Nick Childs

Nick Childs is a cunt. Who he, I hear you ask? Nick is deputy leader of Woofter and Transbender Central, Brighton and Hove Council, and an outspoken critic of private and independent education. A devoted Corbynite and member of Momentum, Mr Childs has campaigned to keep local schools free from “avaricious trusts” (his quote, not mine). Brighton Council, he said, did not “need a fly-by-night privateer to help us educate our children” (again, his quote). Mr Childs is also on record as saying: “Ofsted is enforcement agent of neo-liberal education system of competition, recidivist notions of education/ intelligence, narrow data sets, privatisation, and denial of impact of poverty”

Now you may say ‘fair enough’ to this opinion. After all, Nick Childs is a Corbynite socialist who clearly believes in old Wurzel’s notion ‘for the many, not the few’. The teensy-weensy problem however is that Nicky boy sends his daughter to private school. And not just any old private school; no, young Ms.Childs attends Roedean, the poshest of the posh, internationally renowned, independent school for girls, nestled in the beautiful Sussex Downs.

Goodness knows where the councillor gets the £40k per year fees, or how he justifies such hypocrisy to himself and his Momentum colleagues?

What an absolute Premier League cunt of epic proportions. The very worst type of loathsome, hypocritical bastard.

Nominated by CuntyMcCuntface

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  1. The hypocrisy of “left wing” Labour politicians angers me more than almost anything else, the double standards, the patronising, condescending playing to the gallery. I despised Blair and his friends but at least they were open about their own avarice, and some like James Purnell went on to make a career out of it.

    I think Mr. Childs needs to be punished – get Diane Abbott to sit on his face for ten minutes – kill or cure.

  2. A very nasty Labour habit. Decry private education whilst sending your own spawn to the very best private school. Flabottamus, Chickenbalti and now this Childs cunt are all guilty of it.

    That is the problem with socialist leaders, they wet dream profusely about ‘big government’, lots and lots of talking, justice for the poor, spending of taxpayer’s money on social projects and the concomitant ‘socialism for the masses’, but as the ‘great social engineer of the movement and leader’ they don’t class themselves in the same group. They crave all the trappings as they don’t consider themselves in the same group as Hoi Polloi.

    Childs is just another Labour cunt. McCluskey is another. That fat cunt Bob Crowe was another. Fucking god help us if old Lego Hair and Catweasel cosy up for a majority. People who work will be punished for their efforts through swingeing taxes.

    Labour? Fuck off.

    • May they all shit hedgehogs and their ears turn into arseholes
      These cunts jointly hold the Nobel prize for hypocrisy with two bars and crossed swords. Fuck them all painfully

    • When you ever contemplate even thinking about voting Labour Paul Always Check The Small Print They are a bunch of hypocrites

  3. Well if you do a quick Google search Brighton’s councillors get a basic £12000 per year in allowances and expenses, plus there were a few claiming ‘special responsibility allowances’ of up to £31500 per year, so £43500 just in expenses. That already pays for his daughters tuition without even touching his wage.

    Unfortunately Mr Childs was not on the 2017/18 councillor expenses, presume he’s new. But looking at the 2019-2023 council review, it looks like the deputy leader is entitled to £20k in special allowances plus £13k basic. So he can easily afford.


    • Greedy cunts the lot of them…. just like MPs they get £305 just for showing up in the HOC… .Dear ol’ Dennis Skinner’s ALWAYS there

  4. Clearly following his Führer, Corbyn’s slogan “for the many not the few” to the letter. SHIT (schools) for the many, not the (party apparatchik) few.

    A typical leftist Stalinist CUNT of the first order. I’ll wager serious dish, that he’s a Jew/Israel hating BDS shitbag as well, it goes with the jealous, student union, Pali-cock-gobbling territory.

  5. A beautiful set of buildings in an idyllic setting overlooking the sea. Drive past there and you can smell the money.
    You don’t get any trannies turning up to tell the posh gels about menstruation. No poofery lessons here thank you. No that sort of thing is for the proles not cunts like us who can buy our way out of the brainwashing programme.
    Good old Mr Childs, champagne socialist looking after number one. Stick it up your arse you two faced , hypocritical piece of shit.

  6. Great cunting McCuntface.

    Libtard brainwashing and transgender indoctrination clearly not for the likes of this cunt’s sprog.

    £40k fees spare change to millionaire socialists like Childs and Corbyn.

    Hypocrisy on steroids and stilts.

  7. I will keep this simple – what a cunt

    No doubt the cunt has a rainbow flag 🏳️‍🌈 on his office door

  8. Good cunting.
    All of those Labour shitwipes are at it.
    Absolute fucking hypocrites, all- and I mean ALL- of them.
    I don’t think there is a TRULY honourable MP amongst the sea of dross that is the Labour party. Sure, there’s a couple who give the occasional blip of integrity- Kate Hoey and Gisela Stuart before she stood down. Maybe even the Beast of Bolsover- at least you know where you stand with him.
    But the likes of Flabbott, McDonnell, Thornberry, Stephen Kuntock, Angela Rayner, supercunt Jack Dromey, fat slag Jess Philips, that fucking creepy wierdo Gardiner, the perpetually-offended Idi Amin (sorry, I meant David Lammy), Dawn Buttler, and the terminally retarded sock puppet Long-Bailey just make me fucking spew.
    I wouldn’t put these cunts in charge of a pan on the stove, but they purport to be a government-in-waiting.
    That shitstain on the gusset of the UK McDonnell yesterday said in the event of BoJo losing a confidence vote, he was going to put Catweazle in a taxi (FFS!) and send him to The Palace with a note DEMANDING (!!) that Her Majesty make him PM. Hopefully, he’ll be shot by a soldier/police sniper as soon as the cunt opens the cab door.

    • Graham Stringer is not a bad egg.

      McDonnell is a nasty sulphurous egg of the worst order.

      • According to Guido Fawkes his nickname is ‘The Quartermaster’ due to his ability in the 1980’s to provide the IRA with whatever they asked for. He use to frequent Kilburn pubs in the ’80’s which were no-go areas for anyone not supporting the IRA.

  9. I am surprised no one has taken him to task with regards a) his expenses and b) the hypocrisy of sending his daughter to a private school? And the same could be said for the likes of Flabbott and other champagne socialists who tend to keep very quiet when their own families are in the spotlight for doing things completely opposite to socialist policy.

    At least with the Tories you knew where you stood – greedy cunts all too willing to keep the riff-raff at arms length. But Labour is, and always has been, a complete and utter lie to its original socialist principles that only someone as decent as the late John Smith understood and wanted to continue.

    • I suspect Smith would have sold out had he lived. He was also responsible for promoting Blair & Brown to top positions in his Liebour Shadow Cabinet.

      • Wasn’t there a woman a few years back, I think she was a Labour MP, who sent her kid to a private school? Can’t remember her name. At least she had the decency to resign when the hypocrisy of her position was pointed out to her.

      • Gaynor Regan lived two doors down from me (Robin cooks last wife).
        She spent most of her time shopping in London with her poodle, Looked and acted more like a Tory is imagined to act.
        She even moaned at the Gardner she paid to cut her hedge that it was not “rustic enough” That threw both him and me, what the fuck is a rustic hedge, in fact my first ever contact with a “High level” Labour member, very disappointing and not at all what I imagined.
        She has moved now but she lived in Holmbury stmary which is also a pretty depressing place.

      • Possibly. I know he wanted to take the party a little more to the centre after the joke that was Michael Foot who preceded him.

        Of course hindsight is a blah blah thing, but I did have some faith in Smith, who realised old Labour wouldn’t get anywhere with a militant leadership trying to compete with someone like Thatcher.

      • Agree Technocunt, except it was Kinnock who preceded Smith, beginning the job of moving the party toward the centre.

  10. Fuck me the sheer weight of numbers of these fucking rats is daunting
    Nowt to be done:the country is well on the way to being a cesspit for the dregs of the world.
    Spot on cunting thank you.
    The Black Death seems suitable for this soppy cunt.

  11. WE yes WE are paying for her education !!! while I’m eating spam frittas these sorts eat nowt but the very best cuisine . . lobster, caviar braised humming bird tongues etc etc all washed down with a bottle of Louis Roederer 2006 Cristal Champagne Methuselah 600cl £8,178 (I just looked this up lol)

  12. A very astute cunting.

    It is just typical Lefty hypocrisy. Talking the talk, but not walking the walk. They want to be seen to be a man or woman of the people, ‘down’ with the under privileged of this country, but when it comes to their own families and lives, they indulge in every kind of luxury that their copious amounts of money can buy.

    Flabbott is another one, but this time she actually took her son OUT of a state school and put him into a private one. When challenged on her blatant hypocrisy (she spent years chastising other Labour politicians for putting their kids in selective schools) she then played the race card (oh, what a surprise) saying something along the lines of ‘black women go all out for their kids’ and then some shite about the fact that she didn’t want her brat to get into a gang as many black boys do in the state system.

    That woman is beyond deplorable. At least have the fucking decency and balls to acknowledge your hypocrisy, you obnoxious heifer.

    Each case is just proof positive that politicians – be they low or high profile, a Councillor or an MP, do nothing but fucking LIE to further their careers and cajole the masses into thinking they represent something that they clearly do not or have the courage of their own convictions.


    • Humans are truly remarkable it must be said.
      After all some poor bastard flung one up Flabbott at some point..
      Fuck them

      • Too right, UT.

        You’d have to be pretty desperate to pork ‘The Flabbott’……

      • In fact, you’d have to look like a really down-market, heel version of Albert Steptoe.

        Does such a horrible mistake of nature exist ?

  13. Bang to rights cunting. After Roedean (and because Roedean), PPE Oxford and another dynasty of useless politicians is founded.
    Incidentally, Roedean’s fees would leave a hole full of negative equity in a district councillor’s income, so we must assume that this champion of the working class, and/or his wife, are otherwise loaded.

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