Ian Blackford (4)

Ian ‘Mighty Mouth’ Blackford…

Oh dear, oh dear. I see that the SNP’s Westminster leader has opened his cavernous cakehole and let his enormous belly rumble yet again. The gigantosaurus gobshite has accused a broadcaster of ‘silencing the case for remaining in the EU’ after the SNP lost a High Court judgement concerning participation in a televised debate between BoJo and ‘Catweazle’ Corbyn.

In spite of the fact that every other party leader is also excluded, the whinging whale just couldn’t wait to play the SNP’s grumble, grudge and grievance card. ‘The result of the decision is to discriminate against Scottish voters, and to effectively treat them as second class citizens’, griped the whining windbag, as he played his broken record yet again.

As if being Chairman of the Lard Council of Great Britain wasn’t a big enough weight to labour under, the fat fuck has now inherited the mantle of his erstwhile leader, Alex ‘Oldest Swinger in Town’ Salmond. Yes, Bigbelly Blackford is now officially the most boring, pompous fart in Britain.

You’ve almost got to feel sorry for someone who’s such a monumental cunt.

Nominated by Ron Knee

87 thoughts on “Ian Blackford (4)

  1. Now given time in the morning I like a bowl of porridge and there is one particular brand Scotts Porridge Oats that has a splendid portrait of Scottish masculinity no doubt exhibiting his prowess at some highland games event, slinging that iron thing`umajig ( the name escapes me) or perhaps tossing the caber.
    The only connection that Ian Blackford despite all his self proclaimed Scottishness has with this is that he is a complete tosser.
    Perhaps a new event could be introduced into the highland games such as tossing the deadwood Scottish politicians onto their heads

  2. So why are they voting for them then ?πŸ‘Ž
    If these Nationalists want a second referendum let them have one & if they win which is doubtful it’s a Northern Ireland hard boarder for you all πŸ‘πŸ‘

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