Laura Pidcock MP

A nomination for the amusingly named Labour MP, Laura Pidcock.

In launching her campaign to be returned as Labour MP for North West Durham, the insane Pisscock said the following about Comrade Compo –

“I know it has been a long time coming, but we are on the path to justice. And because people know that it is perfectly possible that Jeremy Corbyn could be our prime minister, you can be sure that absolutely everything, absolutely everything, is going to be thrown at us in the next few weeks. People will say some of the most hurtful things about our people and our communities and our political representatives. PLEASE FORGIVE THEM, PLEASE FORGIVE THEM, FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO”.

So there you have it. In Pisscock’s warped world view, Compo is on the same level as Jesus Christ, to the extent that the words spoken by Jesus on his way to crucifixion are directly applicable to Compo.

Putting aside the question of blasphemy which I expect the Libtard leftist Church of England to ignore as the speaker was not a Conservative, quite frankly I hope that Compo is on the path to crucifixion. But to suggest a parallel between Compo and the messiah of Christianity demonstrates apocalyptic self-righteousness and tone deafness to an extraordinary degree that it’s quite frightening.

What a stupid cunt.

Fuck off.

Nominated by Marvellous Mechanical Cunting Machine

A right-on-keep-left cunting please for this jumped-up, four-eyed, stupid as fuck looking whore, who seems to have very uni ideas on immigration (“lets be cool and flood the cuntry”):

The horrible things is that this daft looking moron is apparently tipped to be a future Labour leader. If that is true and not just a John McDonnell wank fetish (an old man’s whim), then Labour have now not only scraped the barrel but got under it.

Nominated by W.C. Boggs

102 thoughts on “Laura Pidcock MP

  1. A goofy cunt so typical of the Soft as shite Left.

    That said, I would take her up the a’hole since I have the Friday Feeling!

    other than that she can ride a bike off a cliff.

      • Reminds you of Joan Sims character name in Carry On Teacher. As Leslie Phillips put it: Miss ALL cock 🙂

      • Am I the only one who, given the chance, would have rammed Joan Sims senseless back in her younger days?? Some of the carry on films where she’s got her knockers half way out, blimey….. just me?

      • Not just you Cuntan. I was watching ‘Carry on at your convenience ‘ the other day and couldn’t beleive she was turned down by her husband. I must be getting old.

      • Thank fuck for that. I’d have tupped her over scrawny babs windsor any day of the week

      • No, you’re not. Especially as my learned friend states, when she was in ‘Carry On At Your Convenience’. Filth.

      • Oh and Margaret Nolan who cropped up in the odd Carry On, not least Carry On Girls in that silver bikini….. she wouldn’t have shat right for a fortnight

      • I’d have turned to the fanny side (except I wasn’t yet born) for Felicity in The Good Life and even Penelope in To The Manor Born. Proper fortitudinous English Ladies who you knew were filth in the bedroom.

      • Yes to both. And vicki Michelle in allo allo, I could splash jizz on the ceiling in my younger days when she flashed them stockings

      • The arse on Felicity Kendall in The Good Life, was the stuff of wet dreams.

        Without doubt I would have loved to have filled that cavity, and filled it with my very own “good life”

  2. Badly dressed tranny.

    Comrade Corbyn gets loonier by the day.
    Carry on cunting, Comrades.

  3. This Piddlecock and Layla Moron must have been borne from the same wank that was scraped into some whore’s rotten-cod’s-head stink trench using a rusty dessert spoon.

    Pidcock certainly puts the ‘cock’ into UK politics.

    Piss off and lick Grandpa’s festering bellend.

  4. Bit indifferent to this loony lefty. All she is doing is comparing one fairy story – Corbyn as a Prime Minister – to the other one in the Bible.

  5. There is something about these political wimmin the big glasses, big mouths and wide eyed amused look as if they have just had their backdoors broken in by the biggest black cock in Britain, while deep-throating David Lammy. Try this one Rebecca -I-Have-My-Own-Logo Long-Bailey,

    Free broadband, free education, free prescriptions, a council house for every youngster? – why don’t they go the whole hog and offer free sweeties, jelly and cake.

    • of course the dim cunts who fall for this shit don’t realise there is no such thing as “free”- unless of course they’re on benefits or a gimmecunt.

      Other than that the term “free” means taxing the working man/woman/”thing” back to the fucking stone age! And then when Labour realise how much debt this country will be in (over a trillion at the moment: double that if Steptoe gets in), they will willing lose the election and let the Tories pick up the tab!

      Rinse and repeat!

      • In fact UK National Debt is currently just under £2 TRILLION.

        Which translates into £29,000 per citizen.

        The Government (taxpayer) pays out £53 BILLION a year in debt interest payments alone!

        And that’s not counting all the private & company debt – those figures bring the total up to over £4.5 TRILLION….

        Our children and grandchildren are fucked. Then again they probably deserve to be, ha-ha!

  6. “People will say some of the most hurtful things about our people and our communities and our political representatives”. Yes, Compo’s failure to tackle anti-Semitism, Thornpiggys car crash interviews on Trident, Flabbott struggling to master Key Stage 1 basic maths and McDonnell’s magic money tree are all just a conspiracy.

    • Is the Flabbotasaurus up to Key Stage 1 already? Can she count that far? Unless the exam question was:

      If you drink one can of mojito on the Tube and then you drink one more….. how much of a racist cunt are you?

  7. This fucking goofy cunt seems to have forgotten one of the key arguments in 2016 was the UNLIMITED, UNCONTROLLED influx from the EU, to be precise the East of the EU.
    It’s is beyond comprehension that they don’t see it, her (they) are either just pig thick or they can’t see past their Ideology, they seem to think that the great working class of this country are happy to have their communities overrun by the former Eastern block!


    • They won’t care about such niceties. They just see these immigrants as potential voters. So let’s bend over backwards to make them feelwelcome, is their thinking.

  8. Followers of the Labour party and christians are all idiots, but for different reasons.

    Labour devotees follow Corbyn, who is actually a real person, but is a dangerous cunt.

    Christians believe in someone who didn’t exist. They are pathetic people who need something to believe in to justify their pathetic existences.

    All of them lunatics, and quite frankly I couldn’t give a shit about “blasphemy”. Couldn’t care less about butt-hurt christians. They need to grow the fuck up and start using their brains.

    But, yeah, using such a famous line, to imply that comrade corbyn is equivalent to some deity, is kind of a cuntish thing to do.

    • You used the optimal word there. “Believe”.

      There is no proof that Jesus ever existed. Just as there is no proof that any of the fiction in the bible ever happened.

      The bible should be sat next to Lord Of The Rings in the Fiction section of the local library.

      • The Seven Words From The Cross

        Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.
        Today you will be with me in paradise.
        Woman, behold, thy son! Son, behold, thy mother!
        My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?
        I thirst.
        It is finished.
        Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit.

        Seem very strange words or phrases to be made up.

      • Which seven words are you referring to?

        I believe Jesus existed, and I’m an atheist.

        He was a Jewish religious dissident, but I wouldn’t go further than that.

        Evening Miles.

      • Evening Ruffy, I agree there was a person similar to Jesus but what role he played, God only knows…….

      • There’s a lot of strange words or phrases in the bible. Doesn’t prevent the whole thing being the greatest work of fiction in history. It just means some reasonably articulate people made it up.

        You’re not one of those god botherers are you?

      • Robin im not a Christian, but I believe Jesus was a real living person, an even if it was bollocks so what?
        Gives people solace
        I know some blokes who were VERY naughty boys till they found a believe in christianity,
        Theyre better behaved now because of it!
        A mans beliefs are his own, who am I to judge him?

      • Evening Rtc, yes she was extremely naughty, doubt any almighty diety could forgive what she did.
        All that happened right on my doorstep Rtc, once went to pick up a bloke for some work and was a gap between the houses, asked him why,
        And it was the house Myra had lived in.
        Im not against christianity or any religion, if someones grieving or suffering an it helps them, crack on!

      • As long as they don’t try to foist it on me they can believe whatever bollocks they like.

      • Just stating my opinion regarding the absurdity of believing in something that science has proved, beyond any doubt, doesn’t exist.

        You’re damned right I will only believe what I see with my eyes. We’ve been fed this bullshit about religion for far too long. It is time we woke up. I would really love there to be a god, but I truly believe that only people with some sort of mental issues keep believing in something that isn’t there.

        Still, if you want to keep believing in non existent deities, carry on deluding yourself.

      • People are still trying to find evidence of Noah’s ark for fucks sake. It would probably make the USS Nimitz look like a pedalo, getting all those animals in there, and giving them enough room so they don’t eat each other. Then again, it’s only the Middle East, so it was probably two goats, two donkeys, two camels and a couple of sand flies. Job done! For fucks sake….

      • Don’t forget all the polar bears, crocodiles, lions etc etc. How the fuck did he tame e animals enough to get on his boat? How the fuck did he get his boat to the Arctic to collect the polar bears without freezing to death?

        Absolute bollocks the lot of it.

      • Some daft amateur archeologists have been seeking the remains of Noah’s Ark for years.
        Even if it ever existed, it was made of wood.
        It rotted away centuries ago.
        You dozy cunts… 😆😆😆

      • Noah’s Diary, day 40.
        Listened to the BBC weather forecast again. Scattered fucking showers, my arse !

      • And with only one male and female per spp, the Ark story would have been the biggest genetic bottleneck between the pre-Cambrian and the settlement of Tasmania

      • Every cunt knows that for forty days and forty nights Noah spent the entire time keeping his eye on the two woodworm….

      • I remember polar bears in “Little Black Bobtail.”
        One of my favourite books.

        Perhaps Turdgun will be forced to apologise to the world, as the author was…Scottish.
        No, I thought not.

      • All I can say is that anyone who is on the IsAC site for spiritual guidance is one fucked up individual!!

      • MNC,

        Oh, I hear you. Except. You, along with everybody else here on this site judge other people every single day. We judge them for their actions. We judge them for their words. Why should we not judge them for their beliefs? Especially when what they believe has been proven many times over to be utterly false.

      • Robin,
        Talking above about Myra Hindley the orrible cunt, remember winnie Johnson, the mother of Keith Bennett?
        Belief in a god , and a better place for her son gave her a slight relief from mental anguish, as many people who have lost loved ones, would you say to her ‘no such thing!’ Course not.

        Im more than happy to judge any fucker, convict them, call em a cunt ,
        But if someone has a faith who am i to call it out?
        Mentioned naughty boys before, one of them stabbed another naughty boy straight in the chest, killed him.
        Now hes found god, and isnt naughty anymore. Result.
        I believe in ME not some god, but i wouldnt tell anyone their believes are bollocks, because im no authority and what harm are they doing?
        None of my business.

      • You don’t have to believe in the God bollocks or take the book as gospel (joke) but you can subscribe to religions more laudable aims, all I can say religion has have enriched the architectural heritage of the country, but Justin Welby is a cunt

      • Fair point.

        I have no desire to deliberately upset people. If someone asks me what I believe though I will tell them the truth.

        I do, however, strongly believe we should put the word out there as much as possible until people start to wake up and realise that there is nothing up there. I have spent my life keeping quiet listening to people spouting shit about god, but cannot do so anymore.

        Look how many wars have been fought because of religion. Look how many people have died, and how many people have carried out horrific atrocities because of religion.

        If people believe in god to find solace, then why doesn’t anybody ask them why they think god allowed what happened to cause them to seek solace in the first place?

        It’s all a form of insanity, I am convinced.

      • Hehe, i know what he means Cuntan, an agree to a degree, but wouldnt ever tell anyone ‘your beliefs? Theyre bullshit”
        Itd be like kicking a dog
        I don’t do it.

      • Im full of HATE and venom normally, but once was sat on the critical ward at christies where people were riddled with cancer, quite a lot of them were scared and had found god,
        Just because Im not a believer itd seem a bit low to contradict them!
        Know what im trying to say?
        Dunno if ive said it clearly,
        Im not a bible basher!😬

      • I know exactly what you mean MNC. No grey area whatsoever in my opinion on the subject but given it seems to be upsetting some folk on either side of the fence tonight I shall keep my thoughts to myself for once…!

      • Haha, wouldnt worry to much about cunters getting upset, always happening!
        Half the fuckin nominations are tearstained!😁

  9. Pie coco also looks like Olive Oyle from Popeye. I’d cum on her specs though.

  10. The communists that Steptoe adores murdered four times more humans than the Nazis. The Nazis concentrated on race and the Commies concentrated on class. Millions murdered by the vile ugly sisters of the 20th and now the 21st century. With their red flags dripping in blood. Voting for this Labour party is no different to voting for the BNP. They are all vile nasty cunts.

  11. Why do I know her name?
    Have we cunted her before?
    She wasnt in the Northwest at some point was she?

    Evening all

    • Evening Miserable, MP for North West Durham and born in Northumberland – Fiddler territory. A working class mouthpiece who’s policies fuck over the very people she claims to stand for, that’s loony tunes Labour logic for you.

      • Evening LL, yeah posted same thing same time as you!
        Remember her causing bit of a commotion with her statement below.
        For some reason thought she might be local to me.

  12. Got it!
    Shes a true believer! Proper socialist from round Fiddlers way, Northumbria & Durham.
    Shes the one who said “i could never socialise or be friends with a tory, theyre the enemy.’
    Doubt shes many friends anyway the swivel eyed boring little cunt

    • She is probably on the dartboard in Fiddlers local (the one he isn’t banned for life from).

    • I wonder if she asks people (especially the emergency services), “excuse me, are you a Tory capitalist?”

      • Strangely enough, although I’d resent being described as a “Tory” I consider this silly bitch the “enemy”

  13. This Pidcock arsehole couldn’t even answer a simple question put to her by Brillo.

    After asking her the same question half a dozen times, Brillo understandably, lost his cool with her.

    Why the most eminently unsuitable women (i.e. those with big glasses, big gobs, no commonsense and the IQ of a fucking Dairylea Triangle) are drawn to the scent of power like flies around a cow’s arsehole, Dog only knows.

    • She will probably tweet on Twatter how beastly and totally sexist Brillo was to her blah blah blah

  14. More touchyfeely shite in lieu of thought-out practical policies addressing our real concerns. Emotion over reason, wonder which demographic she’s targeting. On second thoughts, scrub that. No doubt about her audience whatever.

    But full marks for predictive ability:

    People will say some of the most hurtful things about our people and our communities and our political representatives

    Too fucking right, you slimy, rancid, pushy bitch. Fuck you and fuck the unwanted ‘community’ you crawled in behind.

  15. Frightening that people elect these cunts. Corbyn as PM? It would be the end of the UK as we know it. Nothing would please me more than Labour getting wiped out politically.

    These cunts are responsible for people like us being branded far right. We are truly reaping the rewards of the left infesting our education system. Some say the Soviet Union initiated the radicalisation of the youth in the west. It kind of fits, the EUSSR with communist Britain at the heart.

    The conservatives have not done a great job, if Corbyn becomes PM it will be May’s legacy.

  16. Forgive them they know not what they do ! Since when have these deviant cunts been the standard bearers for morality . She needs a kick in the cunt from Rosa Klebb.

    • I would imagine most of tomorrows race meetings have been washed out, best use the carrot for a good shafting, mind you looks more like a rabbit than a horse with the IQ to match, obviously blinded in the headlights of Corbyns mystical allure, Moses leading his followers to the promised land (free entry)

  17. There seems to be no end to these cunts. We have another couple of weeks more of these twats promising free shit. Free broadband my arse. Apparently google and amazon are going to pay for it. They seem to be Labour’s magic money tree because that creepy labour cunt on question time last night said they are paying for the NHS too. Thick cunts are lapping it up. These promises of free stuff are only going to be believed by cunts who already get everything for free, free house, free car, free food, beer, drugs and scratch cards. Their burden to society goes further than paying for all that, as inevitably they have four kids, bigger house, bigger car, and they will inevitably have health issues, and end up riding the justice system gravy train.
    I quite often see someone comparing Boris to Trump. I agree, but not for the lefty cunty reasons they give, but the cold hard reality. He’s a cunt you would never dream of voting for, until you look at the alternative. That’s the real reason Trump won, who do you hate the least?

  18. Given all the free stuff we’re going to get from Steptoe he could well be the Second Coming. The loaves and fishes story pales into insignificance by comparison. It’s getting pretty cold so perhaps the Thames will freeze over and the cunt can walk across it. Hallelujah!

  19. In less than a month’s time Corbyn will have resigned and there won’t be a second coming of JC. What there will be is a massive blame-a-thon, an introspective gaze at Labour’s actual purpose, a tardy realisation that they should’ve backed Brexit, and the subsequent back-stabbing contest for leadership. If she survives her constituency, my money’s on Empty Thornberry but if she’s ousted, it could be face-like-a-slapped-bum Constipation Keir.

  20. I recognise this slag from a vdeo on Xhamster. Same glasses on too but they were splattered in Jizz from the 10 blokes who were gang-banging her!

    Go fuck youself Pidcock!

  21. With a cunt like this standing for election No better reason for
    Never Voting For Labour The Party of Remain Ask them why 63 of their constituencies voted overwhelmingly to leave when they come knocking.

  22. Just more bullshit from la-la land where everything is on expenses.
    There could be a civil war and cunts like this would do a condescending interview before scurrying back into their taxpayer funded bomb shelter
    They simply do not give a fuck.
    Spot on cunting.

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