Omar Salem

A ‘Goodness Gracious Me’ cunting please for this dusky soy boy who confronted Boris at an East London hospital today, to complain about the NHS – it’s not acceptable to him apparently, the waiting, the lack of doctors and nurses.

It turns out that this grandstanding, SJW wanker is an active member of the Labour Party, and you can only assume that when the election comes and there are more news cameras around ever more desperate lefties will be giving such barnstorming performances.

Of course Wireless 4 are relishing the story and are running it as top item on PM – is it “damaging to Boris Johnson?” ever so innocent Evan Davies, spinster of this parish, announced with faux concern.

I would just say to the gobby Mr. Salem that if less of his compatriots stopped coming to the UK for the generous benefits , including the NHS, and if he himself was to shut the fuck up, the NHS might be slightly better – especially with money invested that will not go to the 4th Reich.

I don’t think Salem’s efforts will make Steptoe any more palatable to normal people.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

63 thoughts on “Omar Salem

  1. The triumph of emotion over reason. Again. It’s clear and obvious that he who shouts loudest, cries in public or shares their most intimate secrets with strangers ‘cares’ more than someone who speaks calmly, acts with dignity and wants privacy. Well, it’s clear and obvious to complete twats anyway.

    In other news, I’ve realised that I am 36% Muslim so I am obliged to hate about one-third of fellow cunters.

    Admiral Ackbar, infidel cunts.

  2. Any weepy libtard will tell you that without 300,000 + extra immos per year the whole NHS would collapse. Well maybe we should train more of our own medical staff instead of nicking them from poor countries who need them far more than us. The idea that nurses have to pay for their own training and then get paid peanuts is a fucking joke. This Salem cunt needs to get his foreign arse out of my country and fuck off back to where he came from. We have a mismatch between the number of staff and the number of patients. The excess patients need to fuck off, simple as that.

  3. Yes – I made a comment on this tool at the time. He doesn’t see the irony that the NHS is over-stretched due to umpteen million enrichers, like him, being allowed to come and live in the UK without paying their way. I appreciate that he may be “British” (in the same way that Mohammed Farah is), but he is still representative of the influx of his ilk into the UK in recent decades. Funny how he, a Labour activist, just happened to be there with a “sick kid” when Bojo showed up. What was the kid’s illness? Perhaps we can be told that.

    I have kids and have had nothing but good treatment from the NHS. Of course it is over-stretched: anything free at the point of use can only be controlled by making you wait for it. That’s how it is. My Mum lived in the catchment of Whipps Cross and was there at the end of her life. The only problem with that place is that it is chock-full of immigrants who seem to turn up for the slightest thing. The A&E is appalling as it is so over-loaded with these people. And the abuse the staff put up with from the foreign gits getting it all for nowt. Fuckers.

    And he is a cunt – so well said.

    • I think it was me that triggered Blunty, unintentionally. Blunty was seeing this mans actions purely through the eyes of a concerned parent, I have a far more cynical view of the event.

      Being a Labour activist and launching a political attack in guerrilla fashion on a conservative PM Omar must of been aware of the publicity he would get and in all probability he was also aware of how some interpret his actions.

      I can’t swallow he was purely motivated by concern for his child.

      Cunts are as cunts do

      • I agree Sixdog, either way Omar Salems caused enough trouble the cunt.
        Go look too your child Omar and stop with the finger pointing and cheap theatrics.

      • I might have had more sympathy for Salem had he not repeatedly shouted at Boris “the NHS has been destroyed!” – typical Labour shite.

        Labour have form weaponising sick children – remember ‘Jennifer’s ear’?

        @ Sixdog
        Your posts on the ‘Sky Sports News’ nom re: Omar Salem’s behaviour were spot on, they should be reproduced in their entirety here.

      • Alright, alright Miserable, RTC, I’m back. So much for having a month’s break when it’s barely been 5 days!
        It’s bloody ironic the topic that prompted a break is the very same that’s brought me back. Sixdog hit the nail on the head when he pointed out that my comment was
        written from a father’s perspective. To put it into context, I should have said at the same time that I’ve no sympathy with anyone who is a Labour activist, a mudslime and certainly nobody who runs down the NHS. ( sorry Sixdog, I love reading your posts)

        The moral of this is that, if you’re going to play Devil’s advocate make sure that. . . .
        1 ) You choose a more deserving case and explain yourself more clearly.
        2 ) Don’t post when you’ve had too many beers or vinos. (this only gives me a 2hour window in the day to post)

        I’ll never forget when I first came across IsAC. I happened to read a post/comment by Dick Fiddler. This was of course before he became famous after appearing on “Who Do You Think You Are” and discovering his de Pfeffel ancestry.
        Can’t remember the topic Dick was sounding off about. Alls I know is that I wet myself so much and thinking “if that’s what IsAC is all about, I want more and I want to be part of it.”
        It’s addictive, gets in to your blood and you share with others who have a similar political view and outlook to yourself as well as being a fuckin’ good laugh. Even Mrs B said “I’ll give you a week before you’re back on that “Is a chump site.” It didn’t even last that long!
        Do what you do best IsACs and keep on cunting!

      • Glad your back mate!
        Missed you and your views, your humour and ISAC is stronger for having you.
        Oh do you look like jean claude Junkher or what?
        Rtc reckons your the spit of John Candy!!😊😀😆

      • Hi Miserable! Nah – I’m only about 12 stone soaking wet! Average build with a slight pot.
        Don’t tell me you don’t fancy me anymore?

      • So much for Rtc and his half arsed Colombo routine😀
        Pot bellies will be common on ISAC im sure, glad your back mate, next nom might be one for you!!

      • Welcome home Bertie – I told them you’d be back before the week’s out!

        @ Miserable
        Blackford has a pot belly so am vindicated. 😀

      • Don’t be sorry be present. In a place of opinions no one is right and no one is wrong. If this place becomes an echo chamber because no one offers a contrary opinion it will be pointless.

        Welcome back

      • Thanks Sixdog and RTC. There doesn’t look as though there could be a more interesting time to come back with all the latest developments. I’ve always argued for less legal representation in Parliament. Now the fuckers have taken over the asylum completely.

  4. Remain was the intended result. The government who called the referendum immediately spent 9 million of our money on leaflets telling us why we should vote remain. That was in hindsight not advice but an instruction.

    The terminology used for years prior to the referendum are also informative, anti EU MPs were rebel’s. If you look back you’ll see many MPs from all parties had launched scathing attack’s on the EU, these include Yvette Cooper and Nick Clegg. Only once we voted out did they reveal their true allegiance.

    My biggest fear about brexit is will we find MPs who can sail the UK back into calmer waters or will the shower of shite we have steer us on to the rocks partly out of incompetence and partly out of spite.

      • We can expect parliament to reopen very shortly. MPs keen to undermine Boris and the country.

        Right you Honourable orrible lot, get in position, wait for it……get your noses back in the trough.

        I no longer recognise Parliaments representation of the people or as the legitimate government of the people. As far as I’m concerned we are now an occupied territory of the EU.

      • It’s just the degree of fuckedness that counts now. A Corbyn administration will put the tin lid on it.

      • I can well understand why Corbyn and Two Ton Tommy wants 16-18 year olds to get the vote – they are the only ones thick enough/gullible enough to believe the horseshit that has come out of Brighton this week – free prescriptions for all, 32 hour weeks – it all adds up to over £50 billion pounds a year. WE could buy the EU for that and buy ourselves out countless times.

        Just heard that cunt Gina Miller crowing on Wireless 4 – and she makes out she “isn’t political”. Fucker of a whore.

  5. All arranged and stage-managed to a t.

    If, when they were young, one of my offspring was in hospital and the PM of a party I didn’t support had visited the hospital, my focus would be on my child 100%, as would anybody not part of a PR pantomime. They’ll have to be careful to use a proper flunkey (of whatever colour) next time without the obvious connections.

    Mind you, all parties play these games. It’s all for the cameras.

    • If I’d ever been in hospital when Fergie was about 25, and she was doing visits, I’d have asked her to wank me off.
      But I’ve never been an in-patient, so I didn’t get a hand-job.
      Must be the only bloke who missed out.
      I’m waiting for Sue, Grabbit, & Runne to answer my compo-call…

      Omar, omar, omar,
      what a silly cunt you are.

      • You want a hand-job from Fergie? You’d probably be told that there should’ve been 8 minutes of injury time and the goals against were off-side.

      • Norm, it might explain why Pogba is so sluggish. Too much wanking over his own social media. If I were Ole, I’d pay him to leave.

  6. Perfect timing… the cunts will be able to scupper the Tory Party Conference now and Parliament will be recalled once Corbyn has had the opportunity of delivering his speech tomorrow and they’ve sung the Red Flag, soon to be seen flying over No.10…

  7. A vile, smug pic of Bananagob on the Telegraph site, standing next to a couple of decidedly nontzee-looking blokes who look like Morris from Corrie.

    • Even more sickening was the sight of Anna Sourby, Ian Blackford and Caroline Lucarse arm in arm outside the court, crowing about democracy and the need to get back to work and bring an end to Brexit with a loser’s vote.

      More cunts per square inch on the telly and radio today than I’ve ever witnessed before. Novichoking would be too good for them.

      • I dread the ultra pompous aresholes Hilary (call me duckie) Benn and Dominic Grieve getting back on their high horses. They will probably join Bercow and Dame Keir for a circle jerk.

      • Bercunt just announced Parliament will be resumed 11.30am tomorrow. Corbyn to make his ‘leader’ speech this afternoon.

        Thank Dog the court sat long enough to allow the LibDems and Labour to enjoy their conferences undisrupted.

  8. Special Patrol Group for this character.
    Breaking news tells me the Magic Grandpa is going to have a happy ending to his wonderful gathering of astute persons courtesy of the Supreme Court.
    I wonder how that happened ?

  9. This is what happens when you give the enemy advanced notice of what you are going to do. It’s like posting the plans for D Day to Berlin for fucks sake. It will be interesting to hear Sir Nigel’s show tonight, he must be jumping up and down with joy.
    Right now the Tories look fucking finished, unless Boris can come up with a cunning plan……a plan so cunning that it could have been devised by a fox , who has just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Cunning University. But for fucks sake don’t brag about. Spring it on the cunts as they’re breaking out the champagne and cigars. You cunt Boris.

  10. The name, Omar Salem, sounds like a mother and son arguing.

    Mother: “Good lord, what shall I do with all these things I bought years ago? They’re taking up space and cluttering the house.”

    Son: ” Oh, ma! Sell ’em!”

  11. “Happy ending” for Magic Grandpa ??
    Is some £25- bimbo going to toss him off over his zimmer frame ?

    If I hear that civil rest has broken out, and that certain remoaniacs whose names have already been mentioned are found butchered in the streets, I shall not be in the least bit concerned. Especially if the list includes that slime appeaser from the Met.
    Those who sow the wind &c.

  12. I don’t understand people like this epic cunt kvetching and moaning at the current government like this is something new.

    When I was training in 1997, the story was EXACTLY the same. Bed shortages, chronic staff shortages (that has NEVER changed and didn’t change over the 12 years I nursed) medical equipment/machine shortages, even fucking PILLOW shortages. I would literally have to leave the ward to locate a fucking pillow when we had a full ward.

    This was all under a Labour government and the situation got worse under their leadership (if that is what you can call it) Why is that, of course? Oh yeah. Could have something to do with the excess amounts of human excrement that the fuckers allowed into the country to the point that demand now far outweighs resources and funding. This foreign-blooded cunt moaning now is a bit like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. Clearly the asshole didn’t get the memo.

    This was nothing but a well-timed photo op for the Libtard fuckhead.

    He should count himself fucking lucky that his sprog has even got a bed, entitled cunt.

    • Also it was Blair and Broon that hung the bloody PFI noose around the NHS, and has left them paying for inadequate buildings for 20/30 years

  13. Well, folks, that’s democracy, you’ve had it.
    On my bucket list:
    Burn the Houses of Parliament to the ground, with all occupants.
    Go and live somewhere more democratic, like Iran. Would have said N. Korea, but the food’s crap.

  14. When I realised how fucked over we were, I started with….

    1) Civil unrest
    2) Civil war
    3) EU war
    4) World fucking war

    Although 4) may be a tad extreme.

    On the other hand, being the Right Dishonourable now I can sneek into the Commons sign up for my £300 and fuck everyone over as if nothing had happened.

    How many times have various cunters posted “this country is fucked”?

    It truly is and I can’t see it changing anytime soon.

    Fucking glad I gave up the alcohol….cunt.

  15. Just a word to the wise: A lot of comments were deleted here today on this page as going off topic was fucking rampant. This is an important nomination that deserves a discussion and it was all being derailed to Brexit yet again.

    One or two comments off topic are fine, but it was getting fucking ridiculous here and being totally hijacked, which really isn’t fair on W.C.Boggs who took the time to nom.

    There are plenty of politically inclined noms to rant there.

    • Mine was one. I apologise.
      Somewhat nearer the topic may I note that Johnson was also being monumentally fucked over by the MSM this week regarding an alleged payment to an alleged friend of his (more accurately, to her business, which is not sex) during his time as Mayor of London? The knives are definitely out for him, which leads me to allow that he may not be sticking to the Remoan script after all.

      I expect there’ll be more in the same vein as what was admirably cunted above by WCB.

  16. I couldn’t give a shit about his whelp…plenty more where that one came from from.

    Fuck Off.

  17. There was a nice photo of this cunt on a stage at a rally somewhere, and he was standing next to John McDonnell, so it’s safe to say he’s more than just an occasional labour voter. Typical BBC reporting, they played endless clips of this uppity fuck hassling Boris, but not one second of the rapturous applause he had just before he bumped into that twat. Lies by omission, agenda by context.

  18. When my brother (what was left of him) was in hospital after being knocked down by a car or when my mam had the Big C, I don’t think I’d have been arsed even if the Prime Minister or any other fucker had been in front of me… In fact I know I wouldn’t have been arsed… Salem’s ‘protest’ has fuck all to do with either the NHS or his kid… Omar Salem is a look at me attention seeking snowflake cunt and a piece of Labour ‘activist ‘ toe jam… Believe me, the ’causes’ this cunt ‘believes’ in and his SJW/social media status will matter more than any loved ones… He is a copper bottomed cunt… Fucking end of…

  19. Is there any point in having a Parliament and elections when some bunch of rich, posh cunts can just say “fuck you poor people, we don’t give a fuck what you think?”

  20. If this fuckin rag head stop knocking up his sister we wouldn’t have to waste tax payers cash on some future bomb making stabber who isn’t capable of wiping its own arse, Boris should have given him a decent uppercut then flopped out the big lad and pissed on him.!

  21. Labour Party Activist a plant same as the woman who doorstepped Boris Johnson in Doncaster she lives in London another Labour Party Activist A proper pair of left wing cunts

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