Wimmins history

I want to nominate wimmins history for a well deserved cunting. I remember when you could pick up a history book and be entertained by the activities of Henry V, laying into the Frogs on StCuntins day, or Nelson fucking the Frogs over again at Trafalgar. Yes, there were women but these mostly had the good masculine qualities of, well, fucking over the Frogs or the Spanish, like Elizabeth I or Victoria. Now, the study of history is dominated by shit bag resentful feminist historians, who see history as nothing more than the oppression of wimmin by brutish men. Blood and guts history has been replaced with turgid monographs on the history of female basket weaving in 16th century Andorra. There’s a reason that wimmin of the past have been left in obscurity by traditional history. That’s because they were boring fucktards that led boring, meaningless existences. Why the fuck would you want to read about them?

Nominated by Marvellous Mechanical Cunting Machine


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  1. Today marks the 40th anniversary of Maggie’s election. There’s a bit of wimmin’s history for you. The last great leader this country had. Whatever you think of her domestic policies at least we all know she would have stood up to the EU.

    • She was the first cunt to put the boot in to the working class. After her this country went to shit.

  2. The drawing looks exactly like someone I know who is a lesbo and a history teacher. She wrote her university dissertation on Wonder Woman. Can you believe any credible academic establishment accepting even the idea of such a topic? She wears tee shirts emblazoned with pictures of Xena Queen of the Amazons and is thick as shit so God knows what nonsense she puts into kids´ heads.

    • I was just thinking how that old Viz character and how it was drawn is as relevant today as it was then.

  3. For those fascinated by the subject of wimmins studies, may I heartily recommend ‘A History of Third Wave Feminism and The Politics of Menstruation’ by Prof. C Bobel?
    Take my word for it, it’s an unputdownable read, and I think that it might change your view on the matter, MMCM. I’m now into the study of the feminine form in all its glory in an even more dedicated way than before, especially now that summer has arrived and skimpy tops have been brought out of the wardrobe.

    • Think I might pass that book up, Ron !!

      But I have a PhD in the study of the feminine form. I did my Masters in Color Climax and moved on from there.

    • Skimpy tops and tight shorts that shows off those peaches Ron……I love summer…….

  4. Do they squeal like pigs when getting the bone yip, do they have small feet eh yip helps get closer to the sink .do they have a set of tits to feed the kid yip. They are women and we lost the plot when we let the whinging twats out the front door.

  5. Women I have time for and enjoy their company. Wimmin I ignore, they seem to hate that but they are of no use to me. Fat Lesbian any use to me? Nope, ignore it, period poverty alter my day? Nope.

    Wimmin, for the vast majority of men you are non existent and for many women you are like another species.

    Now fuck off.

  6. Who’s interested in the history of women? Let’s face it, they’re good for fucking and that’s about it. Ok, they’re useful for housework too.

  7. Even questions on University Challenge are now infected with this shit, following BBC dictats that history must be totally rewritten according to the totalitarian doctrines of inclusion and diversity. So contestants are left completely bemused by questions about the so-called achievements of fucking nobodies who happened to be women, black or both. I’ve read 1984 and this is what Orwell meant by the Ministry of Truth. Fuck off, BBC.

  8. I have found that whenever I have been lectured at on this subject, the thing that is giving the lecture rarely resembles the item of the lecture, and to my mind on one occasion the object giving the lecture hadn’t started life as the object of the lecture But was of the belief that there were not enough ugly wimin around and it was their duty to fill that gap

  9. Totally agree with SixdogVomit. I have no empathy with the Wimmin, & do not understand where they come from as they continue to beat the intelligent white man into the ground. I’m not against equality or fair do’s, but their me me me whingings & demands make a mockery of the word. They have no cut off point, as they anxiously hold onto having the upper hand. Equality has proved positive in some respects, but unfortunately damaging in many others. Until they can draw breath & take a step back, they will remain ignorant of the error & peril of their ways. But I fear that may never happen.

    • And also, in your case, men….or perhaps you’re not a top, MPG❓

      • I did suspect you were angling for such ribaldry, MPG.

        But the question still stands: are you top, bottom… or perchance more (ahem) versatile with your rod?

        Given this is ISAC, I though it would be OK to be a little coarse with my fly remarks.


      • That’s a little personal CS . We should meet up and I’d let you find out.🧻

      • In all fairness, MPG, you did rather bring such yenta-esque prurience upon yourself, but it needs remains res ipsa your prerogative to maintain a mystique of your stripe, the rainbowy perhaps… and further enforce this cloak of inscrutabilty.

        A very good evening for some action either way; I’m sure you would concede that.

  10. Cyclone fani is leveling parts of India.
    Never been a massive fan of fani , but I like this fani.

    • I hate this naming fucking weather, its a storm, its a cyclone, its a hurricane.
      “A cyclone has hit the ……” dont need to know its fucking name!

      What a load of bollocks

    • Nothing else to add….Wordfence agrees with you. Wonder what my trigger word was this time. Lawyer? If so, pardonable…

  11. Nothing else to add? Allow me to insert Afua Hirsch. Half Norwegian, half Ghanaian, quarter Jewish, PPE Oxford, lawyer, endlessly spouts on wimmins/cultural diversity issues on Radio 4. This evening analysing in minute detail the role of public monuments in marginalising ex-colonials etc; supports removal of Nelson’s Column in this context. Interminable exposition of blambo good whitey bad in infuriatingly academic tones with mandatory lisp. Something about ‘ethnographic iconography’ slipped in by another wimp in the discussion: The thought that Nelson was a major contributor to our not being invaded by the nasty little colonialist Napoleon (on whose side the Norwegians were fighting, incidentally), and his memorial was erected for that reason and no other, was somehow overlooked. He’s pre-immigrant history and therefore bad, m’kay?

    Let this serve as a cunting: nausea would prevent me offering a formal nomination in depth.

  12. Documentories and books sputing shite about ‘Spitfire Women’??? Yes, they delivered them, along with other types but don’t try to big up their fucking role and call them ‘fighter pilots’ as one fuckwit did in an interview. Fair play to the interviewe, she picked them up on it and told them in no uncertain terms it was the men thst did the fighting. Fucking arseholes trying to re-write history to suit their cuntish agenda

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