We The People

A cunting nomination for we the people.

The nation that gave birth to the Magna Carta and Common law has stood aside and watched democracy slain like a pig in front of us.

Either through self-interest, a willingness to let lawyers and politicians decide our future and the future of democracy, or through sheer idleness we have allowed a democratic outcome to be buried on bullshit.

There are lots of topics that we discuss on here that are intertwined, we deal with all individually and even then we only know what we are allowed to know.

As citizens we must soon act to reclaim a more pure form of democracy. The will of the people should not be denied by points of law or by the administrators of democracy… they are there to ensure that the outcome of democratic votes are delivered.

Those in parliament believe it was a mistake to ask the British people to decide on such a big decision. They will find the mistake was failing to enact it.

Nominated by Sixdog Vomit

139 thoughts on “We The People

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  1. I’m bored of talking about it. We are being ‘royaly fucked’. These people are quislings. They live in the classic Ivory towers. You can’t physically get anywhere near them to punch the fucking cunts
    I’m bored. We need action.

  2. Boris has apparently overstepped the line in the HOC on Wednesday in reflecting the mood of the nation.

    His punishment for disobeying the Ruling Elite?

    He has now been referred to the Police watchdog for alleged impropriety during his tenure as London Mayor.

    The nearer we get to Oct 31, the filthier the Ruling Elite will play to get their own way.

    Next stop after we are locked in? Sites such as this will be closed down and dissidents will be traced and punished.

    We are heading towards a full-on 1984 Britain, but I really can’t see how this will now be stopped. Short of a bloody revolution.

    • Exactly the same kinda shit The Don is getting in the good ol’ USofA the fucking snowflake libtard CUNTS

    • Aye. The divisions won’t go away simply by blaming one side or the other. They are becoming fucking great cracks, and the fabric is collapsing. And what are we to do? Be nice? Fuck off and fuck your chasuble too.

  3. I see the church has come out in support of Remoaners, with over 100 church leaders signing a petition asking MPs (they mean Leave MPs) to ‘tone down their rhetoric as it’s causing more division in our society’.

    No shit, Sherlock!

    The traitors that are trying to overturn democracy (and succeeding, by the way) are lucky it’s only words! And these cunts (Remoaner MPs) are pissing me right off by using Jo fucking Cox’s murder as the reason that they cannot be called out for what they are.

    Anti democratic traitorous scum.

    If the cap fits then wear it, you cunts. And no wonder the church is on its arse nowadays, what with selling churches to peacefuls, promoting ‘the gayness’, demanding more peacefuls (‘refugees’) and now siding with a foreign power (the EU).

    Jesus would turn in his grave. If he has one, because he might not be dead. Or something anyway.

    • Where have these cunts been for the last three years? The bile and hatred for the leave campaign, and anyone associated with it has been non stop. Nazis, liars, gammon, being some of the nicer slurs levelled at anyone who had the nerve to vote leave. Beyond some light mocking, there has been little in return. Where was the fucking church then? Where was the church when time and time again, the constant attack on democracy, to overthrow the result of a legally binding referendum? Fuck off, and stick to pedalling your fairy stories for gullible idiots.

  4. All that the vile craven power grabbing and abject appeasement does is stir the ghosts of long dead dictators,and soon enough we shall have a Swedish Hitler.
    Watch the cunts run then or become dictators themselves.
    I cannot wait.

  5. A very concise cunting, and spot-on. Has anyone else formed the slight suspicion that Parliament has got even worse since women were encouraged, nay preferred, for senior government and opposition (especially opposition) positions? Bossy, argumentative machine-educated, strident know-alls, who view the world as subservient to their own hormonal fluxes? And who play the victim card whenever the conversation gets rambunctious, sensitive little sweethearts that they are?
    Can Parliament ever work again if it is modelled on the worst of a failed multiple marriage?

    I say nought of the growing preponderance of ethnic women in public and media life, save that it is less related to any discernible talent than to relentless playing of the race card.


  6. What We need are less cunting ” supreme” courts and more drum head courts. Just like the last time the cunts were chased out of parliament at the point of a bayonet.

  7. Charles Day (a barrister) writes in the Spectator:

    No example of the court controlling prorogation of parliament can be found in this country – or in any common law country. Until today.
    The 11 justices have taken it upon themselves to assume the power of Parliament and by common law, make a statute. That is a far bigger constitutional outrage than Boris sending parliament on holiday over conference season. It is and should be a nationwide klaxon that the experiment of a ‘Supreme’ Court is a failure. They seem conversely oblivious that the actual conclusion to their actions is to carry on the farce of the longest sitting parliament for 400 years and to give all power in the land to the Speaker and rogue MPs – who are unconstrained by manifesto promises, a Queen’s Speech or by fear of an election (because they refuse one). No mention was made of how parliament has ceased to function.”

    Good point. The actual result of the Supreme Court’s decision is ‘legally’ to preventParliament from functioning – – the court having ruled that prorogation would ‘illegally’ prevent Parliament from functioning .. cunts or what?

    Historical note: The Supreme Court, alien to the UK’s common-law foundation, was instituted by a Mr AC Blair. Like Scottish devolution. Like all-women short lists. Like…the shit we find ourselves wading through today.

    • Along with filling every institution and quango with his type of liberal left champagne socialists, knowing that the result is, even when they are not in government, they are still in power.

      • One day history will record the number, believed to be in excess of 1500, of ex-Blair SpAds, nurtured at public expense, now heading talking-shops, advisory and political message management concerns, embedded in government or hiring their crawling talents to the Euro bureaucratopoly.

        Corruption with a smiley face.

  8. So the referendum is being subverted because leaving with no deal (aka leaving) is now illegal but no fucker seems to be taking to the streets.

    What will parliament make illegal next……. Elections? I wouldn’t put it passed the cunts

    • It’s up to us but I’m feeling like a boiling frog now. I thought democracy would prevail as no matter how you view the outcome of the referendum it was a clear result, leave.

      The lesson is that a large portion of the nation is happy to see democracy subverted when it suits them.

      Remain is seen as a people’s movement and the media has presented it as a grass roots movement. Leave has been focused on Farage, BoJo and the like who all have characters that are easily assassinated.

      It’s been a massive psyop that’s taken a vote that was grassroots to a place where the corruption of democracy has made the losing side look like the winners.

      We are repeating the process that took place in Ireland, Denmark and France.

      We will eventually Vote the right way even if it kills us.

      • There are still 17.4 million with a righteous sense of betrayal. It doesn’t stop here, even though many of us realised that the EU would play its Ireland/Denmark/France game with us. No surrender! ( (c) Iain Paisley, Sr.)

        If (when) the referendum result, which all parties undertook to honour, is negated, the problem Cameron thought he would solve is enhanced. Not only does the issue of our sovereignty remain unresolved, but our constitution has been undermined. As in WW1, we are lions led by donkeys, and it would be only fitting to send the latter to a French abattoir, where they eat equines.
        A remoaner: Ooooh! A death threat! You bad bad man!
        Myself: Grow a fucking pair, and a sense of humour too.

      • 17.4 million with a righteous sense of betrayal but how many prepared to act on it?

        How many of the 17.4 million have been won over by project fear, how many are actually prepared to stand for their vote?

        In a war of attrition the leave side has shown little stomach for a battle.

        Democracy depends not on votes but on what you are willing to risk to see your vote counted.

      • Sound questions. Remoan seems pretty reluctant to get the answers, doesn’t it? And the bigger and more obvious the betrayal, the more visibly biased the propaganda, and the more ludicrous our representatives’ behaviour become, the better for that.

        The remoaners’ key objective is to amplify the leavers’ pessimism, apathy and perceived impotence. Don’t buy that package.

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