Old People at Cash Points

These fuckers are well overdue a cunting.

Why does it have to take so fucking long to withdraw £20 from a cash point? Card in, enter details, take money and fuck off. Oh no, not these cunts. They have to take five fucking minutes staring at the screen wondering what to do. When they eventually figure out how to withdraw cash, they then go in for the balance check and then the final fucking annoyance of waiting for the receipt. Add that to fucking around putting the card and cash back in the wallet and you’re in for a ten minute wait behind these cunts.

Nominated by Cunty mcfuckwit

84 thoughts on “Old People at Cash Points

  1. Am sure I saw Hatterjee in Madame Tussaud’s about ten years ago – as an exhibit.
    Maybe it was a programme about sex dolls…

  2. RE technology, was offered a job by the Cyril & Sybil Service today.
    Filling in the extra info re referees, previous names (I still have my same four initials, in the same order, but now as 2 + 2 rather than 3 + 1; all the cunt organisations persisted in ignoring my 3rd christian name, which really pissed me off, as I was named after an unc who was a fantastic bloke, a really fun person.
    After eight attempts, I just went back, changed the form to read “no changes of name.”
    Load of wank. It’s a phone centre job; I found something on YouTube which gives me an idea on how to be of benefit to my employers…”The Hitler Helpline.”

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