Dominic Grieve (6)

There’s a number of reasons this man is a cunt. One being his face, which resembles a recently shaved testicle. But the most recent reason is his comments regarding Boris Johnson. Grievous cunt here says, ‘If Boris pursues a no deal brexit, Tory MPs will bring him down’.

I’m not going to say much more, other than, fuck off! Just fuck off, you remaining, whining, sack of foreskin. You and all your other remainiac friends can just fuck off!

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    • Hopefully that’s happening. If I recall correctly the members of his constituency association have received a letter from the Conservative constituency chairman seeking that.

      He can Fuck off and join Anna Sourtits.

      • They did deselect him, but the next day head office (Grant Schapps) said that *the party* would disregard the deselection. Daft cunt – at a stroke he could have been rid of the illegitimate son of a fleapickers daughter and had a true Brexiteer as that is what the voters of Beaconsfield wanted.

  1. Brilliant cunting. This twat, along with the Ken Clunt and the recently cunted Margaret the House Elf, suggested that they would try to get funding denied to government departments if the PM took Britain out of the EU without consent. This cunt claimed that it would be ‘fundamentally unconstitutional’ for a PM to take us out without the agreement of the Commons.
    Now wait a minute. Hasn’t the Commons already voted to leave with or without a deal on March 29th? We’re still in. Isn’t that ‘fundamentally unconstitutional’?
    This cunt should be recalled by his constituents, then fooking booted out by them.
    What an arseholing, fucking, shitting piece of cunt.

  2. One of many cloned reaminer cunts in Parliament. These cunts are already giving the EU the whip hand as a wise man once said. They are determined to send the next PM to Brussels to negotiate with both hands tied behind his back.

    The only possible reason for this is to ensure Brexit fails. It is sabotaging the countries chances of any improved deal before any talks begin.

    It’s so fucking transparent but the media turns a blind eye to it.

    Whether you want brexit or not it’s in our interests to have the strongest possible negotiating position, reaimer cunts seem oblivious to the fact the EU will extract a lot more from us if we remain whilst ensuring we lose the veto and probably anything else they grudgingly allowed us, a big tasty rebate for one.

    It really does seem insane to me.

    • I genuinely don’t understand what’s in it for these remainer cunts that they want our country to be run by another.

      • Pretty much everything in this world is motivated by greed or sex…often both at the same time .

        One of these MP cunts, can’t remember which one, has a farm which is full of Eastern European cabbage packers which makes him a small fortune so he is free to fuck who he likes….Eastern European escorts for example? He probably has a load of slum properties that he then rents these poor deluded cunts.

        That’s how it works.

        If for one moment you think these greedy fuckers are thinking of “the people” you can get fucked. Most already have more money than they could ever spend.

        I often think what a dump countries over there must be for whole families to relocate here and hang around on street corners drinking neat vodka at 8.00am. Most of the Polska Shleps round here have booze in the window and nowt else LOL.

      • They’re just finishing work, Spanky. After a hard night of prostitution/burglary/flogging charlie, there’s nothing more relaxing for these Eastern Bloccers than standing outside newsagents swearing at us Natives, and rinsing their commie throats with 7quid vodka.
        “Korrr-va Korrr-va Korrrr-va.”

        Don’t forget to lock your door.

      • I heard Hessletine has land subsidised by the EU.
        Their has to be vested interest with these traitors because it’s blatantly obvious they dont give a fuck about their constituents or the Nation.

      • Yes I remember a TV documentary about his arboreum. He grows trees for fun and the fucking EU gives him shedloads of moneyf or it. Handy to pay for the brandy this old piss artist swallows before he goes on Wireless 4

      • He does mention planting trees a lot. All philosophical with it-‘they’ll be here long after I have gone’. It reminds me of the Alec Guinness character in ‘A Bridge over the River Kwai’; he wanted the bridge to last long after he had gone. In fact there is a scene where he talks about the longevity of the timber they are using. The same type of wood which Wren used to build St Paul’s. Unlike Heseltine at the end of the film though he realises he has being helping the enemy all along. And helps blow the bridge up.

  3. You know when you’re urinating onto a piece of poo that burned itself so tenaciously onto the side of the porcelain that you raise your strength and gush with vigour but it steadfastly clings on in sheer obstinacy and you finally go full pelt with the velocity of a skyscraper hosepipe yet the thing, the crustacean, the alien-like substance simply refuses to budge; that little piece of shit hanging on, is Dommie.

      • Thank you, your sockiness.

        Fuck knows how he clings on. His voters must be more stupid than he is. This should be a cunting for the Beaconsfield morons who vote Leave, then 12 months later vote back in this perfidious piece of filth.

        We’re going to have to create new words meaning “undemocratic.”

  4. Look at that smug, supercilious cunt typical of the know all superior minded modern effeminate man probably has dinner partys with his like minded sycophantic mates who burnish his over inflated ego at every opportunity, mp’s cunts to a man and so full of shit there is a tide mark in their eyes.

  5. This Mr Punch lookalike fucking traitor needs a good kick in the bollocks. There’s only one thing that Tory and Blairite remoaners fear from Brexit and that’s them and their mates losing money or, more accurately, not getting as rich as they want to be.
    If you and I want to get richer all we can do is get an extra job, work all the hours there are in a day. These cunts have all sorts of investments and hidden scams and they expect to get richer , week on week. They hate change that may affect their income.
    Cunts like Mr Punch don’t care about losing their seats because that’s just a small part of their income. They are only in it for the power…….. the power to protect their interests.
    That’s why they’ll go to the wall to stop Brexit. Bercow, Sourberries, Chucky…..they’re all the fucking same. Crying about poor people losing their jobs and being poorer ……… when have they ever given a fuck?
    Steptoe knows this, that’s why he’s always been against the EU. Unfortunately for him he has the momentum mob on his back who love the EU for completely different reasons.
    If he wasn’t such a traitorous cunt I could almost feel sorry for him.

    • Yeah, he’s done it now. Labour is now officially Remoan. Bad news for the Lib Dumbs, good news for Sir Nigel.
      The cunts are all getting into line.

      • That’ll make it stomach-wrenching for Labour Remainiacs in big Anti-4th Reich areas. The likes of Litha Nandy will be horribly conflicted – it might make her usual high-voiced, Manc lisp go into hypocritical shrillness.

        “Lisa, will you vote for No Deal like 60% of your constituents want?”

        “Ah joost, ah…ah joost wanna thay, look… we ‘ave to withpect the vote but…but…Labour ‘ave bin clear abou’ thith… like me… it’th verrae thimple…”

      • @ Freddie. That means the Leave vote will be split between the Tories and Brexit Party… Catweasle will be in No.10 by Xmas.

      • The Tories are finished. All they’re waiting for is Boris or Hunt the Cunt to perform the coup de grace.
        Forget about those wankers. 😁🇬🇧

      • It will all be academic after Boris sees May’s Deal through the Commons with Labour support. If they believe it’s a choice between a treacherous BRINO and Leaving on WTO, Labour will jump at it, as will the Remoaner Tories.

      • It just goes to show that Labour are no longer the party that represents their working class followers, they have gone completely against their wishes.
        I hope all the traditional Labour voters get woke and join Sir Nigel’s Party .

  6. Hammond’s scare story is a £90 billion cost of no deal. Cost of a Corbyn government set at £276 billion based on their spending and nationalisation programme. Add the cost to the £ and to business of withdrawal of confidence and you get some idea of the impending disaster..
    Yet there are Tory MPs, including this piece of shit, threatening to bring down their own government in the event of no deal.
    They must have some fucking serious vested interests.

    • No. They know that the magic money tree can bear more fruit on demand – all that’s in question is who gets it. Banks are very happy to issue debt. Particularly when the debt is distributed across the taxpaying population. It might be a bit different if Hammond was looking for a personal loan of £90Bn.

  7. I hate this Cunti more than Sourberries because, unlike Dourberries, he’s educated and not stupid. That makes his offence worse, the treasonous sack of shit.

    I have said it before but I believe this Cunti is in the pay of the French government and/ or the EU. That’s where his loyalties lie.

    • Why are all these cunts from the legal profession? ( a rhetorical question.) Grieve, Sourberries, Clarke – the list goes on and on. Let’s introduce a fuckin quotient to limit the number of these parasites who are able to stand for Parliament.

    • And at least the old trout jumped out of the tory party to save further embarrassment. Grieve the old cunt will hang on however many kicks up the arse he gets.

  8. Because once they see how profitable it is to practice the law they realise that controlling the law is where the really big dough is.
    It’s all about the money.

  9. A man who is simply waiting for the dismissal of his services, and who has nothing to lose for his Funf minuten of fame. A tawdry chap who wears bicycle clips at home in bed, and a man who flies the EU flag from above his front door much in the manner and style of Corbyn and his love of Palestine.
    An immediately forgettable guy who will find the unemployment queue quite challenging, but hey ho! Stick with it ! It gets better with time, Oh! And he’s a cunt!

    • Looking at his list of shareholdings, I don’t think the cunt will be putting in an appearance at the DSS when he fucks off and unlocks his blind trust. His (probably under-) estimated value is £3.1M.

      It’s a pity. He’s voted against further EU integration in the past, and I have absolutely no quarrel with anyone supporting Palestine. But the Brexit issue demands that MP’s reflect their constituents’ wishes, and on this he doesn’t, and is therefore a cunt.

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