Women On Trains

I would like to nominate women on trains for a cunting.
I had the misfortune to travel to London on the LNER from Leeds, advanced ticket to keep the cost down.
I took my reserved seat and relaxed with a review of the latest offerings on ISAC, a woman and small child were across the aisle on a 4 place table seat, the child had colouring book to keep it amused…. all fine.
Then two women came barreling down the aisle one nearly taking my head off with one the bags she was carrying. They sat opposite the woman and child, two lap tops came out, mobile phones, coffee, three books, sandwiches and crisps and a fucking handbag
By now the poor kid was restricted to about 5 square centimetres of table as it had been swamped by the deluge of shit produced by these two inconsiderate bitches.
Now I can understand people wanting to read or whatever on he train but they don’t need every fucking item at the same time, I have noticed this before with women when travelling they have no consideration for anyone else and no spatial awareness.

Nominated by sick of it

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  1. There are morons wherever you go…….especially in fucking Peterborough!

    • Cant believe the daft cunts in Peterborough! They get a labour mp who lies and commits a crime, then vote in another one! Deserve everything they get!

      • Only gotta look at the demographic of the area which fully explains why they have another Labour scum bag in charge…..

      • This is no surprise sadly, especially when you look at the local demographic. I can’t say I know Peterborough that well but I remember on my last visit noticing lots of peaceful ones and iron curtain cunts walking about.
        These types will only ever vote Labour due to the pedestal it constantly puts them on…….

      • I think this is unfortunately the tipping point. Britain has been infested with scum to the point that we really are under control from outside.
        Let’s just hope that Brexit Party will triumph elsewhere.
        Peterborough can go to hell, or perhaps the other way round. Actually, I suspect that Peterborough already IS hell.

      • Apparently she ‘liked’ a Facefuck page / group that was anti Semitic, could you imagine the indignation if that were an anti mud slime page.

      • It’s quit clear from the Peterborough result that there will have to be and there will be some form of Brexit Party/Conservative pact at the next GE, if only to enable the survival of the Conservative Party. Labour would be deluded if they think the result was a great victory for them as it only came about because of the split Brexit vote. The pro Brexit vote of 61% in the referendum for Peterborough must have been one of the highest in the country.

    • The stupid cunts of Peterborough deserve everything they get.

      “Voted against the party of division”? Seems to me the Brexit Party are the ONLY party which is sincere and has been constant throughout.

      What are Labours policies again? And where do they stand on Brexit? Perhaps the thick cuntscin Peterborough can let us know?

      Didn’t think so.


      • Labour’s position is Remain, but they’re too duplicitous to admit it. “Power to the people’s vote!” ✊


      • What an utter bunch of fuckwits.

        They had their chance to change politics for the good and the fucking cunts have passed it by.

        Hold on a cotton picking minute, Lie-bore only got 31%, so they Lost.

      • How about Peterborough and it’s inhabitants and their families are cunts?

    • Seems they’ve swapped an ugly black Labour cunt for an ugly white Labour cunt.

      • Characters residing in the villages east of Peterborough resemble the cast of Deliverance. Those cunts have webbed hands and feet and an abnormally large cyclops eye.

        A dog turd with a red rosette on it would be voted for in Peterborough.

      • Not really Paul.

        Peterborough has long been a Conservative /Labour marginal seat, and was Tory for the 13 years prior to Fiona Onasanya winning the seat with a relatively small majority of 600 in 2017… thanks to Mrs May’s lamentable campaign.

        Yesterday, had it not been for the Brexit Party splitting the Leave vote, chances are the Tories would have won the seat back.

      • RTC. I refer the honourable gentleman to my observation above at 12.34

      • Duly noted and agreed Bsc, read your post before leaving mine. However, the chances of an official Brexit Party /Tory Party pact at the next GE is next to zero imo… although the Brexit Party choosing not to stand in Conservative marginals would obviously benefit both parties.

      • However, Liebore majority not exactly something to be proud of – 683 ??

      • This area has a history of buying votes in elections. Democracy is fucked. How ironic that this shithole features today in contrast to the brave men earlier in the week who upheld democracy rather than piss all over it? This is how much the Labour Party in Peterborough stinks. The whole of democracy both locally and nationally is being subverted in this country.


      • Two convicted Labour criminals in that photo. I heard that 70% of the 2017 postal votes were for Labour…

  2. When there was still a sign on trains saying not to use the toilet while the train was in the station,(presumably everything just dropped straight on to the tracks) I used to deliberately go for a massive shit while people were boarding. I always liked to imagine some couple sobbing and waving their child off,then as they stood on the platform,the train would slowly pull away leaving the sight of my huge.steaming turd where their loved one had just boarded.

    Fuck Off.

  3. Women who put make up on whilst on a train.
    Maybe there is some sense in this burkah idea….

  4. “Strangers on a Train.” That was a great film. Two cunts meet on a train and decide to swap each other’s murders, thus eliminating themselves from the list of suspects.
    I wonder if Prince Charlie the chimp kept his end of the bargain? Probably not.

    • Criss Cross.

      Robert Walker (who appeared in the film) had a son (Robert Walker Junior) who had a major role in an original Star Trek episode.

      Not a lot of people know that.

      • Willie, please don’t mention some stupid fucking kids film in the same breath as a Hitchcock classic.
        I might have to call you a cunt.

      • More than happy to let you know Freddie that my favourite film of all time by far is Hitchcock’s North by Northwest.

        Also happen to live trivia. 😋

  5. Carl Benjamin aka sargon of cuckkad radicalized me I have proof he wanted me to be in his sick liberalist cult but i resisted his smug attempts at mind control and not rape desires of labour mps

  6. Women in general are inconsiderate cunts, it’s not just trains.
    Women’s football world cup is just about to kick off and some yank bird football player says that FIFA is unfair as the men get paid more than the women. What the fuck do they expect, no comparison to the men’s game. There seems to be women’s sport and commentators everywhere on TV lately.
    I fucking hate it, keep them in the kitchen.

    • And women drivers. Don’t get me started. Inconsiderate selfish clueless fuckIng cunts.

      • Even worse are women drivers of the peaceful persuasion. If some of these have passed a proper UK test then i’m Al Jolson.

      • Made the mistake of once accepting a lift from a Peaceful lady. A distance of less than a mile.

        Have never seen such a bad driver, and at a major roundabout seriously considered getting out of the car as sure she would cause a serious accident. No confidence, total inability to pull onto the fucker at the right time and to follow the right lane was simply unbelievable.

        Should have realised, the car was a Chrysler Voyager that had more scratches and dents than I had ever seen before.

        She actually has the audacity to say a major accident caused (at the major roundabout where the A12 meets the M25 was caused by someone else. From what I experienced fairly sure she had not passed her British driving test and in my opinion had no place on our roads.

        Once told me she felt uncomfortable when stared at when wearing her Niqab. Suggested she switched to wearing Western style clothing, and she said “I don’t see why I should have to”. Theirin lies the mentality of many of our Peaceful friends. FUCK OFF.

        I know several Peacefuls and to be fair they are decent enough however found out several months later this particular “lady” was not a nice person at all.

      • Yeah its true woman tend to be shit drivers, dithering daydreaming gormless fuckers, but the worst are chinkies! See the yellow peril on the road cover your breaks, overtake and be careful! The goldfish faced fuckers are useless behind the wheel.

      • Driving hubby’s enormous land-cruiser, and taking 5 attempts to get it down the slope in the multi-storey…

    • Women are the main reason i envy gay chaps.

      I find most women under 50 childish, mentally unstable, emotionally incontinent and without humour. They also tend – to paraphrase Bertrand Russell – to say what they think will please, rather than what they think, and as such parrot fashionable BBC nonsense. Boring as fuck.

      Physically, tbey dont seem as attractive to my eyes these days. Either mentally ill landwhales or vapid Kardashian clones constantly checking instagram, taking selfies and using emojis.

      They make we want to molest James Charles.

    • I listen to the Cricket World Cup on BBCunt 5Live Sports Extra and they have a gaggle of women commentating. They don’t understand the game, having only played at the equivalent of club cricket 2nd X11’s. You then have to listen to their fucking drivel. It is like being at a WI meeting (I imagine)

  7. I generally find its the young 20’s something Asian wim-min more guilty of this taking up more space than actually needed on trains syndrome.

    You’ve all seen the type, long black hair, skinny as a rake, small tits, sunglasses, Armani Jeans, high heels, Gucci handbag, Louis Vuitton jacket, latest i phone model in the right hand, Costa coffee in the left hand.
    Always engaged on a loud, highly irrelevant conversation with some other fashion afflicted fake Asian bird on another train causing the same issue of taking up valuable space.

    The type that sit on a two seater seat but actually sit on the aisle seat and put all their worldly possessions on the window seat thus denying anybody the chance to get a seat next to them at all!
    The played innocence achieved by these women by pulling fake sunglasses over the face as to not make eye contact with other passengers needing a seat further acted out by talking shit down the phone to prevent people needing a seat potentially interupting them by asking them to shift.

    Cunts like these really grip my shit.

    • I deliberately target these type of seats just to fuck em off having to move all their worldly possessions. Cunts.

      • I’ve told some bitch on a coach to move her stuff and, when she didn’t, I simply sat on them.

      • Except I did. This was around 1985 on a train from Leicester to London. I was a pissed, stroppy student and it was a reserved seat. It wasn’t like I sat on a £1000 iPad or anything, just her handbag and coat but I’d paid for seat and I was going to sit in it.

      • Young Asian taking up space? your joking most ching chongers are thin as chopsticks what space are they taking you can fit 10 Asian girls in a clown car

  8. I prefer sitting next to, or opposite, women rather then men on the train. They are better to look at.

    It’s men on the tube that have no spatial awareness and behave like cunts, splaying their legs out and invading your personal space. “ mansplaying “ as it’s called is a cunt. Women can invade my personal space any time 😏

  9. This generation of wimmin will go down as the most selfish, ignorant, ever.

    Play the poor me card yet then trample over everyone to get what they want. Don’t get me started in their lack of spacial awareness especially when it comes to driving, useless the fucking lot if them.


  10. Women in general are a public menace when at large. Want to use an ATM or self-serve checkout? Wait 10 minutes whilst Woman gawps at the on-screen instructions cluelessly. Want to drive a little over the speed limit and beat the lights to work? Get held up at every stop by Woman in a ‘powered by fairy dust’ twatmobile gawping down at her phone texting about Slag Island. Want to make an appointment with a GP to discuss your potential testicular or prostate cancer? Wait three months because young Woman has booked them all up for her ’emotional’ problems, and old Woman has booked them all up because she’s a slave to her motions and she’s only been able to manage rabbit droppings since that anal fistula.

    I’m contradicted because I kind of wonder if the piss-fulls haven’t got the wrong idea about chattels.

    • Or what till they have packed all their shopping then look for their fucking purse which then happens to be at the bottom of one of the many shopping bags. For fuck’s sake.

  11. I.of course.haven’t been on public transport since it was all in black and white and Celia Johnson was contemplating the futility of life without me.

    Fuck Off.

      • I meant to add, did you try pulling your Jap’s Eye-lid down as far as it would go, and then blowing your hose?

  12. This cunting could be extended to women in general, many of them cannot go anywhere without making sure everyone in a 1000 yard radius knows they are there. Screeching and yapping away about shite only a woman could care about.

    On another note and I probably should write a cunting on this but can’t do so coherently. Why is the media suddenly so keen to differentiate between Nazi’s and Germans. France was now occupied by Nazi’s not Germans according to the BBC and James O’Brien was keen to note the same adding German soldiers were just following orders as soldiers do.

    If you really believe that James, why do you not call for the ending of the pursuit of old men who were unfortunate enough to have been sent to guard concentration camps? Either you believe that the Nazi’s were a separate race or you don’t.

    • It’s because James O’Brien knows that the Nazi’s are STILL in France, every month when the EU moves to Strasbourg for the day.

      As for women on public transport nothing is worse than entitled single mothers on the busses. You might know the type. Ugg Boots, Primani, double push chair, bags of microwave meals and Cadbury mini rolls clogging the isles and 5 kids that when put together look like a dulux colour chart.
      Unfortunately I’m a bit of a raspberry (ripple) and can no longer drive so I get the bus every now and again and they make it a nightmare. Her multi-coloured meal tickets run up and down the isle, dropping quavers everywhere while she flicks through tinder and posts semi-cryptic Facebook status’ to which many of her basic bitch digital clones will reply with: “you ok hun? xoxoxoxo” This is clearly more important than not disturbing every poor fucker on the bus.

      The peaceful mothers are just as bad. Hearing ticking from under her oppression rag and hoping to fuck it’s just her watch.

  13. We were fighting the Germans. This gets on my tits as well. And don’t think those cunts have changed – I had to work for a Kraut company for a few years and they’re still the fucking same.

  14. Women on Buses.
    Apparently 2 young birds in a same sex relationship were recently beaten up on a Londonistan night bus by a bunch of wimmin hating thugs who asked the girls to kiss each other for their “entertainment”,something which the girls rightly declined.
    However my sensitive bullshit detector was immediately set off when I read one of the girls names: Melania GEYmonat ,originally from Uruguay,been in Londonistan since February.,Air Stewardess.Plenty of info about her on Gurgle- originally trained as an actress,switched to medicine currently on leave from her medical studies.Mmmmm………….
    Or am I just being a cunt? O and before I forget,Come on you Lionesses!

    • 1 No you’re not. No cunt from fucking Uruguay should be in this country outside of a 2 or 3 week holiday.
      2 Can you please not use the L word in referencing the wimminz pretend football team. It makes me cringe.
      3 Fuck You Peterborough! Go and fuck yourselves.

      • I hope you’re not listening to O’Shithead this morning Freddie… racists defeated in Peterborough… Farige hiding in toilet after result announced, etc…

    • Personally I think gayness should be kept behind closed doors, but I realise I am a dinosaur and my opinion is just that. On the other hand four men attacking two women or even to male homosexuals are not men in my eyes. I’m not bothered that these two women are gay, it’s immaterial, being a man is a serious business, being of the male gender doesn’t make you a man, the way you carry yourself, behave and deal with life does.

      Toxic masculinity? Not in my eyes, there are too many males these days but not enough men.

      • These two young women who were beaten up on a bus, reports say it happened after the men ‘became aware’ that they were in a relationship. So what did they do to make the men ‘aware’?
        Reminds me of the day I saw two young women with a dog in the local country park. As I approached they turned to each other and kissed on the lips. It was obviously done to get my attention but I took no notice and walked past them.
        Nothing against gay people but sometimes attention-seekers end up getting more attention than they want, and they only have themselves to blame.

      • I’d put my house on that group being dark-keys. Only a pack of blacks would beat on a woman as a group. Bizarrely in the articles the police have described the attackers accents but not what they actually look like. Fucking helpful for potential witnesses who may have tracked their movements.

  15. Travelling on the train right now and I can see at least 5 cunts satisfying the nomination description.

    Why exactly these superficial fucking shitcuntd need so much crap on their persons at all times is utterly beyond me.

    The cunt right opposite me has a huge fucking golfing umbrella, one ‘bag for life’ hessian thing filled to the brim with shit, a rucksack AND a fucking handbag. Doesn’t look like luggage for a weekend trip to me; just the usual businesscunt fare.

    Echoing the sentiment here, women are cunts to the fucking core; especially the generations aged 40 or under. Bred of self-entitlement and selectively applicable third-wave feminism, you can be assured that if I were trapped in a burning building with them, I’d only approach them to push them out of the way to get to the exit.

      • WoW. She was fit, probably in her late 50’s now but never the less very intelligent, civilised, classy and genuine. No gawdy tramp stamp tattoos, hair extensions, false lashes or stupid pouty Botox lips on show here.

        The thing that went wrong was the bullshit celebs like the Kardashian clan, Katie Price, Kerry Katona, Jenny Frost and many former half baked female reality TV contestants made famous through shit like big brother that sadly women of today wish to emulate.

      • Fuck me! Rare footage of Freddie the Frog dictating a letter.

        That’s lassy is worth a tup.

      • They should all be sent on an intensive course to turn them into Celia Johnson. Love watching those old films – England was a better place even 30 years ago.

  16. This isn’t exclusive to women. Men can also be massive cunts on public transport.

    What I cannot abide are the inconsiderate pricks who spread their legs wide on the Tube, when the seats are already the size of a fucking postage stamp. Anyone would think they are packing a fucking Zeppelin down their Y-fronts, with their need to air and share their tackle. Get your knees out of my area, dick brain.

    There are also the arseholes who read broadsheet newspapers and knock your front teeth out whilst turning the page……they even do it with tabloids these days with no thought or consideration for the person sitting next to them, whose personal space is being invaded.

    Granted, women can be a nightmare with all of the shite they carry around with them, but if they are with kids, it is usually kids shite they are carrying….everything bar the kitchen sink (including those irritating fucking scooter-type things sprogs insist on bringing with them everywhere, even to the likes of Tesco when you are trying to get in and out in as fast a time possible, but have some little shit blocking your way up every aisle, but I digress.)

    For the record, I am one woman who takes as little as possible with me at all times as I cannot be arsed to carry too much shite, plus I have not popped a screaming banshee out of my vag, so have no need to carry any of their CBeebies bollockry around.

    For me, the biggest arse pains on public transport are mobile phones and all of the mindless twats who stare transfixed at them, playing games and making a shitload of annoying bleeping noises or else babbling utter bollocks down it, inflicting their conversation on the whole fucking train/bus.

    Now THEY are cunts of mammoth proportions.

    • What’s this current craze of male posters on this site pretending to be of the cunt gender, ffs?

      • ‘Current craze’? Umm, no. Unless my snatch is a birth mark, most definitely female.

        Far be it for me to suggest that there might be a hell of a lot pretending to be male here too, and that is just the ones that are actually born with cocks……

        Perish the thought.

      • Thanks Miles….lol.

        In all honesty, most women ARE cunts.

        I would rather be around blokes than women any day, not for any flirty or slutty reasons (naturellment, the only ‘scrubbing’ Nurse Cunty has ever done is the toilet variety) but because you get a better conversation with men.

        With women it is all kids, school runs, their weight, hair and every other dull as shite subject under the sun.

        I’d rather swallow razor blades than spend an afternoon with a bunch of women, or in one of those bloody ‘Mother’s Clubs’….

        The collective IQ in one of those is single figures as methinks the poor sods lost most of their grey cells whilst spewing out their babies……

      • In all honesty, most men ARE cunts.

        Though proportionally not as many as women.

        That said, 99% of humanity are cunts, so the difference makes little odds in the grand scheme of things.

      • Bit forward there but I’m starved of affection Nurse Cunty. I see there was some cosying up with Mr Fiddler and Mince Pie Guy earlier-‘morning fiddles’. So sweet. I never get a term of endearment like that RT. Will you call me Milesy going forward? I’ll call you ruffy tuffy?

      • Nighty night Milesy, sleep tight, don’t let the bearded ladies bite…

      • How very dare you! I know Nurse Cunty and I can testify she is 100% woman.

      • I’ve just had to research this Mandroidz as I’ve not heard of it! Got my first copy arriving tomorrow via Amazon!

      • Thank you, BSC!

        Ah, so you caught that then, MandroidZ?

        The suspenders were bloody uncomfortable, but not half as bad as the nipple clamps….
        ….or the leopard print thong.

  17. This is a very specific cunting isn’t it? I don’t particularly care for it either.

    I doubt anyone on here is going to nominate men on trains, children on trains, trannies on trains or the elderly on trains, tourists on trains, chavs on trains, all of whom all have been guilty in my estimation of being a cunt at some point or another. Yet with all those groups of people it was something about their actual behaviour that was annoying, not what colour or gender or age they were. Cunts who let their headphones leak on the train, cunts who shout down their mobile phone on the train – can’t say its particularly any group who do one cuntish thing versus another, its anyone and everyone. Take cunts who eat stinking food on the train during rush hours; seems to be all sorts.

    The woman hating bs comes out strong in quite a few of he replies. Seems like there are quite a few woman haters on here and there are others who just ignore their comments. Its a bit sad really that you think like that because perhaps if you took a moment to think past tits, and opened your mind, then you could see that quite a lot of PEOPLE are actually cunts, be it in the street, at your place of work, in the hospital bed next to you, in the car in front or on the train.

    May the women haters continue to feel suffocated and oppressed and have a terrible life.

    • Then go ahead and cunt ‘people with earphones on trains’, ‘cunts who use mobile phones on trains’ – just as annoying and will likely garner just as many vitriolic responses.

      It’s amazing that anyone who has been on this site for any length of time decides now to lecture the userbase on what they choose to cunt. Just because ‘women with bags’ have been nominated, why would someone suddenly try to squeal ‘but x and y are also cunts’ – for fuck’s sake.

      Man City were nominated the other day. I didn’t see anyone petulantly screaming “why not nominate Man Utd or Chelsea or Spurs”… the most futile response I can imagine.

      Women carrying shitloads of shite on public transport IS a thing. Those of us who commute frequently see it enough and have been pissed off enough to comment.

      One can only conclude you are whiteknighting or this topic has touched a nerve. Either way, fuck off and don’t lecture users just because you don’t like the nominated topic.

    • Obviously yet to experience the dark side of the fairer sex. Not a woman hater by any stretch, even considering my recent experience, but there will never be a pedestal as far as I’m concerned, and people are judged by actions not genitalia. If a particular gender has a foible, then it deserves to be cunted. Otherwise, that would be cuckoldery, and deserves a cunting in its own right.

    • Am a bit late replying here Cuntologist, so it probably won’t be read, but I hope you don’t let the real or perceived misogyny put you off contributing to ISAC in the future, cos you’ve written some cracking posts since you’ve been on.

  18. In this instance it’s not just women but the modern trait of inconsideration.

    Having had to commute to the smoke bi-weekly in a past life it’s these “I’m more important than you!” ill-mannered cunts who act all the same.

    And the predominant type were the cunts who sold their city hovel for a fortune and relocated to a huge property on the commuter belt for a fraction of that price but who still possessed the “city” manners, i.e., non-existant.

    Cunts one and all.

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