The PC Brigade

A well-deserved cunting for the PC Brigade.

I read a story today saying that all pedestrian lights would have the green and red symbols for stop and go changed, because the LGBT community think it’s gender unfriendly. SERIOUSLY? Fuck me, how much more shite do we need forced down our throats from this minority of sanctimonious, self-righteous, narcissistic, work shy, anarchic, lefty cunts?

LGBT marches, Rainbow rallies…Can you imagine the out roar if there was a straight march? You’d never hear the end of the outrage from them. Better still, because of Political Correctness, we aren’t supposed to call our national flag the Union Jack. Because of the narrow minded few, it’s supposed to be the ‘Union flag’ now because it may cause offence racially. We can’t sing the nursery rhyme ‘Baa Baa Black sheep’ anymore either, nor can we have such a thing as a Black board, but it’s alright to have a White board? As for the vegans that want to save all the animals and save the planet, then answer me this: Why are they happy to see the Brazilian rainforest being ripped down at a rate of knots for their precious soya beans? Why do they want to eat Quorn burgers, sausages or mince? I thought the whole point was that it was immoral to eat meat and animal products, but it’s okay to eat things that only look like meat? Oh well, that’s alright then, you bunch of whinging cunts.

The voice of the minority agenda seems to be louder than the voice of the many, and I for one am sick of listening to it.


49 thoughts on “The PC Brigade

  1. It just gives them a supreme feeling of basking in the warmth of self righteousness and to give cunts like Owen Jones a chance to organise yet another march/demo with a few hundred other dipsticks and then claim 200,000 turned up.

    • Oh dear…
      I misread “dipsticks” as lipsticks…
      But there again, with Moaning Owen, not unlikely…

    • How can you be offended by traffic lights?
      Surely having just amber is dangerous?
      Domt pay them any notice anyway just advisory arent they?
      Like seatbelts and MOTs.

      The PC brigade are great, happiest when moaning and outraged!
      Like us!😀
      I want some historic signs like ‘coloureds entrance’
      ‘Negroes drinking water’
      ‘No blacks,irish or dogs’
      For my gate, nothing like pushing some little ducky snowflake into swallowing his tongue in outrage!

      Ps phone manufacturers
      When you going to give is a swastika emoji?

      • Back in the 1970s I had a record shop. To help counteract the inevitable boredom I would occasionally stick signs on the glass entry door.

        A couple from memory:

        No Women Allowed.

        Young Girls Wanted For Criminal Sex – Apply Within.

        Needless to say, with regard to the second sign, the police were not amused.

      • Hi Cuntflap, so they have!
        Well after all it is a symbol that embraces everyone, the sexual deviants and mentally unstable included!
        Good luck to them👍
        Hope to see the swastika fluttering proudly over pride marches up and down the country!

  2. Sorry to be a pedantic cunt, but the Union Flag is usually referred to as the Union Jack, when it’s flown on a ship’s jack (pole). However, it is only pedants like me who bother – the terms are interchangeable. But still a good cunting. I was in Poland recently and it was their national day. Thousands of white people with Polish flags – can you imagine the uproar if we had a march here with thousands of white people with Union flags? We’d all be racists or the far-right. Cunts.

    • I was going to say that…
      PC is cunt though.
      Christ, I despise that fucking meerkat!

    • What a shame that Jon Snow-White wasn’t there to report, with one of his memorable bits of bullshit.
      I think that, as he is soooo offended by whiteys, he should change his name to Jon Sooty.

    • In Latvia you have to put the national flag up on Independence Day or face a fine. They have a museum of occupation which gives the dates from 1941 to 1990 which is nearly 50% of the lifetime of the country.

  3. I fucking hate PC bullshit as much as the next normal cunt. However, just thought I’d point out the Union Jack flag is only the Union Jack when it is flown from the Jackstaff (flag pole on the ship’s bow). It is the Union Flag when on land. Please feel free to correct me cunters, but I’m not sure we can put the flag thing down to PC cunts, but fuck ’em anyway.

  4. It’s safe to cross the road with the green man or green woman or green tranny or green bender.
    I would replace it with the words Cross now you Cunt!

    And these silly PC wankers wonder why there is hate crime, next it will be the fucking peacefuls wanting a figure in burqa.

  5. I could write an entire thesis on the subject of “Pandering to Minorities”. Hitler had the right idea, he just went about it the wrong way.

  6. I want the rainbow back as a rainbow.

    If homosexuals want symbolism of homosexuality they should have a flag depicting genitals. Penis in the anus, vagina against vagina.

    • I want the rainbow back as a tv show where it belongs.
      Geoffrey bungle an zippy died so these people could swan around in leather underpants.

  7. I’ll be as politically correct in 2020 as I am now. Fuck minorities, fuck the greens, fuck the #MeToo harpies.

    I did a google for the traffic light thing and fuck me London and Manchester have both modified traffic crossing lights to represent gay and trans people. These councils can’t afford anything, they are constantly bemoaning lack of funds but they can afford this shit?

    What these people actually want is inequality, they want the rest of us to bow down to them. It’s legal to fuck your boyfriend up the arse now, you can wear a dress and insist I call you Julie, what more do you want?

    The next thing on their wish list is to have it made a hate crime to refuse to date trans people. I read this in an article, the article was inspired by the murder of a trans woman who’s date wasn’t mega impressed to find out the hot girl from tinder had a penis, being a conservative type he couldn’t accept that some girls have a cock.

    From the authors point of view this is an example of transphobia.

    No it’s not, it’s a case of dishonesty and fraud committed by a man misrepresenting himself as a woman. Murder is an extreme act but so is getting someone into bed under false pretences.

    Traffic lights don’t care about your gender or sexuality and neither do facts.

    I certainly won’t be accepting fantasy as facts. If you were born a man you may transition to something else but it won’t be a woman in my eyes.

    I’ll probably be crossing the line by raising the issue of the suicide rate being considerably higher amongst trans people, the reason for the higher suicide rate is debatable, is it because of the way trans people are treated by society or is it because the levels of mental illness is higher in this community? It’s an important question to answer.

    Are we to change the world to accommodate a mental illness? Surely we need to ask the questions that are quickly becoming impossible if not illegal to ask?

  8. This site cheers me up on a daily basis, another excellent thread. I prefer how things were in the 70s, 80s, and even the 90s. Political correctness is also closely aligned with cultural marxism, both a load of old shit.

    In a hiking club I joined it truly seemed like nearly everybody was either leftists, corbynistas, and or liberal metropolitan elite. Makes me sick. I have been a lifelong Conservative voter. They have their flaws, but it’s rather the best we have got at least within the mainstream parties.

    For me the mark of a good and honest friendship in real life is being able to take the piss out of – the EU, Corbyn, Abbott, political correctness, LGBT, immigration etc

    On a social dinner with the walking and hiking gang I made one remark about buying and reading The Telegraph, from their reaction I may as well have said I kept slaves at home, then secondly I had to visit the “paki shop” and apparently that went down like a lead balloon. I just don’t have the vocabulary or the interest to deal with the leftist woke rainbow generation.

      • Owain, the lady I work with has joined a hiking club and complains exactly about the same thing – most of the other members are screaming lefties.

        It is a case of (a) Owain, you are the lady I work with or, (b) You belong to the same hiking club she does or (c) Hiking clubs, in general, attract the lefty types.

      • Thanks Paul. Yes these outdoors clubs seemed to be rife with it. Plus it’s the leftists that endlessly bleat about it. Whereas more normal people and right wing voters don’t drone on about it endlessly.

        I left the group before the eco woke shit and extinction rebels etc. so actually i think it’s got even worse nowadays, judging from a few social news feeds.

        Being out with that group (I wasn’t) in 2019 would have been horrendous i.e. Climate, extinction rebel, Corbyn, the General Election, Brexit/EU, be like a walking tour of the Guardian or socialist worker. Makes me reflect and think I am glad I left already.

  9. PC Brigade can kiss my arse as far as I’m concerned.

    I think average joe-cunt in the west is starting to wake up and turn their backs on PC.
    The old Globalist governments like Blair in Britain and Bush/Obama in the US who used PC as a way to silence the masses who weren’t down with their mass immigration policies and other shitty underhand shananigans have now lost ground or gone completely.

    I think the underlying messages the recent UK election gave us (which mainstream media aren’t talking about) is the utter rejection of Left wing parties and policies that have pushed this PC bullshit for far to long now.
    Same happened in the US in 2016 with Trump’s election and I dare say will happen again in 2020 with his 2nd term.

    Average Joe cunt has sent out a loud and clear message by their votes to left wing shit mongers like ‘Big jugs Swinson’ & ‘The magic commie grandpa’ that their shit ain’t gonna get tolerated no more.

    Idiots like ‘Big Jugs Swinson’ have lost their platforms and credibility all in one sweet blow at the ballot box.

    Labour have lost so much ground that outside their little lefty spunk bubbles like Salford and Islington they have no influence and losing many seats shows this.

    They are that fucking thick that they cannot see where they went wrong. They still don’t realise average Joe cunt don’t give a fuck about climate change, Syria, Trans gender or hard done by pooves anymore.

    They care about getting the fuck out the EU, stopping mass immigration, stopping crimes in their neighbourhood and having their kids grow up in a free, tolerant society that doesn’t try and scare and control citizens through hypocritical PC bullshit.

    • Very well said once again Count! You’ve just stated the very thing I was about to. I’m encouraged by the fact that the much maligned ‘silent majority’ is finding its voice at last, and sending a message to the arsewipe pc brigade that it can fuck off. The worm is turning, and it’s about time.

      • Thank You sir knee, it shows the huge extent people from across the UK and western world are fucking sick of this shit.
        USA, France, UK, Italy, Poland, Hungary are just a few nations who are starting the fight back.
        Once the EU flops which will happen pretty quickly after Brexit, kiss mass immigration and globalism good bye. Sadly much of the damage has already been done.

        All the best Ron. Take care and have a happy New Year.

  10. In the news today:

    “Her initial complaint in July led to 12 young Israelis being arrested and quizzed.

    But they were released without charge when cops decided she made up the attack after learning she was filmed having consensual sex.

    And today judge Michaelis Andreas Papathanasiou ruled she had repeatedly lied and “only told the truth when she admitted to being humiliated” by the video.

    He slammed her evidence as “unreliable” and said she had tried to “mislead the court”.

    He added: “She knows that she was never raped and she gave false statements.

    “The guilt of the accused is proven. She confessed her guilt.”

    The judge also dismissed evidence she was suffering from PTSD when she says she was bullied into withdrawing the gang rape allegation.

    The teenager shook her head as she was found guilty of public mischief at Famagusta District Court. Her mum wept.

  11. Just watched the news on BBcunts, there was a story about St fucking Greta, the BBcunts sent Mishal Husain to Sweden by plane to interview her at home, not very CO2 free and then the interview was carried out in front of an open fireplace, it looked like it was well used judging by the amount of soot up the front, Not very Carbon free Greta!!

    The BBC and Cuntberg deserve each other, both Cunts!

  12. Has anyone seen that young Brexiteer Alice Grant?
    Delightful bit of posh totty if ever there was.

    Get to the back of the queue B&WC I saw her first! 🤣

  13. Political correctness = “picking up a turd by the clean end” as an astute student wrote in an essay years ago.

  14. In a similar vein to the idiocy cunted above …heard today:

    That’s right. Both Dulwich College and Winchester College rejected Professor Sir Bryan Thwaites’ scholarship proposals, fearing the move would put them in breach of anti-discrimination laws, according to The Times.

    The 96-year-old, who attended both schools on scholarships, had intended to leave money in his will for white British boys from poor backgrounds because they are the least likely demographic to go to university.

    Less likely, in fact than blacks…

    The Stormzy (Cambridge) Scholarship. Read it, cunters, and weep.

    • Owen “Fucking” Jones is truly the cunt’s cunt. A cunt for the ages. A globe-straddling titan of cuntery.

      I’d pay good money to watch him scream whilst having his anal tract fisted inside out until he carks.

  15. It’s depressing, but we need another world war to sort the sheep from the goats. Russia, China and the Arab nations must laugh at the decadent west. We wouldn’t stand a chance.

  16. I would like to now identify myself as a black and white striped badger. I would appreciate it if you lot could respect my wishes and treat me in the correct fashion.

    Thankyou for your understanding.

  17. Woke Veterinarians are shallow PC virtue signallers, save the animals? every time they purchase vegetables they eat the product of animals, blood and bone fertiliser, offal, cow poo etc. It takes 6 months to biodegrade vegetable matter to fertiliser, extremely uneconomical.

    Now when the pricks eat out of season they are buying vegetables grown in an environment of a CO2 concentration of 1050ppm, this is what C3 plants require through evolution for optimum growth. Narrow minded pricks (prick-less?)

    Thick bits of academical smart but worldly stupid people, the media promote this PC shit and are instruments of their own demise, bring on the reset, it’s well over due!

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