Cunt Bus Drivers

A Stan Butler cunting please for the cunt driving the double decker yesterday, who after clocking my ambulance, (I KNOW you fucking saw me as I made eye contact with you in your mirror), lights and sirens on, going down the middle of the road towards a traffic island, moved his fucking bus forwards to stop me getting in front. The queue of traffic waiting at the traffic lights both ways meant I couldn’t go around the opposite side of the island.

You monumental selfish cunt.

If it hadn’t been a fucking CAT 1 call we would have stopped and inserted a fucking oxygen cylinder up your jacksey and connected you to the de-fib to STOP your fucking heart, you total plutonium grade wank-stain. On the plus side, the CCTV footage from the cameras we have on all vehicles will be making it’s way to the police and your bosses. Just one question – Why? You are a fucking disgrace.

Good evening.

Nominated by DCI Gene Cunt

43 thoughts on “Cunt Bus Drivers

  1. DCI this is a cunting close to my heart.

    Bus drivers are cunts. I know it can’t be easy navigating a bus around town and I forgive them for the times they can’t pull up parallel to the curb because some cunts blocked the bus stop with their car.

    What irks me is the fact they think they can indicate and then immediately pull out, no giving way, I’m moving cunt. They do this anywhere, junctions, roundabouts, out of bus stops.

    Then there’s the majority of bus drivers who won’t even attempt to pull into a stop properly but would rather block half the road and fuck everyone else.

    If any politician had pledged to send the army out to pull these cunt drivers from their dross wagons and shoot the cunts beside the road I’d of voted for them, even Diane Flabbott.

  2. Fuck me you don’t work in north Norfolk do you? I think the same bus driver is moonlighting here, apparently box junctions are there to be used as a parking space. Who’d have thought?
    Love to know the outcome if you get one.

  3. Excellent nomination.
    One can only hope that he’ll be having an ambulance ride one day, and the same thing happens .
    Fuck him.

  4. Saw the exact opposite last night: ambulance in RH lane behind bus in LH lane, needed to get into LH lane. Way ahead blocked in RH lane by queue for lights. Bus spotted the problem and stopped to give ambulance sufficient room to get past behind RH queue and into LH queue and through lights. Then the fucking lights changed to red, of course.

    Problem is that bus drivers have to stick to a timetable somehow. If they’re pushy on the road, they get verbal GBH from other road users, and if they aren’t they get it from passengers who have waited half an hour for an hourly bus with a polite driver in the pissing rain.

    I’d guess that half the drivers on the route I use are HGV or motorcycle types, and they’re the ones that run approximately on time. There’s a moral there. But there’s no excuse at all for blocking a blue light job, so this cunting is valid.

  5. Sounds like a right cunt and no mistake DCI. Has the cunt had his arse kicked yet do you know?
    Driving a bus must be a dodgy and frustrating job but there’s no need to act the arsehole as a result. The scenario pictured up top happened to me just the other day. The cunt bus driver saw me coming, and closed to doors on me as I was a few feet away. To add insult to injury, he then sat at the stop for more than a minute, waiting to pull out into the congested traffic. Someone else arrived and we knocked on the door, but the cunt just ignored us. We had to wait a quarter of an hour in the perishing cold for the next one.
    I think it was a bad case of Little Hitler Syndrome. The cunt had the chance to exercise the one little bit of power in his otherwise pathetic existence and took it. Wanker. Fucking shitstain.

    • Yeah. I’m not about to pardon Little Hitler. My commute route’s got one, of course. OAP’s asking for a concession fare in the morning before it’s free have to produce their bus pass for close examination…every one of them, daily travellers included, every time. None of the other drivers bother at all. And door-closing cunt is a universal cunt.

    • I’m tempted to press the emergency button when they pull that crap. You know after using the oyster card he’ll boot me off the bus anyway.
      That’s right, I live in londinistan. Come and get me 😀

  6. These bastards are generous saints compared with Replacement Bus drivers. The interview process must be difficult as they turn away any decent, polite, conscientious, reasonable people. The worst people since GP receptionists.

  7. Sadiq Khan’s Dad was a bus driver you know, but he doesn’t like to mention it (more than once an hour or so).

    • Sure he wasn’t a conductor?

      No no, sorry me ram jam full.

      I don’t care what your fucking name is does this bus go to the cemetery gates?

      I could drive a bus. I’m that sort of cunt.

  8. Great cunting. My uncle was a bus driver, and he would be spinning in his grave if he was aware of the attitude of these cunts. If he had elderly people on the bus and it was snowy/icy, he would go off route and pretty much drop the poor old sods right to their front door. What’s more, the management in those days were OK with him doing this. Nowadays it would probably be a sackable offence. Rotten cunts.

    • I’ve often thought that driving a bus must be one of the worst jobs in the world because all the drivers seemed such miserable cunts, but I was ready to get off one a bit back, we were stopped at a roundabout waiting for a huge articulated lorry to pass, and the driver said to me “I’ve always wanted to drive one of those.” He sounded so enthusiastic.

  9. Bus Drivers are the rudest cunts you will ever encounter in a customer- facing environment. My blind, elderly mother got on a bus and asked the driver “is this the number 27?” to which he answered “that’s what it says on the front, love. ” She lifted her white stick and said “I’m blind.” Cheeky cunt then got all apologetic. Fucking wanker.

    • Did your mum hit him with her stick? I imagine your mum saying “I know I can’t see you but I recognise the sound of a git anywhere!”

  10. It’s funny in general watching drivers panic at the sight of blue lights. Because I use my mirrors and am aware of my surroundings (i.e. not on facecunt etc) I see blue lights miles away and so can take evasive early action.

    You have my sympathies Gene. Keep up the good work!

  11. Most if not all have got the chip on the shoulder. Fuck off. They think they’re the only ones who don’t like their jobs. My Dad and Uncle were once going into Sheffield Town Centre. They got on the bus and politely asked for two singles to town, the abrupt twat driving shouted “Albert Terrace????” to which my Dad replied pointing to himself then my Uncle “John Fowler and Ralph Fowler”.

  12. Just asking, but what hue was the cunts skin?

    Just wandering if he was from the General Pool known to drive as much of a cunt as this.

  13. Yes they are indeed mainly a miserable bunch of sour cunts.
    In the past after some bus panto and driver smugness repeatedly from the same cunt I offered him the gentlemens way to settle matter:bare knuckle fisticuffs.
    He declined and it still makes me upset now.
    The cuts probably dead now anyway from heart disease.
    Fuck him and the other cunts on the buses.
    Cor! She’s a bit tasty Stan!

  14. Our mini-bus driver fucked off and left us in Jedburgh on the way back from a day at Kelso races…admittedly it was the third pub stop and we had several more planned but he got quite shirty when we explained where we wanted to go next. Told us that he’d had more than enough of us already and drove off with us jeering him from the bar…thought he was just kidding and would come back…he didn’t, the miserable young Cunt.
    Ended up having to get taxis back home…wouldn’t care but the next time that I wanted to book a minibus,I rang him up and told him that I was prepared to overlook his fit of temper and use his service again as long as he promised to mind his manners…The Cunt told me to “Fuck Off” and slammed the phone down.

    So,yes,bus drivers are Cunts.

  15. I’ve sort of been in the drivers position. I work on the railway ( a cunting all of its own ) and for a time did the dispatch job on the platform. And if I had a quid for the amount of cunts who come running down the platform every time I dispatched a train (either on time or late) spitting abuse and threats because “that’s my fucking train you dickhead, I’m going to be late for work/ my appointment/ concert/ film/ meal” etc then I’d be rich enough not to stand there with a blank look on my face replying “ should’ve got here earlier then”. In the ticket office now and it’s “make it quick will you my trains here!”. Needless to say a slowdown becomes the order of the day. The British public on trains, in the rush hour on one side, management in their ivory tower totally removed on the other side and us customer facing staff in the middle being shit on from a great height. Can be a cunt of a job at times. Ten years to retirement can’t come quick enough.

  16. Where I live we have a bus company called Faresaver, who’s drivers are some of the foulest people I have ever met. Many of them seem to be completely lacking in public service skills and seem to have a bit of a problem with wheelchair users.

  17. I suggest Bob Newhart for the low down on how bus drivers are trained. You know that standards have to be maintained especially when dealing with a group called “Passengers” whose only propose in life is to make the bus tidier.

  18. My ex-husband is a bus driver and is also turning out to be a bit of a cunt. Therefore, this nomination gets my vote.

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