunts on Twatter can use their 140 characters to tell us why we’re all thick ray cyst Nazis. By the way it appears a victory has been won – the Lilymong has deleted her Twatter account cos of all the nasty Tory voters πŸ˜ƒ

      • FFS is there nothing that spoilt empty-headed, entitled twats will do for a bit of attention and publicity?

        She’s quick enough calling anyone who doesn’t agree with her ignorant xenophobic cunts, but as soon as she gets some stick its “Oh boo hoo, I’m deleting my account because I am so offended!”

        She’s got nothing else to offer, especially now the election well and truly shat on Steptoe and Big Jugs. If she doesn’t like genuine democracy she is quite welcome to fuck off to the darkest depths of Calais where all her new friends live.

        Perhaps if she actually spent sometime living in close proximity of these gimmecunts she might just change her fucking tune!

        And never fear, she will soon create a new Twitter account because she would miss the attention after too long.

      • Fantastic to see the look on Nicola Swinsons face when she lost her “job”, we need a T-shirt saying “Bollocks to Swinson” – well she needs something for Christmas!

        Then again, with all the spare time she now has she could knit one herself..

      • I’ve always thought that Lilly’s time is best spent having her rusty sheriff’s badge widened by a big buck person of colour. So deleting her twatter will definitely give her more time to engage in what she was actually put on the planet for, rather than singing (0/10) or engaging in political debate (-5/10)

    • I think it must be similar to facefook, that it is another way for vacuous people to post stupid things. ‘Got my hair done today. You like it? Share, comment, thumbs up!” etc.

      Fork off. Not you, MNC. Twitter twits.

  3. I’ve taken to skimming the Labour politicians twatter accounts, specifically the crossover point after the exit polls on Thursday night – fucking hilarious to read really.
    Nice to see that some of them are realising that they’ve been following a dirty old skid-mark for the past 4 years or so. Cue some internal angst & the old leftie pastime of infighting & tearing each other to pieces.
    Love the way that cunt McDonnell says ‘I’ve done my bit…’ Too fucking right you did Johnny-boy & let’s face facts, you & the Wrinkled Scrotum have set the Labour Party back about 50 years, you dick!
    Now the faithful are saying they all KNEW Corbyn wasn’t popular with the traditional party vote, but the old wank-stain was too vain & full of himself to stand aside & let a proper leader take over. It could all have been so different for them, I mean BoJo is a bit of a pillock really & any half decent Labour leader with a solid stance on Brexit should have mashed him.
    Piddlecock’s twatter feed seems to have dried up too… Forgive them Laura, they might not know what they do, but they knew enough to get rid of a Corbynista arse-licking cunt like you! Next Deputy Leader of the Labour Party looks a long way off now!
    Ho, Ho Fucking Ho! Merry Christmas cunters.

  4. I’m on there, joined about two months ago, purely to abuse cunts. So far, I am banned/muted/whatever by Alastair Campbell, Owen Jones, James Cordon and some other cunts whose names I can’t recall right now.

    • It is good for that MR, I only signed up to harangue Extinction Rebellion when they were threatening to fuck my holiday up with their toy drones the other month. I deleted it for my own sanity; I am proud to say though that Gretchen Mongberg herself personally tried to get me banned because I dared to pile in on this bag of shite:

      If I remember correctly I called it the gayest, wettest thing I’d ever seen; didn’t go over well!! πŸ˜‚

  5. I’m on Twatter, get in touch @Gofuck yourselves or @Iknownaffinkabaaaahtit.
    I’ll reply if I sober up.

    • Late night, or early start, B&WC?

      Hope you’re well, fella. And keeping that tongue out of de white wimminz arseholes;)

      • I’m ok MR, had a few last night and got work to get on with today.
        Unfortunately it’s not the pleasure type of work you mention.
        Gotta pay the bills an all that.

  6. If there is one thing this election has shown it’s that Twitter is a Libtard echo chamber which is totally disconnected from the real world. Fed up with the spectacle of twats on Twatter circle jerking over their favourite Librard causes as if what they are saying counts for anything. Cunts.

    • Aside from trolling an baiting libtards,
      Think id bore of it if didnt get blocked first.
      I’ll leave it alone, never done facefuck either.
      Playing on ISACs about the nearest i get to a social media type.
      Im happier trolling you lot.πŸ˜€

      • Never had either of em but it doesn’t stop me reading the shite that’s spouted on Twatter, due to the self-importance of the fucktards not making it private, because ‘everybody deserves to read my political views.’ Arseholes.

  7. Talking of Twatter I might get a hashtag going to stop the blatant disrespect to the Rastafarian religion. I talk of Rastamouse the kids cartoon on the BBC of all places…imagine there was a Rabbi duck or Ayatollah rabbit those religions wouldn’t like it would they.
    I could start the fall of the BBC.
    What a load of cunt.
    I’m going back to bed. Piss off.

  8. Just search #LabourWin, follow the twatter link and then piss yourself laughing for an hour!

    Very cathartic!

    • Fuck me Rebel that’s outstanding!!! Makes me think about rejoining to kick some of these simple cunts when they’re down!!!

    • Cheers for this.
      It’ll take me days to plough through that lot …& laughing all the way at the pathetic shite being spouted – ‘rigged’ ‘racist’ ‘homophobe’ ‘no NHS’ ‘you’ve ruined my future’ etc etc ad infinitum.
      Not once do the dull cunt’s think that perhaps lots of voters remember exactly what Jezza is – a commie terrorist appeaser with a hatred of the British way of life & anyone who doesn’t follow his preaching. He’s a cunt & so are they. Fuck them.

    • Oh my lord that is BRILLIANT!! What a bunch of fannies!! “If you voted Conservative, just remember that you voted for a racist and a homophobe” /”Why are people voting for someone who called Muslim women letterboxes? “..
      Why are these Labour supporters bringing up Boris’s good points?

  9. I never truly understood the expression, “fucks like a rabbit”…. until I got fucked by one….

  10. I opened a Twatter account about a 6 weeks ago. Wanted to send a message to Sir Nigel. But I couldn’t make head nor tail of it. Haven’t bothered with it since.

    Apparently I have one ‘follower’.

    • Ruffy, doesn’t your manservant follow you… around Creampuff manor? “You wish anything, sire? Cup of tea? Sandwich?”

      • Yeah that’s me Creampuff…was hoping you will post some of your mushrooms in curries recipes.

  11. I imagine most of the “celebrity” tweets are posted when the little cunts are as pissed as a fart or off their heads on drugs. Matthew Horbe apparently dsgraced himself on it on Thursday night. Significantly most of the really daft ones are posted in the early hours.

    If used properly I suppose Twitter serves the same innocuous use as CB radio used to, telling you of dangers on the road or off it. For example if you are near Beaconsfeld at lunchtime,pop into the Rose & Crown where, as part of their Sunday lunchtime “Stars Of The Bars” feature you can see and hear Dominic Grieve at the electric organ in his “Hits Of the 60s” set (the 1860s, that is)*

    * Don’t all rush, I made that one up. But get along to the Steaming Pussycat Club in Soho tonight where Laurs Pidcock starts her Sunday night residency in Stripping On Sunday (well she needs the money, poor fucker

    • Don’t forget Caroline Flint! She’ll be on her knees down Kings Cross putting that blue vein guide between her front teeth to good use soon – maybe Hugh Grant could be her first customer, getting a dirty nosh behind a skip is just about his level.

  12. Social media for the people, I wonder how much abuse ISAC cunters would get if the noms went live on Twatter

    Could get record numbers, words like racist, homophobic, facist, bigots.


      • A big issue seller has recently appeared in my town, a member of the peaceful fraternity of course – most amusing to get a friend of mine to shadow them back to Bradistan, living in a very nice private four bed house with a Range Rover and Merc outside, flogging magazines is clearly profitable for this allegedly “homeless person”!

        Clear fraud, reported, absolutely nothing done

    • I dont think it takes much to get called an ist or phobe on Twitter given how clearly the site’s executives have sided with the feral left.

  13. Don’t k know if anyone has commented on this yet – somalian pirate runner Mohammed Farah’s brother has been deported. Yes deported. I didn’t think this was allowed or happened in today’s PC world. After a stabbing incident ( no surprise) he’s been sent back to Somalia. But would love to return to the UK someday. Wonder why ??

      • Aye if that waffling cunt Boris wants a second term he can guarantee it by making Africans illegal and deporting every man-jack of the vile horde.
        Twatter can also get deported up wee krankies arsehole sideways.
        Fuck off cunts.

      • After admitting the other day that I’ve never been on Facebook, I have to own up that I’ve never been on Twitter either. I’m just an out-of-touch dinosaur.

      • I was on Facebook many Years ago, it was most edifying to find out wot sumwun did eated for breakfast, innit!

        Predominantly a gossip website for the socially disabled and the best way ever for the security services to monitor users and pry

      • I’m rarely on Facebook now. After dozens of month-long bans for daring to speak my mind about our Peaceful friends, I miraculously discovered ISAC, and now I can speak my mind in the wonderful company of like-minded cunts such as your good selves. It’s great seeing good old-fashioned common sense conversation without fear of cunty PC twats ruining our fun.
        Viva ISAC!!

      • I do worry what would happen if one of the libtard cunts actually stumbled on our little rat’s nest…. be shut down overnight!! The Lilymong will have plenty of time to spare now it’s ditched twatter, let’s hope it doesn’t google “how much am I adored by the British public” and end up here….

  14. Never participated in any sites like Twitter or Facebook , life’s too short for that type of cuntiquity. In fact my only online social interaction has been on ISAC ,after being amused by some humorous cunts for a year or so I finally took the plunge a few weeks ago and feel as though I have found my spiritual home . Im so happy because I never knew there were so many cunts like me in the world.

  15. Must admit I have thought about it, not to tell every body what time I will be wiping my arse, but just to stir things up amongst the luvvie/liberals something for another day perhaps

  16. Twitter is worse than Facebook in that when some turd on Facebook makes a dubious claim, mutual friends will correct them, and if they carry on being a lying cunt and telling people to ‘check their facts’ they get mocked or face being ostracised in real life. This doesnt really happen with Twitter as nobody really knows anybody else and follows are more important than individual friends, so the animosity on either side grows.

    Ghastly site.

  17. What a load of old bollocks Twatter is. Made an account the other day while at a loose end, with the intention of a bit of light-hearted piss taking. Anyway, on my second post my fucking account was suspended for weighing in on Caroline Flack arrest.

    All I said was she should have been charged with crimes against humanity, due to hosting that cunt-fest ‘Slag Island.’

    That’s pretty much my comment verbatim. Moral of the story, keep your cunting to here and not Twatter.

    • It’s a vacuum mate; I found the same when piling on the Eco cunts etc., anything not kissing their arses mysteriously disappears within minutes thanks to the teams of people they employ to remove any dissenting thought. That’s why we’ve now got a generation that are protesting about the results of the election hours after it came in; they are literally incapable of understanding that people are allowed to hold contrary opinions.

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