Anyone who nominates a subject hereon, with the sole intention of goading fellow cunters into an outraged reaction, is a cunt.

I can’t think of any specific examples but I’m sure it does happen… ahem.

Furthermore, should the aforementioned cunter gain any level of self satisfaction from lighting the blue touch paper, standing well back and quietly smirking at the resultant tsunami of indignation, then that cunter should, in my opinion, be thoroughly ashamed of myself, sorry, themselves, the cunt.

Nominated by Cunt Reviled

82 thoughts on “Provocation

  1. Can’t sleep therres some kind of bird outside in the woods honking… I don’t fucking know what kind of bird that honks but it doesn’t seem to want to stop fuck off you big stupid dumb bird

    Guess i’ll have to put on some coffee if this cunt won’t stop honking I can drown out the sound with less annoying sounds but this honking seems to be eternal like theres no end a song i was listening too just finished and after I can hear it again honk honk honk its like a bad omen or something christ almighty the honking apocalypse

    • Perhaps its Flabbott trying to tease you seductively?

      After all she loves honkies

    • Have awoken to the sound of starlings in the eves, they are the cunts of the bird world noisy dirty pesky little fucks.

      Now shall I shoot the cunts of blow torch the fuckers out decisions decisions,

    • Most birds honk after a few too many drinks on a girls night out. Either that or the attempted nosh of too big a shlong…

    • Seagulls are especially cuntish. Thar noise is among the most irritating known to man. Given the chance I’d shoot every single one.

      • Definitely not a starling and seagulls very rarely migrate that far out north here. They are both cuntish but i think this was some kind of geese or crow sounded demonic tho. He returned again last night with the honking for several hours the annoying bird bastard from hell

  2. I honestly can’t recall any masterbaiters deliberately posting gratuitous noms on here designed specifically to raise dander.

    Sure, controversial material comes up, but it makes for good discussions. I didn’t think Cunt Reviled was the sensitive type, but then perhaps ISAC is a little too near the knuckle.

    The People’s Friend might instead be a more gentle journey?

    • I think you might have missed the irony in Cunt Reviled’s nom Paul. Unless your comment is double irony?

      • But does he understand English irony, as Jezzbollah Gummidge implies that I don’t, the raddled old Pali-cock-gobbling cunt.

  3. That’s a load of pikeys moving in . They’re sending signals to give the all clear to their fellow gyppos
    Bad luck for you mate.

  4. If you gaze into the abyss the abyss honks back at you -Friedrich Honkztsche

  5. Cunt Reviled wrote this, tongue-in-cheek, after one of his own noms. stirred things up a bit, I think.

    Having said that…..I agree with him. Some Posters are notorious for this kind of behaviour…noms. being critical of Mrs. May are a prime example. They are aware that they hold a minority view,but browbeat and bully the decent majority into silence with their vile invective. I’m often too frightened to post. Football fans and animal rights fanatics can be equally vicious and intimidating. It’s normally the same Bullies every time. I’d ban them.

    Now, I’m off to gas some badgers,chase a few ramblers,put some “I love Mrs May” posters up in my windows,write to the Govt. demanding the immediate halt to Children’s benefits,tip an elderly Jew’s hat and sneer at a few poor Plebs…..oh,yes, it’s a busy day planned at Fiddler Towers.

    Fuck Off.

    • and chuck something at a few Gays….Fuck,that was a close one,nearly forgot.

    • “Cunt Reviled wrote this, tongue-in-cheek, after one of his own noms. stirred things up a bit, I think.”

      Very wise man, our Mr. Fiddler. Although labelling CR as a male maybe be provocation, gender-wise ?

      • True enough, SG….. It’s never wise these days to guess at a gender. I suspect that that that this site has more than it’s fair share of Trannies,tbh.

        🙂 .

      • Need to get that “that” stammer out of your system, Squire !

      • Not just the term “shemale” that you prefer though,is it? I’ve hacked into your browsing history and must admit that I was rather disturbed at your relentless searching for “Men who can Fuck themselves” porn.

        If I was you,I wouldn’t apply for a porn license. I’d chuck my computer straight in the sea,move house and change my name and appearance.

        You’re a disgrace, RTC.

      • I told you that you should subscribe to a VPN. This would have prevented Dick from fiddling in your affairs.

      • @ DF

        You’ve got the wrong shemale mate. I have NEVER viewed porn online. I swear on my children’s lives. 😀

      • @ Bluntspeakingcunt

        You underestimate Fiddler (aka Kriddler) at your peril.

        His green scabby marrow is long and his vengeance is total!

      • @RTC No need to swear on your “childrens” lives, RTC. Just write “FACT” after whatever gibberish you spout. I noticed that it happens a lot on the Daily Mail comment section,and seems to indicate that the poster cannot be proven wrong no matter how bizarre or groundless their claim.

        Expect to see “FACT” following a lot of my posts in the future. It’ll save me having to justify my claims.

      • Rtc@10.41 Fuckin hell, these tramlines down the side of the site linking the comments are so confusing – you never know whether your pressing the right reply or where your comment will end up. They look like a map of HS2 – some of them take you nowhere. Anyway, all I meant to say was I’ve been on the pointy end of Mr F’s marrow and it wasn’t a pleasant experience.

      • Thanks for the information Bsc.

        I’ll file it away for next time I come up against Mr Fiddler (ooh matron!).

      • He swears on his children’s lives…
        Is he Gerry McCann ??

        Apparently plis are now looking for someone who wears a surgical mask. Oops, Gerry, that’s a bit of a giveaway…

    • ‘tip an elderly jew’s hat’

      Reminds me of the antisemitic line Eliot worked into his poem The Wasteland

      ‘As a silk hat on a Brradfird millionaire’

      ‘I Tiresias, old man with wrinkled dugs
      Perceived the scene, and foretold the rest—
      I too awaited the expected guest.
      He, the young man carbuncular, arrives,
      A small house agent’s clerk, with one bold stare,
      One of the low on whom assurance sits
      As a silk hat on a Bradford millionaire.’

      • And where did that poem lead Miles? The cowardly murder of 6 million innocent men, women and children, that’s where.

        Don’t mind me, I got out the wrong side of the bed this morning.

      • I was not aware that Bradford millionaires were necessarily Jewish. And while Eliot certainly had his doubts about the RSP’s, this reference probably isn’t to them but to this nominal Christian….,_1st_Baronet

        Pace RTC, other of Eliot’s productions were much more likely to have given rise to Hitler, WW2 and the bloody horrible and unnecessary holocaust memorial to be erected in front of the mother of parliaments:

        My house is a decayed house, And the jew squats on the window sill, the owner, Spawned in some estaminet of Antwerp, Blistered in Brussels, patched and peeled in London…
        TS Eliot: “Gerontion”

        He was writing in an era when ‘Jew’ was almost synonymous in the public mind with ‘moneylender’ though.

        Rather as ‘Muslim’ is now considered to mean the same as ‘terrorist’, eh, RTC?

      • Not if the MSM, PC opinion-makers and the political establishment are to be believed K.

        Btw, my post was meant to be deliberately provocative. (‘Provocation’ geddit?)

        Never mind, perhaps you “don’t understand English irony…” 🙂

      • I was ironically accepting your premiss at face value, RTC. But I am all for diversity (of opinion)

      • I heard it was a reference to Jews making money from armaments in the 1st World War.

        Am in a bad mood because Mrs Plastic is on a drinking binge.

        I wonder if my nomination ‘The Booming of The Holocaust’ has been binned. Probably.

  6. Morning Mr F suggest a warm tweed jacket and sturdy boots for the days events, tis snowing in this part of Northumberland, keeps the very few sand dwellers we have indoors so every cloud etc

    • We’ve just had a light frost, Harry. No sign of any snow,thank fuck.

  7. If a nomination doesn’t provoke SOMEBODY then there’s not much point really.
    Just a load of cunts agreeing with each other and congratulating each other on how fucking clever they are. Sounds like the BBC.

    • IsAC is not a site to be visited for those of a nervous disposition. Anyone looking for sympathy should really turn to Claire Rayner’s column (deadpooled but Im sure someone’s taken it over). Don’t post if your mother has died in the last 4 years, you use Imperial Leather or if you believe in world domination by women – you’ll all get fucked over. Indeed, as a sensitive soul myself, I was ridiculed for sharing my fantasy of receiving a blow job from an ex pro/actress. It still hurts me now (particularly the chaffing).

  8. An oddly self serving nomination, I feel. Yet any nom which gets cunters cunting is welcome.

    Woke up to Snow this morning – Quite what the wizened old C4 journalist was doing in my bed, I have no idea.

  9. Cressida Strap on now says stop and search works but if you are an efffnik um bongo drinker you are 9 times more likely to be turned over by plod.

    Well, perhaps if all the spear chuckers stopped killing each other…
    The latest one was,you guessed it, an “aspiring musician”

    Fuck off. These stabby little cunts are none of my concern.They can all kill each other, just stay away from me.

    As for the family of the pikey scum who was lawfully killed by a 79 year old during a violent burglary I say this:

    Law abiding citizen 1
    Filthy lawless drug fuelled illiterate no good benefit scrounging robbing flytipping sprog producing shed dragging scum cunt: NIL.
    Justice gas been done.
    I thank you.

    Plus, all Guardian readers are CUNTS.

    • Guardian readers are indeed complete and utter cunts.

      Always aloof, always in denial and always making skewered generalizations against anything they don’t like.

      And yet when reality kicks them in the balls/cunt, and it affects them personally (like a good carjacking or stabbing), they come over all shocked and surprised. But still take time out to blame anyone and everyone other than those belonging to the usual “oppressed” diverse cultures

      Fuck ’em

    • Was in Cardiff this pm.

      Loads of effnicks, aspiring architects, wiggers all kicking off, displaying their single-figure IQ (collectively) to alarming effect.

  10. This nom is only designed to provoke. Do not rise to it. Keep the replies fair and even handed as always. Observe our unwritten constitution – do not cunt a cunter, even though Cuntreviled is a cunt.

  11. Pending birth of yet another royal baby.

    Who gives a flying fuck.

    • The sheeple?

      And the Government – a great opportunity to slip their treacherous deal through Parliament while the Media is looking the other way.

      Morning Willie.

    • oh well. Prepare to write out a cheque for £14.5m for the welfare and upbringing of this new royal cunt for the next 18 years, courtesy of the fucking Taxpayer

  12. I note there hasn’t been a dead pool since March 25th. I don’t wish Ill on anyone but it’s about time some cunt died. Someone from the Palace of Westminster would be nice. Guaranteed oxygen thief who is no good to anyone.

      • It clearly is. I would give good money to see cunt Cable in a box, the smug deluded bastard.

  13. Provocation?
    Go fuck yourselves ya white cunts.
    Black power.

    • I had a heavy night last night…go fuck yourselves anyways. 😁

      • Salmon and eggs for breakfast. Mmmmm. If any cunter is abaaaaaht pop over for a bit of brekkie… You can have the crumbs off my bread and maybe some eggshells…go fuck yourselves.

      • Keep an eye on them Cornish cunts… What the fuck are they up to all the way down there. Don’t class themselves as English either…I’ll be buying Devonshire clotted cream from now on. Go fuck yourselves.

      • Love a bit of scrambled egg and salmon for breakfast b&w cunt.
        You have got my tastebuds doing somersaults.

  14. That’s the white mans poached salmon and eggs stolen from his hen house you’re eating there.
    You should be eating grits you animal.

      • It’s Alaskan wild salmon so technically belongs to them Eskimo cunts. Hey can fuck as well… living in the snow like that the daft cunts.

  15. Chesterton: ‘It is a Christian duty to give people a shock’. In my mind I have that elevated thought. That I am getting people thinking. But beneath it…maybe…do I just want a reaction? Yes, maybe, on reflection, mea culpa. I am guilty. Guilty as charged. I am a cunt.

  16. Why did UKIP do so badly yesterday? Didn’t any of you white supremacist cunts go out and vote?

    Sorry, didn’t mean to be provocative 😎

    • Brexit didn’t put up candidates, and UKIP has been successfullty tainted by the media. There may also be an element of ‘why am I voting for someone who wants to leave the EU to go and sit in Brussels?’ We may see a truer picture on the 23rd, particularly if the main parties continue to fire their AK47s into their feet.

      Pleased to report a significant number of spoilt ballots in my ward – including my own*. A tenth of the LimpDumb vote. The other candidate – the Tory – got in though.

      *It would be nice to see a new category in the official listing of these: ‘obviously intentionally spoilt’.

      • Or better still a ‘None Of The Above’ box.

        Btw, my next door neighbour – a committed ‘No Deal’ Leaver – spoilt his ballot paper. He would have jumped at voting UKIP had they been standing. As would most pissed off Leavers imho.

        On the other hand, an old friend who is strongly Remain also spoiled his ballot paper.

    • UKIP have a problem, Gerard Batten has the personality of dead fish….. sorry but they will struggle with this guy in charge, they need some one with a bit of charisma.

  17. I voted UKIP Ruff Tuff in an area where the Leave vote was 62.4%
    Tories run this place though, fucked if I will vote for those cunts whether local or general election.
    Fucking Tories, I want to shake a shitty stick in their faces…….I feel so grown up.

    Time for some jazz and if I want to go all out I shall tap my feet and nod my head in some unmemorable moves.

  18. Afternoon Ruff Tuff.

    The Lib Dems came second to the Tories with UKIP third in my patch.
    I imagine a few spoilt ballot sheets as well as voting turnout below 30%.

    I should be mowing the lawn this afternoon but I can’t be arsed.

    • Take a leaf out of the venerable Mr. Fiddler’s book, go and find some moles, and whack them over the head.

  19. Is it just my lack of attention, or does Cunt Reviled never reply to any comments on his / her / their nomination ?

    It’s like he / she / they is /are throwing a bun into the gimp box and watching the booglies fight over it….

    (Not provocation, just observation)

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