I nominate MEN as the biggest cunts of all time.

Now, hear me out. Firstly, I am a man, or, well, at least I have the right dangly bits so I think I qualify?

Who has started all the wars that have left millions and millions of people dead? Men. Would we have entered World War Two with women in charge? Of course not, because with a female leader of Germany they would never have invaded Poland in the first place.

Who dominate all the religions, that sent men off on crusades and caused untold suffering, and who have persuaded men that flying planes into buildings will give them 72 virgins in paradise, and who persuaded men that it is a good idea to decapitate other men live on tv? That’s right. Men.

Who invented nuclear bombs that can kill millions in one go? Men.

Who starts drunken fights outside the pub on Friday nights? Men.

Who kills people outside football stadiums because they support the wrong team? Men.

Who is doing all the stabbing right now in London and other cities? Men.

Who are worst serial killers and mass murderers? Men.

Oh sure, there are a few honourable exceptions in the female of the species – Myra Hindley, Rose West, Theresa Lying Cunt May to name three.

It is simple. We have too much testosterone. We should be left to do the heavy lifting. Leave the women in charge and there will be no wars and millions of people won’t die.

We men are, quite simply, cunts.

Nominated by I Want To Be Alone

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  1. I’m all for a bit of trolling, but is ISAC really picking this piece of self-loathing cuckoldry ahead of the slew of existing nominations?

    • This isnt my ex missus is it? Sounds like you! Who made the leap forward in medicine and science? Men. Who build the great cities of the world? Men. Who are the greatest artists poets and musicians of the world? Men! Men are fuckin great! Anyway wheres me tea?

  2. With so many positions of power currently held by women, in the West at least, it’s been proven that they can be equally as useless, self serving, corrupt and war mongering as men.

    • Precisely Gutstick.

      UK Head of State – woman

      UK Prime Minister – woman

      Scotch 1st Minister – woman

      Scottish leader of Conservative Party – woman

      Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police – woman

      Director General of the CBI – woman

      General Secretary of the TUC – woman

      Shadow Home Secretary – female sub-primate
      Commissioner of the London Fire Brigade – woman
      Chief operating officer of Manchester United – woman

      Leader of Sinn Fein /IRA – woman

      Leader of DUP – Wonder Woman

      Leader of Plaid Cymru – woman

      Chancellor of The Fourth Reich – woman

      New Zealand Prime Minister – woman

      President of South Korea – woman

      Prime Minister of Poland – woman
IMF Managing Director – woman

      The U.S. only just escaped by the skin of its teeth!

      And testosterone levels in men have been steadily dropping in recent decades. No wonder the world’s in such a good place…

      • Its a brave new world Creampuff, no room for your nieces Smugglypuff and Trigglypuff? I liked the Flabbott reference who incidentally was pictured drinking a M&S canned Mojito on the tube at 1pm yesterday despite it being illegal.

      • @ L.L.

        My nieces are high flyers in the Wimminz Equality Party… which I incidentally forgot to mention in the list above.

        Leader of the Wimminz Equality Party – woman

      • Fair play to the hideous Flabbott – and she’s up there with Anthony Bliar on the wall- but what’s wrong with drinking some canned spirits?
        For fucks sake I gather it’s illegal so are we turning into North Korea? How does that stack up with the thousands of coked out cunts on the Tube every day…..and that’s just the Canary Wharf crowd?!

      • Are there notices on the train clearly stating:

        “snorting cocaine is prohibited on public transport”

        I think not.

      • Low testosterone levels? I have massive bollocks though RTC, my wife keeps them in a jar in a cabinet.

      • The wife sold my bollcks on eBay Moggie.

        She put the meagre proceeds toward a rather impressive Lovehoney Power Play 10 Function Silicone G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator.

        As Willie Stroker is prone to say: ‘happy wife, happy life’.

      • Fear not Moggie, I know nothing. It’s the wife who’s the clever clogs in that department.

  3. Who built civilisation? Who defended civilisation? That would be men then! It’s no secret mothers make men, mothers set men’s expectations of women. Then their are the women standing behind the conquering leaders, driving them on to conquer more lands. It was a woman who convinced Muhammad he was a prophet and his actions were sanctioned by God.

    Men are also capable of great sacrifice and compassion, I’ve always believed that men and women are meant to compliment each other. The gender war being fought on the internet is destructive to all of us.

    Being a man used to mean something and it came with responsibility, shit comes in both gender erm I mean 97 genders.


  4. I can’t agree with this cunting, the things you list that men do we should be proud of.
    Dropping atom bombs on foreign countries, fighting outside pubs and football stadiums, and a myriad of other bad behaviour is what ” keep men reight” as my friend always says.

  5. Don’t forget the most evil men of all. WHITE. You know the types, Peter Sutcliff, Ted Bundy, Ian Brady, Fred West and Owen Jones.

    • I’m sorry but every time i see your name, Lostsheep, i just want to break into a furious bout of winking! Maybe its because i’m a man.

      • ☺️ Used to drive a moggie soft top, up them sublime, wild an windy Yorkshire hills. Lots of Baaaaing up there too. Wish I was back there, they make more sense.

      • Lostsheep@7.36. It’s amazing how much we give away about ourselves, the longer we contribute to ISAC. Can I assume that you are a shepherdess?

      • …☺️, just a love of wild ‘n windy places. Though I’d quite happily shepherd many arcane rams n ewes off the cliffs of Dover, back to where they came from.

  6. I’ve sometimes thought that I wouldn’t mind if I’d been born a woman…not a fat.ugly or old one,of course. I’d spend the days playing with my tits and fanny while leering in a mirror. Lovely stuff.

    Fuck Off.

    • Your not going to switch genders on us are you Mr Fiddler. Don’t want to think of you walking the Hounds in suspenders and lipstick.

      • Your comment is genderist B&W C. If Mr Fiddler wants to identify as a woman, it is his right and there is no come back or ridicule.

      • My apologies CC, I hope I haven’t ruined Mr Fiddler’s big announcement. 😁

      • I don’t think that I’d make a very convincing woman,tbh…..although I could probably give Frank/ Kellie Maloney a run for it’s money.

        Rest assured that if I have the Op. this will be the first place where I will publish my “glamour shots”….that’ll cure you vile beasts of your foul wanking habits….you’ll probably never be able to raise the flagpole again.

      • Morning DF, I’m sure this has been asked before but what is your avatar? It seems familiar.

      • I believe it is Vincent Price playing Matthew Hopkins the Witchfinder General from the 1968 film

      • Morning, Moggie.
        It’s Vincent Price as The Witchfinder General….or possibly my latest mugshot from the library of Northumbria Police.

  7. No, certainly can’t agree with this nom. It’s come too late for April 1st. It has to be a bulletin released by the womens liberation front with the sole aim of the emasculation of men – probably just white men. I ask you this then – if men were to be eliminated, who would parallel park the car?

  8. Some ‘Men’ don’t deserve to be men.
    Look at 95% of all species… The male is the dominant one. Simple facts that some cannot accept and don’t have the bollocks to live up to.
    At the end of the day most women are attracted to their opposite, most women don’t want a soppy cunt who let’s them walk all over him. Women respect a man who is a man and if that means he can be a cunt sometimes all the better for them as they love nothing more than a whingathon over tea and cakes with their friends going on about their man did this and that.
    I’m 40 going on 70 in my attitude, the problem in blighty is that most of these younger women grow up thinking they are equal to men… Maybe possibly mentally but not physically. Would the Pyramids have been built by women, would Wars have been fought by women only armies… Nah.
    The very rights and freedoms we enjoy today are down to men (not to say the women didn’t do their bit as well and were fundamental in keeping things ticking over.
    Anyways I am a real, rugged, handsome cunt of a man and if we have any Ladies interested I am available to ‘instruct and demonstrate’ how a real man acts. Until we meet ladies be a good dear and put the kettle on.

    • You can imagine the ilk of the male species at this climate change bollocks B&WC, all soy boy mangina vegan pussies who would collectively shit themselves at the sight of a bacon sandwich.

      • Exactly LL, I cannot understand what women see in these soft cunts… not saying every man has to act like Hercules but surely they only bother with these wimps because they feel sorry for them.

      • More likely it’s the case that these women are insufferable, millennial cunts themselves so they have no option of dating a real man thus date these hapless twats.

        I see it all the time with my millennial hipster cousin. She has about 2 boyfriends per year and each one of them is a lefty, millennial, hipster douche with no self respect or original thought.

  9. Gutstick’s response nails this. History and contemporary affairs show us that women can be just as corrupt, mean, incompetent, dishonest, duplicitous and downright vicious when it comes down to it.
    Elena Ceausescu, Myra Hindley, Golda Meir, Sarah Palin, Ma Barker, Maggie Thatcher, Ilse Koch, Shirley Porter, Rose West, Edwina Currie, Diane Abbott, Theresa May, Hillary Clinton, Fiona Onasanya, Rose West, Bonnie Parker… etc ad nauseum. Lest we forget, mate, those beastly Nazis you mention had millions of very willing female supporters, most of whom idolised Hitler.
    Toxic masculinity? I cunted toxic femininity on here a while back, and I stand by every word I said in that. Men can be noble or savage, and so can women. Always happy to see other cunters’ views on here, but I think that you need to give yourself a bit more self love as opposed to self loathing, I Want!

    • Imelda Marcos was a real cunt too. Should have been beaten to death with one of the millions of pairs of her stinking stilettos.

    • Well said Ron Knee. And many are now little bunny boilers well before puberty. Not only to the young fellows, but also to each other.

  10. It’s women that cause most of the trouble and leave men to sort out. In most towns and cities on a Friday night… Our Kevin gets onto a scrap with some other kbobhead over his Mrs mouthing off, and I noticed on those police body cam programmes it’s the drunken women who get stuck in and mouth off making the situation worse. Piss off.

    • Funny enough, the only beating I’ve had was over, guess what? A fucking woman. Also, some of the nastiest fights I’ve witnessed were girl on girl. Stamping on the face with six inch pointy heels, stabbed in the neck with a broken wine glass, and watching lesbians fight, its like being ringside at the fucking UFC.
      I’d hazard a guess that this cunter has yet to be subject to all the evils that the fairer sex can subject you to when they are bored with your companionship. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. You can leave the last word out and that saying will still be true.
      By the way, I’m no woman hater, not by a long chalk, just aware of the capacity for evil is there, just as any man. Equality bitches…..

  11. Admin have certainly found a picture of a man who is 100% cunt. Cant argue with that.

    • Agree. The men who are self-centred cunts these days generally have a cunty beard. It gives you a positive ID of the cunts of the male species.

      That said, I challenged a cunt of a woman yesterday who parked in a disabled bay and sat at the wheel. Why? She wanted to capture the Wifi signal from the premises. Rather than park up nearby and WALK towards the signal. With cunts like this, the country is truly fucked.

    • Indeed, NCFOM, and my comment of enhanced prolixity sailed straight into the Bermuda Triangle.

    • Bollocks!??? NCFOM. 😦 I hope that’s exactly what our Sergeant Major said to that silly cow, though I would have thrown in a few add-ons.

  12. What a bizarre nomination, and regrettably not exactly Imperial Leather™, rather more the scum that ensues from an excess of Wright’s Coal Tar. With apologies, Marshall Solitude, but it wasn’t the most punchy, though I note a degree of sycophancy.

    Your omission of Boadicea, aka Boudicca, who was a belligerent cuntess, and Lise Meitner, who was an arch-Atomkraft exponent in the 1930s is telling. Women not only join in with cuntery whenever possible, as evidenced in recent political appointments, but lo! oftentimes are the very fomenters of it, albeit “hinter den Kulissen¹”.

    Kannst Du geh’ mal leck mich am Arsch mit diesem verfluchten Scheißerei².

    Translations for the non-Teutonic:

    ¹”behind closed doors/the scenes”
    ²”You can just go and lick my arse with this fucking bullshit”, more condingly : bollocks.

  13. Yeah, but women’s football is wonderful. Clare Balding to present women’s football weekly. Unmissable

  14. Sounds like snowflakery babble to me, alas everybody has there own opinion,

    Like fuck I would let women rule the world

  15. I can’t agree with this either. There would be no world without men. If every man on the planet died last night, the lights would go out and the remaining women would be dead within a few years…..the entire infrastructure of planet earth was conceived, built and mainly managed by men.

  16. And if the Krauts had a female leader in 1939 she would have done a Merkel and infested Europe with camelshagging and shitting in the swimming baths peaceful human filth 70 odd years earlier… There unfortunately would still have been sexual assault sprees in places like Cologne, but it wouldn’t have been the Red Army or the SS… It would be the same bunch of cunts who are doing them now…

    And let us not forget almost all German women at that time absolutely adored Hitler and were ‘intoxicated’ by him… It was like a fascist version of Beatlemania….

  17. Without men creating all the drama in the world women would be bored to death. Women need wars and to see others suffering otherwise they would have nothing to identify with and turn in on themselves and maybe find peace or enlightenment.

    We’re doing all of this for you, ladies. To keep you from realizing the inherent vacuous nature in your hearts.

  18. The goal posts between the old ‘compliance & obedience,’ …and the now ‘equality’ have been moved so far apart it has become a destructive force for the human qualities of all genders. Courage, fidelity, restraint, truthfulness, generosity, tolerance, forgiveness & decency, are no longer our connections to one another. They are no longer the close companions within our minds that we once had the strength and humility to pay close attention to.

  19. I can’t agree with this cunting. Men are better than women on many levels. Not all, but most.
    Most importantly I put all this “liberal” fuckwittery on women. Before women became more prominent in society (voting and working etc…) our society was about strength and stiff upper lippedness.
    Now it’s all about crying and caring about minorities and refugees and climate change. ….Not to mention persecuting men, especially white ones.
    Our society has been given away to certain minorities that bring no benefits all because of women and their “caring” attitudes, whereas men would just tell the cunts to fuck off.
    You might say “but there are lefty liberal men too!”
    They’re not men.

    On a side note, I’ve just seen an advert for blinds and they’re not just doing mixed race relationships now. Now a father and baby can be totally different races….
    A black bloke with a white baby?
    Has to be women coming up with this shit.

    • Just let’s wait and see what drops from the Markle.

      I’m imagining ginger curly Afro mixed with a deep navy blue complexion.

      Any other expectatant mother on that maternity wing had better be on high alert that some furtive swappage doesn’t occur.

  20. Let’s not forget the women who use stealth and cunningness and crocodile tears in court to fleece their ex of all there hard earn’t . And have never contributed a fucking penny.
    I have never insulted anyone on this beloved site, but you have pressed a very raw nerve. You fucking Cuckold.


    • Lucky for him then RTC he kicked the bucket before seeing his favourite personal nurse hauled before the courts charged with mistreating him, and his money. Mmmmmm…

      • I was disappointed when I saw this and Hawking didn’t say ‘Ex-ter-min-ate!’

        It wouldn’t have hurt the cunt to give us his trademark catchphrase, would it?….

  21. Here’s one man I can celebrate….. the poor cunt who has until now been forced to wake up to that talentless, tone deaf sow called Flabdelle.

    I hope he takes the potty-mouthed monotonous nonentity for a hundred million. I do believe there’s a sprog somewhere too. In which case…..KERCCHHIINNGG

  22. What’s the saying? “Behind every great man, there is a great woman”?

    Yeah nice one. Alexander The Great’s Mother Olympias was basically an ambitious, manipulative, duplicitous witch. The wife of Augustus/Mother of Nero wasn’t much better either seeing as how see is the one who most likely had Augustus bumped off so her dear fiddler Nero could become Emporer.

    I’m also fairly certain that 100% of post-natal depression induced infanticide is committed by wamen. Just saying.

    • The wife of Claudius rather…. not Augustus. Claudius was poisoned by his wife Agrippina.

      Although it’s thought that the wife of Augustus Livia had Augustus poisoned also.

  23. Men are cunts? The Tuna-Gussetts getting the vote is why we are where we are now. Mind you, you may have a tangential point. Look at the only women throughout modern history who’ve had any balls. Thatcher, Meir, Bhutto, Le Pen. They all end up vilified at best and assassinated at worst.

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