Krishnan Guru-Murthi

A great big remoaning Channel 4 news cunting for wanker – anchor, Freudian slip there – Krishnan Guru-Murthy for his appalling manners in his interview with John Redwood this morning where the noxious jumped up little arsewipe continually shouted down Redwood repeatedly calling him a liar over his claims that polls show the least unpopular option for Brexit is to leave without a deal on April 12th.

Add to that the snippet being aired on the C4 website and Twatter feed that skips the first two minutes of the interview and gets straight through to the abuse section.

Gutter journalism at its finest and typical of the losers who simply cannot accept democracy and habe an even greater distain for facts.

Bloody disgraceful.

Nominated by Dioclese

48 thoughts on “Krishnan Guru-Murthi

  1. The “mainstream” have all shown their remoaner credentials.
    My “mainstream” is boiling every time this cunt, Kuensscunt or any other cunt transmits their filth, while pretending that their approach is impartial.
    There is a special place in hell for these people.

    • Channel 4 is a cunt. Channel 4 news is a super cunt. Presenters of channel 4 news are super mega Cuntasaurus Maximus Rex cunts. The last time I looked at the telly was in 2010, things may have deteriorated since then.

      CUNTS !

      • Channel 4 even censored episodes of The Simpsons for “idealogical reasons” and dropped South Park like a hot potato the minute they started taking the piss at liberals.
        Every bit as bad as the Beeb but with crappy adverts to boil the piss as well…

  2. Being a cunt again was he? Never watch the c4 news….. But then again I don’t watch the news as its all lies!!!!! Was Down in Portsmouth today dropping the kids off to go to France with froggy mummy and had 3 weeks to kill so I thought I go for a walk around town and started speaking to the ukip stand that was in the town centre, some peacefuls were handing out leaflets for people to join the gang right by ukips stand. I’m about 6’6 15st with a skin head, the half ounce of baccy tried to convert me but I wasn’t having it and started talking to the ukip boys when all of a sudden some cunt launched a bottle at the stand shouting racist cunts!!!!! As I was standing just a few yards away from the bottle I swung at the cunt and was just about to connect with a left hander that tyson would of been proud of but the cunt ducked!!!!!! You don’t get this sort of thing in crawley

    • Sounds to me very much like a hate crime- should have reported it to the police.

      Sorry forgot, the police only take action when the “hate crime” is made by “far right extremists”.

  3. A guru is supposed yo be an expert in something who advises but this guru is just an garrulous EU cock-gobbler. Somebody gave this suntanned turd a token job and now he takes it seriously, he actually thinks he’s a reporter. This is the problem with positive discrimination; it dilutes quality.

    They must be paying a pittance at the Channel 4 News shed as the calibre of journalism is pitiful. At least he can truthfully say that he’s not the worst “journalist” on the show. The whole programme is thrown together like a Primary School newspaper.

    Fetch me some more poppadoms and shut the fuck up..

    • Is there a bigger shower of news cunts on one show with Cathy Newperson, Jon Snowflake and this curry wallah?

    • Positive discrimination? My hairy arse. That’s a phrase invented by the libtard snowflake cunts to try and hide the fact that they’re racists practising racism.

  4. Currently in discussions with family members about getting rid of our TV and saving £150 a year on the BBC licence fee.

    Reckon about 95% of TV programmes are cheaply made crap with little or no artistic merit and made for fucking morons, or biased pro Brexit news by BBC, Channel 4, Sky and co, so called wannabe celebrities that I usually do not know the name of, and those that I have heard of are usually talentless twats who I would willingly smack round the head with a shovel. Endless adverts about equity release, funeral plans, bingo, lotteries and the “for only £3 a week you can stop all the starving in Africa” bollocks.

    Feel it is the right time to call it a day and save myself some money. Just like the Tory party the BBC no longer warrants my respect or deserves my support.

    • Your not wrong there WS, with C5 being one of the worst offenders, a random glace at the listings last week revealed, Gemma Collins in Therapy, Who Needs a Man When You’ve Got a Spray Tan and some shite ‘documentary’ about a fat cunt who ate themselves to death. Its like TV for the Jeremy Kyle audience and fuck anyone else.

    • Agree completely Willie.You don’t have to get rid of the TV. Use it to watch videos or connect it up to your internet (you can buy a little black box) and watch Youtube (some good movies) and other programmes from the internet. As long as the broadcasts are not live, you don’t record live broadcasts and don’t use the shitty BBC iplayer you don’t need to pay the greedy, grasping, conceited, arrogant left-wing cunts one single penny

    • Do it Willie.
      We blew out the licence about 3 years ago and have never looked back. Plenty of propaganda-free entertainment and films online (and no I dont mean just porn)..

    • No need to get rid of the TV Willie – just disable its tuner so you can only use it to watch DVDs or videos.

    • Do it. And get a hobby. Much more pleasurable, without the nagging feeling you’re wasting your life watching this shit all night. Model engineering? Fishing? Tuning the car? Teaching yourself Mongolian for when you can stand the UK no longer? Any damn thing. Just do it.
      Best of luck.

      • And Harry, what are your hobbies outside summarizing?

        Harry: Well, strangling animals, golf and masturbating.

        Mee: Well, thank you Harry.

        Voice Over: Well there he goes. Harry Bagot. He must have let himself down a bit on the hobbies, golf’s not very popular around here

        Monty Python: Summarizing Proust Competition

      • Well none of the contestants adequately summarised Proust’s works in 15 seconds. So tonight, we’re going to give the prize….to the girl with the biggest tits!

        [Crowd goes nuts]

      • And who could forget the “Goole and District Catholic River Wideners Club”?

    • I gave up the telly in 2010. It will make your life better if you do not look at it. Ever.

    • Fuckin’ hell, if I didn’t watch tv I’d spend even longer on this site. Mrs B already thinks I’m the biggest cunt going with the time I spend on the site!

  5. Yet again comfortable privileged family, private school, Oxford. Knows better than you and me and not slow to say so. Arrogant, conceited up his own arsehole jingly cunt. Another one who thinks he is more important than and should be paid greater attention to than the news itself. Why is it that these Oxford/Cambridge cunts think they have an inherent right to impose their views on us and treat us with complete contempt? Is this what they teach in these places? If so, burn them down. With the occupants inside.

    • Not just Oxford, but PPE at Oxford. Closet politician alert! And Wiki tells us –

      … His sister, Geeta Guru-Murthy, is a news presenter and journalist with BBC News and his brother Ravi Guru-Murthy is a Chief Innovation Officer of the International Rescue Committee*.

      Who woulda possibly thunk it? And shame on those who might say that arselicking for influence runs in the family.

      *Whose CEO is Davis Miliband.

      • International Rescue?
        Well he does look like a reject Thunderbirds puppet… 😁

  6. Apologies for taking a diversion but what the hell are we doing pussyfucking about with Brexit? Half of bloody Ireland was in Liverpool today at the Grand National. We have it in our gift to completely fuck up the The Teashop and the Irish horse racing industry overnight to bring that country to its knees. The Irish potato famine would pale in to insignificance. I can’t understand what half these fuckin’ pigmy jockeys are saying. I hate the way they say “annie” instead of “any”.

    • If it was up to me, I’d build a wall down the middle of the Irish Sea. And I’d make Mexico pay for it.

  7. This shit tinted product of parents fortunate enough to parachute into the land-o-plenty is of course Oxford Educated with a brother who is a pal of Millipede and is actually working (ha ha ) for him in “International Rescue “.
    (I fucking hate these fucking “nooly brish “, who decide that they and only they have a qualified opinion upon this country’s future. They have no historic or generational attachment and to them we we are in fact simply grazing rights to be rented for profit. )
    Smug bastard that he is , one of these days he will no doubt get his come-uppance and I would pay good fucking money to see that !
    Cunt !

    • “nooly brish “ reminds me of the Saudi woman who escaped to Thailand then granted asylum in Canada. As she walked out to the waiting cameras at the airport the representative of the government- ‘Welcome to our latest Canadian’.
      So the history, the language, the culture all bestowed on her at that moment.

  8. Channel 4 put Chris Morris on a very short leash after he broadcast the excellent Jam and Brass eye.The last very un PC thought provoking comedy.The media tore him apart after the Pedo sketch.
    Could you imagine him getting away with that now ?

  9. They’re all wank!

    I haven’t watched a British news programme in over 6 months.

    I watch Fox and RT which is a sad indictment of the indigenous (fake) news outlets in this cuntry.

    Guru Josh is another elitist, lickspittle, “on message” cunt of our times to go along with Kuntsberg, Burley-Face-Lift, Snow and Derbycunt!

    I wouldn’t listen to one of them even if I’d not heard another human’s voice for 40yrs!


  10. Earlier this evening whilst pondering on life in general, I was thinking to myself “I wonder what the reaction would have been if a white newsreader treated a black remainer like Lammy or Abbott like this?”

    I think we can ask guess the answer…

  11. John Redwood has been consistently excellent for over twenty years. Let’s not forget that this man put a dent in John fucking Major when he was selling the country out in the 1990s. He’s still battling for our independence.

    • The state of our stitch-up of two parties who have now converged on immigration, the economy and the EU (since 1997) then that is why a true patriot like Redwood will never get back into the inner sanctum of politics again – which is exactly where we need him!

      They’re all cunts (with rare exception) and to vote for any of the main parties – or LibDum – is to procrastinate this idiocy!

      We haven’t had a real government since that treacherous grey cunt John “Bull” Major and his cunt allies ejected Margaret Thatcher.

      Like her or loathe her, at least she was a fucking leader in it’s truest sense!

      Cunts to a one!

      We need better!

      We deserve better!

  12. Anyone who presents Channel 4 ‘News’ is a quisling cunt who deserves nothing but the gallows. Britain is bad, Britain is racist, Britain is sexist, Britain is ist ist ist ist ist.
    Vile shitcunt scum.

    • What a cunt, I wouldn’t pay him with washers.
      What’s more he’s a funny “tinge” which makes him even more unlikeable.
      I would pay handsomely though, to watch a pack of wild dogs rip him to bits.

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