2019 Election results


Good morning Cunter’s.

Your chances to make your point on this Democratic shit fest, admittedly labour started off on the wrong foot (or two miss matched left ones) Conservatives were being butchered by the Media.

The Lib dems, well lets not go there and the Brexit party broke down into in fighting.

As far as the Press is concerned this has been hailed the largest labour loss since 1935 (incidentally the date of the rise of fascism in Europe, so expect Lilly Allen to start banging that drum)

On the brighter side I note that Dianna Abbot has received over 39,000 votes, I like to think that I am a little more intelligent than her so, statistically that makes me cleverer than at least 39,001 inhabitants of this island.

Carry on Cunting!

185 thoughts on “2019 Election results

  1. Who’s gonna be the next Labour leader then? some are saying it’ll be Jess Phillips…I reckon it’ll be Sir Rear Stormer…the cunt.

    • Dame of Remain is the smart money B&W but is he enough of a Trotsky cunt for Momentum, who will have a big say?

      • Labour must know they are going nowhere with Momentum who will probably form a new party with Corbyn at the helm.
        Then again Labour are so deluded that they’ll probably get another Corbyn type in.

      • One of his sons is like a student Compo, ran a hemp shop somewhere in London that went tits up with big debts, probably some other mug cunts money so he wouldn’t give a shit.

  2. I’ve just heard Beth Rigby on Sky talking about Boris and Wee Krankie. My ears pricked up when she literally said “he doesn’t have to give her one.”
    WTF. I know Boris has said he wants the healing to begin but she was of course talking about a Scottish Indi referendum.

  3. Be bold Boris. One of your first actions should be to move Parliament out of the foreign enclave of Londonistan to somewhere in your heartland like Blyth or Workington!

  4. Stephen Kinnock has to be the biggest cunt on the planet blaming Corbyn for everything Why didn’t he stand up to Corbyn pity this cunt was re-elected

    • Stephen Kinnock wants to remember that although Corbyn is an Uber-Cunt, his old man lost more Labour elections. Ginger, Welsh & a Cunt – the Holy Trio 🙂

      Don’t forget people; Dominic Grieve, Anna Sourbry, Chuka Umunna, Luciana Berger, Nigel Dodds, Lisa Forbes & Laura Pillock also given their P45 last night. That election is the gift that keeps on giving.

      • I wonder how much remuneration these cunts get when they lose their seats and are no longer MPs?

      • Laura Pillock punted as the next Labour leader crash and burn you big mouthed bitch Go and get a proper job Labour will probably find a nice safe seat for her somewhere? Hold on there are no safe Labour seats now especially up North now The People’s Government have taken over 👍

  5. If Jockland want out, fucking let them have it. They’ll soon learn that you can’t sustain an economy on sales of whisky, tartan tat for tourists and declining North Sea Oil revenues. Build a big, beautiful wall on the Eng / Scot border, take away the pound and let the ungrateful cunts crack on with it.
    Shame about Jo BigTitz, though. What a pair. Like Zeppelins in a dead heat race. 😛

    • Scotty will be fucked if Greta Thunderpants visits Aberdeen and tells them how howwiboo and satanic crude oil is…
      She’d likely be turned into Cullen Skink, or battered and deep-fried.

  6. I watched the whole 8 hour coverage ‘live’ just to see the look on Swinson’s face when she lost her seat by about 500 votes..

    It has made my bloody Christmas that has 🙂

  7. Can’t be doing with how leftists assume that everyone shares their political opinion. On an Xmas do last night it took all of 2 minutes for an insufferable woman to say how angry she was about the Tories winning.

    I refrained from getting into a row.

    What’s the point? These people are mentals.

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