Full time layabouts

“Home-maker, Full-time Mother or House-Husband”

What a ridiculous way to describe being a lazy, sponging,benefit-grabbing Waster.

Turn of the daytime telly,put down the wine glass,tidy yourself up.get a job and stop sponging off other people…Oh,and Fuck Off.

Nominated by Dick de Pfeffel Foxchaser-Fiddler

60 thoughts on “Full time layabouts

  1. What the fuck is a “house husband”. Any self respecting man and father looks at children with utter contempt until they can hold their own in conversation and beer. These cunts have produced a generation of utter cunts. I wouldn’t give em the time of day.

    • I saw some cunt yesterday a man for fucks sake with a Papoose carrying a baby. What a fucking dildo.

  2. My mate said, “If laziness was an Olympic event, his kids would make sure they came fourth so they didn’t have to waste energy stepping up on to the podium”….

  3. I’m not sure I agree with this one, even though my Mrs works.

    Women joining the labour market has reduced men’s wages to the point where both man and wife have to work.

    It used to be the case where the man was earning enough on his own to support his family with a mortgage, paying the bills etc. Now, it’s pretty hard to do on one salary.

    And you get kids bring brought up by childminders and not their mums.

    And the result?

    Millennials. What a bunch of annoying whiny cunts.

    No, my good man, I usually agree with the salient points you make, but not so much here.

    A woman’s place is in the home (kitchen and bedroom). And giving split arses the vote was a huge fucking mistake too.

    Do you think we’d still be being pissed about with Brexit or have so much ‘diversity’ if only blokes had the vote?

    I’m also available for speeches at your local feminist societies if anyone’s interested?

  4. These Rodney bone idle cunts aren’t at home most of the time to do any housework and I doubt very much if they ever got married to any of the mothers of their urchin children so lose the husband bit too. They’re in city centres or park benches fucked up on spice or white lightning ( sorry Caucasian lightning ) with their cunt cronies. So no more house husband bollocks I think the best name for their parasitic existence would be Cretinous Urban Ne-er do-well Trash or CUNT for short.

    • Let’s not forget the fucking junkies who send their kids to school without being fed. To make matters worse the teachers dip into their pockets to feed the kids fucking breakfast instead of reporting the neglect…

  5. Daaaahling I must take issue with you accusatory and belittling of the role of homemaker and house-husband, those roles are fulfilled by the help, whilst Sebastion and I are far too busy dressing up as carrots and gluing our bottoms to the road. Another of our earnest endeavours’ is organising a crowd funding campaign to source a silver unicorn to fly Saint Greta Thunderbox home from the Americas

  6. A variation on a type, I know, but there are plenty of idle cunts to be seen in our local chemist’s every morning. Scruffy smelly pricks there to get their methodone and moan about their benefit levels, while doing fuck all every day. Never made a worthwhile contribution to society and never will, just take. I despise these utter cunts.

  7. Sorry Dick but I can’t agree with this one. Being a housewife is an important role in our society which receives enough stigma from the ‘woke’ brigade as it is without you joining in on top.

    • If you are an Earl and a right honourable one at that, surely you would be a house husband and not so a housewife like you say ????

    • TBH,Opinionated Cunt, I worded this one badly. I quite agree with you about the value of the old-fashioned “housewife”….it’s more the way that women never describe themselves as a “housewife” these days…and I still don’t agree with anyone describing himself as a house-husband.
      It’s as if “full-time Mummy” or “Homemaker” are a step above “housewife”.

  8. Funny that. Me and Mrs WCC have just been having a rant about a local couple we see largin’ all the time. He’s in his late thirties with ‘cunt’ and ‘fuck’ tattooed on his knuckles and tattoos on every other visible part of his body. To be fair his Mrs is a half decent blonde hottie who I’d arse fuck all day long. Always hanging around outside the local downing pints and smoking proper fags not fucking rollies every day of the fucking week with two well kept pedigree dogs in tow. After this I see them get a taxi! yes a fucking taxi to Spar where I’ve seen him make the taxi wait while he goes in and gets a full crate of fucking Stella and loads more fags at what? £10 packet these days. Fucking cunt! Clearly doesn’t want to work hence choice words tatted on his knuckles. The fucking fuzz should be bashing his fucking doors in at 5am and find the source of his alternative income, I.e. fucking drug dealing because he certainly isn’t funding it from his dole money. I’m not a violent man, alright maybe I am, but I’d happily stove his cunting head in with the rusty old tyre iron from the boot of my fucking motor then piss on him as he’s dying. Fucking cunt!

    • That sounds like me mate Liam…tell him Black and White Cunt sent you and you’ll get a free bag of weed with the cocaine.
      If you become a regular he’ll let you stick your tongue up his Blondie Mrs arsehole as a Christmas loyalty bonus.

      • What does it taste like B&WC?
        (Asking for a friend) 😁

        Is it like when we used to dare each other to lick a 9 volt battery as kids?

      • It doesn’t taste of much HS, tell your ‘Mate’ to surprise his Mrs next time he’s drinking from the furry cup. She’ll love it.

    • Great cunting WCC. I´d love to hear more about this guy. I wonder if he flashed his tattoed knuckles at his sexy blonde wife and she just fell for him on the spot as he is obviously a man who tells it like it is. I was going to cunt a dishevilled layabout who literally spends the whole day doing nothing, hanging around on the pavement near a bus stop where I live but he is not in the same league as your druglord.

  9. If you both work and you hardly see your kids because their being raised by child minders who are not allowed to show them any affection don’t be surprised if they grow up to be Cunts. A very wise man called Cliff Richard allegedly said that.

    • Its alright for you Fiddler!
      Your single, but when ive done the washing up and got through this mountain of ironing im going to send you away with a flea in your ear my lad!
      “Luv your teas ready!”👅

      • Oh couldnt lend me a tenner could you?
        Shes not given me the housekeeping again.

      • You’ve shattered my illusion of you MNC.
        Here I was thinking you were like Zangief out of Streetfighter 2 mixed with Conan and that you wrestled bears and threw axes and all that.

        Now I’m picturing you like something out of the Two Ronnies sketch ‘The worm that turned’.

      • Well i fuckin dont! Was joking Anne!
        Jesus! Didnt marry her for her looks,
        I cook but that’s it, 2 woman in my house anne, they can pull their fuckin weight and wash iron and clean!
        Ive enough to do without doin theyre shite as well!

  10. Think I’m with whatever Godfrey Bloom might say on this subject. On the other hand it would be nice if my wife got out more.

    • I hope Willie Stroke is appreciated at Creampuff Manor and not downgraded to vetting Corbyn related election bullshit in your morning newspapers that may trigger violent outbursts, Creampuff.

      • All I ask LL is for the newspapers to be ironed and ready on the dining table by the time I get down to breakfast. I don’t expect the poor fellow to read them, that’s my job, for my sins.

        Am much looking forward to filling in the staff’s postal vote forms. Naturally they trust me to do what is best for the country.

      • Not sure I’d benefit from that Miserable. She’d probably be out and back before I get up in the morning, and her afternoon round would probably coincide with my nap.

        Might be a better idea to send her out selling pins of an evening.

  11. Get me another can out the fridge love,thanks.
    No I don’t want to watch Strictly Come Dancing.
    And so on.

  12. Oo you little monkey, Dick Fiddler. I was just starting to think that we’d been separated at birth. I think the role of stay at home mum is extremely important but so long as that is what she’s doing, not palming them off to whichever nursery the Government wants to pay for so that she can piss off down the gym or get her nails done. The best years of my life were when my little ones were little, before they went to school and I had to go back to shitting work. I hope that the stuff I taught them then has gone some way to make them the solvent, responsible-ish adults they are today. Not like most of the other millennial ponces that are taking up good oxygen. You, Dick Fiddler, are on the naughty step!

  13. I wouldn’t mind being Kelly Brook’s house husband.
    Fucking hell, I’d even wear the suspenders if meant I got to climb on her every night.

  14. I’ve no time for spongers, regardless of which part of the social spectrum they come from, be they chav or royalty.
    Get some fucking work done you lazy Cunts !
    Speaking of Cunts ….. Keith Vaz has announced that he is retiring and will not stand at the GE.
    I bet he’s not retiring from high octane, Colombian marching powder fuelled bumming.
    I hope his ringpiece falls out.
    Get To Fuck.

  15. I’d been in paid employment then not but I volunteered in between whilst looking for paid work. Keeping busy whatever it is is important for the mind as well as body.
    I recently started a paid job. I am enjoying it. I’m finally able to earn my own money, pay my own way, and give back to society (paying taxes etc). I know money isn’t everything but I feel good I’m earning it myself.
    I understand that there are people that don’t work for a number of reasons. I’m not knocking them.
    There are those whom are not able to work for reasons as well.

    I don’t know what it’s like being a stay at home parent or caring for family old or young as I am not a parent or carer. I imagine being a parent or carer and finding a job or working in a job must be a lot harder for everyone. If I wore a hat I would tip it to them.

      • Ive worked hard sll my life from shifting furniture in 90 degree heat to cleaning/building^labouring painting etc the list is fucking endless.I hate not doing anything worthwhile snd have no fucking interest in taking an easy path dealing shit .Fuck that
        other people dont speak for me i tell them to fuck right off.

      • Seen the expression before but never got it from the context. So i just used googled to find that it means drunk!

  16. Back from my weekend,
    Full time layabouts, Yes my neighbour upstairs is one, never worked as far as I know.
    Poor chap was awoken at 11.34 on sunday by some chaps trying to kick his door in, Strangely enough he opened the door to them and guess what!
    Yes they kicked the shit out of him, so at 12.00 my beloved and I found ourselves dabbling in a bit of first aid on a neighbour who wanted neither police or medical intervention.

  17. If the woman has a husband to look after her so she can raise the children then it’s not a problem. It only really becomes a social problem when neither work, both sponge of the taxpayer and still cant be bothered to look after their children, who have 3 different dads.

  18. I’m sorry to say there’s a boat load of these scroungers up our way.Fat overweight fuckers running about in invalid buggies Go on a diet stop eating rubbish and do some exercise and get a fucking job.Most of them are lazy bastards my advice is stop scrounging off the state and feeling sorry for yourselves stop being couch potatoes 👎👎👎👎

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