Vegan Shock Troops

A bunch of hippy, vegan, workshy cunts went into a Pizza Express in Brighton (where else) the other day and started shouting about animal rights and accusing the customers of murder and all that shit. Some slag got a dig from some bloke…one of the customers, I presume. Isn’t it bad enough that your idea of a good night out is Pizza fucking Express without having it ruined by a bunch of total cunts?

I’d like to see these fucking heroes come down my local Kebab shop and tell Abdul and his mates that they are murdering fucking bastards.

Ain’t gonna happen is it?

Nominated by Freddie the Frog

97 thoughts on “Vegan Shock Troops

  1. Utter finger-wagging, self-righteous, holier-than-though, nasty, spiteful cunts. My contempt for creatures like this know no fucking bounds. I’d love to see them being fed to the piggies they’re whining about. Spoiling people’s night out (despite what you think of the place) as though it’s their God-given right. Aaaargh, I fucking HATE cunts like that.

    Great cunting.

  2. And as you correctly say, the cunts pick easy targets. I’d pay good fucking money to see them tell Abdul he’s a murdering bastard. Or go to an ‘ethnic’ area of somewhere and protest at a jerk chicken shop. Fucking contemptuous cunts.

    • I recommend a fried chicken shop in Brixton.
      ‘Whaddup bredren! Brrrrap brrrap , and all that’

  3. Wonder if they’d like to stand outside the halal butchers? I did ask one of them who was out with a stand in the street about the issue with halal meat. She soon started ducking the question and waffling about being against all slaughter. I told her she was talking bullshit – she didn’t like it.

  4. Stupid cunts. But, surely they could find a better target than Pizza Express that has veggie Pizzas and pansy salads for vegans? Just the usual self promoting narcissistic millennials looking for sooshal meedja credits.

  5. I think all meat-eaters should suit up and march on some vegan food joints, and give it large while they scoff on their carrots and lentils.

    And yes, these vegan cunts should try their protests in some Indian or Chinese restaurants – but of course they won’t because a) it would be racist, and b) they will get their fucking heads kicked in

    • I used to really enjoy eating on the train home after business concluded in Hatton Garden. Pitch up to Leather Lane market and their numerous food stalls/shops and buy my lunch for the way home.

      Stinkiest as possible of course, either a Daddy Donkeys burrito or, if I were a little later and in the proper lunchtime rush, a curry from the decent fellow with his little curry stand.

      The whole object was to piss off as many people as possible on the train back to Cambridge as I munched the most fragrant (and very tasty) food safe in the knowledge that I am deliberately annoying fellow passengers like the cunt that I am.

      Very satisfying all round.

      • Before I moved from the area I used to get the Cambridge train…. So it was you who who stank the train out 😂😂😂

      • Could be!

        If you also benefited from the concomitant belching and farting then it was definitely me!

  6. I can see a day where any normal person will be scared to leave their fucking home for fear of being pounced on by some agenda-driven libtard.

    Say anything remotely innocuous and they’ll take offence
    Look at them in such a way and ditto
    Get into your car … ditto
    Wear the wrong clothes … ditto
    White, male. born in England, working, paid taxes over 40… ditto
    Own your own home … ditto
    Have children? … well clearly your a fiddler… ditto
    Have a wife/gf – sexist pig… ditto
    Own a slice of bacon in the fridge? vicious animal murderer… ditto
    Read the Daily Mail or Telegraph? ….. Far Right fascist…ditto
    Pick your nose or scratch your arse…. sexual deviant… ditto

  7. I’d do the blonde haired one in the photo.
    “I want to Iive?”
    I can help you achieve that! Open wide and I’ll quite happily help you live life to the full. There I go, bragging again.

      • Jesus!
        You upped your vitamins or something?
        You an that Spoonington getting a bit ‘wild’!
        Bromide in your brew an a early night for you sunshine.

      • Ha, ha! I don’t like to boast about these things but Spoony and I can put it about with the best of them.
        Afternoon Miserable.

      • Afternoon Mate,sorry! Sir,
        Bet you can, im nearly finished on my holiday an ready to return to work,
        Could do with your energy get those vitamins off Rtc?
        You know theyre not strictly legal right?

      • That’s alright my man! There’s no need to bend the knee as I’m not a customer of yours! I get all my Pharma meds from RTC on prescription but Black and White supplies me with the ‘extras.’ (nudge, nudge)

      • Evening chaps.

        Yeah… I’d take the blonde on the left alright… possibly the boring looking one too. Been awhile since I last enjoyed a hot threesome. That tattooed thing in the background yapping on its head off on its iPhone can fuck right off!

        “I want to live”… don’t these dippy bitches realise them chickens and pigs would never live at all if it weren’t for us benevolent meat eaters?!

        Nowt dodgy about my ‘vitamin’ shots Miserable. Blunty’s become a new man, not surprised as Nurse Cunty administers his shots ‘up close and personal.’

        Can I interest you in a course? Happy to do ‘mates rates’.

        On the News just now, Boris has just caved into the EU… something to do with the Backstop. Quelle surprise… Stay tuned, I won’t. Enough is enough.

      • Combination of your ‘vitality vitamin’ shots and whatever BWC have given Blunty and Spoons is working so might take you up on a care package!
        Drove past Spoons place earlier,
        Bluntys lifting weights,
        Spoons was practising breakdancing.
        Pair of them will be on a massive downer when the pills wear off!

      • Valium would help that bash…

        Got an old mate coming round for dinner in a few minutes. Strong Remainer.

        Don’t expect to be posting any more this evening…

      • Give him our love!
        Tell him to stock up on baguets and french onions, last chance he’ll have!
        Bon ami.

      • An old Remainer mate coming around RTC?That looks like the end of another beautiful friendship!

    • You may be that way inclined but remember, they don’t like meat I presume including pork swords

  8. Get between me and a tasty steak whilst I have a steak knife in my hand and you’ll be a sorry Vegan cunt for the rest of your short arsed life.

  9. I bet those pair of cunts in the photo have been scoffing meat all their lives, up until it became fashionable to be a Vegan.

    Give it a few months and they’ll move onto some other trendsetting VS whinge. Perhaps there should be a protest against ugly blond cunts like her!

    • All marching in streaming their action on a mobile phone and the big bald thug smacks the poor girl.

      Well good on him, he’s going about his business trying to get some grub and these cunts get an unexpected dose of reality. Do I condone punching women, of course not under normal circumstances but if they go and play with the big dogs they should expect to get bitten.

      • Agreed, punching women is off the agenda. But I will be happy to offer the lass counselling. Along the lines of ” If someone you have intentionally annoyed is very much larger than you, don’t ask him what he’s going to do about it.” She’s in the running for a Darwin Award, that one. Into every life there is bound to come a bigger cunt than you*, and it is as well to take account of that.

        *no, not you, SV

      • The problem is he gave them what they wanted; to make them look like victims.
        Laughing and jeering at them is the best way to deflate their self-importance.
        I like thee approach of the lad in the MAGA hat. Stand in front of them and smirk.

    • Serves her fucking right. Welcome to another example of equality, laydeez. No, I’m not comfortable at all with men hitting wimminz but if you’re gonna be a lairy cow and square up to a big angry hungry bloke who’s waiting for his dinner, well you know what’s gonna happen, unless you’re thick as shite, which I suspect she is. Daft bint.

  10. i used to work with a vegan. she ate crisps and chips and soy – that’s all – she about 17 stone – and just left her job and never returned – probably fell in a chip fryer

    • I used to work with one too!
      No sense of humour, dead logical…oh sorry!
      Thought you meant vulcan.

  11. That blonde one?
    Goes without saying!
    Once id dragged her fake protesting into my cave id eat steak puddings from between her thighs. Ggrr
    Pass the bromide….

  12. The huge paradox for vegans is that they are all essentially meat themselves. If they want to live without any meat, then how can they do this as living breathing meat?
    Stupid cunts.
    But if their gripe is with animals, well I know plenty of people who ask for non-Halal or non-Kosher meat in restaurants, and if they haven’t got any then they leave. It’s not racist, its about animal welfare and a quick clean kill, and not some barbaric sword ceremony.
    Some even make a point of asking this in Sainsburys.

  13. When I see them protesting in the halal butchers or the Turkish kebab shop I will listen to their argument. When they only have the balls to believe in their argument versus Pizza express cunts then I shall not listen and nor should anyone else. In fact I shall shortly be nipping off for a chicken kebab to celebrate this well deserved cunting.

  14. Can’t leave your house without some cunts protesting.

    Vegan cunts, what do you think would happen to all the animals destined for the meat counter? All those farmers going to take them home and keep them as pets?

    If you want to be a vegan that’s cool beans, when you want to enforce your beliefs on me it’s not fine and I will kick off.

    I’m sick of these woke cunts and their inherent totalitarian ways.

  15. Well we could always have a referendum on this meat eating issue. That would solve it wouldn’t it?

    • Pro meat eating ,that sounds like something the half-bake Oirish pillow biter, Leo Veradkar would actually back.

  16. I got pissed up the other night and fucked some vegan bird who seemed familiar.
    Then it dawned on me, I’d been in herbivore….

    • There’s a commonly used French term for that feeling of familiarity but fucked if I can remember it.

  17. don,t suppose these admittedly tasty looking wimminz have ever read animal farm, animals are proper cunts, prone to the herd instinct running around in a blind panic which is what the liberal classes have been doing for years, love to take them on a tour of an abattoir and watch the reaction

  18. Pizza Express? They sound confused.
    Cant really accuse someone eating a margarita of murdering anything.

      • I bet these vegans eat cottage cheese, everytime they go down on their lesbian girlfriend.

  19. Don’t these vegan realise that pesticides used on their vegetables kills many insects, slugs etc? Don’t the slugs deserve to live? Even organic pesticides kill Bee’s. All this has hot out of hand and as mentioned before they never protest against halal meat as that’s supposed to be the longest death for an animal.
    I agree we eat way to much meat and fish especially shite quality meat and fish but a lot of that is down to overpopulation and the need for cheap food to feed all the cunts.
    Overpopulation is the problem as you can see from the Somalians and other snackbars, and other faiths who promote having loads of kids.
    If you want to help the planet give your Mrs one up the shitter.
    Piss off.

    • I’m seriously considering going into a Vegan restaurant with some slug picture’s and a megaphone and disrupt the cunts… If that fails I could take a massive shit in the middle of the restaurant after eating a Lamb Vindaloo.

    • I can’t see how you’re going to persuade Mohammed to have fewer mini bombers B&W. Especially when some other cunt is paying for them.

      • That’s the problem FTF, Abdul has at least 4 kids… With each of his 3 wives. It’s the peacefuls way of taking the world over and the mugs in Parliament won’t put any limit on benefits for these parasites.
        What a joke this country has become.

  20. I heard pizza express was in financial difficulties. If they fold, will they come back as calzone express?

  21. Initially I was feeling a bit cheesed off about the protesters. They’re still cans of can’t for sure.

    But in my head I was then feeling bad for them, ‘Ah! The naivety of youth’, sort of thing.
    In years to come they’ll look back with embarrassment, regret etc.

    P.s the nomination is making me hungry. I’d like sausage, egg and chips please.

  22. ” Vegan shock troops”…the pathetic,pasty,weedy, Ooooh-everyone-look-at -me Cunts are about as far away from “troops” as it is possible to be.

    Who the Fuck do they think they are to try and force their misguided views onto everyone else? Sad,creepy,pathetic nobodies with an inflated idea of their own intelligence who hate anyone and anything that doesn’t go along with their beliefs. Most of the Cunts will have no experience of animal husbandry( indeed,probably have a panic-attack at the thought of nasty dirty animals) yet see fit to scream abuse like hysterical brats.

    I’d love to see one face-to-face start his shit when I was out for a meal. He/She would very quickly discover that crunching carrots for the rest of their days minus teeth wouldn’t be too easy.

    • Ive just seen 2 cows getting fruity with each other, even fucking livestocks going lezza!

  23. Marcus Rashford’s wife, Jesse Lingard is now claiming Rebekah Vardy distributed his infamous beans video on Twatter without his permission…

    • Lingard is a total cunt. The kind of cunt who needs a good slap and kick in the bollocks, he’s shite as well.

  24. I just noticed, in the picture, someone in the background is discreetly using an electric shaver.

  25. I fucking hate vegans. Joyless wankers. This protest had to be in Brighton, anywhere else, and they would be slaughtered.

    • Loads of virtue signalling, dozens of photos all over soshul meejah …….that’s a good night in Brighton! Unless you have The Gayness when a little more is required.

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