Berks in Burqas

I cannot understand why anybody would find it necessary, edifying or sensible to march through the streets demonstrating their “pride” in their sexuality – after all we don’t have “Left-handed Pride” or “Chartered Accountant Pride” – two other minority states. That said it is a free country, but not apparently if this shrill Muslim tart had her way:

Listen to the hysterical old cunt repeating herself like a fucking parrot/

There are so many things wrong with this. The fact that she is virtually in hiding since she is wearing the garb more suited to the Middle East than East London, so her outrage is as anonymous as it is cowardly. There is no way the gobby shortarse could be identified.

Secondly like most of these creatures she is no doubt part of a large family, and I doubt she worries about the sexuality of those who contribute to keep her in benefits for life.

Thirdly, if her and her friends in Birmingham who think it perfectly alright to scream abuse at school gates or in the streets of London or anywhere in Britain, while hiding their faces, because they don’t “approve” of the lifestyle of others then perhaps her and her dirty compatriots should take their stinking garlic infused clobber, their fucking “culture” and themselves off to a country that will not offend them, so they don’t offend the rest of us with their squealing complaints.

I hold no brief for buggers but for how much longer are we going to allow the tail to wag the dog?. It might only be Monday, but she is midget cunt of the week so far. Force smoky bacon crisps down her capacious gob.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

56 thoughts on “Berks in Burqas

  1. Same fucking deal to me, minorities screaming about their rights and their world view and the rest of us told to shut up.

    LBGT or Islamic? I care not, shut up and fuck off all of you.

    Do your own thing, just do it without making a noise about it.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. The dozy fuckers can’t seem to grasp that they are protesting against the the very institutions, systems and freedoms that allow them to voice their opinion. We are slowly but surely disappearing up out own ineffective arseholes. We are powerless against this march against OUR freedoms. I’m our glad that I’m knocking on and won’t have to watch this shit for another 50 years. I do worry for my grand kids though.

  3. Whatever, she/he/it must be fugly to have to wander about dressed as a letterbox. You can just imagine the sweeping Red Eye a al Battlestar Galactica and droning “By Your Command” This outfit is designed to say to everybody else that “We are different, and better than you” this is the costume of your conquerors and your culture will be forcibly changed to serve us and not the reverse. If you wand to dress a post box, get a job at the post office.

  4. I thought multiculturalism and diversity made Britain great.

    Maybe no one told this ‘person’ in black.

    When global warming finally takes over and the UK is a desert this fucking bunch of goat shagging cunts will feel at home.

  5. Bloody Nora WC, you’ve got a couple of beezer cuntings up on one day. Fucking great going.
    This mad cunt should just fuck off with the rest of them. Sadly, it won’t, and more of the barmy fuckers will just keep coming.

  6. Being fair, if I saw a parade of screaming,mincing,arse-hanging-out-of-their chaps Gays parading gown the street, I’d have been tempted to shout the same…difference being, I’d have been arrested.

      • Well, they wouldn’t be far wrong with that accusation.

      • You’re not alone Dick. According to statistics, as of 2016 there were 17.4 million far-right extremists in this country. Probably more like 30 million now.

    • Only if the Police managed to get to me before a chorus-line of outraged Gays bummed me to death…I’m catnip to The Gays..irresistible….as I am to the Ladies,of course.

  7. Funnily enough there was a letterbox with her two mini bombers in the Joe Daki shop last night, blocking up the place with her push chair.
    Fuck knows why she couldn’t leave it outside………who does she think is going to nick that little bastard.
    Peacefuls and bottyboys deserve each other. The sooner they start kicking the shit out of each other the better.

  8. Could one of you cunts help me understand what the fuck the placard top left means. Our peace is one, our war is one & our honour is one. What the fuck are they on about?

    • Fuck knows.
      But to muslims the number one holds religious significance, “only one god, allah is god.
      Hence them holding up the index finger,

      The cunts.

    • There is at least one line missing at the top but my suggestion/theory is its like

      All for one and one for all , just joking


      ‘We are all a bunch of brainwashed cunts’!

      • Start again. Let’s do the maths. Muslims have the 1 God. They can’t count to 2. Jews have the 1 God but He is intimately connected to the Chosen People. So they can count up to 2. But find it fiendishly difficult to count up to 3. Christians have the 1 God. But it’s 3 in 1. They can count up to 3. To Infinity and beyond. That’s why there is ‘variety’ in Christian culture. Simple maths.

    • Come on d’Artagnan, you must realise it’s their rallying cry . . . . . .
      “One for all and all for one.”

  9. They want you dead, that’s all you need to know. This letterbox was arrested under section 4b of the Public Order Act. What happened after that I don’t know. Probably fuck all or we would have heard about all the protests against the fascist, racist police.
    The libtards’ two favourite identity victims at each other’s throats is highly embarrassing for them and, no doubt, they hope it will all go away. Tough luck snowflakes.
    Just heard on the radio that some cunt got stabbed outside a Home Office building this afternoon. How deliciously ironic. Coming close to home you bastards!

    • It will either be a white supremacist Nazi, or, just some bloke from Kent with mental problems.

      • The victim was white and in his sixties. The attacker was 29 and carrying CS spray. Doesn’t sound like a beef between architects to me.

      • Coppers now saying they “haven’t ruled out a terrorist motive.” That means the cunt is a peaceful.

      • No the opposite.

        If t’was one of Mo’s mob or an Africunt cockroach, the modern liberal met police would bend over backwards to NOT label it as terrorism!

        “Not ruling out terrorism…” probably means the cunt in question is a white idiot pissed off wi’ Brexit but plod and the lamestream media will milk it/label it as “white supremacy” because the bloke saw Donald Trump in The Apprentice once!

        The cunts of Manchester Arena & London Bridge attacks = a bit of a misunderstanding, not terror related, lone wolf mental issues (every single one of them, a lone wolves in those coordinated attacks), forgotten about after a few days.

        Darren “fucking” Osbourne = white supremacist Nazi, ultimate terror attack, reported on for weeks!

        Welcome to Grate Britain! No, that’s not a misspelling!


  10. I think the one just off to the left is a bit self-conscious. You can’t see it in the picture but I’m sure her placard says:

    “Does My Bomb Look Big in this?”


  11. A worthy cunting for this cultural cancer and the photo remined me it is collection day tomorrow and I need to put the bin bags out.

  12. They’re ought to be a mix n’ match shop with rainbow -coloured burqas gimp suits with letterbox. That would solve the problem.

    • Such wonder intelligence should ensure you a place in the highest echelons of government- you would be a a beacon amongst the dim.

  13. Was in college a year or so ago and during the lesson we got chatting about peacefuls and the like. One of the technicians, overhearing said conversation thoughtfully interjected “we should round ’em up, put ’em on an island and bomb the bastards!” Succinct I thought, also very Kenny Everett.

    Fucking peaceful cunts!

  14. On the photo, they missed off the final score at full time: . . . . .


  15. Don’t like it here? Feel your rights are not being looked after? Feeling sad? Fuck off to a sandblown, lack of running water, goat molesting shithole. I’m sure you’ll feel better there.

  16. Did you hear about that Muslim woman today who was banned from McDonalds?
    She had to go down the road to Burka King.

    I’ve now got several coats placed around the house.

    • I went to a Muslim strip club. Got thrown out for shouting “show us your face.”

      • They used to say “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” but since most doctors are Muslim now, I find bacon works better.

      • I think so Bertie, the David Beckham chock ice in a thermos flask is a regular on here.There is a cracking Tourette’s joke I have found but just waiting for the right moment to cunt.

  17. ‘Left Handed Pride’. Now there’s a great idea. On behalf of my fellow downtrodden lefties everywhere, I demand respect!!! Sing if you’re glad to be lefty…

    • Although I write right-handed, I have a totally rational fear of not being able to get into a bottle of wine (tho NOT in the same way that Billy Connolly got into a carafe of Oz wine at Stringfellow’s, many decades ago…), and can use my ex’s L-H corkscrew as deftly as my R-H one.
      Am I guity of cultural misappropriation ?
      (Am I overdue a severe caning from Penny Mordaunt ??)

  18. The Home Office stabby cunt apparently had a pet carrier with a ferret inside. WTF? I never heard of a ferret loving peaceful. Perhaps he was part of that well known animal rights group…….. Justice for Ferrets.

  19. May this be the dropkick to the cunt that wakes (wokes?) up UK libqueers who fall over themselves to defend the Islam.

    • It seems that Owen Jones hasn’t had anything to say about it. Funny that.

      As disgusting as ‘Pride’ is – all it serves to do is perpetuate the stereotypes of the worst of us and hence put back rather than advance tolerance – I love how this sack of slavery doesn’t get irony.

      At the risk of coming over as a parrot poove, as I keep repeating here… one moose limb in the UK is too many. There is no such thing as ‘moderate’, there is only those who stay silent and don’t get involved… for now.

  20. Regardless of whether it’s a slimey ninja demanding Sharia law or the papist Archbishop of Melbourne spouting Vatican law, refusing to dob in paedo’s that have vented in the confessional, Common law supersedes all and is absolute. If you can’t live with this, then leave and enjoy life in your theocratic paradise.

  21. Very succinct cunting, having a hard time visualising a mass of peacefuls protesting outside the DWP because some off their benefits contain a proportion of monies contributed by the LGBT community.. The time is coming when a difficult choice will have to be made. Two options as far as I can see, option A tell the peacefuls and others of similar persuasion to shut up or fuck off we ain’t a charity for inbred cunts from some rathole x thousand miles away. You grasp the handouts you play by our fucking rules really simple eh. Option B study the Quran, profess the faith in front of three witnesses and book your self in for a discreet operation involving the end of your old man. The choice is our governments

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