Cultural Appropriation (2)

Cultural Appropriation. The right-on cunts at the BBC are never slow to peddle their own ‘fake news’ when it suits, but when it also advances their diversity propaganda it gives them a special creamy orgasm over their skinny lattes. The above piece of unfettered, off-the-leash, cuntitude is typical of what licence payers suffer for their hard-earned, typical of what a cuntburden the BBC has become to us all.

So this abject shite not only suggests that white people should avoid sending emojis with brown hands and faces but they should not even reference black people in short video clips and memes, lest they commit ‘digital-blackface.’ You cannot make it up. Let’s be clear, the notion of cultural-appropriation has been cooked up to allegedly ‘protect’ so-called ‘cultural artefacts’ misappropriated by a white, mainstream culture. These artefacts, they say, should only be used by people of the culture from which they originate. Never mind sharing like rational, reasonable people. So white people using images of black people is dubious according to the BBC.

A little white kid getting her hair braided is totally out too. Not acceptable. That’s cultural appropriation apparently. Hair braids belong, as a cultural artefact, to black culture. As does wearing dangly earrings (err… I’ll let them scrap it out with the gypsies over that one). As does, we are now being told, sending a thumbs-up emoji showing a brown hand. White people should ‘think carefully’ before ‘appropriating’ any of these sacred cultural objects. Well , if they insist, I think I can just about live with that.

So when I see black people in a car I say, ‘wait a minute, white people invented cars, that’s cultural appropriation.’
When I see black people in an aircraft I now say, ‘white people invented aeroplanes, that’s cultural appropriation.
When I see a black person using any number of thousands of day to day goods and services invented by white people I think, ‘that’s cultural appropriation.’

And when I see a black person in hospital using an MRI machine I say, ‘hold on, white people invented MRI machines. Excuse me, but that’s a culturally-appropriated machine. Get out and go and hair-braid the fuck out of your cancer instead!

Nominated by Zippy

51 thoughts on “Cultural Appropriation (2)

  1. I have found that the best response to this poorly-disguised racism is to say, “You’re culturally appropriating my language.”

    Britain invented most decent stuff so they can’t travel by rail, use the World Wide Web, watch the television, use an electric light (Humphrey Davy NOT Edison the fucking thief), have a shit on a toilet, or even wipe their black arse with bog paper. It would all be appropriation and I would be horrifyingly offended.

    We also put the clock zones throughout the World and consequently, your checking the hour of the day wouldn’t be permissible; we invented Time.

    • I saw a good honest documentary about Edison on youtube.
      What a crooked, dishonest cunt that man was…

    • Joseph Swan of Newcastle upon Tyne invented the electric lightbulb. Lord Armstrong’s home, Cragside was the first home in the world lit by electricity. Swan and Armstrong were friends. Armstrong was a nasty cunt who made his fortune out of armaments; I don’t know if Swan had any cuntish attributes.

      • ” In 50 year’s time the black man will have the whip hand over the white man in this country”, so said Enoch Powell in 1968. He wasn’t wrong.

      • Swan was a bit later and could be credited with the light bulb but the electric LIGHT was pioneered by Davy.

  2. Yep, off the scale cuntitude. Cultural appropriation is a one way street from what I can see. I get confused these days, on the one hand I’m told we are all equal and that everyone of us should be free to explore our individuality and next minute I’m told…..

    Only black lives matter

    White celeb cunts on comic relief should stop helping starving black cunts, cos it’s wrong

    A man in a dress is a woman

    Now I got to be wary of cultural appropriation, which is funny as my own culture is being replaced wholesale by cultures I want nothing to do with and would happily see fuck off back to whence they came.

    • It certainly is a one-way street.

      When Shakespeare’s plays were originally performed in Tudor times, only males were allowed to act in them. Female parts were performed by juvenile males.

      Step forward to the 21st century and a group of women ‘BAME’ actresses are joining forces as the “first ever company of women of colour” to perform Richard II. “The play will explore a post-Empire and pre-Brexit Britain and will reflect on identity and ownership.”

      So fellow cunters, just be careful next time you want to play the bongo drums wearing grass skirts.

    • Black lives don’t seem to matter if they are killing each other and thanks to cunt Lammy not one penny of my hard won dosh will ever see poor little bongtembo and his dirty water. Found out from the taxman that £144 of my tax paid last year went to foreign aid so I give generously ipso facto I am a cunt. The only way to avoid this fuckery is to become the thing I despise.

  3. Great cunting.My own favourite is the BBC claim that Achilles wasnt in fact a blonde Greek as described by that ancient Fascist Homer but was actually a Black African

    • Top piece CMC. I’d like to see Jones and his ilk fuck off to one of these countries and start whinging about gay rights.
      I remember when that cunt Tatchell burst into a church and started screaming about The Gayness. I’m still waiting for him to repeat that performance in a mosque.

    • Another brilliant article. There’s really nothing to add.
      The Left love Islam.
      The Left love homosexuality.
      The Left refuse to see that the two are mutually incompatible.
      Wikipedia says: “In Afghanistan, Brunei, Iran, Mauritania, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, parts of Somalia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates and Yemen, homosexual activity carries the death penalty or prison sentences.”
      At some point the Left will have to choose one or the other and I will refuse to defend them.

      • Gay Muslim LBGT Trans fluid (remember when you put that in a gearbox?) for the win and a job at the BBC.

  4. My response to this is…What the fuck are you fronting this bollocks video for with what must be straightened hair which most white people have (with the exception of black cunts Jeremy Clarkson, Tom Jones and King Aethelstan) and most black people don’t. Piss off.

  5. Fuck me, who is this posh bitch in the video? She makes Her Maj sound like some slag down Brixton market. Typical BBC…..always crying about race, gender and poofery but what do they never mention……yeah, that’s right……..class. Oh no, let’s not talk about the inequalities of class ok ya? Let’s sweep that topic under the carpet. Can we fit it under there with all that Saville cover up stuff?
    Fuck the BBC. Nothing but the propaganda machine of the ruling class.

  6. So I assume that by virtue of the fact I am a whitey, I can no longer send turd emojis, them being brown and all that?

    What absolute cuntery.

    So that cunt in the video with her fake, upper class, DISTINCTLY NON-CULTURALLY APPROPRIATE accent is fine…..her straightened or weaved BLACK hair, made to look distinctly caucasian is totally fine too……but God forbid whitey post a funny GIF of a black person (because it is funny actually, NOT because the person is black) or anything else out of their own ethnic sphere.

    You think you have seen and heard it all from snowflakes, but this takes the fucking biscuit.

    (Of course the biscuit will be a custard cream and not a bourbon, in case anyone black is offended)


    • (Of course the biscuit will be a custard cream and not a bourbon, in case anyone black is offended)
      So you aware Nurse Cunty… You cannot mention custard creams as they are made with white flour and also white flour is secret code for white power… So you’ve actually been racist without realising it.

  7. In case you missed the extended version of this video towards the end she goes into her normal accent and says to the producer ‘Where me bloodclaat rice and pea an jerk pork’ ya white bitch.

    • Mr.B, after what he and his thugs did, especially to Tesla, I could believe his dirty hand had risen from the grave to influence the blockers.

      Often I wish for an Historical Is A Cunt section featuring Edison, Stalin, Chairman Mao, Samuel Webster, whomever invented Hip-Hop though I fear the canon would be ridiculously long.

  8. What really pisses me off about all this race shite is the terms used to refer to different skin colours. Have you ever seen a white person? No, no such thing as a “white” person. Have you ever seen a black person? No. No such thing as a “black” person. Yellow? Brown? All these PC cunts should get their shit together and start describing skin colour accurately. Otherwise they’re offending slightly pinkish- white with red blotches and brown liver spots people like me. Get yourselves down to B&Q and use one of them paint mixing machines. Cunts.

  9. I’d be quite happy to give back all that stuff in the British Museum that we stole from foreign cunts all those years ago. Providing the foreign cunts go home with them.

    • The British Museum holds an artifact called the Rosetta Stone, which Egyptian archeologists have been lobbying to have returned home.
      The Germans have that famous bust of Nefertiti which they steadfastly refuse to consider giving back.
      I think we should give the Rosetta Stone back to Egypt.
      Firstly as a sign of goodwill and friendship.
      And secondly to make the Germans look like even bigger cunts (if that’s possible)…

    • The Islington Somali Forum? Who knew such an organisation existed? Who would guess there was a copper called Istarlin Said-Ali?

      Fuck me.

  10. Playing into this festering bollocks isn’t even consistent with the New World Order ‘vision’. You want a happy homogenised global ™ society of brownish people? That’s right, forbid cultural exchange between the ghettoes you’re trying to dismantle. You genius cunts.

    BTW, isn’t the word ‘culture’ itself about due for a cunting? As in ‘management culture’ ‘rap culture’, ‘street culcha’ etc, etc?

    • “Whenever I hear the word culture, I reach for my revolver”

      TBH, I use it all the time.

  11. Top top cunting Zippy my son.
    The whole ‘appropriation’ thing is just another stick used by snowflakes and ideologues to beat on white people with.
    Ok ok if you want your fucking hair braids and jerk pork you’re welcome to them, BUT we want our penicillin back. And don’t wear jeans or eat a burger. And don’t play the fucking role of Hamlet on the stage.
    In short, FUCK. RIGHT. OFF.

  12. What a load of bollocks, never really wanted to appropriate anything whatever that is, cultural enrichment can fuck off.

    In the spirit of not wanting to appropriate another culture the Chinesse are (according to the Guardian – cunts) now bulldozing mosques, so not all bad news.

    • I’m looking forward to the Chinese taking over Africa.
      Imagine the confused silent howls of self-righteous indignation from the usual culprits, who’ll be too scared to say anything about anybody…

      • Are you fucking kidding? If that happened the bastards would all head for Britain and the soft snowflake terrorist loving cunts here would welcome them with open arms. Comrade Corbynski’s tribe of spoon chested pencil neck cunts and their ilk.

      • You are fucking kidding? If that happened the bastards would all head for Britain and the soft snowflake terrorist loving cunts here would welcome them with open arms. Comrade Corbynski’s tribe of spoon chested pencil neck cunts and their ilk.

  13. Like the posts on this one ! Add to that the most irritating use of the word “enrichment” and bang ! Y’got me hooked !

    I feel no fucking better today, following near 70 fucking years of “enrichment” and multicolorectals. If fuckers hate us so fucking much, why come here, why speak English and FFS why drive a fucking bus ?

  14. White people invented aeroplanes but white people were invented by a black, ancient Egyptian scientist called Yakoob 8 thousand years ago therefore black people invented aeroplanes.

    Check mate Cave Beasts!

    • I thought that was the blue-eyed Deev-hel who made the white man in his laboratory.

      So says Louis Farrakhan.

  15. I rarely use emojis. I have never used a brown or black one ( the common stock ones are yellow and I have yet to see a complaint from the Far East or The Simpsons). But I will start forthwith.

  16. Next time some jungle oryctolagus cuniculs starts talking about “cultural appropriation” politely ask them to refrain from doing rap.

    It’s actually called Skeltonic verse and was invented by a honky called John Skelton who was born in 1463.

    Actually if the rain forest rabbits want to play this cultural appropriation game, that means ALL cultures, not just honky.

    Wondering what that would actually leave them with?

    • The things I learn on ISAC! Respec, maan, fo dat. But the man (I gleaned from the web) was respected in his time for his rhetoric and wit. Here he is on Mrs May, presciently….

      Her lothely lere
      Is nothynge clere,
      But ugly of chere,
      Droupy and drowsy,
      Scurvy and lowsy;
      Her face all bowsy,
      Comely crynkled,
      Woundersly wrynkled,
      Lyke a rost pygges eare,
      Brystled wyth here.

      I feel a 14th century revival coming on.

      • Or, thinking about the influx of Islingtonian bunnies into S. Wales, this could be the delectable Charlotte Cathedral…

  17. Why has she got straight hair, wears western style clothes? Cultural appropriation surely. Daft bitch.

  18. Apparently there’s a reddit sub thats for black folk and they are banning whites from it. What if I identify as being a black woman? How comes all this PC bollocks only applies to white people?

    • White guilt, apparently. ‘Dusty-ass crackas’ have to go along with the white guilt narrative and apologise for the actions of the Empire, or we’re racist.

      When you defend the legacy of the British Empire from historically iliterate, self-loathing liberal white beta males and ugly SJW types on social media, their reactions are priceless.

      ‘Wow.. just wow’ is a common one. Argument from ignorance/incredulity.

  19. Triple stabbing in Walthamstow tonight. Let’s hope the druggie cunts are dead.

  20. I love the fact that she asks for our opinion at the end of the video and then all comments are disabled.

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