Xavier Parkins

Xavier Parkins must be nominated. This is the teenager who decided to go to the school prom dressed in drag. He wore a short pink strapless dress that he designed with the help of a dressmaker. He wore matching heels and did his own hair and nails ready for the big night at Pride Park stadium in Derby. He was such a hit that he was voted Prom Queen by fellow pupils at Lees Brook Community School.
Proud mum Sharnee, (cuntish name) said: ‘I’m totally humbled, I can’t imagine where you get the courage at the age of 15 to do that, it is so brave. Xav was hoping to get the Best Dressed award because it isn’t gender-biased, but he did say he’d love to get Prom Queen. It was his peers who voted for him which is an accolade because it takes a lot of courage for them to come out and support it as well.’
Sharnee added that Xavier’s brothers (cuntishly named Orlando and Ziggy) are ‘so proud’ and her eldest son texted Xavier on the day of his prom to say ‘I love you’. She said: ‘I always say to him, if you’re happy at home you can cope with anything. ‘Dressing up is a leisure activity for him. With it being Pride month as well it’s even more poignant, if it can help one person who is struggling with their sexuality.He wants to be a Drag Queen but he’s very academic too so he could do anything. He’s got a very wise head on his shoulders.’

‘Xav’ was obviously so proud of his outfit and identity that he travelled to the event on a private bus, not on public transport.
Saw him and his smug mother interviewed on Sky News this morning. Sarah Jane (it’s all about) MEEEEE was almost gushing in her knickers during the interview, where ‘Xav’ was proud of what he did because, ‘I’m kinda like fed up with just wearing a school uniform and I’m kinda like expressing my identity and I’m kinda like a smug up-myself little twerp.’
After this nauseating few minutes, SJ Meeeee carried on gushing along the lines of ‘what an inspiring story, should help others come to terms with their identity and sexuality etc..’ or some such cuntery.
I expect he’ll either become very rich as a social media ‘influencer’, or join some new Channel 4 or BBC deviants’ show. Or, hopefully, he’ll soon disappear into well deserved oblivion.
What this nation has become….

Nominated by Mystic Maven

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  1. Words fucking fail me regarding this little twat..
    No wait…I’ve jolly well got it!

  2. When we were 15 we smuggled vodka to teen discos and got twatted. Later in the night you would try to feel up anything with tits, and when that failed try to start a fight with the cunts from the Catholic school. Which was often successful. Happy innocent times, no need to worry about getting your hand into some semi-conscious little tarts pants only to discover a big sweaty cock. No wonder the youth of today are so fucked up.

  3. What a fucked up mess, obviously this cunt is backwards and would have had its teeth knocked out had it have even thought to wear a birds clothes when I was at school.

  4. This has been a totally marvellous cunting and an excellent comment thread so may I suggest sincere thanks to the confused lad for the opportunity

  5. Apart from the obvious, any fucker called Xavier Parkins has to be an undisputed cunt….

  6. I know it sounds cheeky, but it has been in my mind.
    A chat show similar to Opera Winfrey.
    “Today on the Xavier show (is it pronounced Harvey-A?) our guests are parents of a boy who wants to grow up either working in a shop or factory”
    Audience: (surprised) “Ohhh”
    Xavier: “I know. So like totes boring girlfriend” (mimes yawning). Join us after the break when the audience and I try to persuade him for a more glamorous job like cleansing people’s homes with crystals, and personal shopper. Work it girl! (Clicks fingers across the body in a Z-shape. Commercial break)

    Was that mean of me? I wish him the best but hey ho.

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