Momentum (2)

A strictly Keep Left cunting please for this bunch of commie soy boy and loud mouthed trollops who worship the ground Steptoe and McDonnell walk on.

It seems that not content with a second “general strike” proposed by mincing Owen Jones yesterday, this organisation now wants it’s dirty unwashed shambolic members to cause trouble at Buckingham Palace. It shows their ignorance in that HRH will be far away from London till October, but still it will be a chance for duckie Owen and his bum chums to show their “working class” credentials by trolling all the way from Islington on their lallies:

I get the feeling Momentum is now in the same position as Jimmy Cagney at the end of “White Heat”, when he climbed to the top of a gas tower yelled out *made it ma, top of the world* fired his gun and then fucking blew himself up. I hope the tasers get Owen and Dame Keir too, who will probably be there swinging his handbag in support of the Jones boy

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

25 thoughts on “Momentum (2)

  1. Let’s hope the guards do their duty to anyone who refuses to, “Get off the fence”.
    And by that I mean the warning given, not the point of view.

  2. I can only co-cunt Momentum in the same breath as cunting Progress. Neither gives a fuck about the working man, and neither accepts the referendum result. Now if they’d present intelligent arguments and realistic projections instead of mobilising Islington to fuck up the traffic, I’d maybe take some notice. Not much, but some. I hope the royal protection officers and the Met have a field day. Bodycams should help in case of OUTRAGE about policing methods.

    • Can I just say Komodo, that I find the most depressing thing about Labour apart from the done to death absurdity of *for the many not the few* is that if it wasn’t Steptoe and his vaseline arsed acolytes like Jones, all that Labour has to offer is the washed up cunts of vaseline arsed Blairites like Mary Ann Hilary Benn and Dame Keir. It is just a fucked up, worn out old party of misfits that has totally outlived it’s purpose.

      When it is defended by whoremongers like Hugh Grant (a typical working class laddie), and Islington pansies like Jones you know it is beyond saving.

      • It’s your nom, WCB, feel free! Agree on the whole.

        “For the many not the few” first appeared when Blair rewrote Clause 4 for his financier friends, and he pinched it when he left to make friends with the few –
        The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change aims to help make globalisation work for the many, not the few.Institute for Global Blair mission statement.
        (Which is a clear acknowledgement that globalisation inherently doesn’t work for the many.)

        I’m rather glad that the Brexit split has highlighted the impossibility of reuniting Labour in a common purpose – as it has for the Tories too – and hope that as a result everyone will rearrange their allegiances to reflect their opinions, rather than buggering up parliamentary democracy completely.

  3. How have they got permission to march so quickly? The supposed ‘coup’ was only the day before yesterday.

  4. Having a pop at Her Maj is only going to alienate the very people they need to recruit……… the Saturday night oh-I-love-Strictly tv brigade. You can’t win an election with a load of posh Home Counties hippies.

    • Momentum are just representative of the little London bubble they live in. They all talk shite to each other and think it is what the rest of the country thinks. They should all be made to spend a year living in say, Newcastle, the Welsh Valleys or the Potteries to see how the rest of the UK lives.

  5. They’re saying they want to see democracy restored so Parliament can continue to thwart the will of the British people…

    😂 🤣 😂

    • Not fatal, just somewhere permanently very painful as a reminder to him just what a pain in the arse he is.

  6. Bunch of pretend commie bastards. They all think they’re Che fucking Guevara.

  7. Pink or green hair. Tick.
    Nose ring ( looking like snot) Tick.
    Bollocks to brexit badge. Tick.
    Thick middle class cunt who wouldn’t know a working class bloke if one came up and tweaked his ‘oh Jeremy Corbyn’ banner. Tick.

  8. Man bag ✅
    Starbucks skinny latte to go ✅
    Sunglasses on top of head ✅
    Black Puma trainers ✅
    Copy of Guardian ✅
    Copy of Socialist Worker ✅
    Neckbeard ✅
    Blue starry flag ✅
    Rainbow flag ✅
    Capacity to think ❎

  9. It’s a pity that bent nosed son of a bus driver camel jockey sold those beautiful water cannons off for peanuts
    What joy watching jones and his rag bag army washed up the mall …….

  10. Mount the GPMG’s on the roof with hollow point rounds dipped in novachalk.

  11. Only if the bayonet is carbon free, fairtrade, not made in Israel and manufactured by pigmy midget gypsy non-binary trans lesbian disabled Muslim profoundly deaf pensioners.

  12. Chessum is a total cunt, saying ‘whatever it takes’ could be interpreted as violence, he should be thrown in the tower, door locked and left to rot

    Orf with his head!

  13. The sheer stupidity of the left bemuses me. I am completely dumfounded by the logic of these fucking idiots.

    • “I am completely dumfounded by the logic of these fucking idiots.”

      Because there isn’t one Mongo… they are creatures of pure Theory and ideology. Logic, facts, realities, consequences; all these things are alien to the leftist mind and because they so frequently conflict with the Sacred TTexts they are simply denied entry by their mental sentinels. That’s why whenever you try and engage one of these cock-knockers with an ‘inconvenient truth’ you can physically track the moment their clanging cognitive dissonance kicks in, ‘The Theory’ has failed them, the discursive shutters come down, you know they’ve stopped listening and are reaching for an ad hominem. You are seconds away from being called a fascist/racist/bigoted/reactionary bastard.

      “The borgeois goes through life with common sense; the Marxist with his Theory.”

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