Cancel Culture

Carson King, who raised millions of dollars for an Iowa Children’s Hospital, found himself publically ‘cancelled’, after a reporter dug up the fact that he tweeted ‘racist’ jokes when he was only 16-YEARS-OLD.

Cancel Culture needs a cunting.

I’ve just read a story that perfectly sums up the left’s obsession with freedom of speech, and how it should only be free if you say the things that they agree with, rather than saying things that they disagree with. A young actress, Seyi Omooba (yes, she’s black), won the lead role in the stage version of ‘The Color Purple’. The next day, she was fired. Why was she fired? Because some self-important prod nose by the name of Aaron Lee Lambert, who happens to be starring in that other black play, Hamilton, Went back through FIVE YEARS of her tweets and found one in which she had quoted a verse from the bible to show how her Christian beliefs made it impossible for her to support gay people. Now personally, I don’t see how she’s done anything wrong. She’s broken no laws, she has never, as far as I know, physically attacked any gay people. As far as can see, all she’s done is break the Far Left commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Say Anything That Doth Not Support Shirtlifters”. Six months on, she’s suing on the grounds of religious discrimination. I don’t think she’ll win, but good luck to her anyway.

What’s wrong with not being a supporter of Gays? Where is the law that makes it illegal to be against homosexuality? There is nothing wrong with it, and there is no law. It’s called, ‘having an opinion’. Unfortunately for this young woman, her opinion goes against the world view of the business she unfortunately dreamed of entering and because of that, her career has ended before it’s begun, because she hasn’t had an audition in six months. All because some jumped up muppet actually spent several hours trawling through her tweets, and found one that went against the cult of leftism. What an utter cunt he is.

Some would say she shouldn’t have tweeted it. Maybe not. But we are supposed to live in a country that loves freedom speech. Freedom of speech should not be selective. We cannot have a situation where we express an opinion and then have our lives and careers ruined by a bunch of left wing nutcases, simply because they disagree with what we said.

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  1. You are not allowed to express an opinion contrary to Libtard beliefs. A whole subset of social media archaeologists has come into being, prepared to trawl every pronouncement a person has ever uttered to see if it contravenes some Libtard commandment. These cunts are on the same level as informers in Nazi occupied territories that gave away resistance fighters and Jews to the Nazis – scum in other words.

    Welcome to the world George Orwell predicted.

    Fuck off.

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    • Thank you Admin 👍

      Not at all, Thank you for your input.

  2. I’m fairly certain that youngsters today will grow up not knowing the concept of Free Speech. We live in a sad world. I absolutely hate the left wing bias in the meeja. I’m a normal working northern bloke, voted Labour most of my life until the last few years. I’m in no way a racist, and technically I’m Jewish as I’m from German and Polish Jewish stock which should point me down the path of left wing enlightenment but I just can’t do it. It’s gone too far and has had the opposite affect on me. Sadly I fear this won’t happen to the younger generation as the seem to be brainwashed from an early age, school even and certainly most of the content of soshul meeja.

    • I’m not so sure what we are seeing in the meedja and wider society is ‘left wing’ Bertram, certainly not in the traditional sense.

      Traditional Labour voters,
      I’m convinced see what’s being executed in the name of their party is as alien to them as it is to the majority of us.

      It’s more than just the take over of the Labour Party in the U.K. as it’s happening throughout the western world, to me it’s the Politics of Identity.

      However there’s only one team at the game and they are the ones who’ve hijacked traditional ‘main stream left wing’ parties in order to progress their ideology.

      It’s the new left who are making up the rules as they go. What was acceptable to say last year no longer is, we now live in a world where Bonny Greer is actually labelled ‘transphobic’ ffs and ‘no platforming’ is common place, anyone with a different opinion is either a facist or ‘far right’.

      The politics of Identity is corrosive as it entrenches positions but as with all deeply entrenched positions it’s littered with hypocrisy.

      Apparently Isssslam is the religion of Peace.

      Issslam shall not be criticised and if you do be sure to find your life ruined.

      Let’s imagine you run your own bakery and have the right to serve or not serve any cunt that walks through your door.

      They ask you to make a cake promoting gay marriage for a gay wedding but because your religious beliefs guide you to believe it’s wrong you decline.

      Well fuck you, you’ll find yourself in court and at the centre of a shit storm that could ruin you.

      Don’t agree with the teaching of homo relationships at Primary Schools in Birmingham,
      openly harass staff and aggressively protest for months outside schools, hey let’s talk about it.

      This is the new left, they are neither left nor right, they are simply intolerant of any cunt that doesn’t agree with them but every now and then find themselves in a severely contradictory position but when you’re friends run the media you don’t need to worry too much as reporting will be selective and minimal.

      They’ve cleverly taken what we’re once real issues, hijacked the party that traditionally campaigned for those issues and groups and have weaponised them by inventing PC as a very very effective tool to sensor the unwashed masses.

      Most of us are victims of it, when was the last time you heard, said or thought ‘can I say that’?

      Well if you can answer yes that’s me then actually you probably can say it, it’s just that you’ve been brainwashed, fallen victim to above and below the line indoctrination of the new left that are neither left nor right but are right about everything.

      • Spot on.

        I believe they have taken over the left both here and in the U.S. (let’s not worry about pissant countries like NZ or Canada) because the left has run its course. The left is in many ways a victim of its own success as many of the things it introduced such as the NHS (the concept more than the modern day reality) are now fully accepted and lauded – and rightly so in my view. On the other hand extreme socialism is universally recognised as something that does not work.

        So with nothing sensible left to fight for, leftish parties everywhere were open to hijack, mainly by libtards – though the UK somehow got Catweasel. The thing is that while they can initially trade on the historic brand, people on the whole are not stupid so fewer and fewer people will vote for them and they will lose every election (but, but Russian interference, its not fair etc.) Thus the ex-right(ish) parties will win by default every time, despite what they do. Not a good thing.

        Politics change over time. “Left” v. “right” is now something of an anachronism and probably for the next few decades it should be globalisation v. protectionism. That would be a fair fight with valid viewpoints on both sides and a very useful debate.

        But first kill all the libtards (as Willie the Shake would have said had he lived in our times).

      • ‘The thing is that while they can initially trade on the historic brand, people on the whole are not stupid so fewer and fewer people will vote for them.’

        Quite possibly….

        ‘Thus the ex-right(ish) parties will win by default every time, despite what they do. Not a good thing.’

        I suppose that assumes people who traditionally voted for ex-right(ish) parties are exempt from the effects of the current malaise in British politics?

        I doubt it but I don’t doubt that as a whole the British are small ‘c’ conservative and as such are more likely to vote for more sensible parties…?

        Vorsicht vor dem Zug

      • What more sensible parties? Since the Raving Monster Loony Party went there aren’t any. People don’t and wont like the right(ish) parties – and with good reason – but WILL vote for them purely so as to vote against the alternative. Politics is often as much about ‘voting against’ as ‘voting for’.

  3. I’d like to cancel plenty of cunts. Permanently. Millennial snowflakes are finding out for themselves that what they started will evntually cancel all of them. Wankers and cunts.

    • I reckon it’s going to be really funny when companies, in general, start data mining through social media for anything anybody who has presented a CV has previously said, and reject them based on the results. Let the squealing begin. I suspect it’s started already.

      • A few companies in the US do ask some candidates to sign in to social media accounts at interviews to see what they’ve been up to.

  4. This is part of the reason I choose to work via 3rd party and never step up to the mark.
    I had a candid conversation with someone about a job that not only was I over qualified to do, but had more experience in than the recruiter, Unfortunately as the Job had a degree of social speculation (interest from the public) it was deemed better that I not be involved should my past be exposed.

  5. These days you have more freedom in a Third World Country. At least over there you can say what you want and think what you want, just as long as you don’t challenge the state. But here, in the so-called Free World, if you say the wrong thing, and the wrong person overhears it, it can ruin your life.
    As Smug Cunt has rightly pointed out, these millennial snowflakes will end up cancelling each other out because they’re so puritanical with their beliefs. It’s best to just sit back and laugh…

  6. This is why I am always careful to post nothing that may be considered offensive.

    Fuck Off.

    • Mr Fiddler, you are the very epitome of kindness in your sensitive and tactful postings, demonstrated in your day-to-day life with the anecdote the other day about the black woman with the flat tyre, miles from anywhere and how out of your own good will, told her how to fix it. And then drove off.

      • …and generous enough in spirit not to put a round each in the other three and leave a quivering stilletto in the space-saver… what a gent!

    • How superbly put.
      Fuck me there are some dark keys moaning about stabbing each other and how it’s not their fault on the BBCistanibul.
      Cancel that fuckery.

  7. It’s not even funny anymore. In fact, it’s downright INFURIATING that this sort of bollocks is allowed to happen. Cunts.
    In other news, Dancing On Ice has announced that irritating talentless nancy poofter H(omosexual) from shite 90’s karaoke act Steps will be dancing with another shirtlifter in the next series. Don’t be surprised if it descends into “Bumming On Ice” before long. Gonna look like the Blue Oyster scene in Police Academy.

  8. These lefties would have apoplexy if they heard my opinions.
    I rarely hold back, and even use expressions I wouldn’t normally use purely because some arsehole has decided I can’t talk that way.
    That is my definition of free speech.

  9. Contrast this with serial fancy dress dresser upper with blackface offender Justin Trudeau. He has been excused because he was ‘unaware’ of the offence he might cause. Unaware? The last video was only a few years ago. He didn’t realise because of the ‘layers of privilege’ he said. See I’ve been blinkered by my upbringing not my mature judgement. How he has turned it so that he gets the sympathy for himself is a masterclass in modern day political bullshitting. What makes the stinking hypocrisy even worse- you had to be you very very careful in his government or cabinet that you were on message re race lgbt rights. Indeed any past things you might have said or done which were in the slightest suspect and you were out.

  10. When I saw the title of the nomination, I thought it was something to do with people cancelling subscriptions to things.

  11. This is why the struggle to leave the fucking EU is so important. If you can cancel the result of the biggest democratic exercise in this county’s existence (and fuck me, are they trying) then you can cancel anything. It doesn’t matter which way you voted if they pull this off you are a prisoner in your own country. We have already seen how leave voters have been stereotyped and classified…… if the remoaners win that becomes your official designation.
    Be afraid…… be very afraid.

    • Quite agree, although if they do pull it off, you’ll be a prisoner – but it’ll no longer be your country.

      How has it come to this? The world has seemingly lost all sense and reason.

  12. My colleague was getting grief as he was seen in a Trump T shirt on his way to work.I stepped in and said that if it had been an Obamaranutang one it would have been OK.
    Oh and he is blacker than Newgate’s knicker, from Lagos and follows Tommy Robinson everywhere he goes.

    The left hate it when their stereotypes are smashed.

    I said, Donald called Nigeria a shithole country (which it is) he said: Why do you think I came to the UK?

    He is black,works fucking hard,loges Trump,hates the EU and lives Israel. He also gates Mud slimes.

    Fucking ace!

  13. The crime of ‘offence’ is now endemic in universities where scientists in particular are harried for coming to conclusions that are not right on.

  14. Just to be sure, cancel culture means having careers ruined because of things done or said in the past particularly on facebook?

    • That’s how I understand it Spoony.

      Some sad little fuckers with no life and nothing better to do trawling through years of social meeja in the hope that at some point someone said something that might offend.

  15. That snakey reporter Aaron Calvin that went sneaking back 8 years to find these two ‘offensive’ tweets, which were written by what is by their own law a 16 year old juvenile, has now himself been investigated, due mainly to the national uproar caused that after Carson King a young man that has raised over 3 million dollars for a children’s hospital should be maligned over juvenile jokes made between friends.

    With some investigation it turns out good deed for the day and for the benefit of public interest reporter Aaron Calvin has a rather long list of offensive tweets himself. Once this was made public and despite his panic attack efforts to delete these tweets his bosses at the newspaper had already been informed, looked at them and poor ol Aaron got the boot.

    You live by the sword you die by the sword as well as He who is without sin are a couple of phrases that spring to mind, as well as Every cloud has a silver lining of course so suck it up Aaron you loathsome scoundrel!

  16. Some cunt has murdered worshippers at a synagogue in Germany.

    He is under arrest.

    Utter SCUM CUNT.

  17. Two more people have been killed in Germany following the injured from last week’s perpetrator (of unknown background/religion). This week’s incident instigated by a couple (of unknown background/religion) were attempting to enter a Jêwish synagogue and so far only two are dead. No images of the murderers have been released and they are of an unknown background/religion.

    Perhaps Herr Merkhel should be cancelled.

    God is not Great.

    • Someone went for a kebab shop in Halle at the same time. Shop apparently Turkish. Current reports are that the synagogue shooter was called Stephen Balliet, and was a German citizen; also that he had uploaded the event, filmed with a head cam, along with an antisemitic and ‘rightwing’ rant.

      Gott mit Uns, eh?

      • Can’t disagree. Doner used to be edible, at least in Turkey, but now it’s carved from some sort of reconstituted offal block and fucking disgusting.

        Still and all there are far worse immos than the Turks. Unless you’re in N. Syria tonight.

  18. George Orwell was not a science fiction writer, he was a fucking oracle.

    I have lost faith in humanity, I pity the little shit rats who have grown up with the Internet all their lives being manipulated in to all these cancel culture/shut down free speech movements.

    If people cannot see this agenda then let them rot in the Gulags of the EU that will be here by 2030

    • Nail on the head SSK. Express beliefs in a non-offensive way and you are fucked. Any devout Christian will not agree with gayness but it doesn’t make them less of a good person. Misguided, but then, so are Green Bay fans.
      As a caveat, of course, labour voters and Tottenham fans are cunts. One can only hope the rumour that Mourinho is set for the Spurs job is true.

  19. I refer the Hon. Cunter to a Mzz McGrath who was before tonight completely unknown to me. Her mastery of the parameters of intersectional feminism etc is unrivalled.
    *Add “aitch tee tee pee ess colon slash slash twitter dot com slash” to:

    Some might take this at face value. Oh dear.
    *Wordfence is really strange about some links.

  20. Thank dog I don’t have facebook etc. But I suppose ISAC could be classed as a social website.

    • I cunningly use a pseudonym. My surname isn’t Cunter, so they’ll never catch up with me. Whereas you Mr. Spoonington ……….

    • More of an antisocial site I think & am glad it goes against all these Soshul Meeja clones.

  21. I saw some cunt hung an effigy of the Thunderbirds girl off a bridge in Rome. At last somebody fighting back against the saintly tree huggers who must never be questioned.
    Predictably the libtards are weeping and crying as if it was real. They can break the law, bring cities to a halt, fuck people’s livelihoods up and that can’t be challenged. Fucking do gooder cunts.

  22. On the subject of err social media and culture, I wonder if the Rebecca Vardy leaks are on Porn Hub? Asking for a friend, like…

  23. Manchester United told to ‘take action or risk further deaths’ after lifelong fan, 80, died following fall inside Old Trafford…

    Fuck me.. It’s getting so bad that people are dying to get out….

  24. The Rooney/ Vardy thing is a great laugh Norman. Wagwars!!!
    I must say i’m surprised Coleen had the brains to lay such a clever trap. Some other cunt must have given her the idea surely?
    You can give chav tarts as much money as you like but they’ll always be chav tarts.

  25. These cunts are everywhere and tentacled into media and the courts.

    All a product of weak leadership, and pussy courts who don’t have any common sense.


  26. Honecker and Ceacescu must be pissing themselves laughing in Hell. I wonder how many ex Stasi work as consultants trawling people’s social media history?

    • Lots of ex Stasi apparently now hearing aid consultants and opthalmic opticians.
      Very sadly, the alsatians were useless as guard dogs, and many were euthanased. Proves that Germany never really changed…

      A local jeweller had one in his shop the whole time I was a kid; I never saw it do anything other than sleep, nor heard it do anything other than wet-fart, apparently aided and abetted by a diet supplemented with eggs and warm milk. Maybe it could gas any burglars…

  27. The digital Stasi digging up ancient posts then finding out some other informant has done the same to them.

    I’m glad i never used my real name on Twitter (pity the cunts who di, as they’re finding out why it’s a bad idea) and fucked out of flakebook.

    A fire at a zoo, and the 5 minutes of hate.

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