Mansplaining and Manspreading

Sorry if this has already been cunted, but I want to nominate the words such as “mansplain” and “manspreading” for a cunting.

So basically the term “mansplaining” is for when men explain something in a patronising or condescending way. So what’s wrong with using the words patronising and condescending? It also implies that its only men who can be patronising and condescending. Which is just not true. Some of the most condescending arseholes I have met have been men, but some of them have also been women.

The phrase “manspreading” is when a man sits down and has his legs spread wide and takes up space.

Now I don’t know about anyone else, but when I sit down, I have my legs spread out because that’s the most comfortable position. I’m not doing it as some sort of alpha, posturing, territorial bollocks. Now I’m not the biggest of blokes, but I have quite chunky legs from weight training and its the most natural way for me to sit; I’m not encroaching on someone else’s seat because I have a respect for other people’s personal space and my own.

Again it also suggests that women never spread out and take up other people’s space, which anyone who’s gone anywhere after a day shopping with the missus knows is BS.

For example:

The point is that people can be twats regardless of whether they are male or female/ non-binary/identify as a purple octopus/ etc…..

…but I suppose that doesn’t fit with this skewed agenda of all men being bad just for having been born.

Nominated by Cunt Duckula

51 thoughts on “Mansplaining and Manspreading

  1. I love the Australian senator on YouTube who gave that utter ming mong femanazi bitch a good talking too when she accused him of manspalining.

      • Fairly new buzz words, but if it irritates the kind of femi nazi, middle class momentum type, im doing them.
        I like to sit with my legs wide, lets yer jacobs breathe!
        These arent a issue for most people apart from people who want to make it a issue.
        Some pencil neck vegan feminist has been sat on a train and some lads winked at her and upset her and shes carried a grudge since then.
        Its bollocks.

    • Haha, you manspread cap?
      Im to big for most chairs so got no choice, got basil fawlty legs!

      • Laila Laurel was cunted on here a few weeks ago for designing a chair to stop manspreading. A fucking university student too, no wonder people see them as day care centre for giant toddlers.

      • Well Laila Laurel can fuck off.
        After working and your ballbacks stuck to your legs like sticking plaster,
        the greatest relief is a bit of man spreading!
        Harmless! Like scratching yer bum

      • Ballbag.
        This phones going the way of Owen Jones if it doesn’t behave

      • The only time I’ve recently done any man-spreading was when I splayed out my limbs when Pritti Patel had seduced me, was mounting me and was slopping her pendulous bosom around my salivating mouth after gorging on the Magnanimous Tower.

        But I’m reluctant to talk about it.

      • Not me mate. I was wanking down Lambeth all night.
        If memory serves, Cap has a cat, not a dog. I couldn’t swear to it though.

      • No dog was licking my arse, unless “dog” is a euphemism.

        Or that was Ruff Tuff dressed as Scooby Doo.

      • Says he was wanking down lambeth way, cant be him.
        Could be Blunty in parrot costume?

      • Dont think anyone did Rtc?
        When she was struggling to get cap hard, seemed to be lots of pets passing through, dog, cat an parrot upto now!

      • Didn’t you call her a dog MNC @ 8.52pm? Assumed at the time it was a misunderstanding, but after Cap’s reply @ 9.58 I’m not so sure now…

      • I did no such thing, and you know it!
        Shes definitely no dog! More foxy!
        Anyway if your going to misrepresent me Rtc, im talking poetry on the other channel with Miles, im very cultured, you know?!

      • I’m a dog person, Ruffers. Never been too keen on cats except for when Pritti dressed-up as Cat-girl for me.

        I love a bit of Protti pussy.

      • Shed look mint in catwoman get up eh?
        Dogs win for me as well, although got 2 cats as well but in our house theyre B list residents (the dogs reading this)

  2. London as usual plays host to yet another demo, this time it’s the stop Boris campaign. The same self serving cunts who have been trying to subvert democracy by overturning the Brexit vote are now complaining about democracy being subverted. Irony is completely lost on them. Judging by the photos, it’s the usual rabble, made up of hippies weirdos poofs and cunts. It hardly looks like thousands, so let’s see how creative photography can bolster the argument. Meanwhile, sixty five million people supported the government by staying away from the demos.

    • I saw Compo on the news at the one in Glasgow. The old cunt looked like a cross between Miami Vice and the Man From Del Monte, one of his PR team must have told him to stop looking like he’s raided the bus stations lost property room.

      • He’s the biggest cunt of them all. Monday, has meeting with all the other losers, on how they can kick out Boris without an election, using any means necessary, Tuesday, Boris is being undemocratic! Wanker, I hope he has a coronary.

      • Your could get him decked out in a saville row suit and he would still look like a fucking tramp!

  3. Okay okay – I promise to sit in discomfort, cross-legged, squashing my nuts together, as long as you keep that fishy waft under control by clamping your knees tight together, darling ?

    Or do I need to “mansplain” that for you ?

  4. Greta ming mong Thunderbird looked very scared at a demo in New York. She needs to get back to the padded cell.
    What a fucking ugly weirdo kid.

  5. I’m fucking lost ! Speak English, it’s all getting too much with these utter bollocks terms. Call me old fashioned but a spade is a spade. Are these words and terminology supposed to express intellect and make me look like I’m a Neanderthal. If so I’ll go and fetch my club.

  6. If some bint accused me of mansplaining, I would politely inform them that this is how I talk to thickos of all genders, even the imaginary made up ones.

  7. Patronising cunts and inconsiderate cunts come in all types of chromosome mix, genders and ethnicities. Putting man or femi in front of it is redundant. If you’re a cunt, you’re a cunt.

  8. I refer back to my cunting of women on trains, they are far worse than men for ‘spreading’

    As for explaining the obvious women are the top dogs.

  9. Mansplaining – trying to make a sensible and relevant point to a woman who is thinking about curtains.

  10. Mansplaining that she wouldnt need the AA if itd had air/oil/ water/diesel
    In it.

  11. Another one that irritates me is ‘toxic’ masculinity.

    Yes some men act like twats. I only have to the gym to see this.
    20 and 30 something blokes trying to act “alpha” which to them means being a loudmouth, posturing, fuckwad.

    If you have to try and act alpha, then you probably aren’t.

    I can’t imagine people like Steve McQueen thinking “oh better try and act alpha”.

    • I meant to type – I only have to go to the gym.

      My brain moves quicker than my fingers can type!
      Still rather that than the other way around.

  12. Suck Dick Khunt is at it again. He is calling the Donald, Boris and St Nigel if the Farage Nazi’s.
    Funny, even the morning star is warning lefties not to use this label.

    I do not see Boris opening concentration camps or forcing me to wear a yellow star. Indeed, it is utter ming mong cunts like this mudslime midget who act like NSDAP members: They shout down anyone who dares to gave another opinion.

    Fuck off you pipsqueak R2D2 sized camel shagging,carpet kissing non entity.

  13. Did I mention that I would like him to die of a very slow horrible degenerative disease? Huntington’s Chorea would be perfect…..

    Sean Bailey for mayor of London.

    Khan, Cressida strap on and all the loony Guardian readers have turned Lonstabistan into something reminiscent of a Somalian sewage works (if they have them.)

    Actually, all I need to do is tell the Israeli embassy that he has a chemistry set and that it was posted from Tehran……

  14. I’ve had epiphany. Sounds like medication posh people take.

    I’m sat thinking that people here in the west have it so good compared to people in other parts of the world that there are more important things to worry about. Women complaining about so-called man spreading for instance is not important.

    Life is so short. It’s OK to have a bitch and a moan but get irked for someone making themselves comfortable is a bit much.
    P.s I didn’t wish to sound soap boxlike.
    It wasn’t about people expressing themselves on ISAC website. I love this site. It is good place to let off steam.

    I hope I made sense. I’m not too good with writing.

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