Peter Cook (owner of Stan the Cat)

Paws if you will, for not Pete and Dud, the great satirists, but some vacuous looking arsehole from Kent called Peter Cook, who has decided to let Stan the Cat stand as an anti-Brexit candidate in the forthcoming election:

Of course, the Daily Mirror and some of its readers who have an IQ of 5 think this is a wonderful idea, but to me it just shows how life is falling into the gutter and it seems to be encouraged by the Establishment.

Poor Stan, fancing having to depend on a cunt like this for his well-being – his “owner” probably has to have social services wipe his arse for him every day when he takes a dump.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

80 thoughts on “Peter Cook (owner of Stan the Cat)

  1. What a fucking wanker. It’s amazing the number of head cases who have swallowed all the MSM shit. He says the Medway towns will fall “ even deeper into despair and hopelessness” so he is actually aware of the pikey and immo infested shithole he comes from. I wonder what makes him think it will get worse under Brexit? I hope his fucking cat ends up as Xmas dinner on the table of some freeloading Roma scum, the thick fucking knob.

  2. Fellow cunters, as an Aussie I have no skin in this game. You will all get what the majority vote for, whoever that may be on Thursday but, one thing I am sure of is that if Boris and his mob get in you will probably get slapped around a bit financially in the short term until things settle down but, if Jezza sneaks in you will all be well and truly arse raped for at least 4 years and may never recover!
    Best wishes from down under!

    • That is it in a nutshell. Whatever the financial damage from Brexit it will be as Teddy Bears Picnic party to a Pikey Picnic Party to the financial damage a Corbyn/McDonnell government would bring.

    • Unfortunately grumpy old cunt, there are millions here in this country who simply can’t see the bleeding obvious. Thanks for the good wishes , and if that anti British , anti white terrorist sympathiser is in power on Friday morning then my next job will be booking a 12000 mile flight. Put the kettle on just in case will you.

      • Will do mate. Milk and sugar? Hope you can get enough points on the qualification lottery here. WASP…..fuck off….Moose Limb…. ?Welcome….FFS.

  3. He’ll have to prove the cat is a British citizen. The feline looks a bit foreign to me.

    Another cunt whose idea of social justice is that I get up at six every working day to pay a big wedge of tax so he can act the cunt.

    Leave your luggage on the platform. It will follow you later.

  4. Is that him in the pic? Looks like Judith chalmers?
    Get yer hair cut pete yer middle class hippy fuck.
    He needs a day doing manual labour to focus his mind.
    Everything i despise, anti brexit, cyclist,femimale,an smells of cat litter.

  5. I have to congratulate admin on finding a better photo of this blue rinsed cunt – the original article made him look an arsehole but this one is even better that shows him for what he is – one of the great protesting unwashed, so busy mincing round sticking his nose into other people’s affairs that he doesn’t have time for personal freshness, hygiene or haircuts.

    I suppose poor Stan is nowhere as annoying and pompous as Granny Grieve and Lady Hilary Benn though, poor little sod

    • Stan the cat certainly has bigger balls than Remain’s Ugly Sisters- Grieve & Benn.

      • I am just hoping Hugh Grant has kept Friday clear to scrub the shitstains off Granny Grieve’s knickers when the old cunt is handed his P45.

  6. Another remainer loon, looks unemployable and probably stinks of piss.
    So sick and tired of these cunts, ok do we ever actually leave the EU I think there will be a new type of syndrome these remain era suffer from.
    I can understand Swinson or Heseltine wanting to stay as they have alleged financial interests but this cunt looks skint, probably lost his shite job to a pole.
    Most definitely needs a kick up the bollocks.
    Piss off.

  7. Look at this loser, dripping with self-satisfaction. He looks like the same sort of vindictive boner to bring back fox-hunting and Jim’ll Fix It.

  8. Roll on Thursday when We can be done with all this shite 👍Get ready for all the legal and High Court Actions if the Conservatives win convincingly👎
    Leave Means Leave 17.4 million voted for it respect the will of the people Get Brexit Done🇬🇧 👍

    • I see a Gina Miller (Blair sponsored) court challenge to stop Brexit, twisting some line in the Magna Carta to argue that the peasants aren’t allowed a say.
      It gonna get even more ridiculous…some cunt will probably set fire to themselves.
      Fuck them all.

    • Amusing to think that there is already talk of legal challenges to votes at a local level where third party `Lobbyist’s’ have been campaigning on behalf of what they believe in, but aren’t part of the official campaign process. And specifically where the winners margin is narrow.

      • If Magi Geandpa and John Trotsky McDonnell wins, I am immediately going to campaign for a “People’s Vote for the public to have a final say, as they genuinely don’t know what they are voting for. “We will spenf £83 billion” sounds steep, but hang on they forgot the WASPI wimmin, so that is another £58 billion please, but where will it come from? Steptoe couldn’t say on TV last week, and still hasn’t said. He hasn’t said where the billions for nationalisation will come from either. Presumably they don’t know, so if they don’t know, how can the public make a choice?. Let’s give them a dose of their own medicine and demand another say.

  9. Only just noticed his Che Guevara sticker on his sweaty t-shirt.
    No doubt a Corbyn voter.
    If I was in charge cunts like this would be the first to be pushed off the cliff’s of Dover.

  10. Dumb deluded fuckwit.

    Everyone knows that cats are ferociously xenophobic and anti EU by default, it’s not fucking rocket science!

    • I used to have a racist dog Rtc.
      Mild mannered an friendly, until he saw a black person..then a snarling teeth flashing racist!
      I didnt influence him!
      It was his own viewpoint!

      • Reminds me of being in a bar in Spain, MNC, talking to an old German guy, who had a dog lying quietly at his feet. One of those black, illegal immigrant types came in, covered in watches, chanting “Lookie-Lookie”, trying to sell his cheap shit. The dog took exception to this, lunged for the guy and bit his leg. The black fella legged it (pardon the pun) and peace was restored. The old German guy apologised for his dog, adding “My dog is a racist dog but he saves me from biting them myself”. The place exploded with laughter.

      • There’s a 1982 film called “White Dog” MNC, deals with that very subject!! Got music by Ennio Morricone who is a fucking gold-plated genius

      • Is there?
        Oh ill check that out!
        Remind me of my best pal ‘shane’
        Funny, loyal, cute, and a staunch advocate of apartheid!
        ‘Whos a good boy?!😀

      • Not an uncommon occurrence apparently, the seth effrikens used to do it quite a lot 🐶

  11. I learn from the League Of…sorry…Against Cruel Sports that current legislation bans the hunting of wild mammals with dogs. There is not a word about hunting domestic cats – or indeed wild lizards, the cunts – so I think a visit from the Tynedale Hunt* would perhaps solve this slight glitch in the democratic process.

    Alternatively, elect the mog to the seat as it will be unable to speak and debarred from voting, thereby reducing the effective number of Brexit saboteurs in the House by one. The pushbiking cunt appears not to have thought of that.

    * Or whichever Northumberland hunt it is whose lady members are imperilled by Fiddler. Maybe the Percy?

    • Cats make a poor substitute for Reynard. I did wonder when the ban was first introduced if we may have to find other quarry for Sport but have found that abiding by the law and merely exercising the hounds or a spot of drag/trail hunting is all that is needed….of course,hounds can be difficult to control and if they take off after some fox we must chase to try and gather them before any accidental ripping and tearing should occur.

      Never The Percy…dreadful bunch of parvenu and pony-club types.

      Morning K.

  12. Look at the chinroll on this cunt haha

    Don’t think this cunt understands what brexit was really about. It was about restricting immigration and not being on EU’s dog leash anymore and being confined to its bullshit rules and laws. It had no intention of breaking Britain quite the opposite with a emphasis on self sustainabilty. Unfortunately we are never going to get it, pm bojo has pretty much convinced me of that

  13. Great, another piece of shit being lauded by the media, perhaps they team up with the shouty cunt outside Parliament.

    These cunts make brexit personal, I mainly want it to crush these cunts and make them miserable now.

  14. He’s the sort of cunt I now avoid like the plague, if I was to have a conversation with him it would turn nasty.

    His aversion to democracy v my aversion to massive cunts.

  15. A sinister looking “oh-so-clever” individual on a push-bike who thinks that his “ickle fluffy kitty-cat” should be a candidate because he doesn’t have the nerve to stand himself…..probably frightened that a few skeletons peeping out of the family closet will emerge if the press come digging.

  16. After all these years, the Remainer cunts just don’t get it. They are mostly lefties and think their view is the only right one – yes, us plebs voted for Brexit, but we must just be too thick to realise what we were doing. We need all the lefties and celebs to save us from ourselves. Every fucking socialist country has ever been the same – and look what happened to that! In 1989, the plebs had just had enough of th ebullshit and it just collapsed.

    For fuck’s sake Remainers – just learn a fucking lesson from history will you.

  17. I think cunting is too good for him. He’s Jibble. Cunting has a certain nobility about it. This sort of twerp doesn’t qualify.

      • Boris should have given her one whilst the music was playing and then come on her face before sending her back in.
        The Tory bastard.

      • Not sure what you mean RTC, is there any other kind of couple than mixed race? Are you suggesting that in some weird, Twilight Zone-esque parallel universe a couple could consist of say, a white, heterosexual man and woman? Nonsense, and I for one am glad to live in a world where such a non-representative, sinister form of brainwashing could be allowed to exist.

    • I was agreeably surprised to see how well Boris did that. Superb direction too, of course, but definitely a natural actor.

  18. The irony, seemingly lost on this utter cunt, is that his cat would probably be more competent in running the country than Steptoe and his pet chimp. As Rage Against The Machine said “Bullet In The Head!!!”

    Falls into the same category as that other spastic – whose name escapes me – that has fuck all better to do than stand outside the houses of parliament all day, shouting “stop Boris” and “stop Brexit” through a fucking megaphone during the news broadcasts.

    How I laughed at the crying faces on TV when the Leave vote was announced, little did I realise they would eventually win by the toddler method i.e. stamping their feet, rolling around on the floor and scweaming at the top of their lungs. Democracy in the UK is a bygone concept.

  19. My Ginger pussy, is very upset that cats are being politicised.

    He doesn’t care who runs the country as long as Cats have a voice, in my case it’s usually a sharp loud meow which means ‘where’s my fucking dinner!

    Peter Cook is one of those people who are on the ever increasing list ‘those who require a short sharp shock’

    Smack in the mouth and kick in the bollocks!

  20. Everyone who owns a cat knows well and and good that nobody actually OWNS a cat…..they stick around because the going is good, but if you slip up, they will hit the road and fuck off to live at the neighbours house.

    This cunt should take note.

    Did he even ASK Stan where his political allegiances lie? Has Stan even got the time to canvass, in between hunting mice, chasing moths and licking clean his bumhole?

    I know one thing for sure though. My cat Del Boy would be better qualified than the fucking humans standing in our constituency, were he to agree to step up to the plate.

    Sadly, he would tell me to get fucked, shut up about politics and go and fetch his catnip.

    • Afternoon Nurse C,
      We have 2 cats as well as a very large Akita dog.
      The dog hates one cat and chases it, but the older cat is mates with the dog and accompanies us on a night time walk, and the dog will protect the cat against other dogs!
      Cats are pretty smart arent they?
      Has its own bodyguard, although still too dense to push open a door.

      • I think this is the best idea since the Mad Hatters Tea Party. That cat probably has more sense than half a dozen politicians put together. I’d definitely vote UCAT. This particular one may be anti-Brexit but they’re all different. Mine refuses to discuss politics, when I ask her opinion, all she’ll say is ‘give me more chicken’.

      • My Cat is being a bit of a cunt, she hasn’t forgiven me for pissing off for three weeks.

      • Afternoon, Mnc.
        I agree. They are very smart indeed….as well as just so damned funny. Far more entertaining than people give them credit for. My Cat Del Boy has mastered the door, too much so in fact. ANY DOOR. He can actually hook open the under stairs cupboard with his claws and usually during the night (when I am mid-coma) I hear that familiar rooting sound. I wake up in the morning to find the copious shit we have in said cupboard spread across the hall floor.

        The joys of Cattitude…..

      • Trying to keep them out of the christmas tree is fun.
        The dog doesnt trust them either!
        Hides massive bones from them in our bed in case the cats nick a bone twice their body weight.
        But to be fair they all steal of each other, no honour among pets.

    • I think I own (am tolerated by) the only cat on the planet that doesn’t like catnip. Either that or she has no sense of smell.

      • Del Boy can take it or leave it too, Moggie.

        He will have a sniff, writhe about and go mad for a few seconds, then gets bored and pisses off.

        I have so many catnip toys here for him, that I bought thinking he would be in cat heaven, and most he can’t be arsed with!

  21. I think you’ll find that’s the LibDump candidate, us cats have far more decorum and self-awareness.

  22. Gentlemen, Nurse Cunty and others of indeterminate gender. Having had enough talk of cats, the anuses of cats and where tongues should be placed, I Googled the cunt’s constituency and found the following

    Gillingham and Rainham
    These are the candidates standing in the Gillingham and Rainham constituency:

    Alan James Bullion: Liberal Democrats
    Rehman Chishti: The Conservative Party
    Peter Cook: Independent and being cunted presently by ISAC
    Rob McCulloch Martin: UKIP Make Brexit Happen
    Roger James Peacock: Christian Peoples Alliance
    George Bernard Salomon: Green Party
    Andy Stamp: Labour Party

    A poll for the above election will be held on Thursday 12 December 2019 between 7am and 10pm.
    14 November 2019
    Neil Davies
    Acting Returning Officer
    Medway Council

    All this shite about a cat standing for Parliament is just shite. The requirements for voting are:

    be registered to vote
    be 18 or over on the day of the election (‘polling day’)
    be a British, Irish or qualifying Commonwealth citizen
    be resident at an address in the UK (or a British citizen living abroad who has been registered to vote in the UK in the last 15 years)
    not be legally excluded from voting.

    I think that fuck’s the cat’s chances of standing.

  23. This country has gone fucking mad and is well and truly fucked…
    A cat as an MP?! This fucking cunt should be in Broadmoor…

    • Cats couldn’t do any worse. Mine would have got Brexit done and dusted within 6 months max, no prob.

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