I’d to nominate a breed of male called ‘bugmen’.

These cunts have numerous identifying features;
Superficially, they have unconvincing patchy beards, glasses and are prematurely balding.
They have flabby bodies, pasty skin, thin weedy arms, soft hands, weak chins and low testosterone.
They work in office jobs, usually in cubicles for huge corporations or government departments, but never aspire to run any department or work for themselves.
They often live in big cities with large immigrant populations.
They call themselves feminists and ‘liberal-left’, they virtue signal their progressive attitudes.
They are obsessed with nerd culture and collect toys and games.
They nod at fashionable opinions, watch films based on review aggregator sites and clamour for the next gadget, which they use to watch porn and anime.
They take selfies with mouths agape and dead eyes (akin to the soy boy).

Crucially, they are culturally rootless, defining themselves by their unimpressive qualifications and over-reliance on social media to make and maintain friendships.
They are the ‘anywheres’, dickheads who would look , sound and act the same whether living in Rekjavik or Cape Town, Austin, Texas or Singapore. They have no reverence for their ancestors or heritage, embracing the culture of repudiating The West. They are poorly read, historically and culturally illiterate neophiles who pay lip service to the wonders of science while picking and choosing what they believe. They are staunch atheists without really knowing why or understanding any philosophy that grounds scientific method.

They are living a soulless existence of worshipping the ephemeral and an endless, unthinking support of the tropes of globalism; diversity, climate change, the EU, multiculturalism, the benevolence of big tech firms and neo-liberal mass consumerism.

They are fucking insects.

Nominated by Cuntamus Prime

(admin note, this cunting appeared just as the chap in the photo stepped into the limelight, it seemed appropriate somehow)

37 thoughts on “Bugmen

  1. Cunts like this may me ask why we bothered to resist the 3rd Reich.
    Pathetic mummy’s boys.
    Fuck the lot of them.
    Useless cunts.

  2. Fantastic cunting CP. So well described. See lots like this on the streets today, and every detail you describe is manifest in these abominations. Cunts. Definitely cunts !

  3. They certainly seemed to have proliferated in the UK. A product of progressive millenial libtard ‘edookayshun’ values, stemming from the new control & brainwash culture as ushered in by our old chum, Tone.

    Perhaps these should instead be called Blairmen after their ultimate creator?

    A very good cunting, BTW.

  4. And yet they are multiplying at a great rate, spreading their retarded view of the world onto other weak-minded young cunts who don’t know any better.

    They are over-reliant on social media and their not-so-smart phones to tell them what to do, what to say and how to think. They can’t think all that deeply because they have the attention span of a fly and always want to be “in” with the latest trends, movements & sub cultures.

    They are easily offended but quick to blame; if anything goes wrong it’s straight onto social media to scream and scream until their little tantrums receive sufficient “likes” from other weak-minded twats.

    The stench of entitlement is strong with these “I shouldn’t have to work/study” types. Along with the “it’s my right to do what I want”, and “the government should leave me alone” but “the government should provide me with this and that, but I shouldn’t have to pay anything!”

    Take their phones away and turn off social media for a week and they wouldn’t know what the fuck to do when faced with real world situations and no ability to tap,tap tap and swoosh for an answer!

    “The Future isn’t what it used to be” – Paul Valery.

    God help us!

  5. The sort of wet cunt that dials 999 for an ambulance when they get a headache and wonder why we’re pissy with them when we turn up.

    (I wish I was making the above up)

  6. Yesterday, I had the misfortune to be stuck on an airplane back from Spain with a gaggle of these cunts. The female version is just as bad. Why they were all coming back from Spain I have no idea. I was stuck in tin tube having to listen to their bollocks for two hours. How I didn’t end up going loony like that “sonic boom” lady I’ll never know. They are indeed cunts of the highest order.

  7. I passed one these twats on the way to work this morning. He couldn’t even be bothered to stand properly, slouching all over the bus stop. Weird looking cunt, as described in the post. It was already 21C and he was in shorts but still had his hideous zip top on. Total bone headed cunt.

  8. The sort of weedy little shit who hates sport and used to get beaten up in PE (on the rare occasions he didn’t have a sick note from Mumsy) and yet in the last few weeks has become all knowledgeable about Wimminz football and netball.
    Won’t mention it again for another four years.

  9. Good cunting, CP.
    I personally can’t wait for the apocalypse to arrive, bringing with it the return to humans actually having to grow/kill stuff to eat, make places to live, and actually produce something or die.
    These cunts won’t last a week.
    At least the gene pool will be rid of some long-lingering pollutants…….

    • Sadly ive encountered 3 modern male teachers in recent years and they are all horrendous bugmen.

      Arms and legs like limp noodles, flabby man- tits and bumfluff neck beards, hipster specs and a waxy complexion from too much World of Warcraft and ogling hambeasts on OkCupid, yet somehow relentlessly smug.

  10. A carefully-crafted cunting which converts my dim perception that there seem to be a lot of these cunts about into certainty that the aliens have landed. Are they even partially human? Alternatively, has Charles Clarke* been sowing his seed on a national scale? I think we need to see some DNA checks.

    *Ex-MP, but still on the EU Council on Foreign Relations….

  11. Didn’t mean to say it twice, but just think, you could be leaving your children for 9 and a half hours with a cunt like this. Ramming his leftie propaganda down their throats all in the name of a better Britain. Met a few teachers like this when my two were in school. Complete fucking spineless bell-ends who could never meet face to face. If only I could get down that phone line…

    • When i was at school teacher spoke to us about politics, was about 14yrs so be mid 80s, saying most working class people voted Labour etc, asked me how my parents voted, said National Front, he hit the roof and sent me out of the classroom the soft cunt.
      Apparently he asked a girl who was half caste the same question, an she said National Front as well!!

  12. Good cunting. I have a lot to learn yet to craft a good cunting.

    Not heard the term bugman before. I thought these people were just sheep, millennial snowflakes that need culling or at least sterilisation so that they don’t further breed their species, and inflict their narrow minded views on their offspring, further diluting the gene pool to the status of an amoeba.

    When I see one on the street I usually cross it or give it a wide berth, as he/she is usually ambling along with a twat pair of headphones on, oblivious to the world around it, and lumbering with absolutely no purpose whatsoever other than hold up those people who do have a purposeful existence.


  13. We are living in a golden age of cuntings. Excellent stuff, and right on the nose.

    • If I remember correctly, this picture is of the pair of cunts that are neighbours of BoJo and rang the police about the argument he was having with his current slapper. Sure they were cunted at the time.

      • Yep Boris johnsons nosy neighbours!
        Glass to wall types, dying to drop the albino PM wannabe in shit for domestic abuse.

      • But of course if the roles were reversed and someone was listening in on them before spluttering it out to the media, they would be screaming “invasion of privacy” and going into snowflake meltdown!

      • Thanks mog; I was trying to remember where I’d seen these cunts before. They were indeed cunted for dobbing in Boris and his bird to the plod. Seem to be an outstanding example of a widespread breed of cunts.
        Terrific bit of cunting CP.

  14. I just hope, and I think it’s been said before somewhere. If Boris gets the key to no.10, he rents his place out to the lowest scum imaginable and exacts some sweet revenge on these two fucking leftie scum.

    • converts his house to flats, and then puts a refugees welcome sign on the door with a Noah’s arc criteria of only two of each.
      That would be fantastic, turn it into a diverse and inclusive community in less than a day.
      I would piss myself laughing.

    • I fancy a soup kitchen where eastern Europeans can congregate, get some free soup, drink some beer, and organise themselves into groups to go out on the rob. Not forgetting to check if if Boris’ neighbours have left any of their windows open…

  15. When I saw the photo I thought it was a cunting for alleged “comedian” Phil Jupitus, a great hit of Radio 4 and BBC2 and of course an arch remainer.

  16. As repulsive as these bugmen and their femstasi pack matrons are, imagine how insufferable their spawn will be. The government needs to encourage the Americans to share their “gay bomb” technology to avert this oncoming debacle

  17. Don’t forget these are the wankers that end up chatting up 13 year old lasses on the Internet and they always seem to drive red corsas, fiestas or yaris’, nowt above a 1.4

  18. Awesome post Mr C. Brilliant observation and well written I have just reread it and it is even better the second time round.

  19. I hate those cunts. They are all over the place now, like some gene mutation gone out of control. A particularly nasty specimen is the cunt that milkshaked Nigel Farage.

    Fuck off.

  20. Excellent cunting.
    Unfortunately a very poignant cunting as my Jeremy Corbyn loving, progressive, Conservative hating, refugees welcome, turd burgling (naturally) brother is one of these cunts.
    Fucked off to live and work in Manchester years ago. In an office/cubicle environment for some tech firm. (naturally)
    Occasionally graced us with his holy presence and spouted his overtly left wing beta cuck bollocks, trying in particular to pollute my teenage daughter’s young mind.
    Hasn’t spoken a single word to me or any other member of his family in over 3 years now as the cunt clearly thinks he’s a cut above now he’s in his natural habitat of a multicultural “siddy”.
    This actually includes blocking all contact with his parents and changing address etc. Completely ignoring the births and subsequent birthdays of his very young nephews in the process of his enrichment.
    A steaming arrogant pile of cunt who fits all the necessary criteria of the 21st century bugman.

    • That’s a sad story. You should give him a call, be the bigger man. No need to rub it in that he’s been a bit of cunt, just telephone and say hello.

      • Christ, no. He’ll assume you’re on the tap, which gives him the opportunity to be an even bigger cunt. Consider yourself well shot of him. I’m in a similar place with a sibling, but the estrangement was my initiative*. The only thing we have in common is some DNA.

        *plus the fact that I was booted out of the nest when she was 3, and have only met her her twice since. In our case, the ideal relationship.

  21. Good cunting.
    I have often wondered what the correct terminology for these pasty, part pubescent, twats with their 2nd Class BA Hons in filmmaking/liberal arts/communications/philosophy/psychology, etc., were called.

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