Middle Class Liberal Green Movement

A verdant cunting for the middle-class liberal green movement. If these semi-retired and semi-educated halfwits took a bit of time they might find that the UK, Europe and even the US have made 0% contribution to increasing CO2 emissions in recent years, and that our measly efforts to reduce Carbon emissions are more than offset by the vast amounts of coal power plants under construction in China alone.

Should they actually want to protest against the real culprits they shout scrape themselves off the pavement, get down off of the electrically-powered public transport and relocate to Beijing and Delhi, otherwise they are merely trying to undermine our economy to our, and their, detriment.

Fuck off to China, you bourgeois, dreadlocked, Fraggle plastics.

Nominated by Cuntamus Prime

52 thoughts on “Middle Class Liberal Green Movement

  1. These people, perhaps they haven’t done much significant in their lives, they feel this might give them a boost. Maybe.

  2. These are the first fuckers I’d feed to the Martians (a la yesterday’s War of the Worlds nom.)

    • I wouldn’t wish that on the martians, Bertie.
      These protesters might taste like beans and pulses, tofu, and wheat germ lemon grass smoothies etc. Eww.

      • Afternoon Spoons. I think the Martians would certainly struggle to find any blood worth draining from them.

      • I wish to protest at the way Martians are repeatedly depicted as bloodthirsty monsters and the casting of aspersions upon their civilisation in general. It’s racist and I find it offensive.

        probably speciesist

    • These daft buggers would welcome the mothership with banners “welcome space brothers” arms wide open to hug the little green travellers.
      When the martians opened up with rayguns theyd be first incinerated.

    • Im diesel DCI. And if they want to go buy me a new removal van I’ll trade.
      But till then they can fuck right off!
      Love the smell of diesel!!

      • And our ambulances, MNC. I leave the fucker running to keep the heating/aircon/stereo going all the time I’m in the bastard! Would please me all the more if the pretentious brat, Greta was in the back.

      • Me too, plenty of good milage from a tank of fuel (6-700 in my Mondeo and over 54 mpg in the Mini) and an engine chugging over at half the speed of a petrol equivalent as you whizz up and down the motorway. If I drive a petrol car now I am always looking for another gear.

      • The Mondeo (Duratec Engine) is a brilliant car does the business without all that pretentiousness that German car manufacturers imbue with their product

  3. This is well recognised. However, the industrialising cuntries such as China feel that they have the same right to endanger the planet as the West had over the last 200 years, and without our having much leverage over the cunts they will continue to use coal as their prime energy source. What the bourgeois here do is pretty well irrelevant, however, it would be useful to say ‘we’ve cut back and we haven’t suffered (we haven’t) so give it a try, why don’t you?’

    Whatever, before rushing to judgement, take a look at: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2019/12/03/world/science-health-world/chinas-climate-paradox-leader-coal-clean-energy/

    Recent estimates are that China manufactures 70% of the world’s solar panels, incidentally. It’s also big in lithium batteries, and heavily engaged in research on both carbon mitigation and clean energy storage.

    Every morning and night I see a stream of commuting traffic with an average of 1.05 persons per car. Half the cars are SUV’s. And I bet a quarter of the drivers are for-show greenies if not outright vegan sandaloids. No-one would die – perhaps fewer would die – if these cunts invested in a Ka or a 2CV for their five-mile round trip, and gave a neighbour a lift in and out at the same time.

    Wouldn’t half piss the car conglomerates off, though.

    • 1.05 persons per car!
      That sounds as though it was worked out by slide rule.
      They must have been giving others a leg up.

      • Where I lived, up until we moved out of the city and into a country village, one of our neighbours always had Green Party posters up in his windows at election time.
        And two 4x4s in his front garden…

    • While the Chinese might be doing these things, they also constructing enough new coal powerplants to light up Australia.

      • My point was that while the Chinese are ‘constructing enough coal-fired…’ etc,(universally known fact) they were also doing ‘these things’. Your turn.

  4. I bet these middle-class suburban cunts would soon be up in arms if a planning proposal to build giant wind turbines on their doorstep!

    NIMBYism personified – “oh yes, we care for the environment, but can you build those things nearer rougher working class areas. I don’t want to see the value of my home to plummet!”

  5. I am convinced these self-righteous cunts are in league with Steptoe, for the same ends. They want our economy as a basket case to usher in a Marxist state – in their case a nice middle class Wireless 4-type terribly concerned liberal wankers. Of course if they succeed in their aim they will put it down to white male Tories.

    • I am becoming convinced Greta is in league with the Far Right. I was watching a programme about Himmler. He was all about clean living, getting back to nature down on the farm. He was a vegetarian and hated new technology and industry and of course despised the corrupt cities of the decadent Weimar Republic..The newsreels of the period showed the female Aryan with her sleeves rolled up and a lot who looked like a Greta. That’s what’s happening on the boat she’s not going below deck to prep up on her Environmental spiel. No, she’s down there practicing her goosestep (in her little Gestapo uniform) for when Adolf Hitler returns.

  6. ….overheard.

    A bloke is banging on about the environment, the ocean and single use plastics and says, “Do you realise that once a straw has been used, if it is not disposed of correctly it could kill a turtle.”

    “Well it’s not single use then”….

  7. Worried about the planet?
    A mithering cunt like Greta?
    Want so desperately to help with the climate emergency?
    Drive your Range Rover off a cliff with all your family in it.
    Condescending cunts.
    Fuck off.

    • God help the planet should any dopey prat decide to give her a good length and subsequently make her preggers!

      Imagine little Gretas running around with their constipated-looking faces and demanding this that and the other from an uncaring world!

    • And the Range Rover lands on top of one those immigrant shuttle boat dinghy’s, double bubble ( eight boats stopped alone today, or should I say helped ashore with fast track embarkation facilities)

  8. Non of these cunts would last a week without fossil fuels. Life in the northern hemisphere is only possible because of them. No amount of ” renewables” will change that simple fact. Wankering cunts the lot of em.

    • Quite so, probably they could partake in group masturbatory sessions to keep warm for when the wind doesn’t blow

  9. Some extinction cunt glued himself to the Lib Dem battle bus and the activists had a pop at Swinson, quite right too, her 77 flights last year are probably more that I have had in my lifetime.

    The irony is that the Lib Dem bus is electric, not gushing out CO2 or any other shit, the cunt was unglued and arrested.
    Rather that arresting these cunts just rip their glued hands off, taking a few layers of skin, that will make the cunts think twice.

    Climate emergency, stop cutting down trees, plant lots more.

    Forget taxing people who frequent fly, just ban the cunts from flying, that will cause a mini earthquake with the elites haha.

    Oh, nearly forgot, stop the third world popping out sprogs like fucking confetti!


    • I wonder what Swinson had to say with regards justifying those 77 flights?

      But I suppose that won’t come up on her manifesto; just like her husband’s 3 million Euros from the EU won’t be mentioned either. Can’t imagine why!

    • at that point I would be tempted to debag him and put a very large pot of Vaseline next to him.
      Even if it didn’t happen he would think twice about gluing himself to things.

    • Where does the electrickery come from? Renewables is a load fo old bollox as you can’t store it.

      • Looks like batteries are on their way, in fact. I wouldn’t write them off, as vast improvements have been made over the last ten years or so. Batteries + wind+tide+solar could take quite a lot of the existing load. Main problems now are battery life – they still get less efficient over repeated charge-discharge cycles and eventually die – and of course size vs charge capacity. Which isn’t a gigantic problem for static backup battery banks, and is less of a problem than it used to be for vehicles. Sodium-ion batteries may be the answer to using scarce lithium.

        This public-information broadcast was not brought to you by Exxon Mobil, who would very much like you to continue burning the greenest possible* CO2-emitting particulate-polluting hydrocarbon fuels and who look forward to your support for the next war required to make these available to you.

        *I.e. with added green dye.

      • All I know is, batteries never have enough power when you need them. From your mobile phone, flashlight, power drill ; you charge the buggers up, but when you need them, they are at half charge or run down quickly – then you gotta recharge them for 3 bloody hours.

        By the way, if the electricity is generated by steam turbines (most is), then the steam comes from gas boilers so you’re burning fossil fuels anyway.

        I drive a 17yr old petrol Mondeo. I’ll only be having an electric car when they’re free.
        Wait till everyone stops driving petrol & diesel cars. HM Gov’t UK collected £28 Billion in fuel duty last year.
        What will they tax then ? will it cost £80 to charge your car batteries from flat ? ? ?

        When they start charging for every visit into the city centre (unless elec car) I’ll stop going.
        Never mind the local high st – B’ham, Manchester & Leeds will be full of closed shops & no customers.

      • We’ll all be retro-fitted with smart meters. For O2 intake. Also for orgasms, and any remotely pleasurable thoughts.

    • I would have removed the windscreen and forcibly ‘sold’ it to him, for the price of the removal, a new windscreen and the price of fitting it. He would then be welcome to take it away, and it would be funny watching him try to pick the fucker up and carry it to his car or, better still, onto the underground. The modern take on ‘you break it, you’ve bought it’.

  10. I know a libtard bitch, ex teacher, far too old to be a hippy, who goes on all these demos…..plus anti Brexit, anti Trump, animal rights, anything libtard. Her first husband divorced her because she spent all her time at Greenham Common. Her second hubbie is just glad to get rid of her while he pisses it up and jerks off to lezza porn.
    Oh, and before you ask….. no it’s not me you cunts!

  11. Just search youtube for any Chinese steel mill. Steam locos pulling slag trains, which is from coke blast furnaces. They don’t give a flying fuck while our steel business gradually slides into oblivion. Well done you green cunts – you won’t be happy until we are back at Year Zero, like your mate Pol Pot.

  12. These elderly cunts often cite the fact that they’re doing this for their grandchildren. Fuck off. If you were concerned for your grandchildren, you’d be at home like me, doing jigsaws and watching endless repeats of Peppa Pig with them.(oh, and trying to think of fuckin’ answers to the question Why?)
    I’ll bet many of these fuckers spend no time with their grandchildren.

    • All these cunts that say they’re doing this for their children / grandchildren – tell the little sods that they’ve got to limit phone & tablet time to 1 hour per day for the sake of the planet. The little fuckers will kick them in the shins if they can’t play minecraft 8 hrs a day.
      Oh & good luck getting a millennial off there i-phone for longer than 30 seconds. Twitter & snapchat all fucking day long….
      ‘just ordered my caramel latte 🙂 …’
      ‘costa staff taking their time 🙁 …’
      ‘bored in this queue 😐 …’
      ‘how many cals in a raisin muffin ?..’
      ‘drink too hot, burnt my lip lol 🙂 ‘


    • Do they feel the same about their final salary pensions. Maybe the old liver spotted cunts could hand those over , seeing as nobody else will ever see one.

      Wealth hoovering cunts.

      I’ve always said that Waitrose will be out of business in 25 years because of this. No cunt saving a pension now will be able to afford to shop there.

      Address this point with your average old cunt and they get fairly defensive and tell you they earned every penny

      I am an actuary by profession, calculating firms’ pension scheme deficits is one of my FAVOURITE tasks. Went to one the other week. Revenue of around £40m p.a.

      Pension scheme deficit of around £16m.

      Only closed the scheme to new entrants less than ten years ago because they were an independent brokerage that was run like a boys club , all sucking each other off in the boardroom about how great they were , when in truth they were the dregs that nobody else wanted and who they knew afforded them a decent level of luxury.

      It’s now a well run firm but this cuntitude (like lots of other firms) hangs over it.

  13. These eco-freaks are not worried about their planet or the environment, only themselves and looking virtuous and aware for fellow twats social media.

    The planet is still going to be here, no matter how high the sea rises or how many latitudes become desert.

    We are merely the ape that got lucky.

  14. Growler Kuntberg and these Eco Loons wouldn’t last two minutes in Beijing – Chairman Ting Tong would send in some tanks to run the cunts over. They simply fail to understand the basics. To make the reductions in CO2 omissions that they demand, Western Governments would need to introduce taxes to make owning a car and travelling by plane prohibitively expensive. Yeah, we’ll all agree to that. Bringing city centres to a standstill for the sake of your grandchildren is all well and good until you get into your Nissan Qashqai to fuck off home like the hypocrites you are.

  15. Is it possible to generate and store energy into a battery by riding an exercise bike?
    Can the same be done if masturbating?

    • I’ve told you before, you’ve got to stop powering your Christmas lights from your Willie.

      • It can spoons!
        But you have to masturbate while riding a bike.
        Try the tour de france!

  16. Today the radio 4 news bulletins/discussion programs were a non stop monologue on climate green issues, unfortunately it isn’t going away. Such an easy narrative for the media to promote plenty of one sided experts to voice an opinion (and no doubt petition for funding/research grants), activists so middle upper-class and the young on one side and the bogey man on the other business and industry who will end up footing the costs having to alter business models upending years of investment.
    These people do not give a thought to why things are, take plastic packaging for foodstuff for example it is by far the safest and surest method of preventing contamination of product (at the same time reducing waste of product), now if they want to spend half a lifetime sitting on the toilet or getting their stomach pumped go ahead.
    It has become a hobby horse for every body to get on indeed it has become the raison d`etre for them to get out of bed an obsessive quest where any counter arguments are dismissed out of hand.
    So long as these cunts are to be seen joining the crusade ‘look at me’ that’s all that matters to them, if things they petition for come to pass and start impacting on them they will be the first to complain. Flying has become one of the things they have lined up in their cross-hairs (any technical solutions if any, decades away) being so easy to slap a prohibitive tax on ticket prices so when that flight to the ski slopes becomes a lot more expensive and they might have to consider staying at home and take turns on the potters wheel, enjoy.
    The biggest puzzle for me is haven’t they got anything else to do like just getting on with life instead of imposing their opinion( lets be honest theirs is the only one that matters!!!) on others, I only wish the full force of the law and prosecution services was applied to them but it appears they are treated with kid gloves which begs the question why?

  17. We’ll all be retro-fitted with smart meters. For O2 intake. Also for orgasms, and any remotely pleasurable thoughts.

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