Parking on Blind Bends

People who park on blind bends are cunts

What is it with some numbskulls? They park their shitty Eurobox on a blind bend and then look, mouth agape, in disbelief and wonder that they have almost caused a fucking head on collision. Normally Nissan Micras (for some odd reason).

On my way to work there is a very tight bend on a minor road, it is almost a 90 degree affair. Invariably, some dunderhead parks right on the bend and despite approaching the bend slowly and with caution that there may be a car approaching the other way, it inevitably ends up as an exercise in reaction testing and standing on the middle pedal.

The same breed of cunts who park in the road (offside in) and leave their offside door or doors open for what seems to be ages whilst they scratch around looking for a bag of Opal Fruits in the foot well or they attempt to lever their corpulent mass into the car, all whilst holding up the traffic both ways.


Nominated by Paul Maskinback

19 thoughts on “Parking on Blind Bends

  1. Never mind the parking , what about the Parking Stanley? That area looks far too affluent for trash like that to be hanging about. Should be arrested and deported.

    • He will be stood there waiting for a 12 year old schoolgirl to walk by, hoping to get her in the back of his car so he can take her to his friend’s.
      Once there, they will take it in turns to fuck her. Apparently this is quite common in their religion.

  2. There’s often no option round my way, as every occupant of the terrace houses – no front yards, no garages – has at least two cars. And there is much indignation when one of them gets dinged by a passing lorry. The solution is in their own hands.

  3. Look at that Transbender in the photo. If you’re not sure whether to wear trousers or a dress, what chances have you got of parking a car properly? The only licence these peasants have is transporting their goats from one fuckhole to another.

  4. The peaceful is saying to his taxi driver mate……”only two today? Ok i’ll take the one with the school uniform.”

    • It’s benevolent of Alläh to allow his supplicants to own a Merc with private plates as long as you are fulfilling His almighty plan – claiming benefits, driving like a shepherd, grooming 12-year olds, etc (Praise Him, Alläh is merciful, peace to all, death to infidels).

    • Thanks, I didn’t know.

      section important stuff

      So if you’re moderated and an existing commenter, then it’s likely you’ve used a word that’s dodgy – like wog, nigger, coon, peado, queer, nonce. This is not acceptable unless proven to be accurate. To clarify, it is, for example, acceptable to call somebody a paedophile if they have been convicted in a court of law otherwise it is libellous.

    • I find Pete De Phail works. Got busted using the macaroon word a couple of weeks ago. A sincere apology should have you back up and running!

  5. Slightly off-topic, but mentioning “shitty euroboxes”…

    In centre of Cardiff yesterday, a very gay pink wagon, with “E-plates”, advertising the wonders of “European Pork”…Would this be the “Racing from Newmarket” variety that ends up in dodgy lasagna ?
    There were no takers.
    Whilst living in Cardiff, I shall support the local economy and Welsh farmers. Fearless dragon milkers they must be, to get all that Dragon butter on the shelves.
    Wouldn’t mind some Mozzarella di Charlotte C atop my pizza…

  6. I have a Close just round the corner from me. Cars containing , usually at least 4 young peacefuls, park up at night to sniff gas. Then they chuck the containers out the window making a fucking mess. I have faced them up a few times and they don’t give a shit. They don’t want to do what they do closer to home just in case mum sees them.
    Well you cunts I don’t want you near me either so fuck off.
    Not a road rage incident but still cunts in cars.

  7. Definition of a cunt = a fuckin pac he stinky still in his pajamas, work shy bunch of scrawny peasants that smell so bad they would knock a fly of a fresh dog turd.!

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