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My tits are steaming. Exploding in fact. Yet another luvvie who thinks they have a God-given right to pour scorn on the masses and school us in the error of our ways, which actually consists of insulting those of us who voted the Conservatives in and telling us  we are all a bunch of racist scumbags:

This, courtesy of a mediocre (at best) actor who is best known for the now fucking ancient ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ and nothing of any note since.

He apparently lives in Richmond, SW London which says it all really. The overly privileged residents have ousted Zac Goldsmith (in favour of a Liberal Democrat, whose name I cannot even be arsed to discover, as we all know they are total cunts anyway) Apparently, 71% of these money-buffered idiots voted remain in the 2016 referendum. so they clearly have their noses put out of joint by Brexiteer Goldsmith, so to say that it is no surprise that this venomous, jumped up cockwomble both has a home here and holds the views that he does, comes as no surprise at all. Plus, he is a Jock. But I am sure that has no bearing whatsoever on his political beliefs and any suggestion to the contrary would be a vicious lie.

I am so tired of these tired old accusations being thrown at those of us who dare vote Tory and voted leave. That we are ignorant, bigots, racists and how English patriotism is a dirty term and something that we should not even contemplate, in case we offend others.

I am also tired of people with a lot of money, high profiles (if you can call this cunt, who could not act his way out of a paper bag, ‘high profile) and access to a soap box by virtue of the fact they are in the public eye, patronising the masses like we are all a bunch of idiots who are clearly unable to make informed and intelligent decisions about who we want to see in government, and are solely being driven by our ‘racist’ mentalities. Oh, just fuck of Hannah, you bitter, bile-spewing, salty cunt.

So you didn’t get what you wanted? Tough shit. Deal with it. Bloody drama queen.

Nominated by Nurse Cunty

John Hannah is the totally unforgettable Scottish actor from ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’. The one that played the gay partner of Simon Callow and has been in a few other unforgettable roles. He’s like the boring voiced priest in ‘Father Ted’ – the one no one can follow because they switch off as soon as they hear his boring voice.

He always looked a cunt and he’s confirmed it with the following luvvie tweet following the election –

“This whole Brexit clusterfuck is really about one thing. Immigration! Like it or not, turns out we’re a country of racists and Brexit/EU scepticism is the cover. It’s all about English nationalism. Shameful!”

So Scottish nationalism is ok and all about kilts, tartan and Ballamorie whilst English nationalism is all about racism and immigration. Hannah is a bigot and a fundamentalist Libtard and needs to take a long look at himself.

What a cunt. But, sadly typical of a luvvie.

Nominated by Marvellous Mechanical Cunting Machine

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  1. The people of Richmond “Liberal” Now that’s an interesting concept, they would like to have more diversity and understanding ect ect.
    If all the above is true could anyone explain to me why HMP Latchmere house was the only fenced D cat prison in the UK?
    For those of you who don’t know a D cat prison is referred too as an “open prison” a place where inmates sleep whilst engaged in full time education or civil employment, a halfway house into society.
    So they cant be that fucking liberal can they, (I also think they got it closed too).
    (Sub note Latchmere House was a POW camp in world war II used to hold Nazi agents, very interesting history, I think Hess went there too)

  2. Perhaps one of us should go onto Hannah’s Twatter page and draw his attention to this superb cunting.

    Might settle the gobby little Scottish prick down a little

  3. He’s a ‘proud Scottish nationalist’, but I read somewhere that he actually lives in Las Vegas.

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