Woke Outrage over ‘Joker’ film

A nomination for the woke outrage over silly films.

The latest comic book film, ‘Joker’, has got the usual soy-licking culprits in a state because it sympathises with isolated, young, white men and romanticises their incel lifestyle and their rage at society.

One journalist from some clickwank site written for 12-year-olds says the film is ripe for the alt-right to turn into memes. Others say it is explicitly political, despite the director saying it’s not really. Who cares? It’s a silly comic book film, however well Joaquin Phoenix might play the role.

Why do these freaks only aim their sights at popular entertainment, especially these comic book films?

I suspect they lack the critical faculties and cultural knowledge to analyse the ‘problematic’ themes in great works of art, music or literature, because the learned will be on their case, laughing at their stupidity. Best stick to ‘Stranger Things’, eh?

We should pity these third rate sociology lecturers and their desire to write essay after essay on the male gaze in Adam Sandler movies, the misogyny of computer games, and their homoerotic ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’/’Doctor Who’/’Harry Potter’ fan fiction, or how Banksy is so subversive.

An industry of chimps, publishing claptrap for gibbons.

Nominated by Cuntamus Prime

77 thoughts on “Woke Outrage over ‘Joker’ film

  1. I’ve been watching the media hysteria over this film with interest. If anything, for the first time in ages, I am actually looking forward to seeing a new film because, well, if all the cunt lobbyists and woke shitcunts hate it, then it must be doing something right, right?

    It feels to me as though the cuntfuck media are desperately willing another shooting or incident at this Joker release, just like the unfortunate shooting which occured a while back at the Batman film in the States.

    Needless to say of course, this is a film about how a white man has been driven to the brink of insaity/desperation by real, tangible troubles and problems – the liberals don’t want to imagine for one moment that white men could ever have mitigating factors – no, ‘white man bad’ without rhyme or reason.

    So, I am making a beeline for this film as I soon as I can, because finally, we have an interesting film not polluted with varying skin shades of feces. Cannot wait, mon!

    • “…..a film about how a white man has been driven to the brink of insanity/desperation by real, tangible troubles and problems…..”
      Sounds like a perfect description of ‘Falling Down’ starring Michael Douglas. Now that IS a good film. Just bought the Blu-ray.

      • I can reccomend some good very good films ive watched if u interested on par with how a good film should be al!

      • I’m feeling a bit fucked off. I’m a bit mental, I’m going to arndale Manchester tomorrow to stab random people. Fuck all on tv.

    • As someone else who was looking forward to seeing the film all I will say is don’t get your hopes up!

    • Anything a wet lefty arsecockbumrag movie critic sells as ‘moving and independent’ is always a pusfilledbladderofshit.

      Hence I never watch the ‘critics acclaimed’ film, (give cheque of…… to get full cock push from the critics) just as the 400th re remake of shatman.

      Yet quality movies such as hardcore Henry, ash vs evil dead are complained and moaned at, because the special endorsement fee hasn’t been paid. So I watch these and always ignore BBC Metro Guardian cocklicking hugh grant movies (he can play one character…..a fop who shags two bit hookers and that’s it. And as you said Phoenix, Shia and other such fucktards.

      Ho hum, I will continue to ignore ‘hype’ and watch what I want.

      Fuck the license fee, fuck the Cunting critics.

      Good Cunting my good man,

      Titanic, Notting cunt, 4 weddings and a dickless wonder all utter cock cheese.

    • That the Joker character is white is entirely irrelevant to the film. The key point is he is a working class person being fucked by the system, as is his black mental health nurse. All the ‘baddies’ in the film are white, as are all the Joker’s victims. His girlfriend is a black single mother – also being fucked by the system.

      It’s a great film – I recommend you see it. Some of the violence is pretty shocking and Joaquin Phoenix deserves an Oscar. And using a Gary Glitter song to troll the twittermongs is a act of genius.

      Ben Affleck is a cunt.

  2. I’ve never been that interested in comic book films, in fact over the last few years I’ve lost interest in new films altogether because of all the insufferable ‘woke’ dogshite ruining everything. But if these limp-wristed pansies are vehemently unhappy with this film,can’t be all bad. I might have a butcher’s at it. Despite the fact that some clueless bastard has allowed a Gary fucking Glitter song to be included in the soundtrack. Great research, fuck sake.

    • I’m glad Garry Glitter has a song in the Movie just to wind people up.
      Can’t wait to see Jimmy Saville Clunk Click the movie .

      • Hey Fenton, got us both tickets to see
        ‘GLITTER’ the musical!
        £10 each for adults under 15s in free!😁

  3. It’s a fucking movie. Hollywood has no real concept of social deprivation as demonstrated by its obsession with glitzy self fellatio parties held on very expensive red carpets.

    The evolution of the joker character is interesting but basically the joker has always been a mentally ill individual.

    Is modern society making white males mentally ill or at least contributing to the actions of these social outcasts? Very possibly but for every mass shooting by a mentally ill white boy there are a multitude of stabbings and shootings committed by blacks often on other blacks. Maybe it’s the usual dross Hollywood turns out that’s more toxic, the bigger the gun, the better the ho’s. The distinction between good guys and the bad guys is ambivalent in most modern movies.

    Burn Hollywood burn

    It’s a fucking film not a movie, likewise it’s a series not a fucking season, speak English for fucks sake.

      • English is a constantly evolving language, in many ways US English is closer to the English spoken at the time of the mayflower than the English we use now.

        If we as Cunters have to live up to the expectations of the Elizabethans among us……..

        Forsooth there be difficult times ahead Baldrick

      • Gosh ,sixdog chillax!
        Admin was only larking about, I think this film is fabulous!!
        Fancy some chips and a milkshake later old boy?😁

      • Hehe, yank beer is like virgins piss and they like it cold dont they SDV?
        Im a bit of a real ale type, right down to the beard, but bet the yanks do a good steak?!
        Especially in Texas and places, I like the yanks but even more I like taking the piss out of them!
        All seem a bit ‘simple’ dont they?
        Lets not test Admins patience with more americanisms!

      • No fair! Sixdog, im teasing you with americanisms, but admins changing it to englishisms!

        well historically we have been accused of meddling, but we don’t so being as I am off shift and holiday in 30 mins I thought why not,

      • Didnt know you could do that?!
        Awesome! Wait till i tell Randy and Chip theyll be stoked!
        Later Admin dude!

        chick actually

      • Eh? What happened there?
        Censorship admin?!!
        Gee golly gosh, im plum tuckered out with this!

        I think its referred to as abuse of power, I will stop now and you can all have a swell time!

      • I would differ SDV I worked with two dutch marines and a member of SDF The Dutch blokes had an only in English rule because the Africans was pretty much Shakespearean to them.

      • Being a goat fucking brown person I love nothing more on a Friday morning to rape a few children before breakfast, which consists of child rape and goats eyes. I beat one of the 27 wives for not claiming the benefits, and then I head off to the Arndale Manchester to stab a few infidels. Fucking pigs flaunting their ankles. DEATH TO THE INFIDELS.

      • Yes admin – I do believe there was a recent cunting r.e. the use of Americanisms (“my bad” etc..). Do we need to re-cunt it?

  4. I saw it last week because I thought, if the “woke” libtards hate it then it must be right up my street. I want disappointed either. It was a comic book film that was realistic and gritty. No Disney PC bullshit or smashing up buildings with superpowers. It’s well worth seeing just to watch *SPOILER ALERT* the King of Comedy played by Robert DeNero get murdered. Ironically the film reminded me of Taxi Driver.

    • Do yer wanna be in my gang?
      My gang my gang.
      Do yer wanna be in my gang? Oh yeah!
      Gary Glitter soundtrack, an by the pic above Michael Jackson!
      Proper villians for a proper villian film.
      Although id of cast Anthony Blair as the joker!
      Why so serious?😁😁

      • How about a film called “The Cunter”? There would be so many nominations for the lead role, although I expect A Blair in with a good shout.

      • Maybe I have that wrong? Perhaps it should be “The Cuntee”?

        “The Dear Cunter”?

      • How about a film called ‘The Cunt, The Cunt , The Cunt and his Lover (A Cunt)’.?
        Four Cuntings and a funeral? (The story of our lives).
        One Million Years Before Cunt? (Raquel Welch is molested by a Pterodactyl and begs for more.. good ol ‘J.G. Ballard)

        I’m sure a regional radio station will
        pick this idea up for a phone in competition and inspired banter.

      • Cunt for Red October starring Helena Mirrenova, Magic Uncle Jeremy , Uncle Joe McDonnell Stalin, a dodgy taxi with a clap-infested goat and a bottle of vodka in the back.

  5. Any angle for a bit of faux bedwetting ‘outrage’. Did ‘Straight Outta Compton’ or ‘Boyz n the Hood’ act as a recruiting tool for disillusioned black yoots. glamorising drugs and violence? Not that they need a bit of fiction to get stabby. Now THEY were a social commentary and underlyingly political.

  6. Fuck Hollywood and it’s CGI fuck-fest, I have not been to the cinema since 1997 and I have not paid for a movie since, I pirate anything I may be interested in and it usually turns out to be a pile of horse-wank, hence saving myself & the wife £40 on tickets and snacks.

    • I wonder how many people will turn up for the next installment of Soy Wars?

      I hear the title ‘Rise of Skywalker’ has been dropped (along with the Vietnamese girl) and is being renamed ‘Episode 9; The Search for the Audience’.

      Nobody I know of will open any emails containing a link that may require the wearing of headphones and closing of blinds/curtains.

  7. No fan of CGI myself, looks shite!
    But love films and there is some crackers out there!
    From classic laurel & hardys to films like ‘kes’ ‘withnail &I’ to modern ones,
    The revenant was good as was ‘hateful 8’
    Like a bit of escapism no harm in it, watched the ‘Deadpool’ marvel films with the missus an kids, and while not “classics’ enjoyed them!

    • Not a fan of ‘Les Miserables’ er…Miserable? Not a fan of musicals, animation or romcoms myself, give us a good war film, not too geeky Sci-fi or stuff like American History X and The Usual Suspects.

      • Like a western LL, or something thatll make me laugh.
        Not a fan of musicals, shite aren’t they?
        Missus likes musicals, for women an Gaylords really arent they?
        Liked a modern film recently called ‘alpha’ about a Neolithic hunter and a injured wolf!
        But if theyd started tapdancing and singing itd get switched off!

    • Hey miserable ! Heres a few to your list.original(better)more gritty silence of the lambs .MANHUNTER 1986(BRIAN COX/DENNIS FARINA/WILLIAM PETERSON.ALSO 1991 SILENCE OF THE LAMBS.I HIGHLY RECCOMEND COLLATERAL(TOM CRUISE AS A HITMAN) &HEAT DE NIRO/AL PACINO .

      • Cheers Anne! You got a 50in flatscreen in that attic?
        Keep the volume low or the jerrys will hear!😆
        Liked deniro in Cape Fear, goodfellas etc
        But boycotting the fucking crybaby over his libtard bollocks.
        Yer well old bean?👍

  8. I must admit that I was similarly outraged when I watched “Deliverance”. It portrayed rural people in a very unfavourable light. ” Duelling Banjos” and ” Squeal, Piggy,Squeal” indeed…. I was so outraged that I lost all inflation of my Northumbrian bagpipes, plus my grip on my Great-Aunt Beryl who I was doing up the wrong ‘un from behind at the same time.

    When will Hollywood realise that we,The Moral Majority,are sick of having their vile stereotypical bigotry beamed into our sitting-rooms?

    • Evening, Cuntflap.
      It’s Harvey Winestein that I feel sorry for. An innocent,if rather tactile, man sacrificed on the Altar of “Wokeness”.

    • Yeah bet deliverance murdered the Appalachian tourist trade?
      Shame really because if i went the states, wouldnt be interested in New York or Vegas,
      More interested in backwoods hillfolk!
      Moonshine tasting, that clogdancing they do, fiddles playing, dont have to get dolled up,watch em in church were they do that snakehandling….

      • Evening,MNC.

        Have you ever watched ” Mountain Men” on Sky? They’re the ones I’d like to go and see. Fucking tough life,I reckon.

      • Have actually Dick! Yeah tough life that.
        Watched one were a guy was trapping for pelts, miles from anywhere, permanent snow an subzero temps,
        His small plane had mechanical problems-fixed it hisself.
        His snowmobile broke down-fixed it hisself.
        Sort of bloke whos capable as fuck and good to know.
        Good programme.

      • Hehe! Yeah liked hills have eyes!
        If they make another version im a shoe in for a role!
        The northern hillbillies!

    • Great Aunt Beryl sounds a larger than life character, very open-minded and open to extending her experiences.

      • Wasn’t open-minded at all, Bertie….she’d been dead 8 years but I stuffed her in more ways than one.

      • I know that people are advising farmers to diversify Dick, but I didn’t think they meant taxidermy. Still, a bit too big to stand on the mantelpiece I suspect?

      • Not my mantlepiece, Bertie. My mantlepiece is massive as befits a baronial dining hall fireplace. I actually have Beryll stood next to one of my many suits of armour. She acts as a fireside set… little coal shovel hung on one hand, little brush grasped in the other and the poker safely sheathed in her..well,sheath I suppose you’d call it.
        She has an open-mouthed look of delight on her face that she never had in life.

  9. All a good film requires is a good storyline/plot graphic violence/sex add nothing and the more CGI involved corresponds to an increasing the level of ”what a load of crap” may I proffer your enjoyment along with ale and cheese to complete the deal
    ”Point Blank” with Lee Marvin and the lovely Angie Dickinson
    ”The Third Man” with Orson Welles
    ”A Touch of Evil” with Orson Welles
    ”A Street Car named Desire” with Marlon Brando
    ”Apocalypse Now”

    • Transformers: The Movie, with Orson Wells as Unicron, EVENING STAR?
      I think that was his last film before he died.

      • The famous quote from The Third Man;

        You know what the fellow said – in Italy, for thirty years under the Borgias, they had warfare, terror, murder and bloodshed, but they produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance. In Switzerland, they had brotherly love, they had five hundred years of democracy and peace – and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock’.

      • At least Switzerland isn’t in the EU.
        And the cuckoo clock was invented by some chicken-shit farmer in Bavaria, probably Himmler’s great great grandfather, or summat.

      • The weird thing about that transformers animated film was that, as a kid it was always stuff like Unicron and V’ger from Star Trek that disturbed me more than most of fhe horror films i saw. Alien? Just shoot it out an airlock. Michael Myers and Freddy Kreuger were just blokes with masks or garden shears for fingers.
        World-ending entities from the depths of space? Cant really deal with them.

  10. The Joker film is certain to be available to watch free on various bootleg film websites so I’ll probably give it a go, especially if the SJW twats insist that I shouldn’t.
    Phoenix was great as Commodus in Gladiator. A genuinely hissable cunt…

      • ololo(dot)to

        It’s a great streaming search engine that will return all legitimate, direct stream links. It will save you manually trawling through duckduckgo results. For anyone who was aware of and missing alluc since its closure too, ololo is fast becoming its successor and you will likely also love it.

        As always, just make sure you have you have an adblocker running to hide the clickbaits and you are good to go.

  11. I couldn’t care less about all this “reboot” business, making all my childhood heroes dark and edgy leaves me cold.

    Give me Burgess Meredith as The Penguin any day.

    I did enjoy the first two Tim Burton Batman films though.

  12. If an “incident” is ever committed by a returning IS jihadist, do you really think they tell us? Nah, neither do I….

    The stab happy cunt will be ‘mentally ill’ anyway… All he has to do is shout ‘Admiral Ackbar’ and the nanny stated cunts will wipe his arse… The cozzers should have killed him…

  13. I want to make a film with Justin Bieber. It will be entitled Deluge of spunk.
    Props needed:
    Plastic sheets

  14. If this Joker movie upsets soppy people then I feel compelled to steal it off the Internet for my private enjoyment.
    I’m not allowed in cinema houses due to my foul temper and the high percentage of quite remarkable cunts therein.
    Fuck off.

  15. “Why do these freaks only aim their sights at popular entertainment, especially these comic book films?”

    Well it’s taken them 50 years to catch the zeitgeist but they’ve finally realised that the last literary bastion of true rightist values was found in the graphic novel which until very recently had managed to pass under the radar of intellectual critique, it being considered far too ‘low brow’ even to warrant attention let alone serious consideration of the essentially fascistic and inegalitarian narratives they portray. A political colleague of mine had an encyclopeadic knowledge of and appetite for this literary/filmic form far exceeding that of your average consumer of such stuff and from it extracted the content of this excellent exposition of the subject. (if it passes moderation)


  16. Just watched this, don’t see what all the fuss is about. It is a decidedly average film, nothing special about it at all. I do however have a gripe about it, and it does deserve a cunting. In a key scene of the film they use Rock ‘N’ Roll Pt2 on the sound track, I just hope the peedo cunt glitter don’t make any money from it.

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