The Nobel Prize Committee

The Nobel Prize Committee

How remiss of the Committee not to award the Peace Prize to Greta Thunberg. What a golden opportunity missed to really focus our minds on the Climate Emergency.
In fact there should be a prize for those who have gone to exceptional lengths to raise awareness like dear little Greta. ‘The Nobel Prize For Raising Environmental Awareness’ the prize could be called. Of course the first recipient should be Greta. But I would have a subsidiary prizes (the subject being of such magnitude and importance) and one of the recipients in my opinion should be Prince Charles. Yes Prince Charles for all the decades he has devoted to this issue-when he was a lone voice amongst public figures.
What a team they make Greta and Charley boy come to think. See while Greta takes on the politicians making them feel shameful (all to the good), Prince Charles in his practical way goes after business people as he did recently; arguing with, encouraging them to devote their energies not only to creating more green technology but to investing in actually cleaning up the planet. Yes cleaning up all the filth and gunge and mess this Capitalist System has produced these past centuries.
The earth you know cunters is our home. You wouldn’t have your house full of junk, stinking of chemicals now would you? Yes let’s do it then! Let’s change our whole focus! Let’s give the earth a spring clean! It sorely needs it.
You know cunters the climate is secondary to me. What I see in Greta and Charles is the beginning of the destruction of Capitalism. I’m not kidding. Someone once wrote on here that things will only change when the rich start to be affected. And here in these two towering figures we have a sort of two- pronged approach that could achieve it. Greta and Charles, one to get the politicians to change, the other to get big business to change. What a team, what a double act.
Marx and Lenin tried to destroy Capitism in the last century. They failed. But Environmentalism will do it. Then humanity can finally get back to a normal, proprtional way of living.
It has been a huge failure of the Nobel Committee to miss this epoch- changing moment.

Nominated by Miles Plastic

What a cheery child.


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  1. I feel sorry for Greta. Her parents have put her in the limelight when she probably never wanted it. She lives in Sweden where they have the highest suicide rate in the world. It’s fucking freezing. They take heroin because the beer’s too expensive. It’s shit and she knows it.

    The thing that these know-it-all little twats don’t realise is that there’s too much money at stake for big business to fuck the planet completely so they’ll do whatever it takes to keep the place habitable, at least.

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